Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The LuLac Edition #3036, September 30th, 2015

To show a more gentler and spiritual side, LuLac presents its Worship On Wednesday music series. A few of our readers couldn't imagine that a left leaning reactionary Roman Catholic like myself would even lt this be. Well be! 
We will still keep our Write On Wednesday feature and on some days the two features will run by edition. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The LuLac Edition #3035, September 29th, 2015

OH CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


October 19th, 2015 is a significant election date. Not a debate or a blasted caucus but an honest to God election. It is not in America though but rather a big race to our neighbors in the North, Canada.
Currently ads are running on all the radio stations. The Liberal Candidate Justin Trudeau is sounding a Bernie Sanders type note on income inequality. Incumbent Prime Minister Stephen Harper is saying his government has been a steady engineer of growth. Meanwhile, Thomas Mulcair of the New Democratic party hopes to expand the growth of his organization poetically. In the last Federal Election, the New Democratic Party bypassed the Liberals by winning so many seats in the Canadian House of Commons that it put them in the position of being the Opposition party for the first time in its history.
Mulcair became the beneficiary of the hard work of Jack Layton who stepped down after the election and passed away of cancer in 2012.
This election, unlike the Presidential races here are not about one person’s pull or charisma. Rather it is a contest to see who will get the most seats in Parliament. The last election had 308 seats but this new election has an increase to 338 because of the Fair representation Act.
There were and will be a number of debates with the three leaders. The next two are set for October. The topics covered were the Economy, General topics, and Foreign Policy. There has been a few dust ups especially between Mr. Harper and Mr. Trudeau.
It is only a fairly short campaign but the top money raiser has been The Conservative Party with 7.5 million, NDP at about 4.5 million and the Liberals with about 4 million. There are individual donors but there are limits of $1500.00 per person as well as to an organization. The Koch brothers money in the Provinces would be limited.
Get this, I mean this would kill me. There are 11 Third parties registered in this election.
Other than the top three I had mentioned, there are the Marxists-Leninists, the Greens, the Libertarians, the Independents, the Marijuana party, the Quebec Separatist party, the Christian Heritage party, the Communist party which is NOT to be confused with the Marxist Leninist people as well as the Pirate party.
The slogans of the top three parties are as follows:
Conservative, Harper’s party: “Proven leadership for a strong Canada”.
"Safer Canada/Stronger Economy”
The New Democratic Party: Mulcair’s party: “Ready For Change” and no to be outdone,
The Liberals, Trudeau’s party, “Real change”.
What is happening now: From CBC News: The CBC Poll Tracker now shows the widest gap between first and third place since Sept. 8, as the Conservatives move ahead with 32 per cent and the New Democrats fall back to 27.6 per cent. These numbers represent the highest and lowest polling averages for these two parties, respectively, since May. The Liberals, in second place, are holding steady at 30.4 per cent.
We’ll be following this and have a report after the results are in. It’s a long way from LuLac but since I have relatives in Canada, it has been of interest to me. Hope you will be too.
Sources: Zoomer Magazine, Toronto Magazine, Wikipedia. LuLac.
Here is a sampling of some of the videos making the rounds to the North. But before you see these, one final note. I asked a co worker of mine who was born in Quebec and still has family there if any of his people were getting excited about their election. He said, “No, the politics in the U.S. is far more crazy and entertaining”.

Monday, September 28, 2015

The LuLac Edition #3034, September 28th, 2015


Went for a drive last night and took a look at the big moon eclipse. Here are a few photos from last night courtesy Mrs. LuLac.


Luzerne County Council member, "AKA Kathy from Hazleton" Kathy Dobash. (Photo: Citizen's Voice). 
When I was watching the Luzerne County Council meeting last week, (yes I know it’s so sad) I knew there would be fireworks from Hazleton when it was announced the County missed a deadline. Especially a deadline concerning man made emergencies. Here’s something Kathy Dobash sent to me and about twenty other people.
This letter is a plea to the Majority of County Council and the Luzerne County Citizens to hold Luzerne County Manager Robert Lawton accountable. It is also a letter of support for five Luzerne County Council Candidates who are on the November General Election Ballot.
On September 22, 2015 Luzerne County Council was informed that since the start of this year Luzerne County was without a hazard mitigation plan. I was surprised, shocked and angry because public safety and wellness was not Lawton's top priority. This is the biggest error and missed deadline made by Luzerne County Manager Lawton.
Listen to the 9-22-2015 Work Session meeting audio.
At our meeting, County Council Chair Linda Houck, asked: "What is the usual procedure? I can tell you I hadn't heard about it" Houck questioned Operational Services Director Tanis Manseau about the process to get the plan on the Council agenda. Manseau replied, "we send it to the Manager".
So Lawton ignored it! Did he put it on a pile or throw it away?
When I took my turn to comment I said: “It’s extremely alarming. I’m asking for an investigation as to why we were not notified.”
I also stated I was thinking of the potential financial disaster. This is gross mismanagement by the County Manager.
Lawton's failure to meet our designated deadlines gives enough reasons to replace him with a person who has real leadership skills.
I ask Chair Houck and the rest of the Council majority to wake up and open blind prideful eyes. Lawton overspends $16.9 million, lies to Council Council and cannot meet deadlines in a responsible manner. It is time for Mr. "Lateton" to go.
After a man made or natural disaster we depend on and receive the recovery money to rebuild lives.
However, to get that money, counties and municipalities need a hazard mitigation plan.
Below is a memo to help ease our concern:
"This letter should end the concern that Luzerne County didn’t have a FEMA approved HM Plan in place.
All work had been done, the necessary municipal adoptions had not occurred once FEMA Region III provided the normal FEMA “Approval Pending Adoption” Letter.
Nancy/Lucy – Please ensure all municipalities continue to get their municipal adoptions into the county and FEMA Region III, to include the upcoming County adoption in October. Thanks."
Thomas S. Hughes
PEMA State Hazard Mitigation Officer
Bureau of Recovery and Mitigation
Hazard Mitigation Division
PA Emergency Management Agency
2605 Interstate Drive | Hbg PA 17110
We need a County Manager who places Luzerne County Citizens first on his priority list.
The future of Luzerne County is in the hands of the voters.
The voters have a chance in the November General Election to select the incumbents and those candidates who put public safety first and stop County Manager Robert Lawton from crippling the area.
Re-elect Edd Brominski, Stephen A. Urban and Stephen J. Urban, incumbents who have voted against EVERY tax increase since the beginning of the new Home Rule Government.
These incumbents opposed the elimination of the Homestead Tax Credit.
These incumbents supported actions to replace County Manager Lawton who has proven himself to be fiscally irresponsible four years in a row and late with every important deadline designated in our Charter.
I also ask voters to elect Mark Rabo and Ray Gustave who have dedicated their time to attend County Council meetings and know the issues we face.
They are the only candidates who have consistently researched the law and shared information at public meetings.
Both gave excellent suggestions to County Council on important issues before Council took action.
Moving forward with leadership will take strong trustful individuals.
I place my faith and confidence in the people who really care.


