Saturday, December 11, 2010

The LuLac Edition #1401, Dec. 11th, 2010



Today I share an interview with someone who was asking me questions about this very interview segment. This came in two separate conversations. Keep in mind, I’m answering this time.
Q: So who’s the chick you’re interviewing in the Interview picture?

A: I’m not interviewing her at all. It was staged.
Q: How do you mean?
A: My original logo had a woman looking into the camera looking very corporate. I realized she was from a Corporate website so I decided to get another picture.
Q: So who’s the chick?
A: It is a woman, not a baby chick at Easter.
Q: Politically correct to a fault. Who is it?
A: Actually that photo is of Jill Konopka who used to be the weekend Anchor at WBRE and night beat reporter. Jill is currently at WFSB, Hartford, Connecticut.
Q: Okay, how did you get her to do that?
A: Sounds like you think I was holding her hostage.
Q: Hey, I’d like to…………
A: Stop right there she’s a friend.
Q: Okay, okay.
A: Anyway, I met Jill when I used to be a guest on WYOU TV doing political commentary with Eric Sheiner. During the summer of 2008, Jill was going to Germany to do a broadcast journalism fellowship that was pretty exclusive. She wanted to know how to set up a blog. So I went to the studio old microphone in hand and asked her to pose for the photo.
Q: Did it take much persuading?
A: Well at first she was reluctant because she just came from her spinning classes at the YMCA. She said she was all sweaty and her hair looked bad.
Q: That’s the way you used to like them, sweaty?
A: Hey, hey…………
Q: Okay, okay.
A: Anyway, we took the photo, and after she looked at them she decided they didn’t look so bad after all and she became a LuLac logo.
Q: Cool. I think she looks good and I like the picture.
A: Well it’s like they say, the people who are the best looking are always reluctant to have their photo taken while the not so great looking are constantly getting their mugs exposed.
Q: Like you?
A: Shut up.


At 6:18 AM, Anonymous your friend and political sparring partner said...

on FB with Jill, saw recent pics, she is no chick... Fox would be the appropriate politically UNcorrect term...

At 8:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A behind the scenes look at LuLac. Cool.


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