Saturday, March 12, 2011

The LuLac Edition #1506, March 12th, 2011



This past week we interviewed a son of Ireland as he prepared for St. Patrick’s Day weekend here in Northeastern Pennsylvania.
Q: How do you start you day?
A: Oh I go to Mass. Then I get my spot to be able to see the parade.
Q: Have a lawn chair and provisions?
A: I have a small bench I bring along with a little thermos that I put in my coat. It’s like a mini thermos but bigger than a flask.
Q: Do you stay for the whole parade?
A: Oh yeah, the entire thing.
Q: How about bathroom breaks?
A: I’m very judicious with my thermos. I hold it in if necessary.
Q: After the parade?
A: Well I used to head to Whistles but now I go to the Radison.
Q: How long have you been coming to the Scranton parade?
A: For the last 35 years or so. It’s like a tradition.
Q: What do you get out of it personally?
A: It’s time to celebrate my heritage, to gab with old friends, meet new ones.
Q: You keep in touch with people from the parade?
A: Yes, in the summer we get together at Abe’s Deli or at PNC Park.
Q: What happens Saturday night? Heavy drinking?
A: Oh I have a few but not more than three. I have been going to the Wilkes Barre parade for the last nine years.
Q: Which one do you like better?
A: They are both great events, you can’t judge them against each other because both of them are different ages, different organizations, different cities.
Q: Very diplomatic.
A: Yes, we Irish, that we are, that we are.


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