Kathy Dobash
Luzerne County Council Member

Hazleton, PA

EDITOR'S NOTE: Any contrary views are welcome and will be printed in their entirety. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The LuLac Edition #3033, September 27th, 2015


Remember in the summer when City residents were making a big fuss about Tony George’s financial reports? There was even talk of a move to get George off the ballot and replace him with Tom Leighton or some other member of the Democratic Party. Well as of today Tony George is running for Mayor along with Frank Sorick. Check this link out from the Times Leader.
The campaign is on, sloppy financial records or not. There are sill things to be heard from the County Election Board but if that body wants to start an electoral crisis then that's on them. Frank Sorick hasn’t made an issue of that and for some that might be enough to get him some votes.
Once more anonymous sources have tried to bedevil the George campaign. Sorick hasn’t bought into it and now we have a chance for a true debate as to where Wilkes Barre. In the meantime, if you are a resident of Wilkes Barre, start studying the issues and pick your candidate.

District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis. (Photo: LuLac archives).
Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis will hold a fundraiser this Thursday at the Woodlands. The event starts at 6PM. Please RSVP to Kristin at 717-991-9336 or kristin@ignite-strategies. Cost is $150.00 a person, $250.00 a couple.

Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson. (Photo: Washington Post)
A new poll out suggests Donald Trump appears to be losing some luster off of his vaunted Presidential campaign. “The Donald” now is running even at about 20% with Ben Carson. What is hard to understand is how to polar personality opposites can get so much traction with disaffected voters. 


Weekend anchor, reporter and blogger Andy Palumbo. (Photo: Twitter). 
Congrats to Andy Palumbo from WNEP TV. His blog "Andy Palumbo's Blog was voted the top News/Political Blog" at the annual Blogcon conference on September 12th. He's one of the good guys. Andy has been very generous with sharing many of his memories from  his days at WARM for our 590 Forever blog. Here's his link:

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The LuLac Edition #3032, September 26th, 2015


Boehner on the cover of Time in 2010. He got the leadership with the big win but at a terrible cost. He was given a radical minority that caused him more harm than good. Talk about a deal with the devil. (Photo: Time Magazine).
Speaker of the House John Boehner beat the members of his own party to the punch by resigning in an unconventional move, Boehner resigned yesterday morning. Boehner strode to the podium singing a Disney song
and you could tell the weight of the world was off him. The last two sessions of Congress were deemed the most unproductive in American history and many people
will try to blame Boehner.
My belief is that when Boehner became speaker he had visions of a type of leadership relationship that Carl Albert had with Richard Nixon, Tip O’Neill had with Ronald Reagan, and Newt Gingrich had with Bill Clinton. But what got in the way was the rigid element of his own party. It is interesting that in his tenure since the Tea Party became a minority force, the last two sessions of Congress have been the least productive of any in history. There is a reason for that and it is not the fact that Boehner didn’t want a deal. He tried a few times with the President but then reneged because of the pressure from the zealots.
If the leaders of the Tea Party think they are going to get their way with a new Speaker, I predict it won’t happen. Even with a new President, the Tea Party is still a minority within a sensible majority. Kevin McCarthy might not be the answer to them after a few days.
What was really sad yesterday was the cheering of members of the GOP when it was announced at a forum that Boehner had resigned. Ted Cruz credited the audience with the fact that the Speaker resigned. Cruz who interfered with Boehner’s leadership and may have been responsible in part should have shut up and take his victory lap. Instead he gloated like a school boy.
Finally if Boehner is at all moved by a place in history, perhaps he should do this. Unencumbered of worrying about losing his job, he should build a coalition with the Senate as well as Democrats in the House and pass an Immigration bill as well as a few things the President wants (but is not anathema to his beliefs) and go for it.
When the history of this political era is written, the people who were the least strident and circumspect will be remembered. The loud rabble will be dispatched to the anonymity that they so truly deserve.


Much has been made of the tears John Boehner made during his tenure at big events. Here’s my take. He was one of a dozen children. There were four to a room and the parents had to sleep on a pull out bed in the living room. At 5AM he swept out a bar every morning. He had humble beginnings and less advantages than I dare say most of the members of Congress. When you come from that background, you are awed at your luck. You think about how bad you family had it, how hard it was to get there. Emotions tell us that this man was real. In another time and era, he may have been a more compassionate leader if he had more sensible and less mean contemporaries.


Congressman Barletta with the Speaker. (Photo: Citizen's Voice).
Congressman Lou Barletta, issued the following statement regarding the retirement of Speaker of the House John Boehner, effective at the end of October:
“I have often said that Speaker Boehner had one of the toughest jobs in politics: trying to maintain order in a chamber with so many strong opinions that head in so many different directions. I know what the old cliché says, but honestly, herding cats would be a lot easier.
“I have not always agreed with the Speaker on every issue, but I always found that he treated people fairly and with respect. He was willing to listen to dissenting points of view and was capable of responding to the concerns of different segments of his caucus. I appreciate that he gave me a prominent voice in House deliberations on immigration policy, and I credit him for joining me in touring the damage in the Susquehanna River Valley in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee in 2011. In many ways, Speaker Boehner had an impossible job, in that he was being asked to overcome a Senate that remains an obstacle to House legislation because of its arcane rules, and a White House that dismisses disagreement out of hand. Under the circumstances, I feel he has done a commendable job.
“The Speaker recently became a grandfather for the first time, and I know from personal experience how difficult it is to be away from family for such extended periods of time. There can be no question that he is going out on a high note, as he is responsible for bringing Pope Francis for his historic address Congress this week. As a fellow Catholic, I know how important his faith is to the Speaker, and I am happy he will have the memory of the Holy Father’s visit. I sincerely wish Speaker Boehner well in his life after Congress.
“The Speaker’s retirement naturally means that we must select new leadership in the House. As that process moves forward, I will be carefully considering all of the candidates for all of the positions.”


So this cat that is the President of China is meeting with leaders in our country and they start talking about the issues of cyber hacking. The President, Xi Jinping  says China will be willing to help. Really? 50% of the hacking comes from China. Talk about the fox watching the proverbial hen house.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The LuLac Edition #3031, September 24th, 2015


So there is talk about a few school teacher strikes going on in LuLac land. First off before I begin, let me say that my family had a few teachers in local districts. A few relatives are there now. One of them risks her life every day teaching what amounts to very disadvantaged non socialized students. They like most of the teachers in the area are hard working and do their share to improve education in today’s society. But their challenge is daunting because of the breakdown of the family unit and frankly lack of interest many parents take in their kids.
All that said, the recent demands if you will are pretty much an insult to the taxpayers. I stated many times I do not mind paying taxes, unlike many people doing better than I am who bitch constantly about how they are taxed. Maybe the issue wouldn’t be so visceral if the Chambers around here did their jobs and there was a way to have everyone pay for education. Right now property owners pay for renters and section 8 dwellers. There is an element of unfairness in this.
The Education community has ceased to be part of the middle class. They are a class unto themselves. When you are offered a multi contract with a guaranteed raise at 3 per cent or more, you take it. Even major companies have performance reviews.
When you are getting your health care paid free for you and your family take it.
When I worked for Blue Cross, some school districts for the very first time had a $100.00 deductible for their Major Medical Plan. Oh the cries we heard!
Bottom line is this, when average people get performance reviews every year and get raises on merit, so should educators.
When working people have to pay a deductible and a copay and you don’t have that, take it.
Years ago teachers were underpaid, today in this area they are not.
School districts that go on strike and have their members talk about low wages are not helping their cause.
Teachers will tell you that it is not their fault many taxpayers made bad career choices. I bet there are hundreds of people here with education degrees that made that career choice but didn’t have a relative on a school board to get them their job.
This has to stop now. There has to be a dedicated tax that everyone pays, not just property owners.Then everyone would have skin in the game and no one would envy teachers salaries.

