Saturday, April 30, 2011

The LuLac Edition #1572, April 30th, 2011



This past week the world and of course LuLac land was hit by Royal Wedding Fever. I spoke with someone that has been following the Royals for a long time.
Q: You seem to be excited about this wedding?
A: I am. My uncle married a woman from Britain and she was delightful. Growing up she shared so many of the traditions of royalty.
Q: I know what you mean. When I grew up we had a neighbor who married a woman from Britain. Met her when he was in the service. They would travel back and forth to England to see her family. I grew up with their children and got quite an education as to the throne in Britain.
A: Oh yes there is nothing like first hand experiences. I was blessed because my aunt took the time to explain the lineage. She also gave me schooling on the traditions of the last century.
Q: Is it true that the wedding in 2011, the customs actually had its roots culturally in the early twenties?
A: Correct. When Price George married his wife in 1923 this was in effect the first wedding in quite a while. The carriage was used as well as invitations to the public to see the spectacle.
Q: That was big because…
A: Well you know you know but thanks for the opening. George’s brother, David later to be Edward was not married and remained a bachelor until Wallace Simpson.
Q: You were quite young when the queen got married?
A: Yes but I saw color films of the event and my aunt was actually there. So I got the details.
Q: Did you ever visit Britain?
A: Yes in the late 70s and then again in the 90s. As a matter of fact, I left just a week before Diana’s death.
Q: Would you have stayed for the funeral?
A: I almost went back.
Q: Thoughts on this wedding?
A: I feel it was done in very good taste. I see so much of his mother in William. But I think many people should give credit to Charles too.
Q: He was quite a scoundrel as they say, why?
A: Oh sure he was. I mean that tampon thing was ugly but he really let those boys flourish. He didn’t try to deny Diana as part of their lives. Some thought he might. Q: I always thought he got a bad rap for being too stiff.
A: Oh I agree. I think he was caught as a prisoner in time. He had to adhere to the old ways, especially with the Queen Mother living so long. I mean he was up against two generations. So I think in a strange sort of way, Diana’s independence was good for him. Even in death it kind of rubbed off on him.
Q: I’m fascinated by the number of women watching this thing?
A: It’s all about the fairy tale. Love. We women love that sort of idealized fanfare. It’s all about being a princess.
Q: And the prince too, don’t forget that. If you could describe this wedding week in one word what would it be?
A: Uh, savor.
Q: Savor?
A: Oh yes, this was like a banquet of the mind and heart. I think it’ll be a while before we see another like it.
Q: What about Prince Harry?
A: Oh I have a feeling with that bloke it’ll be a while.
Q: You never know, he might fool us, right?
A: (Laughing) No he won’t.


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