Saturday, August 13, 2011

The LuLac Edition #1716, August 13th, 2011



1. You had the opportunity to cover trials in your career. What’s your favorite and least favorite part of it?

My least favorite part is the waiting. When there is long testimony it can get tedious. Plus you have to be constantly writing. The favorite parts are being included in our system, thanking your stars it isn’t you under the microscope and just meeting some pretty interesting observers.

2. Do you think Mark Ciavarella made a tactical mistake by proclaiming in court he did not sell kids for cash?

No. I think Judge Kosik had his mind made up. It did not surprise me that the former Judge took this tact because he has been saying this from day one. He went down swinging and even though he was urged to tone it down, he did not. I think he had a need within him to say what he did in court and that’s why he chose to say it.

3. Your take on Judge Kosik?

He came to the federal bench relatively late in life (age 66) and obviously loves his job. I think he was fair, asked the right questions, sparred with both the defense and prosecution during the trial and from what I saw treated everyone fairly. Personally I think there was a huge generation gap between the Judge and Mr. Ciavarella and I’m thinking that might have been a factor in the way he conducted the case. On the one hand as a jurist he had to be appalled by what he was hearing. The other side of that coin is that he is a compassionate man that might tend to feel empathy for a defendant. Although that didn’t happen in this case.

4. You and Tarone said on TV the other night former Judge Conahan might be a flight risk given the big sentence Ciavarella got. Is he?

If you were in your 60s and facing that time, it might be tempting. But I can’t help but think the feds are keeping an eye on him and might have even taken his passport.

5. Ciavarella said to the court that he thought Bob Powell was a liar? What do you think?

I think there were some inconsistencies in his testimony. I never bought the fact that this big guy was intimidated by Ciavarella. To me Powell embodies the worst stereotypes you hear about the legal profession. Blustery, loud, crooked, self serving, pampered, spoiled, entitled, criminal and ultimately full of crap. So I guess I can agree with former Judge Ciavarella on that one.

6. I see that you are now walking in public on two canes. First, is your back getting worse? Second, did you go to the St. Ann Novena and pray for a cure?

First, I use two canes now more for mobility and speed since I fell earlier in the year. My condition is deteriorating because arthritis is now attacking that injured area. I saw orthopedists who have ruled out surgery. I’m just moving slower than most people. Second, please.

7. Your blog was rated as one of the best in the state along with Joe Valenti’s Pittston Politics. If you were given a trip, where would you go? Disney?

I can’t speak for Valenti but I’d go back to Jamaica. And try to stay there if I could.

8. The NFL is back, were you ever afraid that it wouldn’t be?

No. The owners and players aren’t going to kill the golden goose that laid the golden egg.

9. Did you ever try golf as a sport?

Once while I was in high school but being blind in my right eye kind of cuts down on my hand to eye coordination. When I could move I loved trying my hand at tennis. Sucked but liked the game.

10. Will there be another LuLac Women We Love Edition?

It’s in the works. If you have any nominees contact the blog.

11. I was in my car in front of the federal building on Thursday after the verdict. I was stopped at the light and saw you standing talking to Joe Peters from the Talker and WNEP. He said something and you started to laugh so hard you were shaking. What was so funny?

I complimented him on his suit and he in return said mine (suit) was so good that I could make money renting it out.

12. What are you reading lately?

Just finished the ESPN book. Reading a book on Sandy Koufax now. I read Sports Illustrated, New York and GQ as my mags of choice. I miss Mad though.

13. I read you 590 Forever WARM blog. Do you still listen to that station?

Yes I do. The reception in the car is not too good but I tune in overnights, weekends, afternoons to avoid Rush and Sunday. I’ll always be a WARM guy.


At 2:39 AM, Anonymous Rain Man said...


MAD is still around. They only publish about 3 to 4 issues a year, but they are still out there.

At 2:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I served on a Jury with Judge Kosik. He struck me then as a very smart and fair judge. He may be upset how this casts doubts on all judges. His sentence was indeed stern, but maybe that is what needs to be done to "put the fear of God" in our elected officials. Judges included. Now I do believe Conahan is the boss, why? I have no proof it is purely my gut feeling! Which means nothing! Why do we so little about Conahan lately? Wasn't he involved in the 1980"s as a unindicted co-conspirator in the Florida drug connection case? Any info available on that? Thank you

At 11:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave, I was off that day and going to my bank. I saw you talking to Sue Henry. A lot of man hours for that boy Markie, don't ya think?


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