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The LuLac Edition #1834, November 13th, 2011

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1. Leading up to Election Day in Wilkes barre, many of the political pundits, you included thought Tom Leighton would have a tough time for re-election. He won big, explain yourself.

I said he’d win but with a plurality. He won with a majority. I based that on the fact that during the 2010 Senatorial run, John Yudichak carried every ward in Wilkes Barre. Even the Yudichak people were surprised by that. Leighton ran a campaign based on his achievements during his 8 year term but he had not one but two opponents nipping at his heels. Despite that, he defended his record, showed better acumen than his two opponents on running the city but more importantly didn’t back down on the attacks. One that comes to mind is the security system. He ran an interesting campaign because from what I know, he used no radio or TV, or billboards which are the staple of any multi media effort.

2. How did Jennifer Rogers go from last of the double nominee winners to the first?

Smart campaign, well placed ads, a good campaign presence and an overwhelming work ethic. If there was an event and there was a light on somewhere, she and her mini entourage were there. That’s how she did it.

3. So you really liked this years playoffs and world series, right?

They were the very best I’ve seen in a while. Every game since the end of September had meaning , and the way the St. Louis Cardinals won was incredible. They were not one strike away, not once but twice from elimination and they won. Best playoffs and series since I was a kid.

4. Heard you on WILK Radio the other day with Nancy Kman. Is there a difference between that show and Sue Henry’s or Corbett’s?

Never sat in on Corbett’s show but yes there is a big difference. There are many embedded features that have to be aired. Plus there are longer news and traffic reports. I’m glad I got some sleep the night before because you really had to be on the ball. For me personally it was a challenge because sometimes I tend to be very wordy to make my point. I had to be right on point and then move on. Both Nancy and I were surprised that the only people called regarding the Election were a few County Council candidates. The rest was Penn State, Penn State, Penn State.

5.Why did it take so long to arrest and charge the tow truck operator who killed Denise Polinchak in the Social Security parking lot? Politics, policies or procedure?

I wish I knew. But if I had to hazard a guess, a little bit of all three. There was a hell of a time gap, Denise was killed in the winter and when this thing gets to a trial or a proceeding, someone should ask that question, why did it take so damn long? It was federal property that it happened on but it was in local jurisdiction. I’ll check on it.

6. Herman Cain. Womanizer or just a plain oaf?

Herman gives womanizers a bad name. Look, there are men who like beautiful women. And they pursue them. But when they get a red light, you stop. If you are a coward, you run. If you think there might be more to this person as a person, you apologize and ask for the chance to start over. As friends. But that’s rare among all womanizers. What Cain said after he was rebuffed was really damning, “I thought you wanted a job!”. In effect he was admitting a quid pro quo. It is interesting that Cain is playing the race card and bringing in Clarence Thomas and his Coke can from twenty years ago. Really, these two guys have no clue how to land someone with their techniques.

7. Hey Dave, McRib is back. Do you care?

No. I think they are good in a pinch but I’m the type of person who wants real ribs once in a while and not some processed sandwich. And besides, a few years ago weren’t Penn State students rioting over the McRib when they ran out at a State College McDonald’s?

8. You were quoted in the paper as picking the two Urbans for County Council and 9 others. Was that just dumb luck?

Nope. Name recognition is a big thing in county campaigns. That proved it.

9. With Herman Cain having his problems and no one seeming to love Romney, who do you predict will fill the void?

Definitely Newt Gingrich. He’ll do well in a debate with the President and has something voters want, courage of his convictions.

10. What do you think of those bills circulating in the State legislature that would punish gamblers who leave their kids in a car as they play the slots?

They don’t go far enough. Take the kids away from them and put them in homes where they can have some unselfish parents.

11. I see you on TV with L.A. Tarone every week. Do you guys get along well off the air?

Oh yeah. I’ve known Tarone for about 30 years but it wasn’t until WYOU TV stopped doing their news that I got to know him better. He is smart, funny, kind, crazy, a fanatical sports fan and a multi faceted person. Someone should turn the tables and interview him for an hour or so.

12. Did you know that potatoes have more chromosomes than humans?

I did not. Thank you for the information.

13. Chips or pretzels? And if so what brand?

Don’t have them often because I look at them as a treat. But chips and the favorite brand is Wise. If you’re going to be bad, be bad all the way.


At 8:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe Jennifer Rogers also used the backing of the Republican Party to her advantage. At my voting poll, there was a worker handing out cards for Rogers AND Salavantis together.

At 11:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wha?! Yong, have you forgotten about "Charlie" Chips!? In the can? delivered? mmmmmm

At 9:49 AM, Anonymous Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

One of the most horrific things that can happen to a gentleman is to be falsely accused of sexual misconduct by a female. Accusations such as this whether true or false will forever taint a man's reputation.
The springboard for this issue goes back to the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court confirmation hearings of twenty years ago. I suggest that you all take the time to read Judge Thomas's testimony before the committee as it contains some of the most eloquent writing I have ever witnessed.
In short, Judge Thomas proclaimed the accusations of Prof. Anita Hill as a "high tech lynching of uppity blacks>" What the liberal historians will NOT tell you is that during these hearings many women came forward--not to accuse the Judge but to defend him. And I will remind you all that apart from Ms. Hill, not a single other woman ever came forward to hurl accusations at Judge Thomas.
Of course, hindsight tell us that Judge Thomas was innocent and we can learn a lot from the Cain scandal by viewing the history of the Anita HIll scandal.
Does anyone in this class really believe that the open, warm hearted and humorously light hearted gentleman who is Herman Cain would ever treat a woman disrespectfully? I cannot see this man NOT holding a door for a woman let alone making sexual advances. IN short, he is too much of a gentleman and I find it disturbing that those who politically disagree with him are resorting to character assassination.
Herman Cain will not be President; that burden shall fall on Governor Romney. But it is a shame that a good man has forever been scarred by a woman who had a sordid reputation to begin with.
Something to think about this morning.
Class DIsmissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 10:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Professor, enough is enough. Please find another hobby! Anita Hill was not lying and Cain is a womanizer of the worst kind. You are but a simple idiot.

At 7:34 AM, Anonymous Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

In response to Anon. 10:10 a.m.

Young man, you are one of the reasons for what is wrong with America today.
Your generation looks not at the big picture but at the fantasy filled kaleidoscope of revisionism.
I defy you to name one other woman who charged Judge Thomas with harassment---just one. You cannot.
I see this attitude every day in my classroom. Students sleeping off the hangover from the night before (some do not even have the courtesy to brush their teeth) and dreaming of heading off to the bar and going through the same juvenile behavior all over again.
Students, when your life revolves around getting drunk and chasing girls with STD's, you tend to lose your reason and your intellect (what little you have).
I suggest you subscribe to the National Review or the American Spectator---and throw away the Mad Magazine and Onion News.
Class Dismissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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