Sunday, January 18, 2009

The LuLac Edition #697, Jan. 18th, 2009



Barack Obama arrived in D.C. today by train with his Vice President Joe Biden. Hannibal Hamlin or Andrew Johnson were never mentioned. There was much comparison to the Obama-Lincoln connection. Lincoln took over a nation coming apart at the seams. Obama takes over a country that has taken a few lumps. For the first time in over twenty five years, we as Americans are doubting not only ourselves but various"givens" that were our rights as Americans. Obama has been told by historians that he must be a healer and produce vision. To an extent, I'd say yes. But he has to be more than the legend of the "sainted" Honest Abe in the history books. He has to be the wheeler and dealer model of Lincoln. Obama has to be the cagey politico that inviited conflict among aides and fired his generals when they weren't winning. He has to have Lincoln's sense of political preservation. The man can quote all he wants about the "better angels of our nature" but he had better have the strength to confront the devils that have been dragging this country down in the last 8 years. Obama must use his bully pulpit to get what he wants and what the nation needs: stability and a way out of the problems facing us. A closer look at Lincoln suggests he could be ruthless in his pursuit of good. Obama must do the same. Or else the next Presidential comparison will be not with Lincoln or FDR, but with a peanut farmer from Georgia.


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Last week I rooted for the Eagles. Going to do it again this Sunday even though my dad was a lifelong Cards fan who never got a whiff of a modern day playoff game, those gawdy uniforms the Cards wear, and the guts and gumption of Kurt Warner. One more time with feeling, from YOU TUBE:


At 6:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could work out to where Ford Motors one day has a car called the Obama. Very practical and will replace the Lincoln. I hope so, anyway!


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