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The LuLac Edition #3310, September 30th, 2016

WVIA TV @ 50
Our 1966 logo. 
The year was 1966 and on September 26th my dad and I were sitting down as usual to watch either CBS or NBC national news. It was a coin toss because we both liked the respective networks a lot. But this night was different. I had persuaded my father to tune in to WVIA TV, Channel 44 the new Educational TV station set to go on the air.
Mind you this was big. Previously we only had three TV stations to choose from and this startup was fascinating. So I sat on an ottoman near the TV trying to configure the converter box to have it set for 44.The appointed time, 6:30 PM came and went.
Snow. For those under 50, this is what that looked like. 

We sat and waited for at least 14 minutes. Nothing. Thus that was our introduction to Educational TV. But the next day, the station was in full flower. The station started out in different locations before building a permanent facility at Old Boston Road in Pittston. From the very first days, WVIA TV was a bustle of excitement for both the broadcast and educational community. The originals, George Strimel, Jerry Schumacher, Carol Guild, Grace Shimellfinig, Jack Lewis along with engineers Paul Evonsky and Joe Berish started it all. Those are the people I at least remember seeing on TV. The station got on the air with the help of WNEP TV. The ABC affiliate gave the new station the old WARM TV tower. During the great flood of ’72 WVIA TV was a true community partner.
Two of the first programming mainstays were Sesame Street and Masterpiece Theater. And then of course there was Action Auction 44. For 7 nights the station had this gigantic on air sell off of merchandise donated by local businesses. I only had a passing acquaintance with it until 1973.
I started college in January of ’73 on the day Lyndon Johnson died. During the early semester I was made aware of an opportunity to start working at WVIA TV. A King’s College administrator told me that I could work there on the FM station but they needed help on the TV side. The dust might still be in that office as I exited stage left out that Financial Aid office door quickly.
The Auction was like a Pakistani flea market with people running around, merchandise going in and out of the building, papers being passed and flung, cameras rolling and hundreds of volunteers doing the heavy lifting. The volunteer closely associated with the TV station auction was Jeff Rubel. He gave me the job of making sure the commercial on air talent got to their mark and on the air. 
It was heady stuff for a 19 year old who first adjusted that old converter box to get that first signal just a few years before.Later the action auction became a cyber auction, on line, not as hectic but still very effective as a fundraising tool for the station. 
The history of WVIA TV can be broken down into three segments. The first of course was the growth and expansion under George Strimel. Strimel was an energetic programming genius who was not afraid to reach out and get the start up funding the station needed. All of the equipment was state of the art. For me having been in local radio stations in both this area and Washington, D.C. it was stunning to see such new broadcast hardware.
Strimel also made the station a type of cable TV station (because there was none here yet) but in my estimation he didn’t put on junk. The movies, most, were all classis. There was Uncle Ted on Friday night, Classic film series like Andy Hardy on the weekends and the movies that made Hollywood famous. The greatest movies of our times were presented to my generation on WVIA TV. 

George Strimel. (Photo: Times Tribune) 
Strimel was also instrumental in getting WVIA FM on the air. My job in college was to get the station on the air and Strimel always stopped in to discuss my morning newscasts alternately giving praise and criticism.
When he left in 1979, I was off to other things but Dr. John Walsh came in and got the station on a steady path that made it not only an alternative but a mainstay in the community. Walsh improved the infrastructure of the station and made vital partnerships with local educators and cultural organizations.
1991 was the year Bill Kelly became GM but he was no stranger to Public TV or Radio. Kelly came to WVIA in 1974 from WARM and combined his broadcasting experience with his teaching background. Under Kelly the station produced more local programming in its history. Financial growth exceeded expectations even though Congress cut most of the funding for the station. Kelly also brought local programs like “The State of Pennsylvania” on the air and that show became a “must see” for viewers and a “must go” for politicians seeking higher office. Under his guidance, WVIA expanded its facilities to include a public theater as well as producing many memorable documentaries that gained the station recognition throughout the nation.
Kelly was my first boss at WVIA FM and to this day there are many lessons I learned from him in terms of working and commitment that I still carry with me. To me his tenure at the station was the most consequential because under his leadership he entered the station into the digital age that has given the station a competitive and programming edge. Plus the key to TV is to look good. HD does that and Kelly essentially launched that rocket. 

Dr. John Walsh, George Strimel and Bill Kelly, three broadcast stewards of Public TV. (Photo: Citizen's Voice) 
The current GM Tom Curra is a guy I worked with in the 1980s when Bob Woody started to form a partnership in the Lu and Lac. Tom was always dependable and has made WVIA TV and FM a continuing community asset.
As WVIA TV enters its second 50 years, I can’t help but remember the somewhat inauspicious start. Little did I realize as I sat on that ottoman waiting for that station to sign on, that I would be a very small part of its illustrious history. 

WVIA TV and Radio made joint efforts in the 1970s to simultaneously promote the arts. "Arts Alive" was an effort to give viewers and listeners an opportunity to not only appreciate the arts and participate in them. Here is your blog editor with volunteer Julia Robinson at one of the "Arts Alive" broadcasts.  (Photo: LuLac archives) 

 George Strimel along with Attorney Chuck Boyle gave me the chance to do a weekly TV show on Politics at the age of 23. Here I am with State Senator Ed Helfrick. (Photo: LuLac archives)
The opportunity was given to me and like most of the 44/FM staff we worked like dogs.
But many WVIA alumni I’m sure will quickly say, “It was our pleasure!” 
On to 51!!!! 

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The LuLac Edition #3309, September 29th, 2016