Pope Francis before Congress. (Photo: USA Today)
Pope Francis so far has not disappointed with his visit to the United States. He has predictably wowed the crowds with his humility and passion for the human condition.
What is hysterical to me is the right wing radio reaction to Francis calling him a Marxist tool and someone who has a socialist agenda. All he asked Congress to do today was to to abolish the death penalty, fight global warming and embrace immigrants. Well as far as I’m concerned, two out of three isn’t bad.
But Francis gave a little something for everybody. He delighted the traditional GOP members by being the first Pontiff to speak before a Joint Session. It is after all under their watch. But his address was more to the Democrats liking.
When the dust settles though and the glow of the speech is gone, his words will be remembered with fond memories. With this Congress though that's all there will be, and  there will be very little action.


Congressman Lou Barletta. (Photo: LuLac archives).
Congressman Lou Barletta, today issued the following statement regarding the address of Pope Francis to a joint session of Congress:
“It was a singular honor for me and my wife, Mary Grace, to be present in the House chamber when Pope Francis addressed a joint session of Congress, the first time any pope has done so. These are very troubling times in which we live, and the pope’s message of peace is something that people of all faiths – or no faith at all – can benefit from. We should be greeting the Holy Father as Americans, not as Republicans or Democrats, and check our politics at the door as we do so. He is the leader of one of the great religions of the world, the successor to Saint Peter, and we should all listen to and reflect on what he has to say.
“As a Catholic, I revere the pope as the leader of my church, the Vicar of Jesus Christ, and I am glad to have him open conversations about secular policy, which we may consider and discuss freely. Whether Pope Francis’s remarks confirmed your position on a certain issue, or caused you to examine your own beliefs, his speech was a call for us to be better caretakers of each other and our world. As matters of public policy, members of Congress may disagree on the pathway to achieving certain goals, but his overall message is something we can all embrace.
“I agree with Pope Francis that we must be good stewards of the environment, and appreciate his embrace of new technologies as a means to that end. His view that prosperous nations such as ours should welcome new citizens is well taken, as is the church’s Catechism that those new arrivals must respect the laws of their new host countries. Finally, he was unequivocal about the sanctity of life, and that we must cherish and protect life in all of its stages.
“When the pope speaks of caring for the poor, the sick, and the unborn, he is speaking to what many of us believe. It is fitting that he has visited America, because this is a nation which shares his vision of putting people in position to be able to pursue their dreams and enjoy the blessings of liberty.
“This was an extraordinary thrill for Mary Grace and me to witness Pope Francis’s address, as well as the canonization mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. These are experiences we will never forget.”


When I was a kid one of the first baseball cards I had was Yogi Berra’s. I never was one of those guys who followed the glamour players, (my favorite Yankee was Clete Boyer, my favorite Phillie was Gus Triandos) and Yogi certainly wasn’t filled with glamour. But he was steady, reliable and a team player. He left his vaunted catching position to make way for another future MVP, Elston Howard.
Through the years I followed his exploits on and off the field as a Manager with both the Yankees and Mets.
During the 80s I had the good fortune to work as a Sports Columnist for the Pittston Sunday Dispatch. I wrote a column called “The Strike Zone” and made an association with the Yankees PR guy Ken Nigro. Unlike future Yankee promotions people who denied access to small papers like the Dispatch in the future,  I had full blown credentials for the years 1980 and ’81.
One day before a game with the Tigers, I came across Yogi Berra. I introduced myself and told him that I just re-read a book Yogi wrote with a ghost writer. I tried to locate it for this edition but I either donated it to the Library or sold it. Yogi  replied, “I didn’t write no book!” When I showed him the book, he smiled and said, “Oh yeah, that guy!” 
Sensing I was going into some dicey territory, I asked him about the difference between managing and coaching. “Less pressure but you still have to be in the game, still have to pay attention”. I asked him about the Tigers and whether he had any memories about them as a player. He said , “They were always in the mix in the 60s, them and the Orioles. White Sox too. Those were three tough teams”. I tried to ask him about ’64 but he cut me short and went to hit fungos to the outfielders. That photo is below taken by me at Yankee Stadium. Yogi autographed it two years later at the Stadium. 

Unlike other Yankee stars of the 60s, he kept his money. He never fell for the get rich schemes and invested wisely.

In his book “Ball Four” Jim Bouton referred to Berra’s luck. Bouton wrote that he could envision the Yankee plane crashing with Yogi missing the flight. In the newspaper the next day would be Yogi sitting tearfully reading the headline that read, “Mickey Mantle and 24 others killed in air crash”.
Other than Whitey Ford and a few others, he outlasted and outlived most of them. He will ailways be remembered as one of a kind.


Joe Biden is second in a new poll with Bernie Sanders third and Hillary Clinton first. He registered in at 28%. This may be the push to get him in.



Area residents are being invited to an unusual cemetery tour and that's the subject on ECTV Live for the week of September 28th. Hosts David DeCosmo and Rusty Fender will welcome Julie Esty to the program to talk about plans for the " Criminal Intent/Dunmore Cemetery Tour! 

ECTV Live is carried on Comcast Cable channel 19 (61 in some areas) and is broadcast three times daily throughout the week at Midnight, Noon, and 6pm.


I do not know how long it will last but The River 104.9 is on AM 1340 and 1400. Not sure if the station pulled the plug on Fox sports but it is good to have music back on the AM side.



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Brian speaks with Mark Schwartz from the Life happens Foundation about the importance of having life insurance.
And Frankie speaks with organizers of the Greater Scranton YMCA's inaugural Teen Self Help Fair, coming up next Saturday at the Y.
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The Indonesian army, led by General Suharto, crushes an alleged communist coup attempt (see Transition to the New Order and 30 September Movement)....The classic family sci-fi show Thunderbirds debuts on ITV in the U.K.......Fidel Castro announces that Che Guevara has resigned and left the country...President Lyndon B. Johnson signs an immigration bill which abolishes quotas based on national origin……

in Pa. Senator Hugh Scott says that the President needs to keep an eye on the economy even though he has achieved great things legislatively……in Luzerne County Majority Commissioner Bill Goss and Ed Wideman team up to hire a few people under the dome. The move was not amusing to Commissioner Jim Post…..and fifty years ago this week the number one song in LuLac land and America was “Yesterday” by The Beatles.

Monday, September 21, 2015

The LuLac Edition #3030, September 21st, 2015

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. (Photo: AP, SCott Applewhite)
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker becomes the first GOP candidate to bow out. Jeez, even Jim Gilmore outlasted him. Walker is the Wisconsin Governor who faced down the unions, won two terms as Governor and a recall election in the course of 6 years.
He came into this race formidable. Local political experts like L.A. Tarone even taunted him as his favorite candidate.
Walker just couldn’t seem to get traction after Donald Trump entered the race. Before that Walker was known as the one of the top three but with Trump in the race he seemed to have lost his way. During the debates he couldn’t make a case even taking on Trump in the second debate forcefully.
Walker’s exit was classy and he mad pointed remarks about Trump implying that any Republican but Trump would be fine with him.
By Walker exiting early and the way he did it, it still leaves the door open for him to be someone’s Veep. During that time he needs to bone up on Foreign Policy, get his education answer solved and keep his powder dry.
Walker becomes one of many who will say “buh, bye”. That’s no surprise, what is the a bit of a shock is that he became the first one from the top tier. 


