Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The LuLac Edition #3075, November 25th, 2015

Outgoing County Manager Bob Lawton. (Photo: Citizen's Voice).
So last night the Luzerne County Council had their long anticipated meeting on the budget, the proposed loan to make payroll and the fate of County Manager Bob Lawton. You needed a scorecard to keep up.
A few thoughts. First off the Council reversed itself and voted to get a loan to get it through the year. The people in the room burst into applause. Most of the people there spoke about the need for continuation of county services, especially those mandated by the state.
Rick Morelli then sent a motion to the floor to fire Robert Lawton. But then realizing he did not have the votes withdrew it. Here’s why:
Morelli might have been able to do this a few years ago when he was Chairman. After Tim McGinlrey’s tenure, Morelli could have built a coalition with the anti Lawton people. He didn’t and when he finally decided to make a move, those who wanted him to do it previously pulled out their long memories.
So the Council instead of firing Lawton put a reprimand in his file for not keeping them informed of the machinations involved to keep the county’s lights on.
Again..too little, too late. If those on Council had a problem with Lawton, it should have documented. Shooting off one’s mouth at a meeting or on the radio or in letters to the editor is pointless. I guarantee if the Brominski backed team of Giamber, Heffernan and Ciaruffoli-Taffera won, there would be enough documentation (if warranted) to remove the Manager. But some members on Council knew that Lawton, even as an “at will” employee, could make the case that there were no documented performance warnings.
Today Lawton resigned but said he’d stay on until the end of the year. Word on the street says that a few Council members might have approached the Manager and suggested the move so as not to have a blemish on his resume. Maybe. But Lawton doesn’t seem to be the type of guy to really buy that sort of thing. After all, his resume was pulled apart before he got here.
There needs to be someone to take over the job when he does leave who can transition the county for at least a year. We don’t need a search committee, a parade of interviewees and all that. A normal Council maybe might be able to deal with that, but there are too many drama queens on Council who will make this process a joke.
My picks would be Dave Pedri, the County Solicitor, Gerry Cross from the Pennsylvania Economy League or Tom Pribula who is working for the City of Hazleton. Cross is set in his position but is smart and reasonable. Pribula should have stayed on but someone (and we all know who) put a bug in Lawton’s ear and poisoned the well for him. Why he’d even consider it would be beyond me. But hey, we have a new Controller so who knows!
So there’s all that but let’s talk about leadership. Even a seventh grade current events student might understand this. Why the Council couldn’t is a mystery to me.
The state has had a budget impasse since July. There has been no funding, except of course for the state employees. 80 per cent of the County budget for Human Services and Court costs come from….wait for it, the State! Why Council never made notice of this is incredible. 
Blame Lawton all you want but there is an element on Council that reminds me of the Republicans in Washington. They’d rather tear down government rather than build it up. The Interim Manager has to do a Paul Ryan and agree to take the job only if this nonsense stops.
Finally Steve Urban Senior told the audience to go home and call the State Legislatures and the Governor because they are the ones holding up the budget. True. But it is the GOP in the House and Senate who are refusing to put an extraction tax on gas drilling. Pennsylvania is the only state not to have one. 
Then there is the issue of property tax reform. There was supposed to be bi partisan agreement on that but every side seems to be backing off.  Surely the Legislators have to know that with reduced property taxes, county tax payers who see the services first hand might not be so reluctant to have a tax increase closer to home. But with no property tax reform in sight because of foot dragging, tax payer morale is at a very low ebb. All sides are to blame on this.  
This budget can be resolved if the Legislature and the Governor reach an agreement. But it won’t because everyone is getting paid, except for Mr. Wolf who doesn’t take a salary.
This whole mess might not have been avoided all together but Jesus, at least there had to be someone under the dome who should have seen this coming.


That kid from Irving Texas who brought a clock to school and was detained because he didn’t articulate what it was is now suing the School District and the City for 15 million dollars. This was the same kid who was invited to The White House to show the President the clock.
Ahmed Mohamed’s attorneys assert, the teenager’s name and likeness will be “forever associated with arguably the most contentious and divisive socio-political issue of our time.”
A day after Mohamed met Obama at an October event at the White House, Mohamed’s family announced it was leaving the U.S. for Qatar.
Good, God speed!
But I guarantee you one thing. If a kid named Mario, Sean, Stanley or Jamal built a clock, and got some heat like this, they’d get nowhere near The White House.

