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The LuLac Edition #3180, March 31st, 2016


You should see the emails I got from Democratic groups going after Donald Trump for his answer on abortion with Chris Matthews. Look at this:
Donald Trump said that abortion should be illegal -- and if a woman gets one, “there has to be some form of punishment.”
He also made sure to point out that the only way abortion will be outlawed in America is if we elect a president like him who’ll appoint anti-choice judges.
This will be a fundraising opportunity for interest groups. But the key thing here is that this is the first time in the campaign that Trump’s camp tried to clarify his stance. No apology. No shoving back. For the first time, Trump’s team needs to act like he is a politician.


Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. (HSN.COM)
So the other night, Holy Saturday as a matter of fact when I was sitting in church, I started to think about the Presidential race. We get there early so my mind started to wander. Currently there are people saying that only Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden coming out of the shadows (if Clinton stumbles) can only beat Donald Trump. But here’s the thing about Sanders. He is like the Energizer Bunny and just keeps going. If he were to be the Democratic nominee and face Trump, this Democratic Socialist might become President.
Trump’s stance on women, his erratic answers on Foreign policy, his cozy relationship with bankers will give Sanders all of his talking points on a silver platter. No wonder the GOP wants to derail him. If Sanders can gather a coalition of everyone Trump opposes, women, Hispanics, youth and people screwed by Wall Street, he may carry 34 states. 34 states you say?
That’s the rub. Sanders’ likeability factor is better than Trump’s and even Clinton’s. Americans will vote for someone they like. Look at Bush Vs. Gore. The last President elected who was not “liked” was Richard Nixon.
Trump’s negatives are good news for Bernie!

 George McGovern accepting the nomination at 3AM. (
Everybody is making a big fuss over Super delegates at the Democratic convention. Here’s why we have them:
1. The Democratic Party, like its counterpart makes the rules. Call it undemocratic, whatever, but they make the rules.
2. When the Democratic convention in 1968 went awry, the party went under a huge reform transformation. That begat George McGovern, an unorganized convention where McG gave his acceptance speech at 3AM. That begat a nominee for Vice President not properly vetted. That begat a 49 state loss.
3. That’s when the party pulled back some of the rules and started to assemble party elders that might keep the party from gong off the rails.
You might think that the established power brokers and their candidates get the brass ring all the time. But that’s not true. In 2008 Barack Obama got the Super Delegates like Bill Richardson and Illinois Senator Dick Durbin. Others followed suit and Hillary Clinton was not the nominee.
For better or worse, that’s how the Super delegates came to be.


You think this Presidential year is crazy, you should have been around for 1968. On a Sunday night, Lyndon Johnson under siege by Democratic opponents Gene McCarthy and Robert Kennedy as well as the Vietnam War addressed the nation on the war. Toward the end of the speech, Johnson pulled a surprise that would change the race and even the future of the Democratic Party, the course of the war and the nation. Johnson made this announcement:

There are many who feel that even though he was under attack, Johnson could have been re-elected. Johnson who pretty much stayed on the sidelines got screwed in the end by Richard Nixon’s team when his peace negotiations were pulled asunder when emissaries of Nixon convinced the Vietcong that they might get a better deal under Nixon.
Johnson is vilified for his role in Vietnam but he was trying to get out. Had he done so, history as well as the families of the many soldiers killed after Nixon took office would have been different.


Attorney General candidate Joe Peters came out against two Democratic candidates who got into a tiff about police.
"As a former cop and police chief I will not tolerate denigrating our men and women in blue to gain support of liberal communities, which some of my Democratic challengers seem intent on doing for political gain.
No one likes a bad cop - me first. But for political purposes painting a picture which implies that all cops are bad and need to be prosecuted rather than starting from the opposite premise is wrong. 
Peters campaign is on the move acroos the entire state. 
Firearm Owners Against Crime President Kim Stolfer and Peters teaming-up last weekend at the Venango Patriot Tea Party breakfast.



ECTV Live Hosts David DeCosmo and Rusty Fender welcome Jill Carletti to the program during the week of April 4th to outline plans for the upcoming Hawley Earth Festival!
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This Week on Sunday Magazine
Brian Hughes speaks with Peterlyn West, a co-ordinator for Cultural Homestay International about how to become a host family for foreign exchange students.
Magic 93's Frankie in the Morning speaks with Lynn from the Twin tacks center and Bob from Courtright & Associates about the 14th annual Business Plan Competition.
Brian speaks with Dr. Ajai Chari and Cindy Chimeilewski about recent advances in the treatment of Multiple Myeloma.
And an encore of Brian's February interview with nutrition expert Lisa Katic about healthier weight resolutions.
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The United Kingdom lifts all restrictions on gold ownership…..Ceylon, a group calling themselves the People’s Liberation Front begins a rebellion against the Bandaranaike government…….Chile and East Germany establish diplomatic relations…..Mount Etna erupts in Sicily……In Pennsylvania, an investigation into a break in of a two-man Media, Pennsylvania office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was underway. More than 1000 classified documents were stolen and then mailed anonymously to several US newspapers. Some news outlets refused to publish the information, as it related to ongoing operations and they contended disclosure might have threatened the lives of agents or informants… Scranton City Councilman James Doherty spars with officials of the Peters administration over the administration’s track record of the first 14 months in office and forty five years ago the number one song in LuLac land and America was “Another Day” by Paul McCartney.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3179, March 29th, 2016

Scott Walker and Ted Cruz. (Photo: CNN)
Just a week before the crucial Wisconsin primary, Governor Scott Walker, once touted as a top contender endorsed Senator Ted Cruz. Walker said Cruz is "a strong new leader" and "constitutional conservative." "After all these years of the Obama-Clinton failures, it's time we elect a strong new leader and I've chosen to endorse Ted Cruz”.
Walker said he’s all in and will stump for Cruz in the coming week.


The police in Jupiter, Florida, charged Donald Trump top aide Corey Lewandowski and released security footage that appears to show him yanking then Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields backward and away from Trump after a press conference earlier this month. Lewandowski, was charged with simple battery. The charge against Lewandowski came in relation to an incident at a March 8 Trump campaign event, in which he was accused of manhandling Fields, who worked for Breitbart until she quit over the incident. Lewandowski turned himself in to Jupiter police, The Palm Beach Post reported. He is due in court on May 4, according to CNN.
Here’s the thing.  Breitbart is supposed to be on Trump’s side. Always was. Actually inspired him to run according to some reports. Yet Mr. Corey decided to show his strength. Predictably Trump went on the offense against the victim, the police and the press. This will not help him with the women’s vote.

