Sunday, July 31, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3264, July 31st, 2016


New GOP party chair Ron Ferrance.  (Photo: Times Leader). 
Ron Ferrance, Attorney General nominee John Rafferty and Alex Milanes. (Photo: LuLac)
Ron Ferrance has become the new Chairman of the Luzerne County Republicans. Ferrance succeeds Bill Urbanski. Ron has been active in GOP politics and presents a very good skill set to help progress the party. Plus Ferrance has his eye on the future of the GOP working with his son to help present the case of the party to millennials.
Ferrance told the Times Leader that he wants to build the party and make it more competitive and stronger. As I’ve been saying for years, that only comes with increased registration. The party, despite a registration disadvantage has had success in electing members to the County Council as well as electing a Judge and a two term District Attorney. Granted these wins came in part because of well funded or well known personalities but in times past, even money or a winning personality couldn’t put qualified Republicans past the finish line in this County.
Unlike past Chairs, Ferrance’s path is a tad easier because of the time and effort put in by Terry Casey and Bill Urbanski. Success comes one step at a time and now it’s Ron’s turn to stride ahead.
My family and Ron’s also share a personal connection. Mrs. LuLac and I bought Ron’s grandmother’s house. At a local GOP event last year we had a chat about the North end and were both blown away that I lived in the same home he hung around in as one of Pauline Shea’s grandchildren. It was a realization that despite any differences in philosophy, any thinking American really wants the same thing for their country, state and town. The journey to get there sometimes requires different road maps for people and parties.
As Ron takes the road, we wish him well as he settles into the driver’s seat.


This year there has been a large increase in Voter Registrations in the County due to the energy and enthusiasm created by the Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump candidacies. But what happens after Election Day? That’s a question that should be looked at long and hard by party leaders on a local level.
2017 is an election year too with offices up on the County and municipal level. It is important that these ramped up voters, even the remedial Bernie supporters who screamed “No More War” at the Democratic convention or the legally uniformed Trump voters who chanted “Lock Her Up” come back and channel some of that passion into local politics.
The difference between 2016 and 2017 is this. Hillary and Donald have no idea who you are personally. And they never will. Your local office holder can.
Come back in ’17.


Yesterday a federal appeals court decisively struck down North Carolina’s voter identification law. The decision held that the law’s provisions deliberately “target African-Americans with almost surgical precision” in an effort to depress black turnout at the polls. How about that! The Governor of course said that it was all political. Gov. Pat McCrory is in the race of his life pretty much because of controversial stands that are in effect viewed as discriminatory. When businesses threaten to pull out because of them, that’s tough.
Also on Friday a similar law was struck down in Wisconsin and in Texas. The common thread in all three, (and if you want to add Pennsylvania’s attempt under House Speaker Mike Turzai) was that it was instigated by Republican administrations. That is no accident.

 Bob McGrath. (Photo: PBS)
Just in case you didn’t realize it, Sesame Street, the long running PBS Children’s Show has been slated to go to HBO with a retooled, scaled down half hour version. At the time the announcement was made it was stated that staff decisions would be made later. This week news on the changes came.
Bob McGrath, aka Bob Johnson said that he, along with longtime costars Emilio Delgado (Luis) and Roscoe Orman (Gordon) were let go. Bob had been one of the two longest-lasting human characters on the series and was in charge of pretty much corralling the non human candidates. The show announced that Bob would represent the show at Public Events.
Sesame Street was a land mark Children’ program. It provided a way for young children to learn the basics back in the day on what was then called “Educational TV”. When I first started working at WVIA in 1973 I saw the significance of the show in terms of its popularity and funding. Whenever I went in that time of my life, when people asked about my job, after I told them where I worked, the response was “Sesame Street! My kids love that!” 
 Time goes on and so does the cast. But the contributions will never be forgotten.
The legacy though has changed. With “Sesame Street” being on Public TV, most every child in America had access to it. With HBO…………………not so much.

Friday, July 29, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3263, July 29th, 20016.


I’ve been operating at about 6 hours of sleep the last 48 hours having had 3 TV appearances this week with two of them being at 5AM in the morning. My wakeup call was 3:45am. Thank heavens WBRE is just down the road from me. So I was going to take a little breather after I came home from my regular job today. It started out okay, but then I made a little dinner for myself with some fine leftovers that were just a great as the day Mrs. FB made them. So far so good.
Then I turned on the radio.
That’s when I heard local talk show host L.A. Tarone and one of his callers talking about the Democratic convention and how the party was hiding it’s true colors or something like that. To be sure the host debunked the story that there were no flags at the Convention. But the caller implied that the Democrats never embraced the military but were doing so now to win favor with voters. I didn’t hear the rest of it because the guy sounded like he was calling from the bottom of one my Cousin P.J.’s Waste Reduction dumpsters. But I got the gist. Then the painter from Scranton called yammering about his car on display on the Square and started bitching about how all the illegal immigrants are sucking up health care costs amd how there were no police at the convention in his usual monotone cadence. I turned it off because I have no use for “I got mine, I’m not gonna let you get yours” types.
But it got me to thinking. Pundits on TV as well as local radio are saying that it is surprising that Democrats are putting more traditional constituencies on stage that used to be highlighted by Republicans. Here’s the thing. The Conservative wing of the GOP does not have a franchise on patriotism. Democratic voters have shed their blood in wars. Democratic voters love their country. Democratic voters are also police and firemen that have lost their lives. An amputated limb or a third degree burn knows no party.
So before we act surprised the Democratic convention highlighted these people, let’s remember one thing. No Democratic citizens loves this country any less than any Republican.
But given what I heard today, you’d never know it.


