Saturday, November 28, 2015

The LuLac Edition #3077, November 28th, 2015

(Photo: MSNBC)
When Jeb Bush was tinkering with the idea of running for President, there was talk that his biggest impediment to office might be his family name as well as the record of his brother George W. Even Former First Lady Barbara Bush said there might be other families in America who might produce a better President.
Jeb Bush has had his struggles. He can’t seem to translate his record in Florida as well as his reasonable approach to Foreign Affairs resonate in the crowded field that includes the two extremes of the loud defiant Donald Trump and the crazy quiet Ben Carson. True Bush has last governed 10- years ago, ran an active campaign 14 years ago. But surely it was thought that this party that wants to win would embrace a popular Governor in a state that has been Democratic in the last 2 cycles. But the wholesale rejection of Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal as well as the low showing in the polls by Jeb does not bode well for Mr. Bush to be the nominee. Now politics is fluid and there’s always the possibility he can make a comeback. But at this point that seems unlikely.
One Bush however who is looking very good indeed in this race is none other than George W. Bush. Bush who left his Presidency with very low poll numbers as well as the blame for two wars that were launched on dubious premises now is being rehabilitated quicker than most people thought. But the fixing is not coming from his new Presidential Library or his partisans. George W. Bush’s reputation rewind is happening because of the unreasonable reactions to the Muslim religion by this group of Republican candidates as well as the actions or in some cases the lack thereof of President Obama.
When 911 happened, President Bush made it clear that there was a separation between the Muslim religion and the people who attacked the World Trade Center. He was decisive in his reactions but also made clear to Americans that Islam was a religion that was practiced by many peaceful individuals.
When you see national commentators bringing up George W. Bush’s comments after 911 that both blended the ingredients of toughness, anger, action and inclusiveness you know the current crop of aspirants are wanting in Presidential leadership. At the end of this race, the Bush who will become the clear winner is the 43rd President who just by doing nothing but having a record of action (that will be debated for years to come) and reasonable rhetoric will be looked on more favorably than even he could have imagined.
He has the field of candidates running in his party as well as the man who succeeded him to thank for that.


Yesterday in the West, a gunman stormed a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Colorado Springs and opened fire with a rifle in an attack that left three people dead and nine others injured. We can argue all we want about guns and motives but this is now part of the fabric of America. It happens every few weeks, gets breaking news coverage and then recedes into the background.
This Friday as all this was going on, I was doing the Year End “Moving On” feature and came across the reporter and videographer that were killed by a gunman in September. I remember when that happened, there was outrage all around and it was said “something has to be done”.
Fast forwarding to Black Friday in Colorado and this becomes just another story that will recede into the woodwork of news coverage.
I usually don’t tell you the names of the killers and I certainly won’t today. But I must share the mug shot of the guy who did the shooting. As Rod Stewart once opined, “Every picture tells a story”. 



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