Monday, March 28, 2016

The Lulac Edition #3178, March 28th, 2016

Random thoughts from a dangerous mind!!!  Our “Maybe I’m Amazed” logo

MAYBE I’M AMAZED………that most voters in the State of Pennsylvania favor a tax on gas drillers. But yet the GOP Legislature in Harrisburg say no. But guys it is the will of the people!!! What’s wrong with you??? We constantly hear the national GOP say that if the President wants a Supreme Court nominee confirmed, because he is in his last term, that subverts the will of the people. Gee, didn’t the people elect Obama to another four year term, not one that stopped when a Supreme Court Justice died? Apparently the will of the people only applies to what is convenient for the GOP.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED….that a small group of feminists were going to set up a little get together to celebrate solidarity of women. Pretty cool if you ask me. My fear is that many of today’s young women may not remember the sacrifices their predecessors in the workplace made to have them easily transition into roles long dominated by men. But the picnic deteriorated after the organizer brought a basket but no one else brought food. Rachel Queen told The Dirt, ‘I brought a communal picnic hamper for us to all throw in the food we’d brought. I was expecting the usual picnic fare: sandwiches, crisps, a nice fruit salad, and so on – but no-one else brought a single thing. Not so much as a sausage. I was even more furious about my lot in life than usual. I ended up storming off and shame eating three Big Macs from the nearest McDonalds. I’m a vegetarian so it was particularly galling for me to have to do that. What was even more galling was that the other six women refused to accept the responsibility. They said that making sandwiches wasn’t a job exclusively for women. But they made one of their own fetch the food. Roberta Brooke said, ‘Men have turned food preparation into a subservient role to be forced upon women. I never make my own food, that is just one of the many interesting ways I fight the patriarchy”. The patriarchy? Jesus c’mon, I’ve been making my own sandwiches for years. My father before him. If food preparation is a subservient role for women, then I guess Julia Child, Rachel Raye and Jada DeLaurentis are not strong women of building an empire. Stuff like this gives the Rush Limbaughs of the world to run wild with issues that are so important to women.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…..that pigs can get sunburn. And that’s not a quote from Donald Trump either.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…….that any new tax proposal in Pennsylvania this year will be a non starter. There is no way that the State Legislature which can write a book on Self Preservation will ever allow that.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED……that the Bible Series on ABC, “Of Kings and Prophets” was cancelled after two episodes. Bible stories in Lent. Cancelled. There were ratings issues but the kicker here is that the program’s content was opposed by The Parents Television Council because of its violence and sexual matter. But if you read the books of Samuel all that stuff is in there anyway. This is the second TV show ABC cancelled in that Tuesday time slot, the first was “Wicked City” that only lasted two episodes.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED……at the career paths of two former “Law And Order” actors, Anthony Anderson and Jeremy Sisto. Sisto had success with the show “Suburbia” for about three seasons but “Wicked City” as stated earlier only lasted two weeks. Anderson meantime is enjoying critical acclaim with “Blackish”. Ah the fates of show biz.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…..that there are still some businesses that will close in this area for Good Friday. They have become the exception, not the rule. When I was a kid this was just the opposite.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…..that baseball is just a few weeks away. There is not one person I know who is a Yankee fan that tells me they prefer the new Stadium to the old one. Oh they like the convenience and the bells and whistles but miss the ambiance of the old Stadium as well as the reasonable prices.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED……that Donald Trump went on a big tirade to defend his stance on women. He sounded like some lunatic who was not credible. When you address an issue like that, you have to be measured and sensible. Or else you lose all credibility. There is a reason why Hillary Clinton beats Donald Trump 70 to 30 per cent among women.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…..that there is already talk among the Democratic hierarchy in Harrisburg for my guy Tom Wolf to just make it one term and let someone else take the Democratic reins. Who knows maybe my original prediction of a Governor Bob Casey Junior in 2019 just might be correct.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…….that every time we start debating about ordering a takeout pizza, we always settle on Tommy’s from Kingston. Whole wheat with mushrooms. The best part about it is the leftovers the next morning.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…..that one of the best thoughts on a possible Donald Trump Vice Presidential pick should he win the nomination comes from Susan Del Percio. On CNN’s “State of the Union”, the political strategist essentially said that candidate would be underground because Trump couldn’t stand to share the stage. Best insight of the week as far as I’m concerned.
MAYBE I'M AMAZED......that given the overwhelming support Donald Trump gets from women voters in a General Election, that maybe Bernie Sanders can win the Presidency. I thought Sanders would never get near the nomination. But imagine this scenario. Sanders wins the Democratic nomination. Trump gets the GOP nod. Suburban women might go for the 74 year old self proclaimed socialist Democrat. I never really seriously gave it a chance but after seeing the polling, hey you never know. 
MAYBE I'M AMAZED......and appalled  at the behavior of adult parents at an Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by Pez in Orange, Connecticut.  There were 9,000 eggs scattered on three large fields. But that wasn't enough for the overly entitled parents who stormed the fields, knocked kids (this was intended for the kids) even breaking some limbs and then disrupting the entire event. Then the mommies and daddies (I bet three quarter of them weren't even married, they were just breeders) blamed PEZ for not being prepared. 9,000 eggs and you can't share? We are a society of selfish oafs and slobettes who think that free means "as much as I can get". 
Who knows, maybe we do need a Trump like figure to put these sorry ass losers in their place. By the way PEZ apologized for saying they underestimated the crowd this year. Sure they underestimated the crowd, not the size though but the ignorant mass of pigs we refer to as Americans. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3177, March 27th, 2016



If you are not registered to vote in Pennsylvania, you have until Monday to register to vote. Whatever reason you choose to vote, make sure you register.
The way things are shaping up, Pennsylvania will matter.
Things to know about registering to vote in Pennsylvania:
• You must be at least 18 years of age by the November general election.
• You must be a citizen of the United States (for at least one month ahead of the election);
• You must have been a resident of the district in which you are registering for at least 30 days before the election.
Do it today. Contact your local Bureau of Elections. 



The LuLac Edition #3176, March 27th, 2016






The Washington Republican primary takes place on 24 May.


Hawaii Democrats also voted awarding 25 delegates through a “presidential preference poll,” a hybrid event in which voters showed up at a scheduled meeting, like a caucus, but voted by secret ballot, like a primary.