Congressman Lou Barletta announces he was named a “2015 Congressional Steel Champion” for his voting record in support of the steel industry and its employees by the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), an organization representing the majority of steel producers in North America. Barletta received the award in recognition of his recent efforts to strengthen antidumping and countervailing duty laws, and his leadership on the ENFORCE Act to improve the process to ensure the laws against unfair trade are strictly enforced. The award is a carefully considered honor, as only five other members of the House of Representatives, and two senators, have received the citation.
“This award means a great deal to me, as I have always made it a priority to stand up for the steel industry and the thousands of Pennsylvanians it employs,” Barletta said. “The United States that we know today was built with Pennsylvania steel, which helped launch America into its rightful position as a world industrial leader. I heard from companies like ArcelorMittal that countries which want to cheat our trade laws are getting around the duties or financial penalties by shipping a product through another country and switching the label. That’s why I fought for provisions in the recent legislation to give officials the ability to level the playing field by enforcing the penalties.”
Barletta was presented the Steel Champion Award by Thomas J. Gibson, AISI president and CEO, in a ceremony at ArcelorMittal’s Steelton facility, where the company produces railroad rails, ingots and blooms, and various bar products for use in railroad, open-die forging, and industrial applications. ArcelorMittal employs over 650 people at its Steelton location.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The LuLac Edition #3029, September 19th, 2015


Although it really pains me to say this, in many ways we are an ignorant country. As a matter of fact we are an extremely stupid country of oafs that believe just because they say it lid enough, they are right.
If Donald Trump needs to broaden his base and reach voters that will take him seriously, he needs to not pander to the baser instincts of this nation. The day after the debate, Trump took questions at a Town Hall Meeting in New Hampshire which is worse than taking them in Iowa. An idiot, (he was one of ours, an “Amurikan” idiot went on a rant about the President being a Muslim, whether he was born in this country and when will this country start wiping out terrorist training camps.
Here is the video of this encounter:

For a guy who took off on a Hispanic reporter who wasn’t waiting his turn, Trump shrunk like a violet when this “Amurikan” did his thing. Trump needed to state it this way:
“The President says he’s not a Muslim, I take him at his word. As far as being born in the United States, we’ve had that debate. Less than a year on his term, who cares? But what matters is how I can fix the damage he’s done, whether you think he’s a Muslim, Christian or Martian, that’s what we need to talk about today”.
But instead Trump gave legitimacy to this fool. I’m sorry “Amurikan” fool. Trump needs to go outside the base in order to win the nomination and participate in a General Election. Here’s how John McCain handled a similar situation.

Bottom line here is this, Trump has proven himself adept at skirting issues of sexism, and prejudice that would have doomed any other candidate. But reasonable voters who like a part of his agenda, will not support him if he is associated with the fringe element of this country.
The scary part though is that 54% of Republicans think Mr. Obama is a Muslim. Even though there has been no proof they think that. Trump may win their hearts and minds but there are Christians, Jews, Catholics , Agnostics, Atheists and other denominations that may nod noncommittally. But in the end those people will enter the voting booth and vote for anyone but a Republican.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The LuLac Edition #3028, September 17th, 2015

Ronald Reagan. (Photo: Richard Avedon, LuLac archives) most likely asking "What did you people do with my 11th Commandment?"
Okay, we were on Twitter last night and along with Gort did some commenting. Folks, we can’t keep getting hyped up about these things as if they are the Kennedy-Nixon debates because we will be out of steam, energy and interest.
No one really lost but a few made an impression.
No one is king of the hill but no one among the big 11 is scraping toward the bottom either.
No candidate of the 11 did anything to get themselves an early exit last night. Let’s play teacher (oh wait will I get paid for this??) and grade them.
RAND PAUL: C Paul came out of the shadow of the last debate, wasn’t as strident and defended his opposition to the Iraq War and the Iran deal. He may be second tier in some minds but the votes aren’t in at all and he still has a chance to catch fire. Slight chance but a chance. My question is where did his father’s coalition move to?
CHRIS CHRISTIE: C PLUS A lot of people seem to think that he did well but to me he just reinforced himself as the Jersey bully. The stunt at the beginning where he asked the camera people to pan the audience got him a C Plus for its guts. But he has not been going great guns economically in the Garden State. It’s okay for him to blame his predecessor but wasn’t okay for President Obama to do the same in ‘09. I’m biased here because I think the only good things that ever came out of Jersey were Jim Gibson, F. Regis Bulman and the 4 Seasons.
CARLY FIORINA: B PLUS She was tough on foreign policy, eviscerated Trump on the “face” comment and Foreign Policy. Ironically she seemed to have the most balls on the podium. Her revelation about a deceased child was something she related to her social programs and she was tough on the enemies of the U.S. A very skilled performance that I hope was not a reprise of her board room speeches at HP, all hat, no cattle.
JEB BUSH: B MINUS: Did not hurt himself except when he defended the Foreign Policy of his brother. True George W. kept us safe but led us on a wild goose chase in Iraq. If not for John McCain pushing for the surge, well, you know. He seemed more energized and quick witted. If donors were worried about Bush before the debate, he kept those critics at bay.
TED CRUZ: C MINUS Sorry it might be me but all I see is Mr. Haney from “Green Acres” Defended his adversarial relationship with the GOP and gave us history lesson on who he would have wanted for Supreme Court justices. Good camera presence and delivery.
MIKE HUCKABEE: B MINUS He was very passionate, animated and proved he was more than a one trick religious pony given his recent Kim Davis fiasco. What I liked was how he transitioned into the debate with references to values and President Reagan. I agree with him on the tax code and the flat tax which worries me.
BEN CARSON: C Very measured, almost like he was giving the country a diagnosis. Never really raised his voice and really didn’t seem to be interesting to the fast paced tempo of the debate.
MARCO RUBIO: B MINUS He was skilled in crystallizing his point. Good knowledge on Foreign Policy and presented himself as the new generation of the GOP. Something Walker and Cruz couldn’t do.
SCOTT WALKER C PLUS He came out swinging and got into a dust up with Donald Trump. Walker again repeated his resume and the way stood up against the labor unions in Wisconsin. I give him credit for that but I’m thinking the GOP is looking for more of a candidate that can stand up to Putin.
JOHN KASICH: B Looked tired but recited his resume and accomplishments. Made a nice reference to Air Force One where he worked as a Congressman with Ronald Reagan. Some say he looked tired, I just think he was lost in the shuffle. He was at a C PLUS but moved up when he asked the crew to stop doing the Trump show ad talk about the issues.
DONALD TRUMP B MINUS He was okay but blew it with Fiorina contradicting himself by proclaiming she was a beautiful woman. Every woman knows that was bullshit. Carly Fiorina is not a beautiful woman. She’s a handsome, attractive well put together smart woman but c’mon Donald. He would have been better off had he said, “The off the cuff comments I made were inappropriate, it was afar a long day and interview, believe me Mrs. Fiorina I will learn from this” and just left it at that. On Fox this morning he said that if he apologized that would have been the headline. This is where he has to figure out who he wants be as a candidate, provocateur or statesman. Statesmen get to govern. Also despite being attacked by everyone on Foreign policy and his fitness to lead, he held all of them at bay. He might have gotten a B if he was more specific. But I gave him the B MINUS because he was still the guy everyone was talking about and got the most time.


Trump taught his competitors well in the first debate. If you yell loud enough, you’ll get to control the panel.

