Saturday, May 29, 2010

The LuLac Edition #1194, May 29th, 2010


The recent news that Congressman Joe Sestak was approached by the White House through an intermediary former President Bill Clinton was hardly surprising to a long time Clinton watcher and fan. I spoke yesterday with a long time FOB (Friend of Bill) who talked of the former President.
Q: Why do you think he got involved in this matter?

A: He always wants to be at the center of the action. And he was like an old firehouse dog ready to jump on the truck when an associate of his administration, Sestak jumped into the race for Senate.

Q: In all of your experience with politicians would you call him the ultimate political animal?

A: Oh he loves politics and I think he is a skilled thinker but don’t forget he was a very good President despite being frustrated by events.

Q: Such as?
A: Unfortunately for the impeachment. Then for reigning in the deficit. But if it weren’t for a GOP House I’m not sure he could’ve done it.
Q: Today is John F. Kennedy’s birthday. Clinton idolized JFK, met him at age 16, always thought he was the rightful heir to the Kennedy throne. Do you know how disappointed he was when Teddy Kennedy endorsed Obama instead of his wife Hillary?

A: It drove him insane. I had been in touch with him about Pennsylvania and he told me that he was bitterly disappointed. I think though he used too much pressure on Teddy Kennedy. Let’s face it, Teddy Kennedy as far as some Democrats are concerned was the “unelected” President. He was an icon and I think the President, the one elected twice by the people forgot that.
Q: If you had an opportunity to invite Bill over your house for a weekend, what preparations would you make?

A: I’d drink a Red Bull because I have a feeling we’d be up late chewing the fat. Politics. Politics. Politics.
Q: Clinton was bitter rivals with President Obama. Didn’t like the way his wife was treated in the campaign, etc., why would he get involved in something like this, the Sestak thing?
A: He wants to be needed. And it was a chance to be back in the arena, behind the scenes. It’s in his blood.


At 1:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good interview. Well stated well written. Hits that old nail right on the head.

Good Holiday All

At 7:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good interview. Why don't you interview Commissioner Petrilla on the email scandal? All politicians (national, state and local) live in a fantasy world. Do any of them ever tell the absolute truth?

At 10:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had a chance to see Bill as pres during the 2 family visits @ court st in Scranton, 2nd time to actually meet. Hillery & Chelsea were actually down to earth and engaging, but Bill was on autopilot, shaking hands and greeting like a zombie. But, he must have been thinking about partying up east mountain with Mayor Jimmy Connors......

At 10:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Petrilla flat out lied about giving her password to several people so that she could have her emails checked while away from the office. FACT: She has a blackberry cell and she can check her emails from anywhere. That was BS and I hipe she gets caught in that lie. As for Sestak, I'm giving serious thought to voting against him. What will he do for Pennsylvania after dragging the President through this political mud. Fug um! A comple ***hole.

At 10:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

David, I read the TL article on Griffith asking for help getting caught up on audits. Just a month ago, I made a statement to a friend that I wonder how Griffith is doing on the audits. I felt that he was spending so much time on silliness such as the evidence locker of the Sheriff and saying nothing about the audits. He is busy compiling a list of new audits that need to be done and I have to wonder what he has done to clean up the back log. I think it is a legitimate question and one he needs to answer.

At 1:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would also like to see an update report from Mr Griffith. Has he done his job since January or not?


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