Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The LuLac Edition #609, Oct. 21st, 2008



The campaign of U.S. Congressional candidate Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta said his opponent, Congressman Paul Kanjorski, is a hypocrite when it comes to addressing the Congress's role in the banking scandal and the credit crisis that followed.
“It is the height of hypocrisy for Paul Kanjorski to publicly rebuke AIG while privately taking thousands of dollars from the company's lobbyists for his re-election campaign,” said Vince Galko, Mayor Barletta's campaign manager. “This is nothing new, as Mr. Kanjorski has taken millions of dollars in campaign contributions from lobbyists and special interest groups that represent the financial industries he was responsible to regulate.
“In his latest attempt to confuse the public, Mr. Kanjorski refers to AIG as 'a pig at the taxpayer's trough,' but it's clear that Mr. Kanjorski has done his fair share of abusing the taxpayers by taking what he calls 'free money' but is, in reality, the hard-earned tax dollars of the people of northeastern Pennsylvania,” Galko added.
According to the Federal Election Commission, Kanjorski accepted campaign contributions in the 2007-08 cycle from American International Group (AIG). (www.fec.gov)
In the House in this cycle, Kanjorski received the second-highest amount of lobbyist cash that AIG paid out, and AIG ranked sixth on Kanjorski's list of political action committee contributors. (www.opensecrets.org) In September, AIG received an $85 billion federal bailout, then the company came under fire for lavish events days after receiving that bailout.
“AIG has acted disgracefully by holding top-shelf parties after the taxpayers bailed out the company, but Mr. Kanjorski is trying to cover up his complicity in the banking crisis, especially since he has taken thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from AIG,” Galko said.
“Congress needs to limit the amount of money its members can take from the industries they're supposed to be watching,” Mayor Barletta added. “We cannot trust members of Congress to investigate or oversee the same people who give them millions of dollars in campaign contributions.”


It appears both counties, Luzerne and Lackawanna County are going to be doing some belt tightening in terms of the budget. In Luzerne County, the layoffs arrive to make certain the budget is balanced at the end of the year. In Lackawanna County, more long term projections appear to be the order of the day streamlining county government for the next fiscal year and beyond. The major political difference, Lackawanna Commissioners Washo and O’Brien are solid in their resolve to work as a team while Maryanne Petrilla continues to govern (quite masterfully) by coalition government.


The latest NBC News Wall Street Journal Poll shows Senator Obama with a 10 point lead over John McCain, 52% to 42%.




McCain has packaged himself as an authentic America hero. All of his ads take the tact that “America Comes First”, service above self. Where the McCain campaign has fallen short is the packaging of Sarah Palin. By not putting her in conservative friendly venues early, the campaign did her a disservice by not building her confidence. Although she redeemed herself and then some in the debates, the McCain camp should have lent the Senator’s gravitas to her image. Also at the same time, her energy could have helped the McCain effort with his wooing of the base.


Obama has been a brand from day one. Carefully calculated, the campaign has positioned Obama as the candidate of change. As economic factors weigh heavily on the country, the image of change is now indelible. By accident or design, the packaging of Obama has caught up with the issues of the day. As far as Joe Biden, well let's just say the effort to team the two up fell apart given Biden’s loquacious style. Talk about a Maverick, Joe has been off the reservation often but has stayed close to the Obama message. Small favors.


At 11:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched the Commissioners Show on 61 and barely heard a word from Washo! Its the Cordaro Munchak thing again with Corey doin the talking and Washo standing by and agreeing. I thought Washo was the senior partner here, but it seems to be OBrien in the Cordaro role.
Dont get me wrong, I am in no way saying Corey OBrien is anything like Bob C, but he does seem to like center stage and Washo doesnt seem to mind. OBrien is a politician. Washo never was. Its why I liked him. It will be interesting to see where politics carries young OBrien. Its obvious the commissioner job is a stepping stone.

At 1:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a fairly conservative liberal.
I am being told by republicans that I hate America and everything it stands for. I dont believe in God. I do believe that gays and other minorities have a right to exist.I despise the American way. I would actually vote for a black man for President. I dont belong in the country of John McCain and Sarah Palin. Thats why I am also a combat decorated veteran. I hate America so much in fact that I proudly put my ass on the line for the United States. I worked hard all my life like my father before me who immigrated to this country. I pay for my own health insurance. I vote and I have served on jury duty. I have volunteered in my community and I have worked as a volunteer in two political campaigns. I contribute to charity when I can and I treat my fellow citizens with all the respect I would like to be treated with. I obey the laws of the land and I support the troops and the cops and the firemen and the teachers. Damn I am so ashamed of myself. I'm sorry I disagree with the republicans who only want to tell me how to live and how to think. If only I could get it their way and get right with God maybe I too could be a good American.


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