Representative Barletta.
Congressman Lou Barletta was on CNN’s “Smerconish” program Saturday and touted the candidacy of Donald Trump. Also appearing in the segment was Dr. Terry Madonna of Franklin and Marshall College. At the end of the segment, Barletta and the renowned Jimmy’s Lunch featuring those great hotdogs got a shout out from Michael Smerconish whose parents grew up in Hazleton. 
and the dogs from Jimmy's! 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3175, March 26th, 2016

Senator Sanders and Donald Trump. (Photo:
Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are sometimes lumped into the same basket by media commentators. You’ll hear all thre talking heads on Fox and CNN say that both have tapped into the frustration of the middle class as well as the inability of power brokers to take care of the people who essentially make this country work, the middle class. But a few Sanders supporters are getting fed up with the Trump campaign and the smoke and mirrors approach being used to bamboozle folks only willing to listen to the noise. Here’s what a co worker and friend of mine wrote on Facebook this week.
To my friends here that support Trump: do you even know what is plan “to make America great again” is? 
Because he doesn’t have one.
He is not hated by the establishment, he is the establishment. He is friends with all the bankers and politicians. He went bankrupt 4 times and got bailed out by those bankers. With OUR money. He is friends with the Clinton's, gave them money for their campaigns and were even invited to his weddings.
He will make sure his billionaire and banker friends will get even more tax cuts while they make billions and again, you get NOTHING. He is not a “master negotiator”, he lets other people make decisions around him and then blame them when it goes sour.
Have you even looked at Sanders plan? It makes me laugh when I see the “Sanders supporters want free stuff!” What free stuff? I work my 40+ hours a week and I support him because I believe that we deserve paid sick days, cheap college education, and a one payer health care system and fix our broken infrastructures. And he wants the cheating, lying billionaires like Trump who PAY LESS TAXES THAN YOU OR ME to pay for their fair share of the bill!
This country is going to shits; he’s the only honest one that has a real plan, a plan for the working people, and you would rather support a lying trust fund baby that never had to work a real day in his life? Stop gobbling what the TV tells you and do your own research.



U.S. Senate candidate Joe Sestak (Photo:
This past week United States Senate candidate Joe Sestak outlined a strategy on how ISIS could be controlled. It makes very interesting reading.
The Strategy for Terror: Past is Prologue
“On 9/11, I walked out of the Pentagon shortly before the plane hit. Returning, I look down the hill at the destruction and immediately helped establish a Navy crisis response center nearby. I arrived home in the early morning hours, and upon returning again, I was directed by the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) to establish the Navy’s anti-terrorism unit, Deep Blue.
A few days later, the CNO took the single power point slide I gave him to the “tank,” where the Joint Chiefs of Staff were meeting with then-Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld. My slide cautioned that this new war with terror would last “at least a decade.”
My assignment took me to Afghanistan early in the conflict. There for a brief mission, I met up with SEALS late at night, watched detainees brought in….and learned that the illiteracy rate of women in Afghanistan was 98%.
I then commanded a carrier battle group for the air strikes into the country – and later Iraq. As General Powell said of Iraq, “if you break it, you own it.” And we broke it.
Today, I often reflect upon my time at the National Security Council at the White House overseeing the Clinton’s Administration’s annual update of our nation’s National Security Strategy of Engagement, laying out how to secure America’s peace and prosperity, protect our interests abroad and at home, and grow our values – without entanglement.
This week’s horrific terror strike in Brussels, Belgium, highlighted once again that this war on terror is on a timeline far beyond what I even imagined when I wrote the original time frame for our military leaders.
But, if followed with greater adherence, the national security principles of what we must do to defeat the threat of international terrorism – including ISIS – remain resilient to win the war as well as to secure an enduring peace.
First, in a global war, no nation stands alone. I saw this firsthand after 9/11, when I commanded a battle group in the Persian Gulf. I had 30 ships to carry out our mission – but only 10 of them were American ships. We were a coalition, and success was defined by our ability to work seamlessly with foreign militaries. It’s how we won the Cold War, with over 60 defense arrangements with other nations, as well as U.S. leadership of international diplomatic and economic institutions.
This need is starkly apparent today. We must work more closely with our global allies to share intelligence, support police actions against terror suspects, run bombing raids, and conduct joint on-the-ground operations to capture and kill ISIS members in Syria and in homelands.
In an increasingly complex world, this requires occasionally working with those who are adversarial to us, such as Russia and Iran. Unscrupulous nations often liaise with unscrupulous elements. But when these adversarial nations are aligned against a common threat – ISIS – we need the intelligence on and from their elements, and their arms aimed at our shared enemy.
Second, and in conjunction, diplomacy matters. Look through the Wiki-leaks and see how resourceful in intelligence gathering, alliance building, spying, and advancing U.S. interests the State Department is. The downgrading of their manpower and resources has hindered our efforts at a time when information sharing is our most-needed asset.
Diplomacy isn’t meant to be a cup of tea. It is often intended to “hurt” if the diplomatic overture isn’t accepted (e.g., Iranian and Iraqi sanctions). Diplomacy is used to benefit another nation’s interest – if we gain by doing so.
So let President Assad remain in Syria (for now) if his supporters (Iran and Russia) then pivot to focus on the common enemy, ISIS. In return, we restrain the more moderate anti-Assad militias with Saudi and Jordanian support, corralling together other Arab nations, with disjointed “partners” from Iran and Russia, to Turkey and Iraq. Diplomacy must work even with the devil….just don’t sin.
Third, economics is the bedrock of power – ours and our adversaries’. It’s why China wants to dominate the South China Sea: to secure the undersea resources that it needs for economic power projection. And it’s why the ISIS caliphate must be denied the approximate $2 billion in annual revenue flow from oil field profits to taxes, ransom to theft.
Our airpower must more aggressively kick the legs out from under these economic support systems that fuel ISIS’ foreign policy (such as destroying oil fields and not just oil tankers) and cutting off internal funding by destroying the infrastructure that collects/extorts taxes from the population. Our Treasury and international banking institutions we lead need to close down the remaining money to choke ISIS to death.
Fourth, the new domain of warfare is cyberspace. We must dominate this new area of warfare as we do any other, so that we know what ISIS is thinking, trying and doing. With troubling questions about the competence of Belgium’s and other allies’ intelligence and law enforcement services, we must enhance our support for their efforts in order to protect ourselves.
The right metric of warfare today is knowledge gained by sensors, human intelligence and the network, and our capability to quickly turn this gained information into swift action. Measuring what it takes to win our conflicts requires leadership that shifts the procurement benchmark away from capacity in numbers of ships, brigades, air wings, and toward capability in acquiring knowledge.
But it also takes leadership to address a resolvable conflict between national security, civil rights and proprietary rights. Appropriate safeguards that also permit access to dangerous information that flows through the internet and into consumer phones must be established.
Whether it’s Apple’s proprietary rights or our citizens’ civil rights on the internet, resolution of the proper balance cannot be permitted to wait for the next crisis. Resolve them now … or our security may be breached before we do.
Finally, don’t just win the war, but secure the peace – or, as General Powell said, we will still “own” the aftermath of unresolved conflict in the Middle East.
Military strategists cautioned centuries ago that, in war, leaders must not “take the first step without considering the last.” U.S. strategy to defeat ISIS needs an explanation of how we want our military and diplomatic efforts to end.
For once the Caliphate ends, where do remaining ISIS forces lurk off to? Who fills the cracks left by the Caliphate’s breakage? How is Syria rebuilt after 9 million of its people have been displaced, 250,000 killed, and more maimed?
What of the replacement of basic services and infrastructure in the region, from homes to rudimentary sanitary and water services? What conflict do these open areas provide fertile ground for?
What is the ending we want with the demise of ISIS that precludes us from having to return?
Simply, although imperfect, it is a peace that provides us stability, which likely means Russia’s continued influence in Syria; Iran with its limited role in the outcome; Sunnis and Shias separated if they cannot peacefully co-exist; and the Kurds no more restive than a semi-autonomous state.
That is why the 98% illiteracy rate of Afghani women I learned about when on the ground at the beginning of the war struck me most: resolving that issue would do more to secure the peace than most else.
After all, while our military stopped the problem of a fascist Germany, it took the Marshall Plan of economic recovery to secure the peace by a democratic Germany with economic security.
As I reminisce on the time from the plane striking the Pentagon on 9/11 to today’s effort to stop ISIS – an outgrowth of Al-Qaida in Iraq that arose after our invasion of Iraq – I acknowledge that the fog of war means no strategy is perfect.
But today, the fog can be lifted by better utilization of the light that cyberspace can shine; the intelligence sharing that other nations and groups can provide; a diplomacy that binds others to our common interests; and a strategy that has as it’s ultimate objective not only winning, but securing the peace for our security and prosperity.
As John F. Kennedy said, “The hour is late, but the agenda is long,” and we must be persistent in this long fight, as well as persistent in adhering to the national security principles that can both win and secure the peace.”