Ah talk radio once more helps me mine the field for this Presidential campaign. Apparently the laundry list of factual things Donald Trump has posited now has fallen under the category of Americans being too offended by his comments. Many callers are telling the talk show hosts that Americans have become too touchy regarding comments made by politicians such as Donald Trump.
They are saying on air from their faulty little phones or caves they hide in that we’ve become too sensitive. We aren’t tough. We can’t take criticism or we can’t take the old shoot from the hip style of a no nothing who tells it like it is. Okay, I’ll play.
I’m am not offended by a candidate who says women are pigs.
I am not offended by someone who categorically lumps a religion into one big mess and calls for all of them to be barred from our country.
I am not offended by someone who calls Mexicans rapists. Now think about that for a minute. Did he have police reports? Did he have crime statistics and were any prosecuted? By his standard, then that means there are no Italian rapists, Polish rapists, Canadian rapists, British rapists?
I am not offended by someone who calls women names and makes comments about their physical appearance.
I am not offended by a guy who reportedly stuffs his face with Mash Potatoes on his private plane and makes comments about a beauty pageant winner who after attaining the crown gained weight. And the weight she gained was not unappealing. I love BBC America’s Katy Kaye who said the candidate should have a weigh in every day.
I am not offended when someone says our President was not really born in the United States and used it as a dog whistle to those uncomfortable with people of any color existing in the United States let alone being President.
I am not offended by the guy even taking credit for debunking it, 5 years after stoking the fires for it.
I am not offended by the way he has called our military a disaster and that the Generals are not that great either.
I am not offended by Trump saying that Lester Holt was biased in his questioning even though Holt was trying to get him back on track.
I am not offended when a Presidential candidate’s vocabulary consists of words like “disaster”. Does this man even know the meaning of the word disaster? A disaster is when your home gets flooded, a disaster is when your child dies. A disaster is when people are killed in a terrorists attack. This man has no idea what is truly a disaster.
I am not offended when he says that black Americans are living in the worst situations in their history.
Nope, I’m not offended by any of those statements at all.
See the definition of offended is resentful or annoyed, typically as a result of a perceived insult. In order to be resentful or annoyed, one must look to the source of the insult. One must care about that person’s opinion. One must respect that person’s “perceived insult” and then see if it came from “perceived intelligence”.
Nope, I’m not offended. I’m outraged. As well as most thinking Americans should be.
Your outrage should come from those statements made by Donald Trump. Your outrage should also be directed toward those people on the radio or in person who tell you that you are a wuss for being so offended.
I did last night after listening to a few blowhards. I took a breath, switched the radio to a little Carole King and just stopped being offended.
You can do it too. It’s easy. Just start getting outraged and call all these idiots out on election day with your votes. Then if their rejection comes, they canb be offended all they want!

 Alicia Machado (Photo: Pinterest)
I was intrigued when I heard Donald Trump himself as well as supporters the next day saying that his beauty pageant winner, Alicia Machado,  after all was in a competition that was all about beauty and she should not have gained weight. She should have understood that with her responsibilities she had to maintain herself at peak performance. Okay, I’ll buy into that….to a point.
There are certain people who plain and simple are athletes. Political. Artistic. Sports. Musical. Fashion. They work hard to maintain a level of excellence. That’s why we admire them.
But when a male sports figure gains a few pounds “he is slowing down”, “he has lost a little something”, “age is catching up to him” or “he’s not what he once was”. No public workouts, no name calling, no pejorative terms. No bullying terms.
With the emphasis these days in schools and in society on bullying, I cannot understand how any man or woman would elect the ultimate bully for President.


So the postmortem continues for the debate performance of Donald Trump. Aides are pointing the finger at each other saying that Trump should have had someone other than himself and a loose team of cronies to prepare for the debate. But see that thought process precisely point out why Trump assertions as to his leadership skills are a fraud.
Here’s why.
Donald Trump has said that in order to tackle problems and be a great President that he would pick the best people to help him run the country. Apparently before this debate Trump never picked the best person to help him take on an opponent Chris Christie. Interestingly enough after the debate it was announced Christie would help with the next one. If Trump was so “with it”, he should have done that prior to the big night.
There will be two more debates so Trump gets a do over. But when you are President, you don’t get do overs. International crisis aren’t debates. There are no second chances. If you claim you’ll pick the right people to help you, you better well damn be certain you have the right guy in place on day one.

President George H.W. Bush signing NAFTA. See Bill Clinton anywhere? (Photo: USA Today)
So Donald Trump said it loud and wrong again. He said Bill Clinton was responsible for NAFTA. He wasn’t.
NAFTA dates back to 1990 as a trade pact among the three nations. American President George H. W. Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Mexican President Carlos Salinas were each responsible for spearheading and promoting the agreement in each others countries. During the 1992 debates, Ross Perot was talking about NAFTA as “that great sucking sound” of jobs leaving America. The trio signed the accord in ceremonial signings in the three participating capitals on December 17, 1992. Bill Clinton was sworn in as the 42nd President thirty-four days after George H.W. Bush signed the NAFTA trade pact. Clinton asserted that there would have to be new job and environmental protections, and safeguards against sudden trade surges, but they could be settled without renegotiating the entire treaty with Mexico and Canada before he submitted implementing legislation.
Job losses, except those from the GOP economic disaster of 2008, came from Republican tax policies that reward corporations and companies that shipped Americans’ jobs overseas for dirt-cheap labor and tax-free profits; policies President Obama and Democrats have attempted to eliminate. Their efforts have been unsuccessful because Republicans blocked the Democrats legislation “insourcing” American jobs from overseas.
So before Trump starts screaming about NAFTA, he should check the facts.

Scranton’s Joe Peters (Photo Facebook)
Longtime Republican Joe Peters, himself a candidate for Attorney General this year in Pennsylvania has endorsed Democrat Josh Shapiro for the office. Peters was the victim of a smear by State Senator John Rafferty who seems to be the presumptive favorite. What Peters support will mean is anyone’s guess but three things stand out about this.
1.Peters was treated badly by the Rafferty campaign linking the long time GOP stalwart to the misdeeds of Kathleen Kane. All the while Peters was trying to restore confidence in that office as a Kane appointee. No good deed goes unpunished, right?
2. Peters and his name have clout in the Lackawanna County area and beyond. That can only help Shapiro.
3. Shapiro has been more visible as late and the endorsement of someone with Joe Peters’ character and experience can only be a plus.

Congressman Lou Barletta (Photo: Barletta office)
Congressman Lou Barletta backed legislation that prohibits the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from taxing medals and awards won by Americans competing in the Olympics or Paralympics. The U.S. Olympic Committee currently awards each American athlete $25,000 for each gold medal, $15,000 for each silver, and $5,000 for each bronze. U.S. Paralympics receive $5,000 for a gold medal, $3,500 for silver, and $2,500 for bronze. Additionally, the medals themselves have market value based on the metal contained within them. Under today’s IRS regulations, those awards and medals are treated as income and subjected to federal taxation. The United States Appreciation for Olympians and Paralympians Act (H.R. 5946)removes the awards and medals from taxation, unless the athlete has an income in excess of $1 million. The legislation is retroactive to include the recently completed Olympics in Rio. The bill passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 415-to-1 and now heads to the Senate, which has a similar bill.


Scott Schaffer on the network Wednesday night. (Photo: Facebook)
So if you were watching the opening of the new program “Designated Survivor” on ABC this past Wednesday (last night) you saw Scott Schaffer, and Peggy Lee on camera representing a fictional TV network reporting on the news of a terrorist attack that put the new President in office.



