Saturday, August 21, 2010

The LuLac Edition #1273, Aug. 21st, 2010



This week I had the chance to talk to someone who made his annual trek to Williamsport, Pa. to see the opening ceremonies of the Little League World Series.
Q: How many years have you been going?
A: This is my 17th year. I enjoy the trip and look forward to it.
Q: How old are you and did you ever play in Little League?
A: I’m 63 and no I never played in organized little league. We lived way out in the boonies and we played ball in a sandlot field. I did play a little in high school.
Q: Position?
A: Outfield.
Q: What draws you there every year?
A: It is unspoiled. Baseball today is such a big business and the players are such prima donnas that when I see a game with just the kids it is pure sports.
Q: There were a few questionable things a few years ago where one of the pitchers lied about his age.
A: Yeah I’ll grant you that but those incidents are few and far between.
Q: Do you have kids?
A: Two girls. Step daughters. They aren’t into sports.
Q: Does your wife go?
A: She went twice but I just go with some buddies. We pack a van and some food and go on our way. They’re good friends, they’re more into NASCAR.
Q: Do they drag you to Long Pond like you drag them to Williamsport every year?
A: Oh you bet. (Laughing). But I don’t mind. Sometimes.
Q: Payback’s a bitch sometimes.
A: You know it.


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