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3174, March 24th, 2016

 (Logo: WFMZ TV)
Hey folks, the Pennsylvania primary will count for something this year. Especially on the Republican side. Scranton as usual is the epicenter of LuLac land.
Bernie Sanders’ campaign opened its first official Pennsylvania local campaign headquarters in Scranton this week. Meanwhile, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has started phone banking at the same time. That happened at a Scranton Law office as part of a statewide network coordinated by the Clinton effort.
Sanders’ campaign headquarters is located at 207 N. Washington Ave. across from the county courthouse.
There is a Sanders office in Wilkes Barre but it is strictly a volunteer operation.
The office is open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.
The Pennsylvania primary election is April 26.
No word yet on plans from the representatives of Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich. There were efforts to get Trump here for St. Patrick’s Day dinners but that went nowhere.
The primary is on April 26th. (Citizen's Voice, LuLac)

 Marco and Ted in more spirited times. (Photo: Fox
There is talk that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio may try to pair their delegates together to run as a ticket if Donald Trump gets near 1,000 delegates. Rubio has said he will enter private life but there is pressure on him to change his mind. While the “establishment” is not thrilled wioth Cruz, they see him as the lesser of a big evil. More to come on this.


Governor Tom Wolf (Photo: PCN)
Well someone had to be a grown up and a statesman and I’m glad it was Governor Tom Wolf. Gov. Wolf announced that he will let a Republican-backed, $7 billion budget closure package take effect without his signature. This was something that could have been done last year but the GOP House escalated the budget war.
But there is more work to be done.
The governor and state lawmakers will have to have a new budget - one in which the governor is seeking election-year tax increases to balance - in place by July 1 for fiscal 2016-17.
Wolf’s decision stops potential problems around the Commonwealth. Now schools will not close their doors and there will be no closure of the famed Penn State agricultural extension services. ( and LuLac)


