Saturday, August 14, 2010

The LuLac Edition #1266, Aug. 14th, 2010



This week I had the opportunity to talk with a life long Republican who has voted for every Republican in the Presidential elections since 1976. Much to my surprise, he is going to vote Democratic this fall.
Q: What made you change after all these years?
A: I want to say it was an evolution but I can’t. It’s more like a disgust with everybody in both parties.
Q: Why not join a third party movement or the Tea Party people?
A: I would if they were reasonable but they’re not. The national tea party say stuff like our country is being threatened. I have yet to hear a viable argument from someone.
Q: Thoughts on Obama?
A: Mealy mouthed blunderer. No guts. And I know you agree with me.
Q: Oh yeah, he has caved to your party on a number of issues and they screwed him.
A: Correction, they screwed the American people. In Health Care Reform we need to reform the way we deliver health care through insurance reform. But when my party forced the Democrats to take the public option out, they reneged.
Q: And that bothered you?
A: Yes the Republican party I supported had honor. This one does not. They can’t answer a straight question about anything. Look, the Democrats are pretty sorry too but at least they are trying to set the ship of state in an upright position. But the GOP tries to knock it down.
Q: Who were your political heroes growing up?

A: Nixon, a great foreign policy mind, Ford, an honorable man, Reagan, Rockefeller. Hugh Scott, Tom Ridge in the State.
Q: Interesting.
A: Why do you say that?
Q: Well I think everyone of them save for Reagan would never make it through a Republican primary given the mindset of the party members today.
A: Reagan might have but he was loved.
Q: Yeah but Reagan played the conservative wing of the party beautifully. He talked about the sanctity of life but never gave the pro lifers anything.
A: Yeah, he was something.
Q: Locally where do you stand?
A: Well my party in Lackawanna County is in a shambles. I hope they start to rebuild and I will vote for those candidates. Nationally? I don’t see anybody I like in 2012, Toomey is worse than Rick Santorum was in terms of the middle class and I’m done with Corbett.
Q: Why?
A: The unemployment remark. I got a son in law who has been out of work for 15 months. My next door neighbor works at the DVD place and they are going to lay him off.
Q: So why don’t you rail and blame Obama?
A: Like all those other Republicans?
Q: Yeah.
A: It is the way my party reacted. They all seem strategically stupid.
Q: So in 2010 you’re going for Sestak, Onorato?
A: Sestak yes, on the Governor’s race, might just leave it blank or go third party if they leave them on the ballot.
Q: So what was the final straw on this?
A: Boehner. (House Minority Leader: Ed. Note).
Q: What did he do?
A: He floated the balloon that maybe we should raise the retirement age to 70. Can you believe that? Most of my friends who lost their jobs are going on at 62 and this horse’s ass is saying we should work till 70? That was it.
Q: But I’m sure it will be staggered.
A: Are you trying to defend him?
Q: No, I’m just thinking that the national GOP would never try to…………
A: Be reasonable?
Q: Never mind, you’re right.
A: Why don’t you ask me the big question?
Q: Okay, will Obama be a one term President or a two termer?
A: Two. He will be like Clinton. His best friends politically will be his enemies. They have proven themselves to be so inept at taking advantage of his mistakes.
Q: Have they (The Republican Party) lost you forever?
A: Forever is a long time but except for Lackawanna County stuff, I benched myself. Obama might not be the best but these guys and gals are downright scary.


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people can retire ages people at any age. however we need to raise the age people can collect social security or the system will go.broke. soc sec was supposed to be a supplement to, not. primary source of.retirement

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Hey Yonk: No love for the departed Mayor of Moosic?


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