 Donald Trump. (Photo: Business Insider).
Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding news that Donald Trump will headline the PA GOP’s Annual Commonwealth Club luncheon on Friday, December 11th.
“Donald Trump is a successful and dynamic businessman and we are excited to hear about his vision for the future of our country,” Gleason said. “The importance of Pennsylvania to the presidential campaign is clear and Donald Trump addressing Pennsylvania Republicans puts us in the middle of the national stage.”
Following the many years of tradition, the Commonwealth Club Luncheon will be closed to the press.
So Trump now comes to the Keystone State to showcase his campaign. Can’t wait for him at the Pennsylvania Society Dinner! 



ECTV Live hosts David DeCosmo and Rusty Fender will welcome Bill Goldsworthy to the program during the week of November 30th to talk about the role of the American Red Cross and its ongoing need for volunteers! 
ECTV Live can be seen on Comcast Cable channel 19 (61 in some areas) and is aired three times daily throughout the week.


This Week on Sunday Magazine
Brian Hughes speaks with Tony Fenton from Nationwide about Cyber Crime, and how small businesses and retailers need better protection from cyber criminals. Monday November 30th is Cyber Monday.
Magic 93's Frankie in the Morning speaks with Caitlyn about a Tea Party to benefit "Sight for Madi", coming up on Sunday Dec 6th.
And an encore of Brian's interview with Paul Stillman from 6 Seconds, about bullying at school, at and in the workplace.
Sunday Magazine, Sunday morning at 5am on NASH-FM, 93.7, 5:30am on 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X and Sports Radio 590, and 6:25am on Magic 93.



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Our 1965 logo.
Man of La Mancha opens in a Greenwich Village theatre in New York and eventually becomes one of the greatest musical hits of all time, winning a Tony Award for its star, Richard Kiley……The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is established as a specialized agency of the United Nations....Soviet general Mikhail Kazakov assumes command of the Warsaw Pact…. Congolese lieutenant general Mobutu ousts Joseph Kasavubu and declares himself president....At the Hammaguir launch facility in the Sahara Desert, France launches a Diamant A rocket with its first satellite, Asterix-1 on board, becoming the third country to enter outer space………………in Pennsylvania State Attorney General Walter Alessandroni says he is looking into running for either Governor or Lt. Governor….. in Scranton the transition begins between the outgoing Schmidt administration and the incoming Walsh crew…..and fifty years ago the number one song in LuLac land and America was “Rescue Me” by Fontella Bass.


At 6:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The gas companies have been paying impact fees to the communities most effected by drilling.
Under an extraction tax, the way the previous law was written, the impact fees would go away, and the money brought in would go to the state, to be distributed to the Governor's primary constituents, the teacher's union.
Many alternatives and stop gap proposals have been offered, it is the governor who has said no.
Stop defending this guy, for all you did he isn't going to give you a job.

At 10:36 AM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Many alternatives and stop gap proposals have been offered, it is the governor who has said no.
Stop defending this guy, for all you did he isn't going to give you a job.


"Mr. Unconventional" has lived up to his name. And as for the last sentence, let me say that there were many more people in LuLac land who did way more than I did, and all they got was a computer generated invite to the Inaugural.
Never had expectations, doing very well in the private sector thank you very much.
The only drawback is I have to work a full day but that's what everybody does right?
Except the Legislature. I hear they're hoping to break 110 days next year.

At 12:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonk, you go far beyond being fair to the idiots who take personal shots at you. As for the county, they should let Lawton leave right now and put Pedro in his place and I agree that a year is long enough for a temp manager I wonder if the idiots will hire a professional head hunter as they did with Lawton. They saw what that got them. Maybe Pedro is the actual long term solution.

At 7:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really don't think anyone did more than you. I know a lot of folks who gave the governor more than consideration because they respected you.

At 1:15 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Yonk, you go far beyond being fair to the idiots who take personal shots at you.


I didn't see that comment as a shot but thanks for the thought. Maybe I'll be known as the fairness fascist.

As for the county, they should let Lawton leave right now and put Pedro in his place and I agree that a year is long enough for a temp manager I wonder if the idiots will hire a professional head hunter as they did with Lawton. They saw what that got them. Maybe Pedro is the actual long term solution.


Scared me there for a minute. I thought I misspelled Pedri's name. If the County Council picked a Pedro, I can just see Trump and Cruz on the Courthouse steps wanting to see his papers!
Pedri and shit if there's a qualified Pedro out there would be good choices.

At 3:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spelling Pedro was intentional.

At 4:46 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Spelling Pedro was intentional.


I figured that which is why I tweaked you on it. I respect your intelligence, not for the "Pedro" satire but because you apparently are a person of great common sense reading LuLac on the day after Thanksgiving instead of joining the throngs on Black Friday.


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