ECTV Live will feature information on the annual Berwick River Fest on its next series of programs during the week of October 3rd. 
 Nancy Sborz will join hosts David DeCosmo and Rusty Fender for the show which can be seen on Comcast channel 19 (61 in some areas) and runs three times daily throughout the week. The program is Directed by Mark Migilore.


This Week on Sunday Magazine
Magic 93's Frankie in the Morning speaks with local producer, writer and director Chris Fetchko, about his new film "All In Time".
Brian Hughes speaks with Bruce Spencer from Equines for Freedom about their work with veterans suffering from PTSD.
Frankie speaks with Mary McKenna about the Kevin Karl Music Foundation and their benefit Charity Golf Outing on Saturday Oct. 8th at the Wilkes Barre Municipal Golf Course.
And an encore of Brian's interview with Rich and Mary Clair from Telespond, who discuss their "Forget Me Not" Walk, coming up on Sunday at Nay Aug Park in Scranton Sunday Magazine, Sunday morning at 5am on NASH-FM, 93.7, 5:30am on 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X and Sports Radio 590, WARM and 6:25am on Magi c 93.



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Our 1971 logo

Japanese Emperor Hirohito travels abroad….Cardinal József Mindszenty, who has taken refuge in the U.S. Embassy in Budapest since 1956, is allowed to leave Hungary…….

A cyclone in the Bay of Bengal, in the Indian state of Odisha, kills 10,000…….Walt Disney World opens in Orlando, Florida

in the Keystone State Hugh Scott said that his role as Senate Minority Leader is crucial in helping Richard Nixon fill Supreme Court vacancies……in Pittson Mayor Bob Loftus steadies the waters as Luzerne County Chairman as the sometimes contentious team of Ed Wideman and Frank Crossin seek re-election and forty five years ago this week the number one song in LuLac land and America was “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” by Joan Baez.

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The LuLac Edition #3308, September 27th, 2016


Going to the candidate’s debate,
Laugh about it, shout about it…..
Any way you lose…..
Simon & Garfunkel

The long awaited debate was last night between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. In reality it was a hybrid. Trump gave his campaign speech in various forms. Clinton articulated her agenda and didn’t take any Trump bait.
In a way it was the battle of the vocabularies. Trump used words like “disaster”, “weak”, “terrible”, “a mess” all the old stand bys that say both everything and nothing. Clinton gave answers that had a beginning, a middle and an end.
Trump went off the rails at 9:16PM and never really got back on track. He interrupted Clinton about 25 times and she held her ground. At the end of the night, the spinners were out in full force. Even Donald Trump!!!!
The instant polls of debate watchers showed that 55% of those polled think Trump can’t handle the Presidency. Clinton won the debate 62% to his 27%. On the understanding of the issues, Clinton got 68% while Trump got 27%.
All in all a good night for Clinton. But polls on debates don’t win a Presidency. Trump is still even in some battle ground states and both are going to have a very close battle. On WBRE TV last night I said that 85% of the Republican voters for Trump will go for him and 85% of the Democrats will vote for Clinton. A narrow lane exists for undecided and independent voters and they are all in the battle ground states.
Despite some of Trump’s outlandish claims, like “Hillary Clinton has been supporting ISIS her entire adult life” (Hillary graduated college in 1969 and ISIS was a force then??) Trump supporters will back him. Earlier in the evening WBRE TV’s Kelly Choate did a story about a debate watch party involving King’s College students. More than a quarter said they’d support Trump.

Bottom line, on polling Clinton won. But it was a draw. Clinton won on substance, Trump on theater. Bad theater but his base won't care.
The voters will have to decide if they want a show or a government.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3307, September 25th, 2016

Mr. Baseball Bob Uecker. 


The day before the first Presidential debate, a Morning Call/Muhlenberg College poll shows a narrowing of the  gap between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump amid rising support for Trump within his own party.
Now Clinton still leads Trump in a head-to-head matchup, but only by a 3-point margin, 44 percent to 41 percent. Those results showed Clinton's support dropping and Trump's gaining compared with a Morning Call/Muhlenberg poll a week earlier, which showed Clinton at 47 percent and Trump at 38 percent. (Morning Call)

The LuLac Edition #3306, September 25th, 2016

Our 7 Sundays logo.
(This is a 7 part series on the major issues in this Presidential election and where the candidates stand. The information is directly from each candidate’s website. The order of appearance will vary from week to week because we will use a coin toss to determine what candidate’s views will appear first).


As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton worked to restore America’s leadership in the world after it was badly eroded by eight years of the Bush administration’s go-it-alone foreign policy. She oversaw significant accomplishments, from building a global coalition to impose cripplingsanctions against Iran, to brokering a ceasefire in Gaza and protecting Israel, to supporting President Obama’s decision to bring Osama bin Laden to justice, and much more. Defending America and our core values is one of the cornerstones of Hillary’s campaign.
As president, Hillary will:
Ensure we are stronger at home. We are strongest overseas when we are strongest at home. That means investing in our infrastructure, education, and innovation—the fundamentals of a strong economy. She will also work to reduce income inequality, because our country can’t lead effectively when so many are struggling to provide the basics for their families. Read more here.
Stick with our allies. From the Middle East and Asia to Europe and our own hemisphere, Hillary will strengthen the essential partnerships that are a unique source of America’s strength. Hillary knows that NATO is one of the best investments that America has ever made. And she’ll continue to support Israel’s ability to defend itself, including by ensuring its Qualitative Military Edge, and oppose efforts to marginalize Israel on the world stage while supporting efforts to bring about a two-state solution. Read more here. Hillary also will invest in partnerships in Latin America, Africa, and Asia with people and nations who share our values and vision for the future.
Embrace all the tools of American power, especially diplomacy and development, to be on the front lines solving problems before they threaten us at home. Diplomacy is often the only way to avoid a conflict that could end up exacting a much greater cost. It takes patience, persistence, and an eye on the long game—but it’s worth it. This includes:
Preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. Hillary will vigorously enforce the nuclear agreement with Iran and implement a broader strategy to confront Iran’s bad behavior in the region, particularly the threat it poses to Israel. Read more here.
Building stronger ties between Cubans and Americans. Hillary supports President Obama’s initiative to re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba and calls on Congress to lift the embargo, while continuing to press for reforms. Read more here.
Be firm but wise with our rivals. Countries like Russia and China often work against us. Hillary has gone toe-to-toe with Russia and China and many other different leaders around the world. She knows we have to be able to both stand our ground when we must, and find common ground when we can.
Stand up to Vladimir Putin. Hillary has gone toe-to-toe with Putin before, and she’ll do it again. She’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with our European allies and push back on and deter Russian aggression in Europe and beyond, and increase the costs to Putin for his actions.
Hold China accountable. Hillary will work with allies to promote strong rules of the road and institutions in Asia, and press China to play by the rules—including in cyberspace, on currency, human rights, trade, territorial disputes, and climate change—and hold it accountable if it does not, while working with China where it is in our interest. Read morehere.
Have a real plan for confronting terrorists. The threat we face from terrorism is real, urgent, and knows no boundaries. Hillary has laid out a comprehensive plan to defeat ISIS by: taking out ISIS’s stronghold in Iraq and Syria, working with our allies to dismantle global terror networks, and hardening our defenses at home. Read more here.
Hillary has a record of defending America and our core values:
She built the toughest sanctions regime in history on Iran—twisting arms in China, Russia, and dozens of other countries—to force Iran to the negotiating table. And when pressure started working, she sent her closest aides to explore a deal that would cut off Iran’s path to a nuclear weapon.
She personally negotiated an end to Hamas rockets raining down on Israel in 2012 and worked to build stronger defense programs for Israel, including upgrading the Iron Dome rocket defense system, which has saved the lives of so many Israelis.
She fought to make women’s rights a priority in international relations. She stood up against sex trafficking of women and children, intervened in Saudi Arabia to stop child marriage, and led the fight for a U.N. Security Council resolution to combat sexual violence against women and children around the world that passed unanimously.