Another caller the other night (she’s habitual but at least she has a working phone) asked the host why those dumb Democrats had speakers on past 11PM eastern time. She posited that most working people go to bed early.
Well……………………see this is not a blunder but a strategic move. Conventions don’t work in a vacuum. It might be 11 Eastern here but 10 in the Central time zone and on the west coast it is 8pm. The point is to get the ENTIRE country watching. Now I know the temptation is not to think out of the Wilkes Barre mind set and time zone but that’s why they ran past 11.
Your welcome!


A few convention speeches I’m going to share with you. The first is a tough talking speech from a General. His name is John Allen and of course the no nothings on FB said that he was pencil pushing lackey the Dems dug up to justify their patriotic chops. Allen indeed led troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and served as the U.S. envoy to coordinate the international fight against the Islamic State group. So to say he was nothing less is just downright dumb.
Here’s what he said the Thursday night. By the way, Fox TV never ran the speech.




WILK's Karel Zubris seems mixes it up with Governor Tom Wolf. Senator Bob Casey is looking toward that blue horizon. 
Here's Governor Wolf in the midst of the Pa. Delegation a place where political greats like John Fine and David Lawrence stood during pivotal confabs.
Zubris got this fantastic shot of Hillary Clinton giving the speech.

State Representative Eddie Day Pashinski gave the old thumbs up! 
Here is Pa. State Chair with Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz before the proverbial you know what hit the fan. 
This is a classic photo of Congressman Matt Cartwright, Marion and Jack. 
(Photos: Karen Zubris


 Here's our friend Pa. Live co host and WBRE TV News Reporter Valerie Tyuanner working at the convention.  
 On the air this week with WBRE TV's Stefano DiPietro and Chris Langois. Jasmine Brooks was prepping for the Olympics. 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3262, July 28th, 2016

See Governor Tom Wolf address the Democratic Convention tonight at 7:30.


If you haven't seen Barack Obama's speech from last night, take a look.

Rep. Barletta presented overdue medals to area veterans at a ceremony in Hazleton.
From left to right: James N. Richert, Gertrude Wenner (on behalf of her late husband, Kenneth),
Rep. Barletta, and Myron M. Diehl, Jr.

As he always does, Congressman Lou Barletta researches and recognizes past contributions of Veterans who served in this country. Barletta presented long overdue medals to three veterans during a ceremony at his Hazleton district office. Recipients of the medals were: Myron M. Diehl, Jr. of Hazleton, James N. Richert of West Hazleton, and Kenneth H. Wenner (deceased) of White Haven.
“These brave men sacrificed so that we may remain a free people in the greatest nation the world has ever known,” Barletta said. “While these medals are long overdue, this presentation gives us an opportunity to thank them once again for their selfless acts on our behalf.”
Receiving medals were:
Myron M. Diehl, Jr. of Hazleton, U.S. Navy (Served on the USS Peterson during the Cuban Missile Blockade of 1962): Medals awarded included the Navy Good Conduct Medal; the National Defense Service Medal; the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal; and the Navy Expeditionary Medal.
James N. Richert of West Hazleton, U.S. Air Force (1971 to 1974): Medals awarded included the Presidential Unit Citation; the Vietnam Service Medal, with one Bronze Service Star; the Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm (earned but not being presented, foreign award, not stocked by the United States Government).
Kenneth H. Wenner (deceased) of White Haven, U.S. Army Air Force (1942 to 1946): Medals awarded included the Army Good Conduct Medal; the American Campaign Medal; the European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal; the World War II Victory Medal; and the Honorable Service Lapel Button, World War II. Mr. Wenner’s medals were requested by his wife, Gertrude, and his son, Kenneth.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3261, July 27th, 2016

(Photo: Business
The Republican President who ended the Cold War must be crying in his grave right now. Ronald Reagan and George Bush essentially were instrumental in ending the Cold War with Russia. But now Donald Trump wants to embrace Russia. He said so much in Scranton.
No liberal spin. From a strategic standpoint he has put the Clinton e mail issue if not at bay but at rest. By giving his approval of a foreign government to look into any e mails or files, he is not only risking national security BUT inviting it.
That is treason.
By saying, "Well if she didn't do that, he would't have to ask the Russians."
If you think that, then let's shut down the FBI.
If you call Clinton's conduct risking national security, then how would you characterize this?
Don't worry about liberal spin....figure out how the people on the Foreign Relations committee, all Republicans spin this.
Pat Toomey: brilliant move in staying home.


A local talk show host said tonight Trump was joking about the Russians. Yeah that makes it all better.


