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The LuLac Edition #1582, May 7th, 2011



This week I had the chance to interview a cancer survivor who was helped by Candy’s Place in Forty Fort. Candy’s Place was established in honor of Candice Mammary, a victim of lung cancer. I knew Candy from my days at United Way and it is ironic that she never smoked a day in her life, yet the disease took her at a way too young age. Candy’s Place is a facility where cancer patients can go to work out their concerns about the disease and also to interact with other individuals who are in the same boat. Here is a our conversation.
Q: How did you find out about Candy’s Place?
A: When I was going through chemo. I wasn’t very strong I’m afraid.
Q: That’s crazy, of course you were strong. I went through that myself and it was a bear.
A: But you never complained about it.
Q: I think I was too stupid to really understand how bad the situation was.I was in big time denial that anything was wrong even when they were cutting me open. But tell me about you.
A: I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I got very little support from my family. My husband was gone, my kids were out of town and my friends at work were just too busy.
Q: What happened at Candy’s Place?
A: I just went there and told some of the other people there my story. I found that they had the same emotions, phobias, concerns I did.
Q: So it was helpful, you felt you weren’t alone.
A: Correct. People have the misconception that if you live with cancer, you are facing a death sentence. That may be true in the long run but the ultimate goal is to survive and live.
Q: Do you find that there are some quirky stories with a patient with cancer?
A: Oh absolutely. And what struck me was that when I was there I could laugh at some of the strange things that was going on in my body. And that was comforting.
Q: They (Candy’s Place) are having their walk today. When I could walk, before my accident I did the first two walks. Are you going Saturday? EDITOR’S NOTE: Candy’s Place has an annual walk every year the day before Mother’s Day. It happened again today).
A: No I’m going out of town to be with one of my kids but I’m doing the Fashion Show. It’s on July 24th.
Q: I bet you’ll be styling.
A: Yes and with a great big smile on my face.
EDITOR’S NOTE: For more information on Candy’s Place, visit their FaceBook page.


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