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The LuLac Edition #606, Oct. 18th, 2008



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I have a great affinity for Cindy McCain. Now you’re wondering what a left leaning, damn near socialist but totalitarian, right wing disciplinarian toward criminals has in common with an applicant for the First Lady’s job? Well, Cindy McCain is a graduate of the Class of 1972. She did it in sunny Arizona while I did it in as one nun described it, “dirty, dirty Pittston”. I imagine we listened to the same music, had a diverse opinion on politics but still shared the common bond of graduating in the year of Vietnam, McGovern, the Wallace assassination and Nixon. I admire her career choices which were better thought out than mine. My fondness for her increased when she took on her prescription problem head on. The thing I like about Cindy McCain is that she has depth, more so than I see in Michelle Obama and certainly more than Sarah Palin. (You won’t see Cindy on SNL making an ass out of herself like the GOP ticket has done over the years.) Anyway, today in Wilkes Barre, Cindy McCain told the crowd of 600 how much their votes and support counts in this election, as the country is watching who Pennsylvanians decide to vote for. Everyone needs to vote, and encourage everyone they know to do the same, she said as reported in the Scranton Times. She said the Commonwealth is more than a swing state. State Representative Karen Boback introduced McCain and the program also included a who’s who of local, state and national GOPers. They were state Rep. Mario Scavello, R-Monroe County; Sen. Lisa Baker, R-Lehman Township; Brooke Burr, wife of North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr, and Mary Pawlenty, wife of Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty. CSPAN provided coverage of the event nationally.




MccAin feels the way to spread the wealth around is to make the Bush taxes permanent and give tax breaks to small businesses.


Senator Obama feels that the wealth should trickle down and that’s fine as long as the middle class doesn’t get squeezed. Poverty programs are great but let’s hope he doesn’t mean a repeat of “The Great Society” where many programs were good but just as many were wasteful. Obama has to avoid the temptation to make a deal at the expense of the people who have always paid the freight. As an example, for the unwed mothers cranking out kids with no regard for a workable life plan afterward instead relying on the government. And how about that other segment of welfare, the business charlatans who take tax breaks, promise big jobs and then leave town when the tax incentives go away. Spreading the wealth better mean helping the middle class, the people who are never late on their taxes and who hold this country together for the poor welfare recipients as well as the millionaire ones.



A superior site with information on issues that get right down to the nitty gritty. Easy to operate and access.


You can’t access anything unless you sign in. Bogus. If you need to get a take on an issue, you have to jump through hoops to get to the site. Not very inclusive for a guy who says he’s thinking about “the folks”. I mean if web savvy people can’t get in, how are the people who use the computer once in a while going to get the info? And no, I didn’t give them my information. But if I didn’t have to access the information about his campaign (which I found elsewhere) I would’ve tanked it and given up.


At 10:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Standing "steady" next to John and Cindi McCain is that lump of boredom Joe Liebermann, the Man Without a Country! He is the only guy who looks as pale and in poor health as McCain. He is decaying from the inside out right along with Ol Buddy John. Joe the not a plumber has had a greater impact than Joe the traitor on this election. After the Dems victory Liebermanns seat will be moved to the cloakroom along with the other pages! He stands tall along with Benedict Arnold as a patriot!

At 11:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good call on Lumpy Liebermann!

Taylor Jack

At 12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys, Yonk and Gort, great show today on the radio. Shadoe steele is a top quality guy and you guys did very well
On Lieberman, the guy has principles but he is on a losing bandwagon. Too bad because he's a smart dude and would've made a good Veep choice for McCain as a type of fusion candidate.


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