Reagan:  "You would not believe what Trump said now!!!"
(Photo: Maria's


You bet. There might be some left over Bernie Sanders supporters but it is clear the Democrats are going to do their best to get this win. History is with them for nominating the first woman for President. But history is against them when trying to win another four years after a two term President. Very difficult to do.
The Sanders people really don’t have any place to go. Sooner or later most of them will acquiesce. The polls are tight right now and in some quarters Trump is winning in key states. This election will be all about turnout. The Dems better start getting moderates and the base out NOW!


Last night Bill Clinton talked about the girl he met! Here is his speech.


An old nemesis of the Clintons, California Governor Jerry Brown gave a speech tonight at the Convention. Jerry Brown actually won Luzerne County in the 1992 Pennsylvania primary.


The scrappy kid from Scranton knocks it out of the park.



Bob Shlesinger joins ECTV Live hosts David DeCosmo, Rusty Fender, and Director Mark Migilore during the week of August 1st to outline planes for this year's Scranton Jazz Festival.
ECTV Live cane be seen on Comcast channel 19 (61 in some areas) at Noon, 6pm, and Midnight throughout the week!


This week's guest is Dominic Vangarelli, Counselor at Geisinger Marworth, discussing the problem of opiate addictions. Tune in Sunday morning at 6 on 94.3 The Talker; 6:30 on NEPA's Sports Radio - The Game 1400/1440 am and 106.7 fm; and at 7:30 on 105 The River


This Week on Sunday Magazine
Brian Hughes speaks with Sara Peperno, President and CEO of the Wilkes Barre Blind Association about their ongoing and upcoming activities.
And highlights of Donald Trump's speech at Lackawanna College's Student Union Gym in Scranton on Wednesday.
Sunday Magazine, Sunday morning at 5am on NASH-FM, 93.7, 5:30am on 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X and Sports Radio 590, WARM and 6:25am on Magic 93.


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Our 1971 logo

All Nippon Airways Flight 58 disaster: Near Shizukuishi, Japan, an All Nippon Airways Boeing 727 collides with a Japanese fighter jet; 162 people are killed…….Pan Am Flight 845: A Boeing 747-121, taking off from San Francisco bound for Tokyo, strikes Approach Lighting System structures located past the end of the runway. Ten passengers are seriously injured, 19 slightly injured, and significant damage is sustained……. There was the opening of the 1971 Pan American Games at Cali, Colombia. The highlight of the opening ceremony is a synchronized dance routine by 12,000 girls in native costumes…..Apollo 15 astronauts David Scott and James Irwin become the first to ride in a lunar rover, a day after landing on the Moon………in Harrisburg, State House Speaker K. Leroy Irvis says that the fall will be critical for the Democratic agenda set forth by Governor Shapp……in Wilkes Barre Centennial celebrations continue throughout the summer and 45 years ago this week the number one song in LuLac land and America was “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart” by The Bee Gees. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3260, July 26th, 2016

So there are some days on my way to work that I will stop off at a Supermarket and pick up a few things before I start my workday. I buy stuff that doesn't spoil like water or drinks. 
On my way in the door I was behind two Market employees who were discussing their jobs and hours. Here's how it went:
Worker 1: How come you're full time and I'm not?
Worker 2: I was lucky enough to get full time FOURTEEN years ago when they had it. I was the last one in.
14 years.
People will try to blame Obama, people will try to blame Hillary, people will try to blame The Affordable Care Act.  But income inequality has been going on for years. 
When you hear the Dems talk about a fair playing field for workers just remember two words.
Fourteen years.

Eddie Nielsen, Head of the Philadelphia Delegation, former city councilman & Political consultant Jamie Brazil stop by to talk to Corbett live on WILK!
Karel Zubris/WILK. 
 An aerial shot of the convention.
(Photos: Karel Zubris)


Doors open at Lackawanna College at noon Wednesday. The event starts at 3pm.

Monday, July 25, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3259, July 25th, 2017


I am so glad that someone called out the Bernie Sanders supporters an told them they are ridiculous for pouting like little kids.


New Jersey Senator Corey Booker riled them up tonight at the convention.

My favorite Congressman and favorite Street Reporter hang out. Congressman Matt Cartwright and Karel Zubris.
Here is House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Karel Zubris.
Kyle Mak has a chat with Congresswoman Pelosi.

Photos Karel Zubris

The LuLac Edition #3258, July 25th, 2016

Well this wouldn’t be a Democratic Convention without a little controversy. First WikiLeaks releases e mails from DNC staffers who were stupid enough to put their thoughts about the Bernie Sanders candidacy in writing!
I AM SORRY! This would not have happened if there was someone in that office with a little gray in their hair.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned but still at this point gets to open and close the Convention  and then sail off into the sunset.
Vice Chair Donna Brazile will step in to calm the waters.
Meanwhile Bernie is saying “I told you so” about his candidacy not being favored.
You don't have to pain a rose on him!
Hey, you’re an Independent Bern!
The Bernie-ites are marching and annoyed but Bernie disdains Trump.
Trump is still angry at Ted Cruz and is worried about raising money to beat him.
And Michael Bloomberg is set to endorse Hillary Clinton.
And the gavel hasn’t even been used yet.
Speaking of that, here are Monday’s speakers.