U.S. Senate candidate Joe Sestak. (Photo: Sestak for Senate)
Although Toomey claims in his new TV ads to be an advocate for gun safety and a friend to law enforcement, his actions in the Senate speak louder than his ads’ words.
Despite his claims in his commercials, Toomey has voted against billions of dollars to benefit local law enforcement and correctional officers, voted against health care for 9/11 first responders after refusing to even meet with sick heroes from Ground Zero, and has voted against reinstating the assault weapons ban and closing loopholes that allow suspected terrorists to buy guns.
“For far too long, Pat Toomey has said one thing in Pennsylvania, and voted the exact opposite in D.C.,” former Admiral and Congressman Joe Sestak said. “The people of Pennsylvania deserve a Senator who cares about their hopes and concerns all the time, not just when he’s in an election year.”
Pat Toomey’s Votes Against Gun Control & Law Enforcement
1. As he has said multiple times, Toomey’s “idea of gun control is a steady aim” – which is reflected in his votes on gun safety and commonsense reforms.
One day after the San Bernardino shooting, Pat Toomey voted to allow suspected terrorists to purchase firearms.
After Toomey’s bill to expand background checks for firearms purchases failed in 2013, he said the issue was “resolved” and gave up all efforts to fight for gun safety – but even after nearly 30 votes to repeal or gut the Affordable Care Act, Toomey keeps fighting to take away people’s access to healthcare.
On the same day the Toomey-Manchin background check bill failed in 2013, Toomey also voted:
Against making gun trafficking a federal felony
Against a high-capacity magazine ban
Against reinstating the 1994 ban on assault weapons
2.Although Toomey’s ad claims he is the “the voice of hard working law enforcement families in Washington,” he has repeatedly voted against measures to help local police departments.
He has voted three times against funding for community oriented policing services such as $10 million for the Drug Enforcement Administration to carry out anti-methamphetamine-related activities and $7.5 million for competitive grants to law-enforcement agencies across the country, including Pennsylvania, to investigate illicit drug activities and methamphetamine traffickers.
He has voted three times against about $1 billion in state and local law enforcement grants, contracts and cooperative agreements, including:
$376 million for the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant program, which helps local police departments combat criminal activity through training programs and purchasing general equipment
$14.2 million for victim services programs for victims of trafficking
$40.5 million for drug courts
$8.2 million for mental health courts and adult and juvenile collaboration program grants
$20 million for sex offender management assistance
$8 million for an initiative relating to children exposed to violence
$22.5 million for the matching grant program for law enforcement armor vest
$1 million for the National Sex Offender Public Website
$8.5 million for competitive and evidence-based programs to reduce gun crime and gang violence
$48.5 million for grants to states to upgrade criminal and mental health records in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System
$4 million for a veterans treatment courts program
$750,000 for the purposes described in the Missing Alzheimer’s Disease Patient Alert Program
$7 million for a program to monitor prescription drugs and scheduled listed chemical products
$2 million to operate a National Center for Campus Public Safety $12.5 million for the Office of Victims of Crime for supplemental victims’ services and other victim-related programs and initiatives, including research and statistics, and for tribal assistance for victims of violence
$75 million for the Comprehensive School Safety Initiative
•Toomey has also voted three times against funding for the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to provide laboratory assistance to state and local law enforcement agencies with or without reimbursement.
3.Toomey also voted against the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act in December after publicly refusing for months to support extending health care benefits to the American heroes at Ground Zero, because he said it was too expensive to care for them.
•In June, he even refused to meet with the 9/11 first responders suffering from cancer and other serious illnesses who came to his office asking for help.
•The bill that Toomey voted against expands federal health monitoring and treatment through 2090, giving our brave 9/11 first responders certainty that their commitment to saving lives on 9/11 is matched by our national commitment to provide them care for the illnesses they contracted as a result.
4.Between 2012 and 2014, Toomey also voted against a total of more than $8.6 billion to protect correctional officers and make prisons safer.
•Toomey voted against $2.9 billion for federal prison security and administration. This money would be used to better protect prison guards in 2014. This reflects an $86 million increase from 2012.
•Toomey voted against $2.7 billion for federal prison security and administration in 2013.
•Toomey voted against $2.8 billion for federal prison security and administration in 2012.
•Toomey voted against $67.1 million in federal prison modernization and repair in 2014. These upgrades and fixes allow prisons to protect and handle more inmates, more quickly, which also keeps prison guards safe.
•Toomey voted against $71.7 million in federal prison modernization and repair in 2013.
•Toomey voted against $67.1 million in federal prison modernization and repair in 2012.
(Sestak website). 

Scranton’s Joe Peters. (Photo: LuLac archives).
 In the first poll in the GOP primary for Attorney General, Republican primary voters overwhelmingly declared they prefer a career prosecutor such as Joe Peters to a career politician such as 13-year State Senator John Rafferty.
GOP voters said by a 77-5% margin that they prefer a career prosecutor as the GOP nominee for Attorney General; in fact overall 67% of Republican voters strongly prefer a career prosecutor as AG. Joe Peters began his law enforcement career as a cop, served as the state’s top drug prosecutor and served two presidents as a top official in the White House Drug Czar’s office. As a federal Mafia prosecutor, Peters helped put away Philadelphia Mob boss Little Nicky Scarfo and his gang.
When voters were given a brief positive background of both candidates, they supported someone with Peters’ background by a 62-11% margin.
Q. Candidate A for attorney general started his career as a cop, spent 17 years in the attorney general’s office and became the state’s top drug prosecutor, served as a federal mafia prosecutor who put away Philly Mob boss Little Nicky Scarfo, and served two presidents in top positions in the White House Drug Czar’s office. Candidate B has served in the state Senate for 13 years and chairs the Transportation Committee, worked for three years in the attorney general’s office and operates a private law practice. Are you more likely to support candidate A or candidate B?
Results: 62% prefer Candidate A (Peters) while just 11% prefer Candidate B (Rafferty), while 27% are undecided.
Further, when given specifics about some of Rafferty’s votes in the Senate and his supporters, Republican voters, by a 75-11% margin, are negative.
Q. If you knew that a candidate for Attorney General had supported Gov. Rendell’s billion dollar state tax increase, opposed Paycheck Protection and taken tens of thousands of dollars from the Trial Lawyers lobby and big union bosses, would that make you more or less likely to vote for him?
Results: 66% much less likely to vote for this candidate; 9% somewhat less likely, 11% more likely, 14% undecided.
Rafferty has received tens of thousands of dollars in contributions from the Trial Lawyer’s association, as well as from UFCW-1776 and IBEW-98.
In the head to head question, asked first in the poll, 10% of GOP voters said they would support Joe Peters of Wyoming County while 16% said they would support John Rafferty of Montgomery County; 74% of voters were undecided.
“The Republican primary for Attorney General is wide open,” said Peters, “but voters overwhelmingly say they prefer a career prosecutor like me rather than a career politician like Sen. Rafferty. I am the most qualified and experienced person in this race as I am the only candidate — of either party — who has local, state, national and international law enforcement experience,” said Peters.
The PA GOP cannot risk a repeat of last year, when the Democrats swept the judicial races, stated Peters. “I am pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment and unlike Sen. Rafferty I support common sense reforms such as Paycheck Protection,” said Peters.
The IVR poll, conducted by Eagle Consulting Group of Harrisburg on March 9th, surveyed 230 likely Republican voters, those who had voted in at least one of the past four primaries. The margin of error is +/- 5.55%.
Joe Peters began his long career at the Office of Attorney General (OAG) as an intern and later rose to be the state’s top drug prosecutor, as the first Executive Deputy Attorney General of the Office’s Drug and Organized Crime Division. He served state Attorneys General and U.S. Presidents from both parties, who sought him out because they wanted the best and brightest, not a political crony. By contrast, his GOP opponent Sen. John Rafferty, spent just a few years in the OAG’s office working Medicaid fraud cases back in the late 1980’s.
Joe oversaw the country’s 26 High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) programs and their budget of $250 million, and he represented the White House with police, prosecutors, governors, mayors and non-governmental organizations during his time there as Assistant Deputy Director for State & Local Affairs in the Drug Czar’s office.
As a Federal Prosecutor, Joe’s accomplishments include the convictions of Philadelphia Mob Boss “Little Nicky” Scarfo, his underboss, and 16 mob soldiers. This trial, conducted by Joe and several other Federal Prosecutors, resulted in one of the most significant Mafia family convictions in U.S. history. As a result, he received the United States Department of Justice’s John Marshall Award. The Associated Press called Joe and his fellow prosecutors the “Modern Day Untouchables.”
Joe has presented to law enforcement officials from around the world, and has trained military and civilian personnel in Panama and consulted with law enforcement in Italy, the UK, Dubai, Kuwait and Qatar. A native of Lackawanna County, Joe’s expertise on these issues has been recognized by Fox News, CNN and television networks as far away as London and Italy which have asked for his expert on-air commentary. Additionally, for many years, Joe hosted his own radio show, “Tough Talk with Joe Peters.”
Joe graduated from King’s College and later the Dickinson School of Law. He is a member of the E. B. Jermyn Lodge #2 Fraternal Order of Police and has been honored by the PA Chiefs of Police Association by being named a Life Member. He is an associate member of the Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Association and a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, where he sits on its Terrorism Committee. Joe is the oldest of five children of Gene and Peg Peters and is the proud father of his son Max; his father served two-terms as a GOP Mayor of Scranton. In 2004 Joe was the Republican nominee for Pennsylvania Auditor General. (Joe Peters website)



