Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The LuLac Edition #602, Oct. 15tth, 2008



In the next few weeks, this blog editor and our cohort Gort from Gort 42 will be heard on the award winning Entercom Program "OUTLOOK". We will be discussing the impact of blogs on politics, talking about the Presidential campaign and telling the audience how we got started with our respective sites. The show will air on KRZ, The Mountain, and Froggy 101 this Sunday Oct. 19th at 7AM. We will have an encore performance at 6AM the following week (Oct. 26th) on the same stations and then return for the 7AM to 8AM hour two days before the election on Sunday Nov. 2nd. It will be an entertaining and infomative hour. Hope you tune in.


It appears taxpayer advocate Walter Griffith might take up where Tim Grier left off last year. The Times Leader reports that Griffith may file a lawsuit to stop Luzerne County from taking out another loan to meet expenses. The Grier challenge was criticized because the South Wilkes Barre resident didn't own property. Luzerne County lawyer Peter Moses said because of that Grier had no standing. Griffith does own property and has been serious as a heart attack in his pursuit of getting governments in the county to be more open and fiscally responsible. In the meantime, word is there might be county layoffs if the budget crisis is not solved.




Even though it has been fodder for the comics on Saturday Night Live, Obama has stuck to his pedantic speech cadences. So far during the debates, Obama has rarely shown personal anger and emotion. He has been cool as the proverbial cucumber. So far that style has served him well even though there are some who have criticized his lack of emotion for lack of depth. It will be a surprise if Obama deviates from this style in tonight's debate and the closing days of the campaign.


McCain has been emotional on the stump. During debates, he has not been afraid to touch and interact with the audience. McCain's style though is overshadowed by his different ideas and different positions on the economy. His style is warm, folksy and he interacts well with an audience. Sometimes he appears more authentic than Obama. The main challenge for McCain in the days ahead is to keep his style intact, but to focus in on a few ideas like Reagan did to bring the points to clarity. Right now voters seem bewildered over his various takes on the economy.


At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Walter Griffith said...

I see I was right again when I ran for City Council. The Mayor has proposed a tax increase of 24 mills and a recycling increase of $15.00 . as well as a Earned income tax increase of .15% ..I tried to warn the residents of District "A" when I ran and now the people know the whole story of the borrow and spend Leighton Administration.

Walter Griffith

At 6:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me Darlin, David, I'd be thrilled to listen in but as ya know I'll be at Mass from 6 till 9 in the mornin' on all a those Sundays.
Perhaps you could ask for a more civil hour.

Mrs O"Malley

At 9:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two things, Walter griffith has done more for this community than the council members of Wilkes Barre and the Commissioners. Also Dave, love you on TV. Can't wait for the radio shows. Shadoe Steele is a great interviewer. But Walter Griffith, he's the man.


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