Congressman Matt Cartwright. (Photo: LuLac archives).
U.S. Congressmen Matt Cartwright (D-PA, 17) and David McKinley (R-WV, 1) introduced the bipartisan Alice Cogswell and Anne Sullivan Macy Act (H.R. 3535), named for two pioneers in the education of deaf and blind students. This landmark legislation would dramatically improve educational results for students who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired, or deafblind.
In 1975, Congress enacted America's federal special education law known today as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and the Cogswell-Macy Act would amend and modernize IDEA to address the largely unmet unique needs of students with sensory disabilities. The bill would: ensure that students with vision and/or hearing disabilities are properly identified, evaluated and served, especially when they may have additional disabilities; guarantee that students with sensory disabilities are provided with the full array of special education and related services they must have to truly receive a free and appropriate public education; promote and support teachers and associated professionals who are critical to the delivery of such services; and hold all levels of our public education system accountable for these expectations.
“Upwards of 350,000 students are deaf or hard of hearing, and an estimated 100,000 have blindness or vision loss. Yet less than one-third of those students are reported as having those needs under IDEA. That is completely unacceptable,” Rep. Cartwright said. “This legislation would ensure that students who are deaf, hard of hearing blind, visually impaired, or deaf-blind receive an equal and appropriate education and have access to vital services. I look forward to working with my colleagues to guarantee that all children can succeed and achieve their potential.”
“Americans have made great strides since 1975 toward improving the lives of children dealing with hearing and sight disabilities but there is still more work to be done. We need to ensure the nearly-half a million kids with these disabilities have the same opportunity as other children to learn and develop skills. This is a common sense step to ensure we are helping these children,” Rep. McKinley said.
The American Foundation for the Blind and Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools and Programs for the Deaf have endorsed the Cogswell-Macy Act, along with more than 100 other leading national, regional and community-based organizations.
“The introduction of this bill represents a momentous step toward the transformation of this country’s special education system in a manner that will truly allow for students who are blind or visually impaired to succeed in a twenty-first century classroom.” said Kim Charlson, president of the American Council of the Blind (ACB).
"The Cogswell-Macy Act is the most significant national proposal to improve education for students who are deafblind we've seen in decades," said Mussie Gebre, President of the national consumer advocacy group, DeafBlind Citizens in Action (DBCA). "When America's deafblind children and youth have their unique communications and learning needs fully met, are provided with essential supports such as intervener services, and are empowered by our national education system to rise to their full potential, well then just you look out because they're on their way to achieve great things. Just watch us and see for yourself!"
"Our national special education law has been a success at getting kids with disabilities into their neighborhood schools, but what we haven't done yet is to make sure that students with vision loss get the education they deserve once they get in the schoolhouse door," said Mark Richert, Director of Public Policy for the American Foundation for the Blind. "We've waited forty years, and we're not waiting another forty to give kids who are blind or visually impaired an education that is worthy of their tremendous potential. That's why the Cogswell-Macy Act is imperative."
"We expect that the passage of the Cogswell-Macy Act will rectify years of misapplication of IDEA for deaf and hard of hearing children everywhere. Deaf and hard of hearing children continue to experience language and academic delays because their educational environments are not optimal or even conducive to their learning," said James E. Tucker, Superintendent of the Maryland School for the Deaf and President of the Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools and Programs for the Deaf. "Every student's Individualized Education Program needs to be student-driven and focused on the child's language, cognitive, and social development."
NAD President Chris Wagner stated “Every deaf or hard of hearing child deserves access to a quality education, and this Act will be an important step towards reminding states of their accountability regarding deaf, hard of hearing, blind, deafblind, and visually impaired children’s needs


Congressman Lou Barletta. (Photo: LuLac archives).
Congressman Lou Barletta voted for legislation designed to curtail frivolous lawsuits, which are responsible for billions of dollars a year in wasted productivity, legal fees, and court time, hurting job growth and slowing the economy. The Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act, H.R. 758, strengthens federal law by changing Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to make sanctions for frivolous suits in federal court mandatory rather than discretionary. The bill passed the House by a vote of 241-to-185.
“Many lawsuits, and the arguments of plaintiffs, have merit and certainly deserve their days in court,” Barletta said. “But too often, the courts are abused by actions that are truly frivolous and waste the court’s time. This ties up the system and drags victims of these lawsuits into court, causing them to rack up unnecessary legal fees, cutting productivity, and ultimately hurting the economy.”
The legislation strengthens federal court rules by making penalties mandatory in such situations, as compared to the toothless consequences that discretionary sanctions provide. The bill also does away with the so-called 21-day “safe harbor,” which currently allows lawyers to withdraw frivolous suits during that time period without fear of sanctions.





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Magic 93's Frankie in the Morning speaks with Shannon Peduto from Luzerne County Child Advocacy Center about their upcoming bowling fundraiser next Saturday.
And Brian speaks with Alyssa Maria from Home Instead Senior Care about their Alzheimers training sessions for area businesses.
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Our 1965 logo.

The fourth and final period of the Second Vatican Council opens…….The infamous "bad sitcom" My Mother The Car premieres on NBC….

King Constantine II of Greece forms a new government with Prime Minister Stephanos Stephanopoulos, in an attempt to end a 2-year-old political crisis……The Tom & Jerry cartoon series makes its world broadcast premiere on CBS… Pennsylvania speculation tarts about who will succeed term limited William Scranton. Congressman Richard Schweiker starts to lobby furiously for Scranton’s blessing….in Scranton after the Labor Day holiday, the race for the job of Mayo heats up. Incumbent Bill Schmidt will face off against Attorney James Walsh and fifty years ago the number one song in LuLac land and America was “Down In the Boondocks” by Billy Joe Royal.

Monday, September 14, 2015

The LuLac Edition #3027, September 14th, 2015


Johannes with co anchor Jackie Boulden in a promotional piece. (Photo: Carl Abraham)
Johannes with the staff at WKBW in Buffalo. He is on the right, front row. (Photo:
Nolan Johannes the way most people remember him. (Photo: Citizen's Voice).
Nolan Johannes long time anchor of WNEP TV news passed away today at the 81. Johannes was a main stay on WNEP for years. From what I was told people tell me he was great to work with and was a very steady and professional presence in the WNEP TV Newsroom.
Johannes is part of the legendary WNEP TV story in this market. In 1976 WNEP was pretty much an also ran in the news department. Oh, there were good reporters and a very functional anchor in the person of the late John Foster. But it took the leadership of Eldon Hale as well as the cooperation of the owners of ‘NEP at the time, the Shelbournes to heavily invest in promotion, talent recruitment and news coverage of their total viewership. Slogans like “Still The One” and “We’re Everywhere” gave viewers the connection and little old fashioned pizzazz that NEPA had not seen before.
Subsequently WNEP became the News Leader and garnered nearly half of the viewing audience in record time.
Johannes came on board from WKBW in Buffalo when initial anchor Gary Essex left. His style was a tad different than the previous anchor but it blended well with NEPA viewers. Johannes was the mainstay as a series of co anchors came and went. It seemed like Johannes complimented any personality type he was asked to work with. He started at WNEP in 1982 and retired in 1996. But he was around for weekend news recap shows, the vaunted Jerry Lewis MDA telethon which WNEP was a huge part of as well as other station events.
The success of Nolan Johannes was simply this. The viewers liked and trusted him. My friend former Mayor Jim McNulty always says that “people want to be validated”. In his broadcast skills Johannes was calm, reassuring and made the impression to viewers that they mattered. He validated the viewers of WNEP TV by being the steady hand on the till for the 80s and 90s. If you wonder why WNEP TV is such a powerhouse, all you need to do is look to the late Nolan Johannes.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The LuLac Edition #3026, September 13th, 2015

X 2

Our 13 Questions logo. 