Join us this week as we sit in with WYLN TV 35’s Gary Perna on Topic A. The show can be seen on Service Electric Channel 7 in Wilkes Barre and Hazleton. Air and date times are: Friday March 25th, 7:00PM, Saturday March 26th, 5:30PM, Sunday March 27th at 9:00AM and Tuesday March 29th at 5:00PM.


ECTV Live hosts David DeCosmo and Rusty Fender tackle the dangerous and potentially deadly habit of Distracted Driving during the week of March 28th. April is Distracted Driving Month and Eileen Woelkers Miller, who has been campaigning for stronger laws since her son was killed in a Distracted Driving accident, will be their guest on the program. 

ECTV Live is Directed by Mark Migilore and can be seen on Comcast channel 19 (61 in some areas) at Noon, 6pm, and Midnight throughout the week.


State Representative Aaron Kaufer will discuss the passage of a state budget Sunday morning. The show airs at 6 am on 94.3 The Talker; 6;30 on The Game Sports Radio 1400/1440 am and 106.7 fm; and at 7:30 am on 105 The River.


This Week on Sunday Magazine
Brian Hughes speaks with local country music sensation Dani-elle Kleha about her career and her "Positive Youth Tour" for high school students.
This Week in Harrisburg examines the end of Pennsylvania's 9 month budget stalemate. State Rep. Karen Boback weighs in. Some Senate Democrats are working on legislation to make Pennsylvania's water safer from lead contamination, and GOP legislation to combat illegal immigration.
And Brian speaks with Dr. Rick Sheff, author of the book "Joyfully Shattered, A Physician's Awakening at the Crossroads of Science and Spirituality".
Sunday Magazine, Sunday morning at 5am on NASH-FM, 93.7, 5:30am on 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X and Sports Radio 590, WARM & 6:25am on Magic 93.


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The Ed Sullivan Show airs its final episode……Here's one of the classic performances

U.S. Army Lieutenant William Calley is found guilty of 22 murders in the My Lai Massacre and sentenced to life in prison (he is later pardoned)but not before becoming part of American pop culture that year

A Los Angeles jury recommends the death penalty for Charles Manson and 3 female followers……in Pennsylvania Senator Richard Schweiker says that the Nixon administration has to begin to de-escalate the Vietnam War……in Wilkes Barre plans are underway for the celebration of the city’s Centennial and 45 years ago the number one song in LuLac land and America was “Me and Bobby McGee” by Janis Joplin.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3173, March 23rd, 2016

Our Write On Wednesday logo


Donald Trump met with the Washington Post Editorial Board and it was scary. The Post asked level headed questions and some of Trump’s responses were just incredible in their lack of depth. Here’s the link from the Washington Post and before you say the Liberal News Media did Trump in, remember the answers are his. That’s today’s Write On Wednesday. Here's the link:

The LuLac Edition #3172, March 23rd, 2016


 Bernie Sanders (D) 

Ted Cruz (R)
Bernie Sanders (D) 


Trump (R)
Clinton (D) 


Congressman Lou Barletta. (Photo: Barletta for Congress).
Congressman Lou Barletta joined his counterpart, Tom Marino in endorsing Donald Trump for President. Here is the Congressman's statement. 
Like millions of Americans, I want our next president to be a leader who fights for the American people and gets things done, not a politician who tries to say all the right things but will never be able to deliver on more broken promises. Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has proven that he is the leader our country needs to change the way Washington does business, and I am proud to give my full endorsement and support to his candidacy. I think that Donald Trump has the ability to attract Democrats and Independents who are frustrated with Washington and is our best candidate to defeat Hillary Clinton in November.
Americans are frustrated that Washington has turned its back on them. Both Republicans and Democrats are tired of Congress working for special interests instead of the national interest, and talking about our nation’s problems instead of fixing them. I share these frustrations. I came to Congress to work for the American people, not just do or say things that please the Washington structure.
When I was Mayor of Hazleton, I introduced the first law of its kind cracking down on illegal immigration. Since coming to Congress, I have continued to lead the fight to secure our border and enforce our immigration laws. Donald Trump was criticized, the same way I was criticized, when he addressed this important issue. I hope that together we can tackle this critical national security challenge and stand up for working Americans.
As I have said before, I am discouraged that certain members of the Republican Party have spent more time trying to figure out how to stop Donald Trump than they have trying to understand why he is so popular in the first place. Voters are smart. We need to listen to the voters instead of elitists trying to tell us right from wrong. In state after state, voters have made it clear that they want change and are tired of the way things are being done in Washington. I think Donald Trump is the best person to bring the change that Americans are demanding.
Barletta had previously said any Republican was preferable to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 
Congressman Matt Cartwright of the 17th, a Democrat has endorsed Clinton. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3171, March 21st, 2016


2.3 million: Number of previously uninsured young adults, ages 19-25, who have gained health insurance through the under 26 provision, which allows them to stay on their parents’ plan.

29: Current number of states that accepted the law’s Medicaid expansion(including Washington, D.C.)

24,000: High-end estimate of how many lives the law could save per year by increasing the number of insured Americans.

50+ : Number of times the GOP-controlled House has voted to repeal the law, in whole or in part. 


