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The LuLac Edition #1583, May 8th, 2011



Today is Mother’s Day. Some interesting facts about mothers in the year 2011 . More than 59% of African American women have children with more than two dads, aka sperm splatters. 33% of Hispanic women have children with more than two men, aka sperm splatters. 22% of white women in the United States have children with more than two men, aka sperm splatters. This study was done by the University of Michigan. Apparently it’s cool to have more than two or three dads. After all we celebrate first babies born in the New Year out of wedlock and even have the little tykes be in the subsequent wedding parties. We all talk a good game of family values but when it gets right down to it, we condone and celebrate this type of behavior. Now there are blended families and I think having additional children to supplement the original child is admirable. At least there is a semblance of a traditional family unit. But that’s few and far between. You have cases of women in their 30s and 40s getting pregnant and not even considering birth control subsequently having babies without a marriage without a partner. Sorry, shacking up doesn't count. No matter how much you try to justify the presence of a male. Then you have the welfare queens popping them out for an additional check from the government. This study shows that America has become the land of no values. Whatever your circumstance, Happy Mother’s Day.


The Times Leader did their endorsements for Luzerne County Council. The Leader has been thumping their chests about how many people they have to schedule and that they want to inform all of the people. The Leader has always done a very thorough process. However some of the candidates I spoke to felt that some of the behavior among the young "Leader-ites" was arrogant. One candidate told me that one Editorialist doodled and drew stick figures while he was trying to make a point. Not an indictment of the newspaper mind you, just the thirty something know it all that was given power by the newspaper. Anyway, these are the people they endorsed for the 11 seats on Council.
James Bobeck
Elaine Maddon Curry
Bruce Simpson
Harry Skene
Stephen A. Urban
Edward Brominski
Michael Giamber
Tim McGinley
Wayne Wolfe
Brian K. Overman
Jane Walsh-Waitkus
John Adonizio, Michelle Bednar, Michael A. Chrobak, Michael G. Collins, Casey Evans, Mario J. Fiorucci Jr., Stanley Knick Jr., Thomas W. Ksiezopolski, Salvatore Licata, John Livingston (not interviewed by our panel), Linda McClosky Houck, Michael McGlynn (not interviewed), M. Theresa Morcavage, John T. Nadolny, Joseph Padavan, Thomas Mark Rome, Thomas Rovinski, Frank Sorokach, Eileen Sorokas, Fred Stuccio, Wil Toole and Robert G. Webb were not chosen.
I think some of the picks make sense. The last four though has me scratching my head. In my opinion Tim McGinley is on too many lists and that says to me that he might be too connected. I don’t see this as an education board, that’s why I question the picks of Brian Overman and Jane Walsh Waitkus. Too much academic navel gazing and elitist thinking could muddy the waters of progress. And quite frankly the designation of Wayne Wolfe would not be my pick. The County has plenty of auditors. His bio said he once worked in banking, I once drove a taxi cab. So what does that mean? But all in all, I think the Leader is on the right track. By the way, many people have asked if LuLac will be endorsing candidates. LuLac will not be endorsing County Council Candidates.


Look for bigger Wil Toole signs springing up in the Dupont area. Toole is making a bid for County Council and is third on the ballot.Toole is also the only candidate running that has been certified by the International Association of Professional Municipal Managers.


Michelle Bednar is a native of Plymouth and attended Wyoming Valley West High School. After high school, she received an associate degree in tourism and travel management, as well as being certified in corporate trust operations, accounting finance, and as a medical assistant. For the past 8 years, she has been employed as an office manager in the financial services industry. She is currently the elected tax collector for Conyngham Township.


Eileen Sorokas is having a campaign event this coming week that will be the place to be. Hosted by Athony Paglianite it is an old time rally at the Germania Hose Company on Foote Avenue in Duryea. The event goes from 6 to 8PM and this is the best part, the event is Free. Also on hand will be Judicial candidates Jennifer Rogers and Mark Bufalino as well as County Council candidate Moderno “Butch” Rossi.


Even though he has no events scheduled on his FaceBook page Casey Evans seems to be popping up at everyone else’s events. The 24 year Democratic State Committee man is making the rounds in his efforts to garner a seat on the Luzerne County Council.


