Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The LuLac Edition #1405, Dec. 15th, 2010




Pittston Dispatch columnist Jack Smiles penned a thoughtful column on the charges facing Senator Ray Musto. Here is what he wrote:
We all need Sen. Musto to be not-guilty.
By now, everyone’s heard the charges. Sen. Ray Musto is accused of accepting cash as a bribe for favoritism.
By now, everyone’s heard the senator’s reaction: I will go to trial and the truth will be heard.
His insinuation, of course, is that the truth will set him free, so to speak.
We hope so.
Partly because we know the senator and have always found him to be forthright and, yes, honest.
But we hope the senator is found to be not guilty of these charges for another reason as well, a more self-centered one.
We want the senator to be not guilty for us. For all of us.
While Diogenes may have searched for one honest man with sarcasm and cynicism, our search is serious. In these trying times in Luzerne County, one public official has to emerge as above reproach.
We had always believed Senator Musto would be that one person.
There are others, too, whom we believe to be honest public servants. But we always thought Sen. Musto’s name would be on the top of the list.
We’re still hoping we’re right.
Jack Smiles writes a weekly column for the Sunday Dispatch and virtually runs the joint. Smiles is also the author of a book about baseball Hall of Famer Hughie Jenkins.


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