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The LuLac Edition #1664, July 2nd, 2011



This week the Los Angelos Dodgers filed for bankruptcy. The storied franchise has been going through a very rough period since being acquired by Frank McCourt. Frank had a wife that he never got along with and last year had a very public divorce. McCourt wants baseball to bail the Dodgers out but Commissioner Bud Selig is reluctant to give the money to the owner since he feels Mccourt will pour it into his wallet instead of the Dodger coffers. I spoke with a long time friend of mine who is a Dodger fan.
Q: What do you think of this latest development?
A: I’m not good with it all. McCourt is a bum and a disgrace. But he is corporate America and this is what passes for business people today.
Q: Do you think Major League Baseball should take over the team?
A: Absolutely, they did that with Montreal/Washington a few years ago and that franchise is up and coming. I’d even be happy for Frank Robinson to come in as General Manager.
Q: He never took any crap from anyone. Good move. How did you become a Dodger fan?
A: My dad was a Dodger fan. He went to Brooklyn when he was a kid and saw a game. I just kind of followed him on this.
Q: Okay, ever been to Dodger Stadium?
A: Yes twice, once in 1965 when I was on my way to Korea and then again in 1988 when I was visiting a friend in Oakland.
Q: Those were two World Series years right?
A: Yep I saw a game against the Cardinals there in ’65 and in ’88 I saw a game against the Reds.
Q: Who pitched in the '65 game?
A: Claude Osteen.
Q: He was the number 3 starter at the time, they got him from Washington.
A: Very good.
Q: In ’88?
A: Tim Leary.
Q: Former Met.
A: Yep. He nearly won 20 that year.
Q: Do you think Don Mattingly is a good manager, a good fit?
A: Oh yeah for this I think he’s better than Torre. Torre I don’t think would want to deal with the craziness but Mattingly is a product of the Bronx Zoo so he’s used to the tumult.
Q: Are you a Yankee hater?
A: Only when they played my Dodgers.
Q: You must’ve loved ’63 and ’81.
A: Indeed!
Q: Here’s to better days for your Dodgers!
A: Thanks man.


At 11:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm old enough to remember the Brooklyn Dodgers and the great Giant and Yankee rivalries. Pitchers, Outfielders , Infielders and Catchers those great teams had it all. They also had Characters.

I still love Baseball and watching the Phillies Pitching Staff work is like a throwback to another day where guys actually finished games.

Let the other folks lock out. I'm stayin with Baseball even if Abner Doubleday didnt really invent it and Joe Jackson aint in the Hall of Fame!

Left Fielder

At 11:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave: Articles said one year Frank McCourt and wife made 250 million dollars one year and paid no federal income tax!
You and I paid more income tax than a guy who made 250 million dollars! That whats wrong in America. The money guys get the laws passed and they lead the good life.
When are they going to change these type of tax laws?
Joe B
If McCourt is not paying no income tax, what are all the other sports owners doing???


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