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The LuLac Edition #1726, August 21st, 2011



At the meeting The Luzerne County Young Democrats will be electing officers, endorsing the Democratic slate of candidates, and launching the new Luzerne County Young Democrats website. Also at the meeting the Young Democrats will discuss the November General Election and future events. All Young Democrats (ages 18-35) are invited and encouraged to attend the meeting but anyone can attend.
Candidates are also encouraged to attend. If you would like more information, please call Thomas Shubilla at 570-239-3432 or email Thomas at
Meeting is set for September 1st at Rodano’s. It starts at 7pm.


Charlie Hatchko an Independent candidate Luzerne County has been making the rounds this summer at various events in Luzerne County. The other day the Jenkins Township resident wrote a pretty compelling letter to the newspapers. Take a look:
Justice is the key to life and good government.
The people and voters of Luzerne County have been subjected to the most horrific and abominable actions in the state and country. There is no morally licit way to change corruption without change of some people attitudes whose ethical standards believe nepotism, political favoritism and cronyism are OK. A political diagnosis and screening is an absolute necessity with a $466 million debt.
Let me also emphasise there are some good hard working people in Luzerne County government.
Hearing testimony in over 24 home rule meetings of the overall duties of department heads and their respective offices is the evidence of my allegation.
Condemnation without investigation and restoration is absolutely wrong.
Looking at the anatomy of county human services funding and the framework of county human services streams - such as federal and state funding - it is my estimation and opinion that department head Joseph DeVizia and his staff are doing a magnificent job.
Community development and collective bargaining agreements must be scrutinized. Management right clauses in collective bargaining agreements must be looked at carefully to prevent wasteful spending. Being involved with Teamster bargaining with the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company warehousemen back approximately late 1960s and early 1970s, believe me nobody will pull the wool over my eyes. Working in Luzerne County corrections over 16 years and knowing this operation very well this gives me a bigger advantage than any person running for Luzerne County Council. Remember most of the time practicality overshadows education. I will guarantee Luzerne County voters that I will bring forth honesty and integrity to Luzerne County government.
Charlie "Bible Buck" Hatchko
Jenkins Township
Candidate for Luzerne County Council


The Judicial microscope has been on the Luzerne County Judges. But this week the Scranton Times unearthed an incident involving Lackawanna County Common Pleas Judge Terrence Nealon. On the surface, it doesn’t appear career threatening but with renewed standards and scrutiny, you never know. I’m told the incident was enough to have Nealon withdraw his name from consideration for a Federal Judgeship. Anyway, here’s the report from the Times:
A state panel that investigates judicial misconduct has been notified of the "lapse in ethical judgment" that Lackawanna County Judge Terrence R. Nealon admitted to earlier this week in a 2004 voting-district consolidation case.
County President Judge Thomas J. Munley said Friday he "followed the proper procedure" when asked if he had asked the Judicial Conduct Board of Pennsylvania to investigate his colleague's behavior. The judge repeatedly declined to comment on what he meant by that or to elaborate further, but the state Code of Judicial Conduct requires "judges should take or initiate appropriate disciplinary measures against a judge or lawyer for unprofessional conduct" when they become aware of it.
However, a confidential source familiar with the steps Judge Munley took, confirmed that the Judicial Conduct Board was notified of Judge Nealon's behavior.
Efforts to reach Judge Nealon and Joseph A. Massa Jr., chief counsel for the Judicial Conduct Board, were unsuccessful. Mr. Massa previously said the board does not confirm or deny the existence of investigations unless it actually files misconduct charges against a judge.
Judge Munley said previously that he believed Judge Nealon's behavior was "a momentary ethical lapse," he planned no disciplinary action and was unconcerned about the judge's ability to remain fair and impartial.


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At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Judge Terrence Nealon must be reported to the Judicial Conduct Board !!!! Judge Thomas R Munley MUST report Judge Nealon or he will be reported for not doing his JOB !!!!!! I'am Reporting them just in case thay don't. I do not know what that lame ass Board will do but it is all we have !!

At 9:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its a real shame that this phony, Hatchko can get letters to the editor and say what ever he wants on WILK but you won't allow the truth to be told for the sake of the voters and the future of Luzerne COunty. Charlie Hatchko is a total phony who preaches about political hacks, phonies and political cronies but you wont alloow the truth be told that he is a political crony,


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