Sunday, May 13, 2018

The LuLac Edition #3780, May 13th, 2018


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1. Have you ever considered the possibility that if Hillary Clinton had won, things might be just as bad as they are now under the Trump administration?

I never thought about that until the onset of the second year. Trump has been so unfocused that trying to figure out what he was doing and keeping up with his antics gave no room for reflection. But thinking about how a Clinton administration would work, I came to the conclusion that this country would still be divided. We are a funny people. We talk about how we give everyone a chance but yet nearly two years after Barack Obama is gone, people still piss and moan about how bad he was. We were supposed to be united when a Black American took office, no? Hillary and the hatred in the country for her would put her Presidency at a disadvantage. The GOP Congress would have certainly stalled her agenda and even brought impeachment hearings up in the very first 100 days. But the saving grace of all of that would be that Clinton would have appointed smart, experienced people to run the Government. There would be division, hate, drama and craziness to a certain extent. But there wouldn’t be the clown show that is going on now. There would be less self inflicted wounds by Hillary and to be truthful there would be stability. A pissed off stability nonetheless, but still not this stuff that is going on.
It is ironic that so many Americans will tell you they are amenable to change but only the change that keeps a woman of education and a black man in their place.
So to answer the original question, it would be bad but not as horrendous as it is now.

2. What are we looking at for turnout in this Primary Election?

I’d say with the competitive GOP races, 30 to 35%.

3. The GOP Governor’s race. Who ya got?

Here’s my sleeper. In a three way race, Ellsworth may upset the apple carts of Wagner and Mango. She can even win or weaken them badly. I believe the GOP establishment will steer votes her way for two reasons.
a. To give an opportunity to run a candidate that is straight down the middle Conservative who likely will lose in the general.
b. The party realizes that the slug fest between Scott Wagner and Paul Mango just is not good for the long term GOP brand. With Lou Barletta tied to Donald Trump, I think the last thing GOP leaders want statewide is for a mean spirited candidate, Trump lite if you will,  to take on Tom Wolf in the fall.

4. We know what impact the Stormy Daniels controversy is having on the President but what about her career?

Well she now is a celerity and will go down in history with the likes of Fanne Foxe (Wilbur Mills) Donna Rice (Gary Hart) and Monica Lewinsky (Clinton). She will be a footnote to history and what other porn star besides Linda Lovelace can point to that as a legacy.
My friends who follow porn say that the average price of a DVD is about $21.00. Stormy’s DVDs are going for $11.99. There will be more shows like SNL but you may not see her that top of mind in about a year.

5. I know you’re not a basketball fan but who are you rooting for in the NBA playoffs?

I was going for the Raptors aka Rafters because my friends at Zoomer Radio in Toronto were living and dying with them. They got swept by Cleveland.

6. Belated Happy Anniversary. Did you get a card from the lovely Mrs. LuLac?

Yes I did. We also went to a winery. And, Mrs. LuLac actually got me “two lovely anniversary cards”.

7. Why is the zest of the citrus skin used instead of the meat of the fruit?

The white second, inner layer  of the fruit (the inner part protecting the actual fruit) is very sour so the flavor comes from the outer skin.

8. Are you watching the second season of Brockmier with Hank Azaria on cable?
You bet. It is a guy’s show. Baseball, mediocrity, irony, yes indeed! It's on IFC.

9. Your thoughts on Alex Rodriguez as a baseball analyst.

I like him. I think he is articulate and pretty entertaining.

10. If you had a do over in your life would there be any?

I love my life, where I’ve been, and especially who has loved me without hesitation. My friends have been supportive and loyal. So I wouldn’t change a thing. But if pushed, I’d answer this way with three words on the condition that everything else in my life (the good and bad) remained intact.
Law School-California.

11. Why in the world would Trump even bring up pardoning Jack Johnson?

Random thoughts I guess. But if he said he’d pardon Joe Jackson and Pete Rose, BINGO! That would gain him support.

12 I heard your name bandied about on The Sue Henry program last Friday advising that you shouldn’t be talking about Russia. What was that all about?

I did a report with Chris Langlois from WBRE/WYOU on the connections with Russia and the interference in the 2016 election. I recorded a session with Chris on April 19th and gave him more than he needed to do his report. I was surprised they used so much of it.
I was told there were comments like "what the hell did I know about Russia!" Nice to know I can still get on the Sue Henry Show even if it’s derivative in manner.

13. Who was the Representative from Lycoming County that represented Columbia and Montour Counties in maybe the 1960s or early 70s?
Herman Schneebeli is the only other guy I can think of. He served from 1959 to '76 succeeding Alvin Bush who died in office. The Late Allen Ertel succeeded him. He represented both Counties before Dan Flood got that area in the 1970 census redistricting.


At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who are the Rafters????

At 1:44 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Who are the Rafters????


That's spellcheck's team,. not mine. The Raptors because the Knicks...........never mind.
Good eye. Thanks.


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