Trump supports increasing military spending, opposes the Iran nuclear arms deal, and believes that illegal immigration is a serious national security concern.
“I just wanna say that we're gonna come out with some plans in a very short time. We're gonna be building up our military, we're gonna make our military so big and so strong and so great and it will be so powerful that I don't think we're ever going to have to use it. Nobody's gonna mess with us, that I can tell you, and we're going to have a president who's respected by Putin, who's respected by Iran, y'know?
Let's talk about, for two seconds, let's talk about the Iran deal. Now, Obama, Obama and his people call him the Supreme Leader, of Iran. Obama talks about the Supreme Leader. Well, I'm not calling him a supreme leader, but he said the other day that after this rip-off deal is completed he will never touch, do business with, the United States again. “We're finished with the United States.” They're taking a hundred and fifty billion dollars, they're getting a deal that's gonna need - it's gonna go right into nuclear weapons, much sooner than you think. They're gonna self police, think of that one, they are going to go and self police. They got the twenty-four - they have twenty-four day provisions - and by the way, what people don't understand, the twenty-four day provision doesn't start, you know this right? It doesn't start for a long time before you get to it. The clock is ticking, it can take forever, we may never get in there. It is one of the dumbest deals and one of the weakest contracts I've ever seen of any kind. So, we are gonna do things in this country right! We're not gonna sign deals where we have four prisoners over there, and they're still there, and we don't even ask if one of them is there because he's a Christian. We have a writer, we have - the whole thing is absolutely insane. You know they asked the President, and they asked Secretary of State Kerry, who may be - you know I've been saying Hillary Clinton is the worst Secretary of State in the history of this country, right? Alright, I've been saying it, but it's possible - the world blew up around her, it blew up, the whole world is like a different place. It's possible that because of this deal, made by Secretary Kerry, who has absolutely no clue how to negotiate, it may be that he's going to supersede, and I understand that he may wanna run for President. He has no chance like she has no chance, so we're gonna see what happens.
We have many problems in our country, one of them is immigration. Now, I took a tremendous hit when I brought up illegal immigration when I announced I was running for president. And for two weeks I said - you know Rush Limbaugh, who's a great guy, he said - he has suffered more incoming, meaning the press, than anybody I have ever seen. So what happened is you have now found out what illegal immigration is all about, and I am so happy that I'm the one that brought it to the fore, because believe me it's a big problem. It is a big problem.”

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3305, September 24th, 2016

The special guests Cuban and Flowers! (Photo: CNN)
Last week the Clinton campaign announced that billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban would be sitting front row at Monday's presidential debate at her invite. Cuban has been a loud and proud critic and detractor of Donald Trump since he endorsed Clinton several months ago.
The move was an obvious attempt to rattle Trump. But Trump has fired back. He has invited Bill Clinton’s supposed mistress Jennifer Flowers and wait for it….she has accepted. Flowers will be sitting next to Cuban.
Wow, this is getting crazier and crazier.


Hillary Clinton holds a solid 6-point lead over Donald Trump heading into the first presidential debate next Monday, according to a new national poll released Friday.
The McClatchy-Marist poll found Clinton leading Trump 45% to 39% among likely voters in a four-way race. Libertarian Gary Johnson garnered 10% support, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein polled at 4%. A Wall Street Journal/NBC poll this week found Clinton leading by a similar margin, 43% to 37%.
Voters gave Clinton the edge over Trump on a series of key issues. On terrorism (52% to 41%), immigration (54% to 41%), creating good jobs (49% to 43%) and trade (52% to 42%), Clinton is viewed as the better candidate. (CNN)

Congressman Cartwright with Samuel L. Jackson (Photo: Cartwright Facebook)
Congressman Matt Cartwright met a bit of a celebrity at the opening of the America's first national museum dedicated to African American history.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3304, September 22nd, 2016


Fox News Reports that Donald Trump is soliciting debate advice on line. This truly has become the American Idolization of the Republican party! I think he’ll run into trouble if he starts yelling “Lock her up, lock her up!!”
If this is his debate prep, man this is going to be something.


So the other night in one of the Carolinas, Donald Trump said that blacks in America are in the worst shape they’ve ever been. This Wharton School of Business grad never heard of slavery, Jim Crow laws, Voting tests, and the beatings many received in the South for wanting equal rights. If you don’t have a conception of American history, you have no idea how to lead except re actively.

Veronica Steadlie Kisauilus (Photo: Citizen's Voice)  
This week news came that a good friend of ours, Veronica Steadlle Kisailus passed away. She was surrounded by her family. Veronica was our family Attorney and really represented us above and beyond.
She was greatly inspired by former President Abraham Lincoln as she obtained a juris doctorate degree from the former Bridgeport School of Law, Bridgeport, Conn.
Residing at Harveys Lake for many years, Veronica served as the solicitor for the zoning office. Veronica was a member of the Luzerne County Bar Association, Pennsylvania Bar Association, U.S. Supreme Court Bar and the Middle District Bar. She was a founding partner in the Kisailus & Kisailus Law Firm, Wilkes-Barre.
The last time I ran into her was when our mutual friend Tom Marsillio was going after one of the Judgeships in Luzerne County in 2009. She was bright, fun, engaging, reasonable and fair. All you’d ever want in a Lawyer, a person and a friend. She will be missed.


