Saturday, November 06, 2010

The LuLac Edition #1363, Nov. 6th, 2010



With the election of Lou Barletta this week, his logical successor seems to be Hazleton City Council President Joe Yannuzzi. We talked to a business associate of Yannuzzi’s this week to get the measure of the man who just might be Hazleton’s next Mayor.
Q: What type of guy is Joe Yannuzzi?
A: A tireless public servant. He really enjoys the nuts and bolts of government. If he gets the job, I think he’ll do well.
Q: Do you think he was in the shadow of Lou Barletta?
A: Not at all. I think he worked with Lou, agreed with him philosophically but certainly wasn’t overshadowed by him.
Q: He stood with Barletta on the immigration law?
A: Oh yeah he did but Joe believed as did the Mayor that it was all about the safety of it all.
Q: What will he do about the challenges that face Hazleton?
A: I think he’ll work quietly and carefully to get things on track. He has that special quality of leadership.
Q: Which is?
A: He’s a community guy. Not An activist, not a guy you see raising hell at meetings but a guy who gets involved. He’s been a mainstay with the cancer society, community organizations, it’s his thing. Some guys go play golf, he goes to meetings ya know? I bet he’s out at a meeting every night.
Q: So Hazleton will be in good hands if he’s in charge?
A: Oh yeah.
Q: Will he be better than Barletta?
A: C’mon, I can’t say.
Q: Sure you could. This is an anonymous interview.
A: Yeah but you know Tarone And Zoba! (Editor’s note: WYLN TV 35 Election Night co panelists).
Q: Point well taken.


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