The Times Leader also chose Council candidates on the GOP side. They were;
Harry Haas
Eugene Kelleher
William McIntosh
Stephen J. Urban
William “Bill” James
Rick Morelli
Moderno “Butch” Rossi
John Ruckno
Michael Cabell
Kathleen Dobash
Edward Warkevicz.
These were not chosen by the TL. Joyce Dombroski-Gebhardt, Blythe H. Evans III, Joseph A. Gorko, Gina Nevenglosky and Linda J. Urban. All demonstrated real desire to help Luzerne County thrive.
I’m okay with most of these picks but Steve Urban says he believes in limited government. A County Council member needs to have an open mind on all things concerning county government. Penny pinching and being a fiscal conservative isn’t going to cut it.


Blythe Evans the Third is really pushing hard in his run for the GOP nomination for County Council. Evans has used some pretty creative ads to take his case to the people.


With the recent weekend we had in Wilkes Barre, 5 stabbings in one night it is imperative that thugs and criminals be stopped right at the front door of justice. A preliminary hearing is the stepping stone to Common Pleas Court. In the South Wilkes Barre Magisterial race, it should not be discounted that an Attorney would be a good fit. The very first case Bill Amesbury was faced with was the Henry Stubbs case. This was the piece of human crap that assaulted and killed a young mother and literally gutted her small child. Then the animal had the temerity to suggest that he was invited in by the woman because she wanted him. This slimeball is living and breathing in a prison with three hots and a cot while his two victims, mother and daughter are in a stone cold grave on Mother's Day. The stakes are high in South Wilkes Barre and it would be foolhardy not to continua the tradition of having an able Attorney in that position. By the way Chris O’Donnell is running for that office. His new ad went up on this week.


At 7:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wil Toole, take a look a Pittston under Toole, Put the YMCA in the middle of the heart of towm so his church can have it at the old site for a parking lot, rip down many building to make more parking lot, at the same time removing the tax building off the tax role. He destory the Pittston City and now the County, just look at photo for the 80's and the 90's of Pittston and be your own judje. Give us a break.

At 9:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like the TL has come down on the side of big business and damn the environment. Mike Giamer was endorsed by the TL and Giamber sold out to the gas companies. Apparently Giamber has no qualms bout ignoring the damage fracking does to our air, water and mother earth. Money talks and BS walks! I have a problem with several of the TL endorsements but this is the most critical. What will Giamber do when and if the county government comes down on fracking and puts restrictions into place? How can he vote to restrict or control fracking when he holds a lease that pays him good money? NO Giamber for me and I hope NO Giamber for you.

At 5:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As far as I'm aware, Wil Toole, Casey Evans, Bruce Simpson and Mario Fiorucci are the ONLY candidates with the guts to stand up to the gas companies and stand up for public health and the safety of our drinking water and our environment. It is the most important issue we are facing. If you wan to drink cracking fluid and light your tap water on fire and watch your property values drop, vote for Giamber and the rest that are bought out by the gas industry. But if you want leaders that can't be bought, we MUST elect WILL TOOLE, CASEY EVANS, BRUCE SIMPSON AND MARIO FIORUCCI!! This is our health we are fighting for! They are the only ones that will fight for what is right!!

At 6:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I'm watching 16 News tonight. Trish Hartman does a story about the new borns on "Mom's Day". No mention of a Daddy. You are so correct in what you write about these "moms". I used the term loosely.

At 6:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luzerne County is at a crossroads, and we are on the cusp of electing a new government to lead us into the 21st century. We can either stay with the same old names and same old faces, or we can elect thoughtful, hardworking people who will bring this job a fresh new point of view. I hope to be one of your 11 choices in this upcoming Democratic primary.
If you are opposed to natural gas drilling and want to hold the gas industry accountable for their actions, I am your candidate for County Council: My plan will require land development plans for each fracking site that must include emergency plans in case of a blowout. I will also never vote to surrender any more county land or county property to the natural gas companies. If they cannot "frack" safely, they will not "frack" at all: Unlike some of my opponents in this primary, I have not signed a gas lease, and I have not and will not take any money from the natural gas companies, or for that matter, any corporate entity.