Sunday, March 20, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3170, March 20th, 2016


United States Senator Bob Casey recently endorsed Katie McGinty for the U.S. Senate Democratic nomination. From a political standpoint, I guess it made sense.
However from a the view of all voters in the state who are concerned about income equity for all genders, perhaps the Senior Senator might have taken a look at Joe Sestak.
In fact, here in Pennsylvania, women earn 21 percent less. The impact of this pay gap is especially troubling when you consider that over 600,000 family households in PA are headed by women.
Pennsylvanians deserve a Senator with an actual, proven record of accomplishment in addressing the pay gap. Here's Sestak's actual record: 
•Cosponsored and voted for the Paycheck Fairness Act
•Cosponsored and voted for the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
•Voted to raise the minimum wage by $1.40 to $7.25
•Introduced and passed in the House legislation to strengthen Small Business Administration (SBA) programs for small business development centers to help the 30 percent of small businesses that are owned by women to continue to develop
Voted for and passed legislation which would expand opportunities for women-owned businesses by requiring the SBA Administrator to conduct a study identifying where women-owned small businesses are underrepresented in federal contracting.
Both McGinty and Sestak are om the air with TV advertising.


Apparently the State GOP is now going after another female candidate on her e mails. The state GOP is demanding Governor Tom Wolf release McGinty’s e mails. To me this is a fishing expedition but you can’t blame these boys for trying.
Following a seven month delay by the Governor’s Office, today the Republican Party of Pennsylvania hand delivered a letter to the Governor’s Office calling on Governor Wolf to release Katie McGinty’s emails by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, March 21, six days from the delivery of the letter.
The letter comes after a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article detailed the numerous attempts by the Governor’s Office to block access to the former Chief of Staff’s emails, which were first requested by PA GOP Deputy Communications Director Paul Engelkemier in July of 2015.
“Katie McGinty’s track record of ethics issues and financially benefiting from trips through the revolving door between the public and private sectors should be a cause of deep concern for Pennsylvanians,” PA GOP Deputy Communications Director Paul Engelkemier said. “Over the past seven months, Governor Tom Wolf’s office has repeatedly blocked the release of Katie McGinty’s government emails to the public. After an untold amount of wasted taxpayer dollars, it’s time for Tom Wolf to stop playing political games and finally release Katie McGinty’s emails.”
Yeah I’m sure the crack Wolf team is going to make this a priority with their hands full with budget issues.


I was stunned today while watching ABC’s “This Week” when Donald Trump kept saying that his supporter, a black man who started to wail on a protester was wearing a Ku Klux Klan outfit. Then he shifted gears and said the partner of the person was wearing it. All the while there was video that showed his supporter beating on a guy with a flag shirt. It was like he was the only man in America looking at the video. Trump blames others for this violence but from the looks of things he might be the one responsible for adding fuel to the fire.

 Dad of the year or just plain fool, Adam LaRoche. (Photo: Sporting
Our good friend Joe B. asked me what I thought about White Sox baseball player Adam LaRoche quitting the team because the Sox would not allow his son Drake to be in the Clubhouse. In a statement Friday, LaRoche said that before he signed his two-year, $25 million contract with the White Sox last year, "my first question to the club concerned my [son Drake's] ability to be a part of the team. After some due diligence on the club's part, we reached an agreement" and there were no problems with his son's presence in the clubhouse in 2015.
You know what? If this ass hat wants to throw away 25 million bucks because he is entitled to special treatment, let him go. You wonder why some younger kids feel entitled? Their parents make them believe they are so special.
LaRoche’s kid is 14. Man, if I thought I was interfering in my father’s career, I’d have a man to man talk, Andy Hardy style, son to father. This is ridiculous, it was given more airtime than necessary and I just hope this silly stupid issue doesn’t being down a good Manager like Robin Ventura.
I have no use for Donald Trump as a Presidential candidate but he appears to be an outstanding father. Maybe LaRoche should have a talk with Mr. Trump. But then poor Trump would get in trouble for saying to LaRoche, “What, you think you’re Lincoln with that pig face beard??”

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3169, March 17th, 2016


I want you all to read this and tell me who you think this is. This person displays the following characteristics.
Feeling overly good, hyper, or "high".
Feeling extremely irritable.
Feeling very self-confident, an unrealistic, sense of entitlement, inflated self-esteem.
Getting little sleep and not feeling tired — feeling rested after only 3 hours of sleep.
Talking a lot, feeling pressured to keep talking.
Having racing thoughts, flight of ideas.
High energy and taking on lots of tasks.
Easily distracted, especially towards unimportant things.
Well, if you had said Donald Trump, there is so much evidence to support your conclusions. Talking a lot, bragging about high energy, still sending letters to a magazine editor that made fun of his hands twenty years ago, inflated self esteem, and very, very self confident.
These are also the symptoms of bi polar disease too. There are many who suffer from this disease and they have our support and sympathy. 
But is America ready for somebody like this, with these attributes, let alone symptoms to be President?


So if the Democrats want to get the Senate back, all they need to do is point to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel’s abject refusal to even bring President Obama’s nominee to a vote. The President is doing his job. The Senate, like they have done since getting a majority has done nothing. The fact that Obama picked a jurist already confirmed by the same GOP Senate at a lower level cannot be lost on thinking Americans. The guy is a centrist and is being blocked by Republican partisan politics. The nerve of Senate Republicans to shirk their duties is enough fodder for people to vote against every incumbent GOP Senator up for re-election. Our own Pat Toomey should be turned out. Pennsylvanians should vote him out so that gutless Mitch McConnell will be relegated to a minority status he so richly deserves.
The Senate Democratic committee should run this interview with another GOP reactionary Senator Jim Inhofe.


Mitch McConnell has been telling people about the “Biden rule”. He quotes then Senator Joe Biden who said decades ago that the Senate should not have any hearings on a Supreme Court nominee in a Presidential election year. It is very true, Biden was being political. But what the lying bastard McConnell fails to reveal is that after Biden, the Minority Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee spoke, he was chastised by the Chairman, Republican Strom Thurmond who said it was the President’s obligation and prerogative to put a nominee forth. McConnell who used the term “The Biden rule” 6 times neglected to reveal that little tidbit.


Pennsylvania Senate candidate Joe Sestak has an ad up across the state of Pennsylvania. If you want to know what “I got your 6 means”, check out the ad.


