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The LuLac Edition #1356, Nov. 1st, 2010



44 years ago there was a Home Rule Charter on the ballot in Wilkes Barrre City. The motion passed three to one with the voters. No one was indicted, no money was missing, no one built a facility and used kickbacks as a source of income. The big issue was that then Mayor Frank Slattery raised taxes with a 1% Wage Rax. That was enough to infuriate the voters to change the entire way Wilkes Barre operated. Now 44 years later, I wonder with all that’s gone down, what is it going to take to change our government in the county? 30 people charged and going to jail, tons of patronage jobs, secretaries getting paid more than their bosses (I’m sorry, Executive Assisstants) and row office officials daylighting at car lots. Every time I ask myself how can this not pass, I remember this is LuLac land. Just look at the so called reformers who won the last election, my buddy Walter Griffith and Carolee Medico Olenginski, are they for Home Rule? Uhhhhh, nope. This Home Rule balloit is going to be very, very close. Which way it goes, I can’t predict but we have got to start over.


PCN is going to be covering the mid term election. Tomorrow, PCN will air LIVE Election Night programming beginning at 8:00 p.m. PCN will be LIVE from the headquarters of the gubernatorial candidates Tom Corbett (R) and Dan Onorato (D) as well as from the headquarters of U.S. Senate candidates Pat Toomey (R) and Joe Sestak (D). Included will also be interviews with reporters in various locations across the state which include the 3rd, 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th and 12th Congressional districts.
WILK AM & FM will be on the air live tomorrow night starting at 8PM with their election coverage.
WYLN TV 35 will be doing their election night coverage from 8pm to midnight. You can see WYLN TV’s coverage on their website and on Service Electric Channel 19 in Wilkes Barre.


State Representative John Yudichak announced today that he is offering his strong personal support to Democratic candidate Gerald Mullery for State Representative in the 119th District. Yudichak and Mullery grew up together as friends and neighbors in Plymouth Township. They played on the Plymouth Township little league team, won the pee wee football superbowl championship with the Plymouth Shawnee Indians and the Wyoming Valley District baseball championship at Nanticoke High School. “Jerry Mullery is an exceptional family man who despite the loss of his father at an earlier age succeeded, through hard work and determination, in becoming a respected attorney and community leader. Jerry Mullery can do the job, and I am proud to offer my support to his campaign for State Representative,” said Yudichak. “Jerry, with his work ethic and values, will be a trusted partner with me in the fight to build a better northeastern Pennsylvania with new jobs, good schools and safe neighborhoods,” Yudichak added. It would be the first-time that the communities of the 119th District have an opportunity to elect one of their own to both the State Senate and to the State House. Mullery said that he was humbled by Rep. Yudichak's support and grateful to have the trust and confidence of one of northeastern Pennsylvania's most accomplished legislators. “John and I have been friends and teammates our whole lives, now we want that teamwork to make a difference for the people of the 119th District and all of northeastern Pennsylvania,” said Mullery. Yudichak and Mullery kicked-off the final days of their campaigns with a joint rally Friday night at Alden Manor in Newport Township.


Wil Toole, local activist recently wrote a letter to the editor on term limits. Here’his take on things:
Term Limits.
Term limits as a thought could be argued from either side and with great effectiveness. I have given it much thought and from each side. I understand the benefits of both and I recognize that we currently have term limits in the Governor's position, so what's the harm?
With years of government and political experience, I have gained a great deal of inside observations. For example I recognize that having the executive position limited to two terms has not had a down side but I attribute that to having an experienced legislature in place.
So I have come to my conclusion that term limits are not what I vision as good government. Just as a large company could not prosper with inexperienced management, nor can government. The legislature does not play the role of an inactive Board of Directors but rather as a proactive group with day to day hands on responsibilities. They know what's going on.
So we limit our elected positions to two terms or a set number of years. Who will seek office? Can the average person walk away from a career chosen to support their families? Does it make sense that a successful office manager or salesman will interrupt his/her business career to serve 8 or 10 years in government (public) service? I think not.
If term limits are enacted in any way, I see public office becoming the playground for the wealthy or vehicle for special interests. Business owners whose business interests are self sufficient and managed by hand picked capable managers. No risk in seeking and serving a term limited public service.
These people will assume office and have not a clue as to how government operates on a day to day basis. They will rely heavier on public employee advise than has ever been done before. It will be the professional who will run government and the novice office holders will not have a clue as to what is needed or what can be done from a practical point of view. A good example is our school boards. Locally we elect 9 members who have the responsibility of creating policy according to the advice they receive from their superintendent of schools. The tone of education is decided by the Director of Curriculum, the budget is determined by the Business Manager, the sports program is determined by the Athletic Director and the Board of Education goes along with this "professional" advice. Why do they do it? Because they are part time officials involved in government who haven't a clue. They only know what they are told. The professional educational personnel explain procedures as well as government mandates. The elected officials rely on the advice of the "bureaucrats" be it good or bad because as part time officials, they don't know.
The best form of term control is the electoral process. Considering that 65% of all eligible voters did not exercize their right to vote this past November is the real problem. That form of civic involvement is the absolute problem followed very closely by the taxpayers who do not attend municipal government meetings and show little or no interest in what is going on in their own communities. The public needs to be involved at the very least by attending meetings and simply being present to assure the elected officials that they are under scrutiny.
An example of government gone bad is demonstrated by what is and has been happening in the City of Pittston. Three years ago, several taxpayers including myself were attending monthly council meetings and speaking out about current events. In order to stifle those active taxpayers, the then mayor and council enacted a 3 minute rule which did nothing more than stifle those in attendance. Earlier this year, as I personally attempted to point out an ill-conceived budget, the new mayor who had never attended a council meeting before his election to mayor interrupted me as I was pointing out budget errors and informed me that the 3 minute time limit was in effect. I asked why he didn't want me to explain the budget shortfalls and he simply reiterated that the 3 minute rule is in effect. Where was the public outcry when he did this and the council sat and allowed it to happen?
If we allow term limits to become the law of the land and we as "The People" continue to sit at home then government will continue to be the realm of private interests and we The People will pay a terrible price.


At 6:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it isn't about starting over, it isn't about changing the form of gov't,it IS about electing better people.
unfortunately, with this home rule charter, that won't happen. it provide the opportunity for more abuse, more nepotism and more corruption.
either way the gov't will steal the money i earn and give it to friends or loafers, sometimes they are the same people and i sitll will be strive to take care of myself.

At 8:29 AM, Anonymous junction said...

Prepare yourselfs folks.
When the home rule charter paseses we will have election advertisements all the time. Half the council on the home rule charter run for re-election. Mud slinging 24/7,365 days a year. 366 on a leap year. I cannot wait.


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