1. Do you think the local media has treated the Attorney General Kane fairly?

I think the all the media has told the story on a step by step basis. The fact that she is from the area seems to have no bearing on the events that have transpired. I think talk radio has been covering this like a white blanket of snow in a blizzard but if it trends you talk about it. Many of our posters as well as others feel Attorney General Kane will prevail. We shall see.

2. If you were advising Kathleen Kane what would you tell the General?

To prepare for the trial if she can and keep the office running in that order. It wouldn’t hurt to hold a news announcement regarding some of the work her office is doing.

3. Gene Stilp crawled out from under his rock to address the Kane situation. Patriot or grand stander?

Both. I interviewed him on WYLN TV when he was running against Congressman Barletta. He was knowledgeable but tried to say too much in the format. He gave the impression that he was trying to run through his answers. He seems better suited to an interview with no time constraints.

4. Heard you on the air with L.A. Tarone Friday (August 7th) night. Does it bother you that some of your past controversial statements you made on previous broadcast appearances are called out as being dead wrong?

I think you are referring to when L.A. said that I predicted that Kane would run for re-election and win. Hey things change and I’m only too happy to admit if I was off base at the time. If I had that crystal ball I’d be answering this from a seaside villa in Jamaica instead of Wilkes Barre.

5. Do you think that the e mail server problems of Hillary Clinton will doom her candidacy?

Too soon to tell. You don’t want a candidacy to die from a million cuts. She needs to stop telling jokes about it, explain her reasoning and apologize if necessary. The problem as you well know is that it is her own Obama administration doing the investigation. As it stands now the Justice Department has said she was within her rights to have the e mail control but it looks bad. Plus it is difficult to understand too so most people just say "I can't trust her" since she and her campaign seemed to be doing tap dances since this started.

6. Best future First Lady…..Jill Biden or Trump’s wife Melaina?

Dr. Jill followed by Mr. Bill.

7. How do you like working with Valerie Tysanner on Pa Live? 

Valerie Tysanner checking out  a selfie stick on Pa. Live. (Photo: WBRE TV Pa Live).
Love it. I had the opportunity to be paired with Dave Kuharchik, Brittany Sweeney, Jasmine Brooks and now Valerie. She’s a follower of politics and is very smart and fun. I can say that about the others too but Valerie is very, very cool to chew the political fat with.

8. What are you going to eat at the Kielbassi festival?

Didn't go this year. Had a previous commitment.

9. You hinted that in the coming weeks LuLac would be doing some new features. Care to share?

Not yet.

10. Favorite summertime TV guilty pleasures?

“Murder In the First”, "Public Morals" and “Major Crimes” on TNT, “The Astronaut’s Wives Club” on ABC, “Highway to Heaven” (love the reruns) and old Marx brothers movies.

11. If you were a rock star or famous would you ask for only brown M&M’s?

Naw, I’d pick them out myself. Hell I do it now. I get those Hershey miniatures multi packs with the Mr. Goodbars in them. My least favorite because I think it is too sweet and interferes with Mrs. LuLac’s peanut allergy. So I already pick them out. But that’s all I’d do.

12. Pirates doing well, Indians not. Surprised?

Pleasantly by the Bucs. Not at all by The Tribe.

13. I want to write a book on political humor in America, where can I get it published?

Your best bet is to do it, upload it to Kindle and Amazon and see if it works.

14. What if anything will trip Donald Trump up?

If anything, Foreign Policy. If the Mideast explodes, I’m not sure the majority of the American people will trust him. But you never know.

15. While you were off on medical leave and not doing LuLac, how did you spend your time?

TV, radio and music. Could not do any close up work because my eyeglasses were useless. My new vision now is 20/25 corrected so I’m not complaining. But I was bored. But since I accept and even sometimes welcome boredom, I wasn’t bitching.

16. What are your thoughts on Luzerne County’s news that there is going to be a budget surplus according to news reports?

Well I’m sure there will be a major difference of opinion from some members of Council. I just hope the surplus is used carefully. Preferably if they could do it I’d like to see the debt reduced with some of it.

17. What can we expect from the next GOP Presidential debate?

Well Ben Carson has to fill in his profile. Right now people seem to like him based on his personal story but he must define himself. Look for Carson to play a strategy of not antagonizing Donald Trump too much. Fiorini will most likely do well but it might bode well if one of the lower lights used the strategy of ignoring Trump and going after Fiorini for her business failures at HP. Wait, Trump already did that. Again, the Thunder Theft of the 2016 race! That lower tier has to really make a move to stand out. In my estimation the weakest ones now are Jindal, Graham and Santorum. Look for either Graham or Santorum to shortly join Perry in the mode of campaign suspension.

18. Do you find it odd that no advertising for local candidates was on the airwaves this summer?

Nope not at all. People are hard pressed to pay attention during an election season, you can’t compete with summer, beer and potato pancakes in NEPA.

19. Have your thoughts on Wal Mart changed since they gave raises to their employees?

Not at all. The son of a bitches cut the hours of the people they gave raises to. So the employees might have thought they were getting ahead for maybe two pay periods. They don’t get a cent of my money.

20. Hey how about that nut job from Nanticoke who stole the ambulance and wrecked it?

Well she’s a New York transplant who is not native and representative of the good folks in the ‘Koke. But the biggest regret I have is that at 17 she may not be charged as an adult.

21. Are you watching that ridiculous ladies show “Project Runaway” with that gay dude Tim Gunn and that has been Heidi Klum who screwed over her husband Peace?

Yes I am!!! And enjoying it. By the way, her ex husband’s name is Seal.

22. Okay summer is over. Best place in the fall to get my Pierogie fix.

Hands down Sanitary Bakery in Nanticoke. Had some good ones at a few church festivals in the summer. One guy though tried to sell Mrs. LuLac 4 for 7 bucks. She looked at them and asked “Where are they from?” He replied, “Schuylkill County”. She then asked “Mrs. T’s?” Giving him credit he was honest and said, “Yeah”. Look I love Mrs. T’s, so does she but when you could get a dozen for under $3.50 vs. 4 for 7, sorry.

23. What did you think of that Penn State loss last Saturday to Temple?

I was stunned. We came back from running errands and when I saw the score at the end of the third quarter I figured Penn State would come back like they always have. Didn’t happen. Things like this are always good for a wake up call.Given yesterdays game, I think it worked.

24. What are your thoughts on Mr. Rick Perry former Governor of Texas quitting the Presidential race?

Was he running? Okay, okay just kidding. Uh I think anyone who ran in ’12 and thought this would be a good rerun didn’t count on the Trump and Carson phenomena.

25. I know you were never a fan of Stephen Colbert but did you watch the new show on CBS?

Yes I did and I think he is great. I just never warmed up to him doing satire of news and politics as a fictional character. The first week has been very good. Some of the skits have been funny like the one night he had former NFL stars and Hall of Famers on the show working on his payroll.

26. The recent dust up in Kentucky with the clerk Kim Davis brought up the name of Judge David Bunning. I understand he is the son of Hall of Famer Jim Bunning. Reading past posts you were a fan of the ’64 Phillies, did you ever see him (Jim Bunning) play or meet him?