Gavel In

Pam Livengood

Pam and her family of Keene, NH have been personally affected by the growing substance abuse epidemic and are guardians for their grandson because of their daughter’s struggle with addiction. Pam raised the issue with Hillary while participating at a round-table during the first trip to New Hampshire.

Karla & Francisca Ortiz

Karla is an American citizen from Las Vegas, NV but her parents, including her mother, Francisca, are undocumented and live in fear of deportation. Karla met Hillary Clinton in Nevada and was featured in the campaign ad, Brave.

Anastasia Somoza

Anastasia of New York, NY, along with her twin sister, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplegia when she was born and is an advocate for Americans with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Anastasia interned for Hillary Clinton in her U.S. Senate office and on the 2000 campaign for senate. Anastasia first met President Bill Clinton in 1993 at a town hall meeting for kids.

DREAMer Astrid Silva

Senator Bernie Sanders

First Lady Michelle Obama

Gavel Out
(Source: DNC)

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3257, July 24th, 2016


Tim Kaine gave a very free wheeling attack dog, shucks I'm a nice guy speech yesterday. Kaine was picked to run with Hillary Clinton.  With one convention down and another to go, it is clear that the lines of hard core support are being drawn. This will be a take no prisoners type of election. And you read it here first, this might be 2000 all over again.'s what he said:



SSG (Ret) Erik Olson, host of the television show Warrior Summit Outdoors, is proud to announce an extraordinary national hero is part of an upcoming episode.
One of the heroes of the attacks in Benghazi, John “Tig” Tiegen, recently joined Warrior Summit Outdoors host, SSG (Ret) Erik Olson and other wounded warriors on a special tag elk hunt in the state of Colorado, along with long-range rifle manufacturer Bobby Hart, who is a close friend of Olson, and supporter of the Warrior Summit Outdoors show mission.
Tiegen was among the contractors who, without any additional US air or ground support, fended off endless insurgents when the consulate in Benghazi, Libya came under terrorist attack for a relentless thirteen hours (as portrayed in the blockbuster Michael Bay movie “13 Hours”).
During the terror attack, U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, Scott Smith, and former Navy SEAL’s Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods lost their lives. Others sustained serious injuries. The response of the United States government prior to, during, and following the attacks has come under tremendous scrutiny and has been a topic of great political debate.
“The plans for this special tag elk hunt in Colorado have been in the works for months,” said Tiffany Cloud Olson, the show’s writer and executive producer, “Warrior Summit Outdoors is a television show focused on how the outdoors can help warriors with the process of healing post combat. John’s is a hero who endured a great deal in Benghazi--without the support he and others deserved. We support him, and we are so pleased he understands the importance of our television show’s mission.”
“Warrior Summit Outdoors is a television show about much more than hunting. It’s is a show about people who rose to the occasion when the call came, and how the outdoors can help bring peace after combat. As a nation, we must do more to stand up for our warriors when they return home from combat. A special tag elk hunt in Colorado unto itself is an experience of a lifetime, but to do it with several combat veterans, Bobby Hart, one of the world’s best long-range shooters and rifle manufacturers…and then have a John Tiegen meet up with us…it doesn’t get better than that! I hope all will watch the movie ’13 Hours’ to get a sense of what John, and all who fought in Benghazi, endured. And of course, I hope all enjoy these episodes of Warrior Summit Outdoors.”--SSG (Ret) Erik Olson, Host/Executive Producer, Warrior Summit Outdoors
Warrior Summit Outdoors, produced out of WYLN35 in Hazleton, is the first television show in the nation created to show how outdoor activities can help combat veterans adjust and heal after war. The show’s mission: be part of the solution to the nation’s veteran suicide epidemic. Warrior Summit Outdoors airs nationwide on Youtoo America (formerly America One) every Sunday 3PM EST and replays locally on WYLN35 in northeastern Pennsylvania several times each week.
The episodes capturing this hunt are projected to premiere later this summer. To learn more follow Warrior Summit Outdoors LLC on Facebook and go to

WBRE and WYOU TV’s Valerie Tysanner will be reporting this week from the Democratic National Convention. Tysanner is part of the Eyewitness News I-Team and is also the co host of PA Live afternoon at 4pm on WBRE TV with Dave Kuharchik. Tysanner was in Cleveland last week for the GOP event.

Your blog editor will be joining the Eyewitness News team for Democratic Convention wrap ups starting at 5AM Thursday morning as well as Friday.

WILK’s Steve Corbett broadcasts his show this week live from the Democratic National Convention. He’ll be accompanied by Kyle Mak who will produce. Corbett has great associations in the City of Brotherly Love and you can be sure there will be great interviews,  not to mention the fact that his interviewees will have working phones.