U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright called on Michigan Governor Rick Snyder to resign during the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform’s hearing concerning the water crisis in Flint, MI. The Full Committee hearing titled, “Examining Federal Administration of the Safe Drinking Water Act in Flint, Michigan – Part III”, included Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy.



The day after this week's primaries, I was on Pa. Live hosted by Dave Kuharchik and Valerie Tysanner. Valerie and I spoke about the Trump campaign Wednesday.

Later that day we taped a show on WYLN TV 35’s Topic A with Gary Perna. That show will start on March 25th. Then tomorrow night we travel to WILK and take time out with our friend L.A. Tarone tomorrow night at around 7:30PM.


This week's guests are Pamela Zotynia from the Arc of Luzerne County and Dr. Murugu Manickam from Geisinger. They'll discuss National Down Syndrome Day. Tune in Sunday morning at 6 on 94.3 The Talker; 6:30 on NEPA's Sports Radio-The Game 1400/1440 am and 106.7 fm; and at 7:30 on 105 The River.



This Week on Sunday Magazine
Brian Hughes speaks with health expert Laure Stacik about having a "Gluten Free" Easter celebration.
An encore of Magic 93's Frankie in the Morning's interview with representatives from the Northeast Regional Cancer Center about their C.A.S.U.A.L. Day event.
Brian speaks with the "Adventure Girl", Stephanie Michaels about the best travel deals for Spring Break.
And an encore of Brian's interview with Kerri Swope on household tax tips.
Sunday Magazine, Sunday morning at 5am on NASH-FM, 93.7, 5:30am on 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X and Sports Radio 590, WARM and 6:25am on Magic 93.


Event: The Irregulars Think Tank Breakfast
Date: Saturday, March 19th
Presenter: James May
Topic: Chaplain Life in the Army / PennDot Safety Improvements
Time: 9:00 A.M. (Doors open at 8:30)
Place: The Lakeside Skillet, Pole 279, Hwy 415, Harveys Lake
Cost: $13.00 per person


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A landslide at Chungar, Peru crashes into Yanawayin Lake, killing 200… General Alejandro Lanusse of Argentina takes power in a military coup…..The Pakistani army starts Operation Searchlight in East Pakistan from midnight, after President Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan, a military ruler, voids election results that gave the Awami League an overwhelming majority in the parliament……in Pennsylvania the Pittsburgh Pirates are picked to win the National League pennant by baseball forecasters……in LuLac land dinners in Pittston, Scranton and Wilkes Barre honor the patron saint of the Irish, Patrick as politicos of all stripes make the rounds and 45 years ago the number one song in LuLac land and America was "Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)" by The Temptations. Eddie Kendricks was the soloist and Paul Williams had a stand out part. This was one of the best songs from the Temps and marked their new partnership with Norman Whitfield.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3168, March 16h, 2016



Kasich  (R) 
Clinton (D) 


Trump (R) 
Clinton (D) 


Trump (R) 


 Trump (R)
Clinton (D) 
(both by a hair) 


Trump (R) 
Clinton (D) 

Monday, March 14, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3167, March 14th, 2016


Tomorrow will be a big day for Ohio Republicans as well as Democrats. We received some feedback from one of our political wizards in the Buckeye State. Here’s his take on it.
“Up until earlier this week I would have said Clinton and Trump but today it seems more like Clinton and Kasich. Slowly almost w/o anyone noticing, Kasich began to rise in the polls and Trump seems to be bogged down by events inside and outside of Ohio. He is being shown as more radical and more unbalanced than the rest of the herd. Kasich by 10!
Notwithstanding Bernie's Michigan upset, Clinton has held the lead for many weeks. Most of the colleges in OHio are on break this week and/or next possibly depriving Sanders of a large chunk his college volunteer force. This is offset by news heard later in the week of supposedly weak support for Hillary by women under 40. Stations are playing political ads by the dozen every hour but the needle still points to a Clinton Victory by 15 in Ohio."

State Representative Gerald Mullery. (Photo: Facebook)
State Representative Gerry Mullery posted some information recently regarding the frustration people in his district are feeling regarding the State Budget process.
There is a lot of anxiety, frustration, and trepidation over the budget vetoed by Governor Wolf and the resulting potential for school closures. I have spoken with hundreds of parents, teachers, school employees, board members, and all five superintendents from the districts I represent. Many of these discussions have been ongoing since June. I understand your concerns, share them, and empathize. Since being elected, I have advocated for adequate school funding to ensure our schools can properly teach our students, offer extra curricular activities, and prepare our children for the future WITHOUT the need for our school boards to consistently and routinely raise our property taxes above the state index.
Without proper funding at the state level, as we have encountered for four consecutive years, our property taxes increase. This has to stop. Too many families are losing their homes. Additionally, our schools are cutting programs, requiring payment to participate in extracurricular activities, furloughing teachers and support staff, and failing to fill vacant positions. This does not help our children.
Every single vote I have cast during this budget process has occurred only after discussion and consultation with the leaders of our school districts. I value their input as they are on the front lines and know their districts better than anyone. I initially ran for this position because of my concern about the legacy we are leaving for future generations. I will continue to work to ensure Wyoming Valley West, Greater Nanticoke Area, Hanover Area, Crestwood, and Hazleton Area school districts receive the funding they need to make certain the education our children receive is the best. Mullery represents the 119th.


Rep. Barletta accepts an award from the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks for his fight against a truck weight limit increase.
Congressman Lou Barletta, accepted an award from the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks (CABT) for his work to defeat an amendment to the Highway Bill that would have dramatically increased the weight limit on trucks. Barletta was instrumental in killing the proposal from Rep. Reid Ribble (WI-8) that would have increased the weight limit by 14 percent, from 80,000 pounds to 91,000 pounds. He received the recognition at a ceremony in Harrisburg hosted by the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association.
“I have four daughters and three grandchildren – I don’t like the thought of them being out on the roads with heavier and heavier trucks driving around,” Barletta said. “Local roads were not built to handle the increased weight, and heavier trucks would pose a greater danger to their drivers and other motorists. Additionally, trucks don’t just stay on the interstates – they use the local roads to make local deliveries, and that can cause safety concerns and severe road and bridge damage.”
The CABT is a leading voice in opposing more dangerous trucks, and is a national, nonprofit grassroots organization that advocates for highway safety and sound transportation policies. The coalition is comprised of law enforcement officers, emergency responders, safety leaders, engineers, independent truck drivers, and elected officials. (Barletta press office).