Never saw him play but I did meet him. He won 100 games in both leagues and pitched two no hitters, one in each in the American and National Leagues. He pitched a Perfect Game on Father’s Day June 21st against the Mets which is ingrained in my memory. He won over 225 games and prided himself on trying to pitch complete games.
I met him at a card show in Willow Grove in 1983. The day before I sprained both ankles playing of all things basketball. But I went and stood in line to meet him. He was a radically conservative Senator who served two terms. I will never agree with his politics but they have nothing to do with the boyhood memories he provided me as a pitcher for the Phils and then later with the Pirates for a short time. I knew of him when he was a Tiger but never saw him pitch on TV. He had a slew of kids so it didn’t surprise me that one or more of them got into the political or legal arena. 

Your blog editor and Jim Bunning around 1984. (Photo: LuLac archives). 
EDITORS NOTE: We doubled the 13 Questions this month since we were recuperating from eye surgery earlier last month. Some of the August questions were edited slightly to make them current. Questions can be sent via e mail, Face book, (David Yonki) Twitter or by post.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The LuLac Edition #3025, September 10th, 2015

 Frank Swingle and Lenny Pribula on the mural in Pittston. (Photo: WBRE Eyewitness News).

When news that Pittston was going to have a mural in the city came to light, the first person I thought of was Joe Borini. Borini was a well known artist and I was pleased to see his inclusion onto the wall. When a project like this is undertaken, I always think about the people running the project. The motives always start out with good intentions but when you have a limited amount of space and just so many honorary Pittstonians you will have discussions and debates as to who belong and who is borderline worthy. Again, tough job for the committee.
Like others I’m not going to go into some of the choices that to me are dubious. As I study the wall and go through the list again I will continue to comment. Like any Hall of Fame there are “no brainers” and to me there were two selections that fell into that category.
The first one was my Uncle Lenny Pribula. Okay it’s great to see a family member up there especially one that I knew and looked up to since I was a small child. Lenny along with his contemporary brothers Joe (Lefty) and Thomas (Timmy) served as excellent role models for my generation. My uncle Lenny had many qualities but the one that stands out is his consistency. He never disappointed. He was a mainstay. If there was a joyful family occasion or a sad one, there was Lenny front and center. 
My uncle Lenny Pribula and your blog editor. (Photo: Mrs. LuLac). 
Multiply that trait a thousand fold and more when you think of his work at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Main Street in Pittston. Catering a wedding, shower or after funeral breakfast, Lenny lent the same interest, joy and compassion to all those extended Pittston Area families. When I would go to the Knights once in a while for a political function or for a social event, I’d see him there in action. I even mentioned once to Mrs. LuLac that in that Hall he wasn’t only my uncle but seemed to be Pittston’s uncle. Politically he knew the pretenders and the honest ones but would never offer any opinion out of school.
Fifty years is a long time. In this age of constant turnover, no one does anything for longer than a decade. To many youngsters doing one thing for that long is inconceivable. For them, for all of us, my uncle’s place on the wall is an example of commitment to an organization and a community. I am so glad that this unassuming man who faded into the background as brides, and candidates took the stage at the Knights for their moment, now takes his place right in the heart of town. As I spoke to my Aunt Joan (his wife for more than 50 years, again there’s that consistency and commitment again) on Tuesday afternoon, we agreed he’d be grateful, honored and a little surprised. After hanging up I wondered if Lenny himself might have asked “What am I doing with these big shots up here?” I thought about that all Tuesday night. Then I realized the answer, it wouldn’t be a Pittston party without my uncle and Pittston’s uncle, Lenny Pribula.
The other person on the wall that I was thrilled to see was Professor Francis W. Swingle. My dad, as a union Railroad man had seen his share of great speakers. But when Swingle spoke during a Commencement at Pittston Area my father was impressed by the man’s rhetorical skills. I had not heard Swingle in action until a few St. Patrick’s Days functions and he was great. Swingle had the ability to make a speech but make it not only relate to you but also those around you.

Professor Frank Swingle circa 1974. (Photo: LuLac archives). 
One of the most unforgettable speeches I heard him give was at King’s College on Orientation Day. Swingle ambled up to the podium and greeted us. He then asked all of us to look to the left and then to the right. He intoned, “By spring the person sitting next to you will not be here”. Shock one.
He backed his statement up that this was college, not high school. That the state didn’t mandate us to be at King’s nor did King’s necessarily want us if we weren’t willing to work hard. As a matter of fact he intimated King’s was more than happy to take our money or our parent’s money and not hear your sob story about why you couldn’t make the grade. The next revelation Swingle made was that he had a mistress. Gasp. (This was 1973 after all!) Swingle said that his mistress was King’s College and if we as students on or off campus did anything to besmirch his mistress, he personally would hunt us down and find us. And we would suffer the dire consequences of his wrath.
I’m not quite sure Swingle’s speech would have worked in this new century with lower standards of morality and education but it sure scared the shit out of us.
To this day there is not one person who sat in that gym at King’s who doesn’t remember at least one part of that speech. Swingle was an excellent speaker who always made a point. Plus he made an impression.
It is a good thing that my uncle Lenny Pribula and Swingle are on the same wall. Swingle constantly promoted the Knights and is honored in full fourth degree uniform.Lenny most likely heard many a Swingle yarn.
However his words and ideas to young people willing to listen and act on his thoughts make his presence on that mural not only necessary but mandatory.


Oh God when the heck is this going to end! Kim Davis has become a celebrity for breaking her oath of office. An office that she swore to God on. Apparently her allegiance to God is selective. Her release from jail along with Mike Huckabee standing by her side was just breathtaking in its assault to the Constitution. Plus it was ridiculous.
See, here’s what I don’t understand. Conservative Republicans carry their little booklet of the Constitution in their pocket and preach to all of us about how we have to follow the laws of the land, and the Constitution that the founding fathers wanted us to follow. Then they have Mike Huckabee (who should have stayed on Fox TV by the way) say that the Supreme Court had 5 unelected lawyers making decisions for Christians. Mike, the Constitution refers to branches of government. It’s in the Constitution man!
Here’s what Huckabee said, I am willing to spend the next eight years in the White House leading in this country. But I want you to know I'm willing to spend the next eight years in jail, but I'm not willing to spend the next years in tyranny under people who think they can take our freedom and conscience away." What an insult to people who were actually oppressed religiously. No one has taken anyone’s freedom away to worship and believe in whatever God they want to. No churches are being shut down. No one is stopping anyone at any border either. No religious shrines are damaged. Has Huckabee seen the ISIS videos? By his actions he has disqualified himself to be President of the United States.
And then Davis, she said the following, "I just want to give God the glory. His people have rallied, and you are a strong people. We serve a living God who knows exactly where each and every one of us is at. Just keep on pressing. Don't let down, because he is here”
I liken this to the athlete who wins The Super Bowl and thanks God for letting him have a good game. There is a living God and a loving God. Plus there is a God with a sense of humor who has to be laughing at the antics of one little speck in the universe who has taken it upon herself to become a cause celeb over what is the law of the land as well as those people who execute that law according to The Constitution.
About 55 years ago a future President was asked about religion and whether he might resign if his religion got in the way of his duty. Maybe Kim Davis and Huckabee should watch this and act accordingly.