Join Santa Girl Layla Josie and Jolly Jack Burns on SNA, WALN SECDTV-128/137, QAM 93.11, Blue Ridge Digital 113 International
In Wilkes Barre you can get the show on 137 Service Electric.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3256, July 23rd, 2016

Hillary Clinton picks her dance partner. (Photo: The New York Post)
So last night it was announced that Hillary Clinton picked Virginia Senator Tom Kaine as her Vice Presidential pick. It was widely thought of as a “safe” pick. There was even talk that Clinton needed a more exciting choice to get the base of the Democratic party ramped up to get out the vote. I think that Clinton based the pick on governing. Not that she is so sure she’ll win but because the significance of this office has grown in stature through the years.
Kaine comes from Virginia a state that the Democrats need to hold onto for the fall. That’s the political aspect of it. But he has been a Mayor, Governor and Senator. His experience matches up or even exceeds Donald Trump’s pick of Governor Mike Pence. 
However in a year where experience and knowledge has been seen to be dirty word, sadly there’s a chance where that might not matter.
Kaine is personally pro life but does not want to interfere in anyone’s right to make personal choices. This is in stark contrast to Mike Pence who believes that in the case of gay individuals you can pray away the gay through programs. Pence has advocated for that in the public sector. So he offers a reasonable choice for both women and the LGBT community. Plus his views align well with Clinton’s.
However, if you listen to right wing ideologues any Democrat who supports choice or even a reasonable stance like Kaine’s is selling baby parts behind every dumpster in every little town across America.
Kaine has supported the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership ) bill along with 12 other Democratic Senators Democratic” Senators who voted to fast track the TPA bill: Michael Bennet (Colo.), Tom Carper (Del.), Chris Coons (Del.), Maria Cantwell (Wash.), Dianne Feinstein (Calif.), Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.), Claire McCaskill (Mo.), Patty Murray (Wash.), Bill Nelson (Fla.), Jeanne Shaheen (N.H.), Mark Warner (Va.), and Ron Wyden (Ore.). This was a bill the President wanted to insure fair trade. At the time the bill passed in a rare bi partisan vote, Kaine stated, “My support for TPA is not a blind endorsement of any pending trade negotiation or deal. I look forward to ensuring the specifics of any final deal are placed before the public and fully debated to see if they meet our standards and benefit Virginia.” TPP in practice has been around since Franklin Roosevelt’s Secretary of State Cordell Hull set it in motion. What Kaaine voted for was the President’s ability to negotiate a trade deal without Congressional investigation and approval. Kaine’s working with a Republican Senate would in any other time be lauded especially since this Senate has never worked with the President on much of anything.
However with GOP Senators Susan Collins (Maine), Richard Shelby (Ala.), Jeff Sessions (Ala.), Mike Lee (Utah) and Rand Paul (Ky.) voting against it, this will give the Trump/Pence team a platform to decry “bad deals” and ironically give Trump if elected “Cart Blanche” to not need Congressional approval.
At the outset of this article we cited Kaine’s experience as Lt. Governor and Governor. He was thought of as a progressive Governor who was very level headed and popular. There are very few people who feel that he did a bad job.
However, during his time in state office it was reported that Kaine accepted gifts that amounted to $86, 325. It was not against Virginia law as long as it was reported. Kaine did follow the letter of the law. This pretty much was under the radar until the man who succeeded Kaine, Bob McDonnell was, accused of accepting gifts and sweetheart loans from a dietary supplement executive in exchange for promoting the businessman’s company. McDonnell was convicted but that overturned by the Supreme Court. You can be sure, positive that Donald Trump will attach his “crooked Hillary” moniker to Kaine too in this area. Already Trump tweeted that issue with Kaine.
Kaine is the pick and will be an immense compliment and help to Clinton. If elected he’ll be a good competent governing partner.
However………those “howevers” aforementioned need to be overcome. (Senate list and Kaine quote: Washington Post and Tim Kaine Senate page).

So right out of the gate after a great convention reception Donald Trump continues to pick a fight with his former opponent Ted Cruz. What is mystifying to me is that Trump seemed to not overreact to the plagiarism issue with his wife. She was pilloried on all fronts and he personally wisely let it die. Surrogates got into the mud on that one. But the thing with Cruz where he still says that a picture in the National Enquirer has might have credence is just hard to understand. At the press conference, Trump could have just shrugged his shoulders and deflected it. But he riffed. As the songs tell us, just “Let it go”.


Our Senator Pat Toomey has been concentrating on his re-election bid during the Convention. The Senator did not attend the GOP convention even though he did make a statement on Ted Cruz’s speech there. Toomey said “There’s a right way to present that and there’s a wrong way, there’s a right time and a wrong time. In my view, when it’s an uncontested convention, the night belongs to the nominee, so I think it was inappropriate for Ted Cruz to do what he did”.
Toomey voted for Cruz but has held the Trump candidacy at bay saying he was running a separate campaign effort. There appeared to be no campaign events on his Facebook page or calendar but he did speak to supporters this week. (Quote: Washington Post).

Governor Mike Pence, and Congressmen Tom Marino and Lou Barltta. (Pa. GOP FAcebook)
So the other day the Pennsylvania delegation was waiting for a special guest to arrive at their morning breakfast. The guest was going to be there at 9am. Well that guest was Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence who was late. Being late for a candidate is nothing new. So you rarely get in trouble when the time is affecting you. However if you are elected officials waiting for that said candidate, there is a possibility for some revelations you might not have expected to come out.
As the GOP faithful waited for Pence both Congressman Lou Barletta and Tom Marino stood up and started to fill time. Nothing new there right? Except that Marino started to tell the assembled multitude how much he dislikes the President and his policies. Marino started to riff about how his one vein in his forehead pops out when he has to listen to an Obama speech and how Lou Barltta has to hold his arm along with another Congressman so he doesn’t react and do a Joe Wilson and call the President a liar during a public speech. It was all on PCN the other day.
It is little wonder why Marino was attracted to Trump? Plus to this day, it still confuses me as to why David Madeira is not the 10th District Congressman.