Here are some scenes from Congressman Matt Cartwright’s office opening in Scranton Monday night. The Congressman faces off against Matt Connolly in November.
Cartwright’s best asset, Attorney Marion Munley Cartwright introduced her husband at the event before a good and enthused crowd.

Rep. Barletta was named a “Guardian of Small Business” by the National Federation of Independent Business for the third straight Congress. (Photo: Barletta office)
Congressman Lou Barletta has been named a “Guardian of Small Business” by theNational Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the nation’s largest association of small businesses, for the third consecutive Congress. Barletta was honored because of his voting record in support of policies that benefit small businesses and job creators. Barletta has won the award in each Congress of which he has been a member: the 112th, 113th, and 114th.
“Many elected officials claim that they are champions of small business, but our Guardian Award shows our members and other small business owners who is really fighting for them,” said NFIB President and CEO Juanita Duggan. “Based on his voting record, Rep. Barletta is one of the most reliable advocates for small business in Washington.”
The Guardian of Small Business is NFIB’s most prestigious award. It is reserved for lawmakers who vote consistently with NFIB on the key issues identified by small business owners and is awarded by tracking and scoring the votes of every member of Congress. House members and Senators who vote with NFIB members at least 70 percent of the time are eligible for the Guardian Award. Barletta received a 100 percent voting record during the 114th Congress.
“As a former mayor of my hometown of Hazleton, and a former business owner myself, I know that small employers are the lifeblood of any community,” Barletta said. “Today, it is harder than ever for entrepreneurs to go into business for themselves, so we must do everything we can to clear obstacles so they can do what they do best: create jobs and stimulate the economy. I am proud to have been honored by NFIB for the third straight Congress.”



This Week on Sunday Magazine

Brian Hughes speaks with 10th Congressional District Democratic candidate Mike Molesevich about his campaign against incumbent Congressman Tom Marino.
Brian speaks with Diane and Laurie from Hospice of the Sacred Heart about their 2016 Inaugural Remembrance Walk coming up next Saturday at McDade Park in Scranton.
And Magic 93's Frankie in the Morning speaks with Miss NEPA Teen Courtney Richards about a Benefit Purse Auction coming up on Sunday at the Mohegan Sun Convention Center to benefit the Children's Miracle Network.
Sunday Magazine, Sunday morning at 5am on NASH-FM, 93.7, 5:30am on 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X and Sports Radio 590, WARM and 6:25am on Magi c 93.


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Julie Esty will be the guest on ECTV Live during the week of September 26th.
A founding member of the Dearly Departed Players, Julie and her colleagues will be conducting tours of the Dunmore Cemetery this October to introduce visitors to some folks who died by accident or caused an accident which resulted in death. ECTV Live is seen on Comcast channel 19 (61 in some areas) and is broadcast three times daily throughout the week.


Tune in to Sue Henry's "Special Edition" this week as Sue recaps the week's news. . The show will run Saturday at 2 p.m. and Sunday at 1 p.m. on WILK, and on KRZ, Froggy and Max 102 early Sunday morning.


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Our 1971 logo.

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, only daughter of King Harald V of Norway, in Oslo; Chesney Hawkes, English singer and teen idol, in Slough….The main-belt asteroids 6214 Mikhailgrinev, 2217 Eltigen and 2280 Kunikov are discovered by scientists at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory……..Copenhagen Denmark. The Freetown "Christiania" was founded. In the morning 26 September 1971 activists occupy a number of buildings in the military area in Bådmandsgade, Christianshavn (Copenhagen). This is the first beginnings of Freetown Christiania. The barracks area has been abandoned by the Danish Navy for years and there have for a long time been disputes about what to do with the area. Residents in Christianshavn want access to the open green areas as playgrounds for their kids. Young activists from the alternative communities is lacking a place to exercise creativity and social experimentation. All they look at the closed military area, but both politicians and the military refuses that the area may be to the benefit of the population. In September 1971 the activists lose patience and begins occupation. From very start, they are meet by a violent police action to remove the activists. These actions failed completely because the area is too big and there are too many people……in Pennsylvania the Pittsburgh Pirates inch closer to getting into the Major League Baseball Playoffs….in Luzerne County Frank Jagodinski faces off in the General Election for Sheriff with incumbent Joseph Mock and 45 years ago the number one song in LuLacland and America was “Superstar” by The Carpenters.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3303, September 21st, 2016


Our 21 Questions logo

1. If Donald Trump has been telling so many lies, why can’t Hillary Clinton have a more commanding lead?

He has the advantage in the sense that people view him as being more candid. A "speak his mind" kind of guy even if his statements are "out there". But Trump resonates with many because his bad boy style is what people want to be but can’t or won’t. To a certain segment of the people, (and this is her own fault that is eerily Nixonion) whatever she says is a lie. Her challenge is to fight for the job in the upcoming days.

2. Who do you favor in the MLB playoffs?

Have to go with my Tribe but hope the Cubs can do it. I don’t want to see a Cubs/Indians series though, way too aggravating.

3. That guy Otto Voit who is running for State Treasurer seems to be all over the place. Just who is running for State Treasurer on the Democratic side?

It’s former U.S. Ambassador Joseph Torsella. He was a  U.S. Representative to the United Nations for Management and Reform (with the rank of ambassador) from 2011 to 2014. He previously served as President and CEO of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia from 1997 though 2003 and again from 2006 through 2008 and as the Chairman of the Pennsylvania State Board of Education from 2008 through 2011. He is a graduate of Wyoming Seminary and to my knowledge has not done a lot of campaigning at least in this area. My feeling is he’s looking to have the Philadelphia counties, which are heavily Democratic pull him through.

4. Do you think Mike Pence will be an acceptable President once Trump gets bored or thrown out?

I used to because he knew Congress and was a Governor. But his inability to answer an easy question just give me doubts. Plus I’m appalled at his feelings that as far as gays go, “You can pray the gay away”.

5. House Dems, can they re-take the Congress?

No but they can eat into that margin of 30 seats they need and become a force. Don’t forget that most of what John Boehner and Paul Ryan got passed was because of the 180 Democrats working with the GOP.

6. Any thoughts on Tom Wolf not going to the 911 events because of the death of his father?

I’m surprised I got the question. He didn’t attend the 911 event but sent his Lt. Governor. That’s what he's there for. His father died, he needed to be with his family. As a sidebar, I thought it was pretty ridiculous that Brett Favre played the night his father died too.

