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The LuLac Edition #1282, Aug. 30th, 2010



They say there’s two sides to every story and last week the PR guys for Congressman Kanjorski and Mayor Barletta went at it. Here are the two sides on the issue:
Yesterday, within minutes of Congressman Paul Kanjorski's announcement that Northeastern Pennsylvania was under consideration to be the home for the Department of State's Foreign Affairs Security Training Center (FASTC), Lou Barletta issued a press release vowing to fight against the Center, which would employ up to 1000 federal employees. "I realize that Mayor Barletta is increasingly desperate to leave behind the mess he created in Hazleton and will do almost anything to win in his third race for Congress," said Ed Mitchell, Kanjorski campaign spokesman. "But even I never thought he would stoop so low as to oppose the creation of up to one thousand solid, good-paying jobs for Northeastern Pennsylvania. Shame on Lou Barletta. "Lou Barletta is always 'Mr. No' when it comes to any jobs or progress that Congressman Kanjorski proposes. He would fit right in with the 'No' mentality of Republicans in Congress." "In his hastily drafted, incendiary press release, Barletta recklessly attempts to inflame opposition by portraying the training center as a 'military-style training camp' and a 'bomb range' that would 'put residents of this district in danger.'" "The center is nothing close to that. No one will be in danger, or even inconvenienced," said Mitchell. "In fact, the training center would employ between 850 and 1000 permanent federal employees and would annually train 10,000 students who work for Diplomatic Security, the division of the State Department that is responsible for protecting the safety of Americans overseas at U.S. Embassies and other American installations. "Aside from the jobs, there will be ancillary benefits like a boost to our hotel and restaurant businesses. "Apparently there is no limit to how low Lou Barletta will go with his dangerous demagoguery. He is even willing to oppose the American heroes who risk their lives to protect American personnel and facilities overseas. "Perhaps most disturbing is the speed with which he attacked this project; he clearly thought he could score quick political points against the Congressman without taking the time to learn anything about this project," said Mitchell. "Lou Barletta is not on our side. He's always for the status quo. No wonder Hazleton has the highest unemployment rate in the state."
Here’s Shawn Kelly’s take on it:
This morning, Ed Mitchell, campaign spokesman for Kanjorski, put out a press release. Here is the response from Mayor Lou Barletta's campaign.
If Paul Kanjorski is so concerned about jobs, why did he vote for the two biggest job-crushing bills in U.S. history, Obamacare and Cap and Trade? Why has he voted for higher taxes and fees more than 150 times, something that has cost our country millions of jobs? The best thing we can do to bring jobs to our region is fire Kanjorski from his job. There is only one candidate in this race who actually created jobs. As small business owners, Lou and his wife started a small business with nothing but $29.95 and hard work. Lou knows how great it feels to give someone his or her first job, and he knows the stress of having to make payroll each week.
Paul Kanjorski's policies have cost Northeastern Pennsylvania more than 4,500 manufacturing jobs just in the last few years. His vote for the Pelosi's healthcare bill alone cost us 100 jobs at Sallie Mae. He takes thousands of dollars from Prudential, and then watches as they layoff dozens of local workers.
The only job Kanjorski cares about protecting is his own. That is why it’s time for another “Kanjorski Empty Promises Tour.” Over the years, we have been promised an inflatable dam, renovations of the Sterling Hotel, a monorail, moving sidewalks, and everyone's favorite – water jet technology, compliments of Kanjorski's own Cornerstone Technology.
Now we are promised hybrid vehicles and anti-terrorist training camps. We need real jobs and real leadership.


At 5:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shawn Kelly nailed it. Time to go, Kanjo.

At 6:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't this story like a week old already?

At 7:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

EX Kanjorski believer says:

Mr Kanjorski comes up with a fantasy project every election cycle.

Here are some of the ones I recall. A bullet train to New York. He forgot to tell us that the Jersey Central footprint he wanted to use has turns too tight for a high speed train. Montage was to become Wall Street West. He forgot to tell us that we don't have enough fiber optic infrastructure in NEPA to support it. The Hotel Sterling was to become magnificent Glass High Rise building that would become the gateway to Wilkes Barre. On this one, he duped a small developer into paying paying over 100 K for architectural elevation plans. Paul touted the plans around town and in the end the developer ended up with a handfull of fresh air. There was a Monorail to New York. He forgot to mention that GW Bush had to give him 1.8 billion to build it. Remember the Cargo Airport in Hazelton ? He told us FedEx was the anchor. On that one he had criminals as development partners, Fedex wasn't interested and the property has a strip mine canyon right across the area where the run way goes. The Equipment Center in Nanticoke turned into a disaster when he tried to use it as a family business. You can see the Director, Mr Yudichak's interview with a National media network on U-Tube. Search 'Kanjorski" Remember the moving sidewalk through Wilkes Barre? That one was just plain dumb.
The list goes on and on. The pattern of deception is always the same. Announce ahuge project with lots of jobs before the election with the expected outcome right after the election. The projects never come to fruition.
The only jobs Paul Kanjorski has created were the jobs for his nephews in the 9 million dollar Cornerstoine money grab.
Paul Kanjorski is a case study in why we need term limits. He is totally out of touch with the district. He will say anything to keep his job. He has been more interested in feathering his own nest than doing what he was elected to do.

At 3:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 9:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually the story is just a couple of days old and it's still fuel for the fire on WGOP...I mean WILK.
The fact is at least Congressman Kanjorski is coming up with ideas!
I've got no problem with mayor Barletta asking questions about a proposed training center. But untill he gets them answered he should keep an open mind about the possibility.
Opposing the proposal just because it comes from Congressman Kanjorski shows, again, that mayor Barletta is not fit for any office above that of mayor of the great city (?) of Hazleton.

At 9:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

These local talk show hosts have to realize that they can't be so rude. It works for some national hosts because they have a larger audience. After listening to Corbett's rude treatment of callers and his draconian tactics over facebook and what callers want to discuss I pulled my advertising off of all the entercom stations. (edited)

At 10:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats the direct thing to do!And the correct thing for you. If youve got a way to send a message then exercise it. There are plenty or other advertising outlets who will be glad to get your account.
The other side is WILK cannot bend to advertisers. Corbett is on their signal and well do they know he will piss some folks off. I guess they all cant be sponsored by gold!


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