I listened to many reasonable people tell me how great this Iran deal is. But I’m done even thinking about supporting it after this revelation from the thug in Iran. In a quote posted to Twitter by Khamenei’s official account, Khamenei addresses Israel, saying, “You will not see next 25 years,” and adds that the Jewish state will be hounded until it is destroyed.
The quote comes against a backdrop of a photograph apparently showing the Iranian leader walking on an Israeli flag painted on a sidewalk. The fact that this statement was made gives you an idea of how truly evil this country is. The only consolation I have is that Iran might be blown off the map by Israel. We are forcing Israel to go alone and become a more militant state. I think that’s a good thing.If Iran thinks they can win, just ask the Arabs from 1967 and 1973. This “leader” will rue the day he made this statement.


Young Democrat’s President Tom Shubilla sent this message on Face book recently regarding an event this Monday. 2016 is a very important Presidential Election and no matter who you are supporting it is important to come out to get the ball rolling. In addition 2015 can be a great opportunity to get a new crop of Democrats elected on the Municipal level and get geared up for the 2016 Primary and General Election. 
We will also discuss officer elections and possibly be joined by 2015 candidates!
Membership is open to anyone under 36 who is a registered Democrat. Please come participate. We will elect board members and discuss future plans.
Monday September 14 at 7PM at Leggio's Restaurant. On route 315.

Congressman Matt Cartwright. (Photo: LuLac archives).
On October 13th at Pocono Manor Pennsylvania Secretary of Transportation, Leslie Richards; Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Administrator, Therese McMillan; and Congressman Cartwright will hear presentations from local business leaders, local and state elected leaders, and local commuter rail advocates on the importance and potential of bringing commuter rail to northeastern Pennsylvania and connecting northern New Jersey and the Northeast Corridor initially with the Poconos and, eventually, greater Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. Questions will follow, time permitting.
In the early part of the 20th century, the Delaware Lackawanna and Western Railroad constructed a level-graded route from Roxbury, New Jersey to just over the Delaware River in order to serve as a faster, more direct route between existing rail lines in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The Lackawanna Cut-Off, as it became known, was unfortunately abandoned in the 1970s, and 28 miles of track were removed. Over the last couple of decades, however, as commuter traffic from northeastern Pennsylvania to northern New Jersey has increased, local leaders and groups in Monroe and Lackawanna/Luzerne Counties in Pennsylvania have expressed support and advocated for a commuter rail service restoration initiative. Each day, tens of thousands of people commute east from Monroe and surrounding counties over congested Pennsylvania and New Jersey highways, and this will only grow worse with the widening of the Panama Canal, population growth in northeastern Pennsylvania, and increases in population and job opportunities in New Jersey and New York. With the simultaneous increases in truck traffic that the Interstate 80 areas will inevitably face as a major trucking corridor, the investment in (re-)completing this commuter rail line represents an option to effectively address two states’ long-term surface transportation needs.
Again that’s Tuesday, October 13, 2015 2:00 pm to 3:15 pm at The Inn at Pocono Manor The Horizon Room 1 Manor Drive Pocono Manor, PA 18349.



Saturday September 12 The Irregulars will host Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis as their guest speaker. Cost for the family-style breakfast is $13.00 payable at the door and that includes server tip.
The best way to make your reservation is to email and we’ll count you in. Since breakfast is open-seating the earlier you book your seat the better it is for us in determining the advance count. If you make a reservation please do your best to honor it. If your plans change please call our illustrious facilitator, Cholly, at 570-760-1213.


WYLN35 is already the only Class-A broadcast station originating locally from Hazleton. WYLN TV just completed a major technical upgrade, making programming further available by adding a considerably broader viewing audience in northeastern and central Pennsylvania with a clear digital signal. WYLN is also proud to announce the region’s newest station, Channel 9 in Williamsport. This move will further cement WYLN’s position as the local broadcast leader and the Hazleton-based station with, by far, the most expansive cable and over the air broadcast capabilities. With the move to digital, accessibility is projected to nearly double, reaching close to 1 Million Households.*
Viewers who use a rooftop antenna to receive over-the-air broadcasts are reminded to re-scan their digital televisions in order to receive the new WYLN channels.
Current WYLN35 Broadcast Coverage Includes:
Service Electric Cablevision Hazleton Ch 7
Wilkes-Barre Service Electric Ch 7
Metrocast Berwick Ch 7
Metrocast Schuykill Ch 7
Metrocast Pocono Ch 7
Shen Heights Ch 7 or 15
Service Electric Mahanoy City Ch 7
And over the air in Northeastern PA on: WYLN-CD Hazleton, Channel 35; W47AO-D Berwick, Channel 47; W09DB-D Williamsport, Channel 9; W24BB-D East Stroudsburg, Channel 24
(Note: some upgrades are in progress and so above information/map coverage area may be subject to minor modification)
Among the new areas projected to be reached over the air with the WYLN broadcast expansion: Bloomsburg, Sunbury, Danville, Lock Haven, Lewistown, and Jim Thorpe, to name a few.


If you are a regular listener to Oldies GEM 104 and its various frequencies you’ll see some subtle rebranding. One of the ID promos now say GEM plays the Greatest Hits of the 70s and 80s. You’ll hear more 80s music as the radio station recognizes that the 80s are now the new 60s to some people. GEM 104 can be heard in Wilkes Barre at 95.3 - Wilkes-Barre Area, 104.5 - Wilkes Barre, Pittston, 101.7 – Abingtons, 104.3 - Tunkhannock, Factoryville, Scranton , 99.9 - Back Mountain and 1460 AM - Wyoming County.


Rusty Fender will serve as the host for ECTV Live during the week of September 14 as David DeCosmo takes the week off. Rusty will be speaking with a representative of the University of Scranton reviewing events scheduled there this fall. ECTV Live can be seen on Comcast channel 19 (61 in some areas) and is broadcast three times daily throughout the week.



This Week on Sunday Magazine

Brian Hughes speaks with Richard Bryzinski & MaryClair Sawicki about Telespond's Annual 5 Mile Walk and 2 Mile Run coming up on Oct 3rd at the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail on Olive Street in Scranton.
Magic 93's Frankie in the Morning speaks with Janine and Shawn Ann from Johnson College in Scranton about their Mini Maker Faire coming up on Oct 3rd.
And an encore of Brian's interview with independent presidential candidate Scott Smith, who explains his plan to replace income taxes with a financial transaction fee.
Sunday Magazine, Sunday morning at 5am on NASH-FM, 93.7, 5:30am on 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X & Sports Radio 590, WARM and 6:25am on Magic 93.


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Sandy Koufax of the Los Angeles Dodgers pitches a perfect game in a baseball match against the Chicago Cubs. The opposing pitcher, Bob Hendley, allows only 1 run, which is unearned, and only one hit, making this the lowest-hit game (1) in baseball history. It is Koufax's fourth no-hitter in as many seasons…

U.N. Secretary General U Thant negotiates with Pakistan President Ayub Khan.....U Thant recommends China for United Nations membership…..Hurricane Betsy roars ashore near New Orleans with winds of 145 mph (233 km/h), causing 76 deaths and $1.42 billion in damage. The storm is the first hurricane to cause $1 billion in unadjusted damages, giving it the nickname "Billion Dollar Betsy". It is the last major hurricane to strike New Orleans until Hurricane Katrina 40 years later……. The Congress of Arab Countries begins in Casablanca; Habib Bourguiba of Tunisia boycotts the meeting……The fourth and final period of the Second Vatican Council opens… Pennsylvania the two baseball teams the Phillies and the Pirates pretty much remain out of the pennant races as the season ends… Luzerne County Commissioner Jim Post continues to defend his reassessment plan and fifty years ago this week the number one song in LuLac land and America was "Eve of Destruction" by Barry McGuire.