7. Matt Cartwright on the Appropriations Committee. Thoughts?

He is well regarded in the House. Has been since day one. Has potential to be a leader someday if he wants it. Or beyond.

8. Did you hear the one about how President Obama might be named to the Supreme Court if Hillary gets elected?

Personally I’d love it but the President has issues getting his own guy on the Court let alone himself.

9. Any thoughts on the final passage of the LGBT legislation in Wilkes Barre?

I think it was about time. Really glad that Tony Brooks, Beth Gilbert and the other Council members got this through. Also kudos to Mayor Tony George for his support.

10. First coach to be let go in the NFL?

I want it to be Rex Ryan of The Bills but I’m thinking at 0-2, Jay Gruden of the Redskins might be the one.

11. Are you an Oktober Fest fan?

No, not a beer guy. Love brats though.

12. Will you be Tweeting during the debates?


13. How come in 2000 Florida had 25 electoral votes, now they have 29?

Population growth. Just to give you an example a place like The Villages which is a retirement string of towns now has 134,000 people up from 29,000 or so at that time. When I was a kid, Pa. had 29 Electoral votes, Florida just 14. As you stated, Florida had 25, Pennsylvania had 23. Now we’re down to 20. It’s all about the peeps!

14. The New York Times has been calling out Donald Trump for lying. Unfair or about time?

About time. Trump has gotten a pass and has played the media. But his supporters don’t care.

15. When you were a kid who was your favorite weatherman?

Really? What a great question. I was a little kid when Channel 16 had a guy named Roy Goshorn. (I think I liked the name). Then there was Bill White with his Atlantic Gas Station uniform on WDAU. Plus who could ever forget Joe Scott on WBRE TV. I loved ‘em all. Thanks for the question.

16. What in the world happened to your Pirates?

They could not sustain a winning streak. Or as a Pirate fan who in scatological terms said, “Every time they aim for the toilet this year they missed”.

17. Did Donald Trump ruin you for reality shows?
No, I still love my Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn and “Project Runway”.

18. Best bit on the Emmy’s and how do you think Jimmy Kimmel did?

The opening with Jeb Bush. Did you catch the Jeb 2020 bumper sticker on the limo? Kimmel was great.

19. Do you think the Luzerne County leadership might be pushing hard for a prison?

They need it but again first things first. Let’s get the debt under more control.

20. Hey what did you think of those kids at Valley West moaning about going to school in hot classrooms and then protesting?

Unreal. But they sure as heck could go to a football game in heat.

21. I saw someone with tattoos on their knees. Ever date someone with a “tat?”

No. I am friends with many a woman who has them, but nope. Never.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3302, September 20th, 2016


Donald Trump has come after the police who cracked the New York bombing case. He said they had the information and did nothing. Uh, no they didn't. Within 24 hours the case was done. Cracked.
How the hell this guy got a police endorsement is beyond me.


This is what he tweeted.
Uh, refugees need fond to eat...they are not to be eaten.


The White House, February 3, 2017.
Meeting: President Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan.
Trump: Paul, sorry I called your wife a less than at the Inaugural ball but I’m used to superior looking women.
Ryan: You could’ve gone on TV and said that, what do you want?
Trump: Paul, I can’t get nothing done. My Legislation for the Wall, a million dollar trophy wife tax credit, the elimination of Islamic people in the military, and my proposal to repaint Air Force One with my name on it is going nowhere. I can’t believe I have to go through Congress for that shit.
Ryan: Shit it is sir.
Trump: What’s that?
Ryan: Yes it is sir. It’s a thing called the Constitution.
Trump: Yeah that damn thing. Did Obama think that one up? Oh never mind, look Paul I need your help to get this stuff passed. Let’s make a deal. What do you want?
Ryan: Mike Pence?
Trump: What’s that?
Ryan: I need a new fence. Er, Look Mr. President, I can give you all that…
Trump: Even the Trophy Wives tax credit?
Ryan: Sure. But you’ll have to privatize social security.
Trump: Wait, didn’t that loser Jeb Bush say that was reckless and dangerous?
Ryan: No it was the other loser George W. Bush.
Trump: Can’t keep them straight. They’re like wackamoles. Done.
Ryan: and………… far as Medicare goes, I want to raise out-of-pocket costs for some seniors and shift others from traditional Medicare coverage to commercial insurance.
Trump: And I get my wall and trophy wife tax credit?
Ryan: You got it.
Trump: Done. How does it feel to be with a winner like me Paul? Do you like winning?
Ryan: Yes, sir you are a real winner.
FACT: Trump will cave on Social Security and Medicare to Ryan who has been gunning for it since 2007. Vote for him and you'll be paying for your SS benefits like you will never believe. But hey, America will be great again, right???

Monday, September 19, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3301, September 19th, 2016


So tonight my buddy L.A. Tarone takes a phone call from a caller in Wilkes Barre that badly needs a Bush/Obama phone. The guy was yammering on about the choice between Trump and Clinton and said that he couldn’t understand how anyone could vote for the devil you know. Tarone then responded that Hillary Clinton’s career was “Thirty years of abject failure”. Okay, thirty years of abject failure?
Let’s not even count her time on the Watergate committee and her work with the Children’s Defense Fund as a young lawyer. Thirty years, 1986 to 2016.
Helped provide millions of children with health care. That was the CHIP program which right wingers were screaming about because it was socialized medicine. But because of it, millions of kids got health care.
Elected Senator of New York state in 2000.
During 911, Clinton worked to make sure the 9/11 first responders who suffered lasting health effects from their time at Ground Zero got the care they needed. She also met with many family members at the time.
Told the world that “women’s rights are human rights." This was a ground breaking speech on an international basis. She did this in Communist China not on Social Media in her bathrobe.
Stood up for LGBT rights at home and abroad. Now the homophobes won’t get this but Clinton has advocated for this type of inclusion.
Remember a few years ago when Israel was at peril? As Hamas rockets rained down on Israel, Hillary went to the region immediately. Twenty-four hours after she landed, a ceasefire went into effect—and that year became Israel’s quietest in a decade.
Re-elected senator in 2006.
Came within 300 votes of becoming the nominee but took the advice of that numbskull Mark Penn who said forget about the caucuses.
Was instrumental in persuading Barack Obama to pull the trigger and get Bin Laden.
Nominated as the first woman to be the nominee of a major political party.
Thirty years of “abject failure?’
While the caller was hard to hear, unfortunately the host of the night time talk show was loud and clear on this one. All I know is I’m in Wilkes Barre and he’s in Hazleton and we should both be so lucky to be such “abject failures”.


