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The LuLac Edition #1508, March 14th, 2011



Jim Wansacz and Brian Jeffers Sunday got the endorsement of the Lackawanna County Democratic Party Executive Committee for the party's nomination for county commissioner in the May 17 primary. Wansacz lost his bid for the 22nd District State Senate seat held by Robert Mellow. Jeffers was on the Scranton School board for the last decade. Both men indicated they would run as a team a few weeks ago. The party has decided not to endorse the sitting Commissioner Corey O'Brien and his running mate Jeanette Mariani. O'Brien has his own organization in place, remnants of it from his unsuccessful primary run for the 11th Congressional District seat held by Paul Kanjorski. O'Brien ran the last time for Commissioner without the party endorsement and sources tell me he did not expect the nod this time either. This primary battle will be all about how each team organizes. As I stated earlier, there is always the possibility that the two lesser known entities on each team, Jeffers and Mariani might lose and you might wind up with a team of O'Brien and Wansacz. Or in the unlikely eventthat the public sees O'Brien and Wansacz as "career politicians" there is still a possibility that Jeffers and Mariani might prevail. Like the old sports saying goes, "That's why they play the game". Interesting choices ahead and big bucks for TV and Radio stations ahead in the Lackawanna County Commissioners race.


Tom Borthwick's coming out party went well in West Scranton
Friday Night at Kilcoynes on North Main Avenue. An impressive crowd
gathered fast right around the time the food arrived. Democratic Party dignitaries included Commissioner Mike Washo and City Council member Bob McGoff. The Borthwick Clan and several long time supporters were well represented. It was an Up Beat Event. Tom Borthwick is a well educated product of Scranton Schools and Local Colleges and is currently a school teacher. He is an experienced educator. He is a Democrat. Those are the strengths Borthwick carries into his maiden politcal run. All in all it looked to be a good campaign sendoff for a candidate worthy of consideration for the Scranton School Board.


After urging by friends and supporters, Wil Toole made the decision to seek the Member of County Council office. Toole, 67, of Dupont a veteran of the United States Coast Guard has a strong background in business and government management. Toole is the only candidate to seek this county office who has the Professional Municipal Manager credentials recognized by the International City/County Manager’s Association (ICMA). In September of 1997, Toole was notified that he had met the criteria of the ICMA to achieve recognition as a Professional Municipal Manager. At the same time, Pittston City was listed in Who’s Who in Local Government under the criteria of General Government Management. Pittston City was the only municipality in NE Pennsylvania to achieve that designation.
Wil Toole brings Budget, Management and Government expertise to the county and his ideas have been well expressed at public meetings and many letters to the editor.
Toole said, "If elected, I look forward to joining the new County Council and working to bring common sense and important experience in helping to create a solid foundation to our new form of government in Luzerne County."
Toole has been endorsed by the Hazleton area group Citizens Opposing Political Suppression (C.O.P.S.) For additional information, please visit Toole's web site at


Democrat Elaine Maddon Curry, 63, Butler Township, has announced her candidacy for Luzerne County Council. A graduate of Penn State University, Maddon Curry is the supervisor of library services for the Greater Hazleton Health Alliance. Maddon Curry served on the Hazleton Area School Board for eight years, helping to oversee an operating budget of more than $120 million. During her term as board president, she led the effort to remove board members from the teacher hiring process. She also released full agendas to the media three days before all committee and board meetings, her announcement said.
She also spearheaded efforts to raise more than $2 million to complete renovations of the auditorium of the former Hazleton High School, known as the “Castle,” into a public performing arts center.


Here are the ballot positions for Luzerne County Council:


Eileen Sorakas
Mario J. Fiorucci Jr.
Wil Toole
Edward A. Brominski
Harry W. Skene
Linda McClosky Houck
Bruce J. Simpson
Wayne Wolfe
John T. Nadolny
Michelle Bednar
M. Theresa Morcavage
Jane Walsh-Waitkus
Stanley Knick Jr.
Thomas W. Ksiezopolski
Thomas Mark Rome
John Adonizio
Tim McGinley
Salvatore Licata
Thomas Rovinski
Fred Stuccio
Elaine Maddon Curry
Casey Evans
John Livingston
Brian K. Overman
Robert G. Webb
Michael S. Giamber
Joseph M. Padavan
Michael McGlynn
Frank Sorokach
Michael G. Collins
James Bobeck
Michael A. Chrobak
Stephen A. Urban


Moderno "Butch" Rossi
Gina Nevenglosky
Linda J. Urban
William "Bill" James
Harry Haas
William McIntosh
John Ruckno
Joyce Dombroski-Gebhardt
Stephen J. Urban
Michael Cabell
Rick Morelli
Edward Warkevicz
Kathleen M. Dobash
Joseph A. Gorko
Blythe H. Evans III
Eugene Kelleher


The candidates who have the best ballot positions are those obviously in the top ten. With the GOP having less candidates than the Democrats, the process of elinination will be easier. However the challenge of some lower lined Democrats will be to try and advertise themselves away from the pack. This race is going to be all about organization and education. Time will tell after years of voters picking only three candidates whether they will acquire the knowledge and have the patience to sift through both ballots.


At 4:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ballot position is not usually important but in this case it is huge. You take a look at two guys like Brominski and Toole and their advantage is two fold because they ran before. Same thing with Urban on the bottom of the ballot. It is easy to find.
As for the dumping of Corey O'Brien, please, the toothless Lackawanna County Committee (Scranton branch) dissed Chris Doherty and where is he now? Serving another term as Mayor of Scranton.

At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My fear is that the people who were yelling and screaming for change will have no clue as to how to pick a County Council.

At 7:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm voting for everyone who has run in an election. But that doesn't mean I'll vote for either Urban 5 times!!! Just once.

At 10:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OBrien has as you say "remnants" of his team from an unsuccessful bid that they we sure would be a success. This guy is on his way out
and he did it to himself by deciding too early to shoot higher
for himself and abandon the job people had elected he and Mike Washo to do. The Dems are weak but strong in numbers and the older generation wont forget the dis!He goes down.

At 11:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


My name is Barbara O’Brien and I am a political blogger. Just had a question about your blog and couldn’t find an email—please get back to me as soon as you can (barbaraobrien(at)


At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Toole and Brominski would be an outstanding addition to county government. Both have the experience to deal with every issue that comes along and both have the strong personalities to handle the political pressure tht is sure to follow. I would love to see Brominski as county manager and Toole as council chair or vice versa. What a dream team. They will be the politician's worst nightmare. Cana't wait for them to take over the dome. I just hope the remainder of the county council will recognize the value of having these two guys working with them.

At 12:18 AM, Blogger David Yonki said...

My name is Barbara O’Brien and I am a political blogger. Just had a question about your blog and couldn’t find an email—please get back to me as soon as you can (barbaraobrien(at)


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