Donald Trump is going to heavily target Pennsylvania. Right out of the gate he is coming to Scranton. The event is set for this coming Wednesday and our friend Bill O’Boyle from the Times Leader reports Trump will be at the Lackawanna College Student Union Gymnasium, but the campaign has not released any particulars.


Best media moment from the local coverage of the GOP Convention was this Facebook shot of WBRE TV's Valerie Tysanner coming across Katie Couric who was doing a Video report. This picture is great. (Photo: Valerie Tysanner Facebook page)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3255, July 22nd, 2016

Ted and Don. (Photo:
Too bad they didn’t reconcile and run with each other. Both Donald Trump and Red Cruz were made for each other. Cruz gave a stem-winder of a speech but never endorsed Trump. By the middle of the speech the delegates started to go nuts. I was listening on the radio and had no idea how pissed they were until I saw it on video. Later it was reported that the delegates were coached by organizers from the Trump campaign.
If the Trump people thought Cruz was going to endorse, they were delusional. Why invite him at all? Cruz played his card, it was a risk but if Trump loses, Cruz will have his segment of supporters who will be there with him. Everybody thinks he is dead politically, not me.
In the meantime, the anger exhibited by the GOP delegates again reminds me of the 1964 convention when Barry Goldwater’s supporters booed Nelson Rockefeller. That was also seen on national TV.
It should be noted Goldwater carried 6 states.

Chris Christie went to prosecute Hillary Clinton the other night and was quite effective. But if he is to have a long term political career and not just become a mere historical footnote, his inciting of the crowd the other night reminded me of Pontius Pilate on steroids. While Pilate did everything he could to get J.C. off the hook, Christie just basked in the glow of the GOP appetite for blood.
It played well in the hall but middle America was watching.

A few gems from the geniuses who call talk radio in this area. First it was said that the Democrats will promote Soviet style Marxism.
Really, if you are a Democrat are you promoting check points?
Can you travel from one state to another without being stopped? Is there a limit on your income?
Do people come in the middle of the night, roust you and take your possessions?
Do they try to stop you from voting? (Wait Mike Turzai tried that but he’s not a Democrat?
Are you in food lines?
Then there was the person who said that CNN was in existence only because of Gloria Vanderbilt’s money. Anderson Cooper is Vanderbilt’s son so sure this 92 year gal is running the show, heyna? Whew.
I turned it off and put on a Paul Simon CD. Life is too short.


So the other night two people lost their lives in an altercation at the Luzerne County prison. Timothy Gilliam, 27, was in jail because he didn't register as a sex offender under Megan's Law.
Kristopher Moules 24 just started his career as a Corrections Officer in September of last year. The two crashed into an elevator door falling to their deaths.
There are news reports that say the County was warned about some security problems before this incident. County Manager Dave Pedri said that the government will work to ensure this doesn’t happen again. He also said the county needs to look at a new prison.
A few things here. The Council should look into the reports that there were issues before this accident. Granting that hindsight is 20/20, there should at least be an inquiry. Pedri mentioned that there was a need for a new County prison. Most likely true.
But given the debt the county is still under, I hope that it is well planned out and there is no rush to do something as a reaction to this tragedy. This County and its taxpayers are already strapped.
Moules was a native of the area and played High School baseball for the Valley West Spartans. Gilliam was originally from New Jersey, had numerous incidents with the law and had a child living in Sherman Hills.
While I mourn for the families, I wonder what Pedri was thinking when he said the prison should be named after Moules. I understand if he made the comment in the heat of the moment but to suggest you name a prison for a person not even buried yet in a prison not even built is just odd. While well intentioned, it is not the crisis temperament needed in such an incident.



ECTV Live hosts Rusty Fender, David DeCosmo, and Director Mark Migilore welcome Red Cross Director Bill Goldsworthy to the program during the week of July 25th to discuss the services and needs of the organization in our area. 
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This Week on Sunday Magazine
Brian Hughes speaks with Bob Valiante about the 2016 Scranton Catholic Charismatic Conference, coming up next weekend at the University of Scranton.
An encore of Brian's interview with Karla Porter from ARC of Luzerne County about their TRACE program.
And Brian speaks with Dr. David Rubin & Ethan about drawing awareness to IBD, inflammatory Bowel Disease.
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Our 1971 logo

Apollo 15 (carrying astronauts David Scott, Alfred Worden, and James Irwin) is launched, with the intention of landing on the surface of the moon……The United Kingdom opts out of the Space Race, with the cancellation of its Black Arrow launch vehicle…in Pennsylvania Auditor General Robert P. Casey Senior says he will definitely run for a second term….in Lackawanna County Democrats line up behind the ticket of Luger and Pettinato for Commissioner and 45 years ago the number one song in America was  “Sooner or Later” by The Grass Roots.