It’s the time of the year again for the LuLac Women We Love nominees. If you know a woman of stature, potential, accomplishment or someone who labors in the communities of media, pop culture or politics, send her name in along with a little contact information. You can reach me by Facebook and Twitter messaging. 
Deadline is October 23rd. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3300, September 17th, 2016

LULAC @ 3300

We are now offering via the net our 3,300th edition of LuLac. Through the years we have tried to be consistent, engaging and hopefully interesting.
Hopefully with Providences' blessings and steady health, on to 3400!








Hope that clears things up.


Just getting under the meteorological radar, Matt Cartwright had his annual summer event in Moosic this morning. Cartwright started the get together when he first ran for Congress in 2012. Today his friends and supporters stopped by for the great fellowship and food provided by Wyoming Mayor Bob Boyer’s catering business. Here are a few snapshots from the event. The picnic coincides with the same week that Cartwright was named to the powerful House Appropriations Committee.
Here is a photo of Congressman Cartwright greeting some of the folks.
Cartwright had some constituents attend from far and wide. Keith Arnold on the right made the trek up from Bethlehem for the outing.
State Representative Sid Michael Kavulich was on hand with both Congressman Cartwright as well as Moosic Mayor James Segilia. 
 Lackawanna County Commissioner Pat O’Malley and Coroner Tim Rowland have a discussion with a constituent.
I had the opportunity to meet Bob McDonald. McDonald is making the political rounds and is the Democratic candidate for the State Representative’s job in the 120th district this fall. I attempted to take a selfie with Mr. McDonald but I edited myself out of it lest I scare any of his potential voters out there. Here’s is his Facebook information.
 Two of the Congressman's biggest supporters from the Md Valley made the scene. From l to r Tom Mosher, Joann Paciotti Mosher and Mr. Cartwright. 



Syria's Foreign Ministry on accused the U.S. of supporting the Islamic State (IS) group, after a U.S.-led airstrike killed 62 Syrian soldiers in the eastern province of Deir al-Zour.
"This cowered American act is an unequivocal evidence on the U.S. support to the IS," said the ministry.
The U.S. airstrike was followed by an attack by the IS on Syrian military positions in the al-Tharda Mountain in Deir al-Zour.
The IS managed to take over the al-Tharda Mountain, before the Syrian army backed by Russian warplanes successfully recaptured all fallen sites in al-Tharda.
Tonight the Obama administration said the air strike was a mistake through diplomatic channels. Secretary of State John Kerry's balancing act the past week is now compromised and the already shaky relations with the U.S. and Russia are more in doubt than ever.  
This is only going to embolden Trump’s assertions that the U.S. Military and its leadership are mismanaging the fight against ISIS. Again, an event coincides to support some of Trump’s assertions, good or bad.It has been happening like clock work since he announced.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3299, September 15th, 2016


Congressman Dan Flood.
Congressman Joe McDade
Congressman Matt Cartwright

U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright announced that the Democratic Caucus has elected him to serve on the House Committee on Appropriations, the panel that makes annual spending decisions for all federal agencies and is considered one of the most powerful committees in Congress.
Here’s what this means to our area. Cartwright joins two Congressional icons (at least around here) Joe McDade and Dan Flood who previously served on that committee during their tenure. Many of the things we take for granted now are here because of those two men who knew how to compromise and get things done for the folks here in this region of the state. This couldn’t happen to a better leader who will make life for this area better than it is now.
For fully one-half century, between the end of World War II and the turn of the millennium, northeastern Pennsylvania had strong and able representation on the U.S. House Appropriations Committee.
“For almost a generation now, our area has not had a voice on Appropriations. I am happy to say that the wait is over. This is not only a great honor, but also an opportunity to shape spending that can have a tremendous effect on the lives of seniors, veterans, children, students, commuters, federal workers, federal contractors, and military service personnel,” said Rep. Cartwright. “Every discretionary dollar goes through the Appropriations Committee, and I intend to use my voice and vote on the Committee to protect the health and retirement security of my constituents and to help spur economic growth in the 17th congressional district.”
“I welcome Matt Cartwright as the newest member of the House Appropriations Committee,” said Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-NY), Ranking Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee. “Congressman Cartwright has been a vocal and effective leader on behalf of Pennsylvania’s 17th Congressional District. I look forward to his joining Appropriations Democrats as we work to invest in hard-working American families, create more good-paying jobs, and build a stronger America.”
The House Appropriations Committee serves an indispensable role as the originator of all annual federal spending bills, as referenced in Article I of the Constitution. Each year, under normal operating procedure, twelve spending bills are reported to the full House covering areas such as transportation infrastructure, energy development, military construction, education and student loan programs, rural development, environmental protection, and homeland security. Appropriators wield the “power of the purse” at the programmatic level and enjoy close working relationships with federal agencies and offices as their yearly budgets are set.
“Municipal officials, regional planners, business managers, nonprofit directors, and constituents in the 17th congressional district are not shy about letting me know what’s important to them, and I intend to make those concerns and desires my top appropriations priorities,” continued Cartwright. “To me, this appointment is an opportunity to be even more responsive to the needs of the six counties I represent, and to help them grow and thrive, even as budgets are tight.”
“We’ve seen comparatively restrictive discretionary budgets under the 2012-enacted sequester law, which runs through 2023,” Cartwright added. “That’s a law we need to rethink, especially where additional strategic investments would create jobs.”
“Matt Cartwright has consistently proven himself to be a forceful and effective champion for America’s hard-working families,” said Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. “Congressman Cartwright’s tireless leadership has been invaluable to House Democrats’ effort to build a stronger America for all Americans. In his new role on the Appropriations Committee, Matt Cartwright will be a powerful voice for a budget that invests in America, creates more good-paying jobs, and strengthens hard-working families.”


It appears that GOP Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence was walking a very successful diplomatic tight rope in this campaign. Pence was supporting Donald Trump but keeping the crazy aspects of the Donald out of his wheelhouse. But that ended the other day before Congressional group of leaders when he refused to repudiate David Duke to them. Pence has shown his true colors.
I’m not saying he is a racist like Duke. But what I am saying is that he is a coward who refuses to take a stand on something so obvious. The GOP basket cases on FB yammer about Strom Thurmond and Robert Byrd being members of the Klan in their youth. Byrd repudiated the Klan. Strom, another case. But the fact is Pence proved he stands for only his own ambition. Like the old song says, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.


The President went on the campaign trail for Secretary Clinton the other day and was in his element. Obama touted Clinton of course but put in stark terms why Donald Trump is not fit to lead anything. Look this guy was not my first pick, disappointed me by not getting Universal Health care and everything else he could have accomplished with that two House majority. But he is at his best when he is making a point in the most basic ways.