At 8:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The gas drilling issue is very important to a lot of voters in this election. The newspapers haven't included that question in their interviews. Thank you to those who have been answering the question I have asked on Facebook. One candidate refuses to answer the question. My question on his website was removed, now everyone is blocked from asking questions on his public comment forum. So much for transparency. I'm not looking for an argument, just a statement on his posision on gas drilling and related industry in Luzerne County. I see by the posts here that I am not the only one concerned.
Scott Cannon

At 9:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your point about Henry Stubbs is well taken. Chris O'Donnell is an attorney and he will follow in the fine tradition of Bill Amesbury and Michael Collins. But the voters have to pick him and know how important this job is.

At 9:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Response ............ 7:30 AM

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, It isn't often that I get to blow my own horn so here goes.
With regard to the YMCA, I'm old but not that old. The plans for the YMCA were completed under the administration of mayor Bob Loftus and City Clerk Tony Ferrara with the late John Connors servicing as the Executive Director of the Redevelopment Authority. If you take a look at the YMCA's corner stone, you will see that the date was 1983. That's 6 years before I became the City Clerk/Administrator.
If you're looking for accomplishments while I was the City Clerk/Administrator, it is a list I am proud of.
City Parks: Every City Park was in pristine condition when I left city government.
The Arthur Clark Park in North Pittston was totally renovated into a soccer field. There was a walking track installed which included a path through the adjoining field to make for a cardiovascular walk. And some kiddie park equipment. The Jefferson park had been purchased from the Association while I served as the Mayor's deputy and as city administrator, the pavilion was competed as a volunteer effort by the army reserves.
The Gilmartin Park was completely redone to include a walking track, a skate board track and an ice skating park complete with hockey surface and markings. The park also had lights for night use.

At 9:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Albert West Park had also been redone under the Walsh Administration and it too had a walking track and lights installed.
The Oregon Park had surface work done and new tennis nets installed as well as a basketball hoop.
The Cosgrove Park had been completely refurbished early in the Walsh Administration and the last summer of operation of the swimming pool was the last summer I served as City Clerk/Administrator.
Street Dept:
A brand new state of the art maintenance building was erected to include an office and store room area as well as enough parking bays to house all of the city equipment. There was a modern computerized gas island installed which allowed other communities to take part in a gas consortium with each vehicle equipped with a gas card for billing purposes. It was during my term as Administrator that the city's recycling program was initiated and within two years was recognized by the state as one of the most successful programs in the state. During my first year as Administrator, we put the city into the garbage business along with recycling and had the most up to date equipment available. In fact, Pittston had the first recycling compactor truck ever approved by the state. We had two garbage trucks and two recycling trucks and not a day went by that garbage was ever left on the streets.
During the early 1990's the City and in fact all of NE PA suffered the worst snow storms in recorded history. The city was one of the few communities that actually removed snow. For those with memories unlike the negative stone thrower, you will recall that at the time, snow filled every park in the city as well as the junction flats. DER refused to allow any community to dump snow into the river as had been done in the past.
It is also worth noting that aside from the sanitation dept vehicles, the city had a new front end loader, back hoe, a new Mack dump truck and new pickup trucks. Please note that this equipment is still in use today, 20 years later.
Pittston was the first community to have a police officer on bicycle patrol in the down town. We also had a horse (Zeus) who was used for community events, traffic patrol, neighborhood patrol and was an outstanding tool in getting children to learn that the police are their friends and not somebody to be feared. The children learned respect during those years. Pittston also had a motorcycle for night patrol.
Downtown revitalization was complete from William Street North and at the time of the terrible fire tragedy that cost two firemen their lives, the city had a grant to help fallen firefighter John Lombardo renovate the building he owned next to Fino's Pharmacy. The multi year project was completed that remove some old structures and created space for the then new Rite Aid drug store. Parking was created to help that end of town and making life easier for the Anthracite high rise, the ambulance group and doctors offices as well as the adjacent senior citizen building.