The LuLac Edition #3254, July 21st, 2016

Our “21 Questions” logo.

1. How have political conventions changed in your lifetime?

Not much. Most of them have been coronations of a nominee selected. If ever there was going to be a brokered convention it would have been this year. Conventions are like first dates. The people inside the Hall are your family, they know and accept you warts and all. But what you need to do is impress the persons you’re trying to win over. First impressions count and that’s why a Convention needs to be flawless and well run.
I have been following Conventions since 1964 and the only two exciting ones were the ’64 Convention where Bill Scranton was running to beat Goldwater, the ’68 Convention with the anti war planks and the demonstrations and of course the showdown ‘in ’76 with Ford and Dole.

2. Have there been any Vice Presidential selections that were consequential in the General Election?

Two. 1960 when John Kennedy picked Lyndon Johnson and 1968 when Richard Nixon picked Spiro Agnew. The LBJ [pick was obvious mainly because Kennedy needed Johnson to get Texas and some Southern states, most notably Georgia.
The other pick is something many people may not think important. But Nixon in ’68 had the strong support of Strom Thurmond a Democrat turned Republican. Thurmond wanted a Southerner on the ticket but knew he had to settle for someone close to the South geographically. The pick of Agnew was a surprise, he had only been a Governor for two years. His pick signaled to the South that Nixon would be a Law and Order candidate and not necessarily promote any more Civil Rights actions into law. With Agnew he carried the South.

3. Any thoughts on Trump’s wife as First Lady?

I think she will be a Jackie Kennedy type with a cause. She is articulate and charismatic. The speech faux pas was not her fault, but the staffs.

4. What did you think about Donald Trump attacking the very innocuous Chuck Todd recently?

Silly. Chuck Todd had bent over backwards to give him free air time when Trump started his candidacy. Trump got more time on NBC than Angela from Wilkes Barre gets on the Tarone show.

5. What type of turnout did your friend Harry West get for his send off from this area?

It was very nice. About fifty showed up. But what was most impressive was the fact that people at The Grotto who heard about it stopped by to wish him well. Totally unexpected but appreciated.

6. I read on your 1971 segment of your blog about how President Nixon signed the 26th Amendment giving people the right to vote at 18. What was your first election and who did you vote for? Also have you voted in every election?

My first election and first vote was in the spring primary for Hubert Humphrey in 1972. I was part of the Humphrey campaign effort as a Young Democrat. Then in the General I went with McGovern.
Yes I have voted in every election since 1972. So I guess that makes 87 elections I voted in.

7. I remember watching Tom Powell on WDAU TV. When did he pass away?
Powell died the day after Christmas in 2004 at the age of 76.

8. Best part of the current job you have?

10 minutes away from my house, I can wear shorts in the summer and they leave me alone.

9. I saw on FB you were at the Ringo concert. How was it?

Incredible. Mrs. LuLac loved it and I was thrilled to be there with her. My buddy Beatledd steered us toward some great seats. It was an anniversary present for Mrs. LuLac because before then I had nothing. I think I paid for a new tire and that is not romantic at all.

10. Have you ever eaten lox?

Yes. The best I had was the Carnegie Deli in New York. But haven’t had it in years. When I was involved with the Tom Lehman for Senate run in 1978 we’d go to Goldstein’s and I’d get it there.

11. Dave, it’s been a while. At least a year. Can you give me some Banana Phone?

You got it.

12. Are you taking part in the Pokie Man game?

No but many of my younger coworkers are into it.

13. There are reports that Bill Clinton is still dogging around on Hillary. True or not?

Sources tell me that yes he is tempted.

14. How are Mayor Tony George in Wilkes Barre and Mayor Jeff Cusat doing so far?

Pretty good. Both don’t have rubber stamp Councils and have had a few bumps. But Hazleton has a no nonsense Police Chief and a damn good administrator. George has reactivated some neighborhood improvement programs and he has a damn good administrator too.

15. As a hot dog connoisseur what are your condiments of choice?

At home yellow mustard, onions and relish. Out, everything on them.

16. Any thoughts on the man who is suing a utility because he died trespassing on one of their properties?

Sorry he lost his life. But he was on railroad property breaking the law. These idiots riding these things need to stay off of property they aren’t supposed to be on. And definitely off the road too. I hope they throw it out.

17. Will Mike Pence hurt or help?

Hurts with women, gays, the LGBT community and people who are inclusive. Helps with the GOP base because of where he stands on all of that.

18. After doing this blog for ten years why haven’t you ever changed the format and layout? And will you?

No. it took me 19 years to get rid of suits, 15 years to get new shoes (and that was only because they lived all the shoe makers in the area) so no. Not even tempted.

19. Who was David Blight?
(Photo: David
David J. Blight was a renowned entertainer and founder of the David Blight School of Dance. He died on December 23, 2007.
David was a life resident of Luzerne and a 1947 graduate of Luzerne High School.
Following graduation he toured the country as a tap dancer, entertaining at many of the top hotels and night clubs.
He was a U.S. Army veteran of the Korean War, serving as a corporal in the Signal Corps.
Following his discharge, he and his mother opened the David Blight School of Dance in Wilkes-Barre and about seven other schools in Northeast Pennsylvania.
Blight had a Sunday afternoon TV show where he spotlighted many of his students. A grade school buddy, Ned Dructor danced on his show.