OH THOSE PESKY E MAILS!!!! So Colin Powell had his e mails hacked and he pretty much scolded Hillary Clinton for being greedy, having too much hubris. He lamented that her team should have taken his advice on the e mails.
But what he didn’t say about Hillary Clinton was that Benghazi was her fault! So who am I going to believe on this one? My Facebook friends or Coln Powell? "Benghazi is a stupid witch hunt," Powell wrote. "Basic fault falls on a courageous ambassador who (thought) Libyans now love me and I am ok in this very vulnerable place."
But Powell noted that "blame also rests on his leaders and supports back here. Pat Kennedy, Intel community, DS and yes HRC."
Kennedy was the under secretary of state for management at the State Department.
Powell gave blame to everyone for this unfortunate incident. You would think that Hillary was in a drone directing the whole damn thing.
Witch hunt, yeah Halloween’s coming! Sounds right. Except that all the questions have been asked and answered. Sometimes we don’t get the answer we want.


If your child is thinking of entering the medical profession, DON’T LET THEM! At least not here in LuLac land. After the Hillary Clinton heath incident the other day, I was stunned that so many of my Face book friends are practicing medicine! They predicted death, they predicted collapses, they even diagnosed the stages of the pneumonia.
Well I’ll tell ya, next time I get a little twinge, screw Geisinger! I’ll just go on the old Face book machine and get me a prescription.

GOP candidate for State Treasurer Otto Voit at the Pittston Tomato Festival. 

Pennsylvania businessman and former Army officer & Desert Storm veteran Otto Voit blasted Governor Tom Wolf today on the news that his administration is withdrawing an additional $1.2 billion to meet short-term obligations. This is the third time this year that Harrisburg has borrowed money in order to meet its obligations," Voit pointed out. "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."
Less than one month ago, in August, State Treasurer Tim Reese withdrew $400 million in order to cover the state's August expenses. The withdrawal came from a $2.5 billion loan that Governor Wolf took out earlier in the year.
Voit also pointed to lack of attention paid to the Treasurer's office as problematic:
"We need an independent Treasurer who will not entangle himself the political games that Harrisburg plays. Of Pennsylvania's past six treasurers, five have used the office as a stepping stone to higher office and three have been indicted. The media hasn't paid attention to this race because our past treasurer's haven't paid attention to their responsibility."
Voit has expressed his commitment to the Treasurer's office by pledging not to seek another office. He has called for a two-year budget and a "no budget, no pay" policy, holding the governor and state legislature responsible for the state's fiscal well-being.
Additionally, Voit has introduced interactive website where all the state's finances-revenues, expenditures, salaries, contracts, etc.--are available to the public to be downloaded and analyzed.
"It's time for a responsible professional to fix Harrisburg. We are balancing our fiscal future on the backs of our children. That will stop on day one when I'm treasurer."
About Otto Voit
Otto Voit has over 30 years of experience in the fields of finance, accounting and operations. His experience includes serving as CFO for an Inc. 500 company, CFO & partner in a software company, and CFO & President of an international dental and cosmetic manufacturing company.
Otto is also a veteran of the Persian Gulf War and previously served with the 101st Airborne Division. He is a member of the Institute of Management Accountants. Mr. Voit resides in Berks County, Pa with his wife of 27 years, Sheryl.

Brandon Ferrance. (Photo: Brandon Ferrance Facebook page)
Congratulations to the newly elected Co-Chairman of the Pennsylvania Federation of College Republicans, Brandon Ferrance. Brandon is the son of Luzerne County Chairman Ron Ferrance. Good genes. Best of luck to both.


Our friend Carol Zubris sent us this message and we’’d like to share it with you. Stephanie Capece Sciandra of Pittston was diagnosed in the spring of 2014 with cervical cancer. She n underwent a hysterectomy, chemotherapy and radiation treatment only for the cancer to return in the fall of 2015. Three more months of chemotherapy followed after the second diagnosis but, the cancer was not gone. Stephanie continues to battle for her daughter as well as her family while attempting to find another course of therapy.
Stephanie has been teaching ice skating at the Toyota Sports Plex for over two decades and a proud member of The Diamond City Figure Skating club which she choreographs figure skating exhibitions, training for competitions, and the learn to skate programs along with Skating Coaches: Amy Frederick, Lisa Cosgrove and (myself) Karel Zubris. We have been skating together for over thirty years and our sister needs our prayers and financial help. Please help get the word out about this event that is scheduled for this Saturday, September 17th at the Toyota Sports Complex from 1 to 5 pm.


This Week on Sunday Magazine

Brian Hughes speaks with Harvey's Lake resident historian Sandra Serhan about the 235th anniversary of the founding of Harvey's Lake, and a big event to commemorate that anniversary coming up on Sunday.
And Brian speaks with advertising consultant Mike Kleha about "Advertising in the Age of the Empowered Consumer".
Sunday magazine, Sunday morning at 5am on NASH-FM, 93.7, 5:30am on 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X and Sports Radio 590, WARM, and 6:25am on Magic 93.



ECTV Live hosts David DeCosmo and Rusty Fender welcome Mary Garm to the program during the week of September 19th to discuss the Fall programs at Lackawanna counties Libraries. ECTV live is seen on Comcast cable channel 19 (61 in some areas) in Lackawanna and Luzerne counties. The program airs three times daily (Noon, 6pm, and Midnight) throughout the week.


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Our 1971 logo

Nikita Khrushchev, 77, Soviet leader dies…….
Hurricane Irene–Olivia makes landfall in Nicaragua. A total of 96 homes are destroyed, and 1,200 people are left homeless. The rainfall results in widespread flooding, killing three people in Rivas…….A rally takes place in Dublin in support of a campaign of civil disobedience in Northern Ireland…. In Pennsylvania There were only 11,278 fans at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh on Sept. 1, 1971, but history was made anyway. The date marked 24 years after Jackie Robinson officially broke baseball’s color barrier and the Pirates became the first Major League franchise to field an all-black and Latino starting nine. Although the normal Pittsburgh Pirates starting lineup that year was usually filled with players of color, it had never been entirely made up of men of color until Sept. 1. Normal starters Richie Hebner (third base) and Gene Alley (shortstop) were both nursing injuries, which allowed Dave Cash and Jackie Hernandez to fill in…
In Scranton members of the Peters administration including Deputy Mayor Jim McNukty go all in for the GOP team of Luger and Pettinato. Ads start to run on the radio featuring Mama Cass’ hit “A New World Coming” ….

and 45 years ago the number one song in LuLac land and America was “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” by Paul & Linda McCartney.