At 9:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

An odd situation occurred under my management. It is obvious that the city could not be made physically larger but I did the next best thing. I called for a revision of city road mileage by PenDot and after the state did a new street mileage survey, Pittston actually doubled the registered road miles which had a huge effect on the amount of liquid fuels the city received.
It is of great importance to point out that when I left city government, taxes were set at 28 mills and within 8 years went to 58 and during the next 4 years, taxes doubled. Garbage fees were $120 and offered a senior discount. Sewer maintenance fees were $25 and now approach $200. The biggest change is that the city debt went from just about zero to multi millions. The main cause of the city's outrageous real estate tax is the debt service on the city's multi million dollar debt. The result of this is less services and higher taxes.
Now rather than continue with the litany of improvements and accomplishments, allow me to just note that when I left city government, there was both a street dept and a sanitation dept both working independently of each other and both doing an outstanding job. Every street in the city had been brought up to date prior to my departure. Today we have a skeleton of what was once two dept's combined into one dept that is so overworked that normal maintenance can't get done. City Hall was open 24/7 with a desk clerk on duty 24/7. You could call city hall any time day or night and a real person answered. You could walk into city hall anytime day or night and talk to a real person. Today, the front door is locked at 4:30 PM. If you need an accident report or need to pay a parking ticket you have to take time off from work. Call the city clerk's office today at anytime and you get an answering service. When I was there, a real person answered the phone and most evenings, I was in my office and available to the taxpayers.
Do I really need to go on just to satisfy the ramblings of one malcontent? I think not. But allow me to point out that while employed by the City of Pittston, I was notified by the International Association of City/County Managers (ICMA) that I had met their criteria of a Professional Municipal Manager. At that time the ICMA had the City of Pittston listed in the Who's Who of Local Government under the heading of General Government. Pittston City was the only municipal government in NE Pennsylvania to receive that honor.
So in closing, thank you for the opportunity to do some shameless bragging if for no other reason than to let the voters know that if I'm elected to the County Council, the taxpayers will have someone in county government who knows how government operates and can become part of the solution.
Wil Toole, Candidate County Council

At 9:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I guess LuLac is not endorsing anyone, right? Slick!!!!

At 10:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the record, I have been asked how I feel about fracking and my answer has been a consistant, "If you liked the Coal Barrons, you will love the Fracking." I met Dr. Juinta for the first time last month and we had a conversation about the gas drilling,, he asked how I felt and I told him. Prior to my leaving his office, he gave me a video to watch "Gas Lands". You watch that video and I guarantee you will be absolutely against Fracking and demand it be shut down. Wil Toole

At 8:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Academic navel-gazing?" Spoken like someone who doesn't have a lot of education.

At 11:17 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

"Academic navel-gazing?" Spoken like someone who doesn't have a lot of education.

At 11:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Letter to Editors:
Dear Editor,
I read the Times Leader endorsed County Council candidates and was surprised that I was not among those endorsed. I find that frustrating but not surprising. Apparently the Times Leader has some sort of problem with me, and if that's the case, why did the Times Leader waste their time and mine with an interview?
I appeared at the endorsement interview prepared to answer any question the interview board could ask and thought I presented myself well. I also provided each member of the interview board with a folder containing suggestions I have made with regard to ongoing county problems. I also provided them with a copy of the letter I received from the International City/County Manger's Association (ICMA) in which they advised me that I had met their criteria of a Professional Municipal Manager. No other candidate has that designation and no other candidate has attended the number of meetings over the years that I have.
The fact is that other than Commissioner Urban and former Commissioner Ed Brominski, I don't believe that even one of those endorsed ever offered a solution to any county problem.
Based upon my public record of constructive letters to the editor, opinions expressed on local talk radio and my many appearances at county public meetings, I'm at a loss in trying to understand why candidates who lack my experience and qualifications would receive the Times Leader endorsement and I didn't. Confusing and frustrating.
Wil Toole
Candidate County Council

At 11:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey 8:38pm, how many adacemic blowhards in local colleges sitting on fat salaries and tenure do as much writing and reporting as the local bloggers? How many popmous overpaid fuss budgets have rolled up their sleeves and actually know what it entails to pave a street or run an agency or dare I say chair a meeting? Get over yourself.

At 3:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure your degrees are truly impressive, but you miss the point: REAL education teaches how to SOLVE problems. Apparently you didn't get much of that beyond learning to--you know, gaze at your navel. Otherwise, you'd have a little faith in it. And it's NOT about the NUMBER of degrees.

So consider your ass unkissed.

At 4:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't a blog all about gazing at your navel?


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