20. Is this really going to be a change election?

Oh yes. And that can cause trouble for Hillary. Hillary’s good and bad fortune is that she is running against Trump. Good because he goes over the top, bad because she does not represent change. She represents continuity of progress. But that is anathema to the GOP.

21. Besides the conventions, what is the best cable summer show you are digging?

“Feed the Beast” with David Schwimer on AMC. Really good.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3253, July 20th, 2016

(Photo: Mrs. LuLac)  
It was 47 years ago today that The United States first landed on the moon. Keep in mind that the there were many great things we take for granted that came out of that moon landing.
Here's how it happened.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3252, July 19th, 2016


The GOP nominee. (Photo: NBC)
The most improbable but historical nomination fight has culminated with the nomination of Donald Trump as President for the GOP. No matter what you think about Trump, he has tapped into a feeling in the country that has by hook or crook become an expression of anger and wanting.
Trump essentially happened because the Republican faithful regained the GOP House in 2010. Nothing much got done. Then when the diehards were told they’d get things done if they got the Senate back, the GOP base gave it to them. Again, nothing done.
Combined with a hatred for the first black President as well as a series of events that seem to scream the word “change”, Trump,  despite numerous missteps has finished first.
His task now is to prove to the American people that he can run a campaign as good as America can be. Right now many say Trump is appealing to the lesser angels of all of us. He will need to right the ship. The cheers are loud in the Convention Hall, but what is more important is what people hear in the Living Rooms of America.

 Lynette Villano (left) with Party Chair Bill Urbanski. (Photo: Luzerne County GOP)
It was great to see our friend Luzerne County Vice Chair Lynette Villano standing right next to State GOP Chair Rob Gleason today as Pennsylvania yielded to make way for the New York delegation to put Trump over the top. Villano was with Trump right from the start and we are glad to see her get the exposure she deserves.Win or lose, Villano has been in  the trenches for years.

Melania Trump. (Photo: NY York Magazine)
Melania Trump gave a great speech last night. She was poised and was a great presence. I would have liked to hear her say what she found in America and what moved her to become a citizen. I would have liked to have heard a contrast between her life in Slovenia and then in America. That said, it was a good speech.
But the speech was overshadowed by the allegation and observation that a few segments of the speech were lifted. From the time the speech ended, the media pounced on the charges of plagiarism. What happened was not the prospective First Lady’s fault. Here’s why.
Given that this was her maiden speech, don’t you think the staff might have even googled some of the passages? A caller to WILK tonight said that maybe there was a deal to sabotage the Trumps. Partly right.
There was no conspiracy or sabotage except from the Trump staff itself. Admittedly it is a small tight knit circle. But when you have a small, insular staff, no one reached out. And what proved to be a pretty good night turned into a distraction. If Scott Baio or the Duck Dynasty dude thought they’d be at least a footnote, that was not to be.
Trump’s staff is to blame. Not Hillary Clinton, not the Liberal Media, not the ridiculous assertion by Trump loyalists that Hillary Clinton is afraid of strong woman like Melania (and she was behind it all along) or Melania, BUT the Trump campaign itself.
They have to get it through their heads that this is not a taping in Secaucus, New Jersey of The Apprentice. You don’t edit Conventions. They are live.
And if you’re not dotting every eye and crossing every “T” they can be perilous.

Monday, July 18, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3251, July 18th, 2016


Today a floor fight erupted at the Republican convention as delegates opposed to Donald Trump's nomination loudly protested during a fight over the gathering's rules.
There was a voice vote and The Chairman walked off the stage leaving Utah Sen. Mike Lee standing up for the Never Trump rebels, saying that it was "unprecedented" to not allow a roll call vote on the rules.
The dust up was a blow to Trump's claim that his team had "crushed" the uprising as the GOP struggled to unify.

Ohio Governor John Kasich. (Photo: CNN)
Ohio Governor John Kasich has been making the rounds of the out perimeters of the Convention. He has not come inside the Hall saying that his differences with Donald Trump have not been resolved.


So Donald Trump had a tough time explaining his running mates stance on voting for the Iraq War. Here’s the exchange with Leslie Stahl.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3250, July 17th, 2016



Here is a list of the upcoming events in Cleveland this week
 at the GOP Convention
Daily Themes & Headliners:

Monday: Make America Safe Again
Headliners: Melania Trump, Lieutenant General (ret.) Michael Flynn, U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), Jason Beardsley and U.S. Rep. Ryan Zinke (Mont.).

Tuesday: Make America Work Again
Headliners: Donald Trump, Jr., U.S. Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (WV), Ben Carson and Kimberlin Brown.

Wednesday: Make America First Again
Headliners: Lynne Patton; Eric Trump; former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Newt Gingrich and his wife, Callista; and Indiana Governor Mike Pence, whom Donald Trump has chosen as his vice presidential running mate.

Thursday: Make America One Again
Headliners: Peter Thiel, Tom Barrack, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump