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The LuLac Edition #1905, January 17th, 2012



Last night’s Republican presidential debate found front-runner Mitt Romney defending his record as a capitalist, saying he bears no responsibility for attack ads aired by his allies. He also said he might release his tax returns by spring"I have nothing in them that suggests there's any problem and I'm happy to do so," he said. "I sort of feel like we're showing a lot of exposure at this point," he added in an apparent reference to the campaign to come against Democratic President Barack Obama.
Romney came under fire from the opening moments of the debate, the first of two in the run-up to this weekend's first-in-the-South primary in South Carolina. The former Massachusetts governor won the first two events of the campaign, the Iowa caucuses and last week's New Hampshire primary, and leads in the pre-primary polls in South Carolina.
One of his rivals, Newt Gingrich, stated that a victory for Romney in South Carolina would assure his nomination as Obama's Republican rival in the fall, and none of the other remaining contenders has challenged that idea.
That only raised the stakes for Monday night's debate, feisty from the outset as Gingrich, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum sought to knock Romney off stride while generally being careful to wrap their criticism in anti-Obama rhetoric.
"We need to satisfy the country that whoever we nominate has a record that can stand up to Barack Obama in a very effective way," said Gingrich.
The five men on stage also sought to outdo one another in calling for lower taxes.
Paul won that competition handily, saying he thought the top rate should be zero.
And in a state with a heavy military presence, the tone seemed more aggressive than in earlier debates.
Gingrich drew strong applause when he said: "Andrew Jackson had a pretty clear idea about America's enemies. Kill them."
The debate began hours after Romney received an endorsement from former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, who suspended his own candidacy and urged the remaining contenders to stop attacking one another for fear it might benefit Obama in November.
There is a second debate this week leading up to the important primary on Saturday. It looks like Romney has a commanding lead. He may win it not because people are clamoring for him but because the conservative wing of the party is still fragmented. Gingrich is spending a few million and Rick Santorum has received the endorsement of religious leaders. Perry keeps chipping away and though weakened still divides up the vote. Then of course there is Ron Paul. Unless something drastic happens this week, look for Romney to cement the lead for the nomination on Saturday night.
Source: AOL, LuLac


The greater Wilkes Barre area and Hanover Township lost a long time politicval icon on Saturday. Sam Sorber died this past weekend. Sorber died Saturday. He was born April 27, 1921, in Lower Askam and was the son of the late Samuel H. and Marie Davison Sorber. He attended Hanover schools, graduated from Hanover Township Memorial High School and attended Bloomsburg University. Samuel owned and operated Sorber's Service Center in Lee Park for over 50 years. In his political career, he served first as tax collector for 16 years and later as township commissioner for 22 years. In addition to serving his constituents for almost 40 years, he was Second Legislative District Chairman for 12 years. Although he had a stellar run in politics, the love of his life was his business. He supported area youth by hosting car washes and sponsoring/advertising at football games. His civic affiliations consisted of the Hanover Township Lions Club, American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars. Mr. Sorber served his country in the U.S. Army during World War II. Legend had it that if you wanted any kind of a favor in Hanover Township, you had better be a Sam Sorber Republican. He was old school but a straight shooter. He is survived by his daughter Ruth.


At 6:42 AM, Anonymous Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

Another excellent paper on the political debates, Mr.Yonki!

You would be well advised to follow his lead. The business of this classroom goes forward.

Welcome back from your three day weekend. I am certain that you spent it not thinking of the greatness of Dr.King but the next bottle of beer you could pour down your throat before the next quarter of the playoff games ended.
I only hope that your bookies are paid off, for your own sake.

I find it amusing that the liberal establishment has hijacked the memory of Dr. KIng. And for the record, when the holiday was introduced a generation ago, I was one of its staunchest supporters. The idea of equal accomodations, and a fair shake for all is not a Republican/Democrat one. It is a basic American right and Dr. King was a master at leading the fight to attain equality. THE ISSUE OF EQUALITY IS NOT OWNED BY THE LEFT--IT IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE OR LIBERAL PLANK, BUT A BASIC ENTITLEMENT GUARANTEED IN THE CONSTITUTION.
My probelm with the left is that one of the easiest things to do is put words into the mouth of a dead man.
The left has succeeded in doing this with Dr. KIng (as they have with John Fitzgerald Kennedy)--making him out to be a liberal when in fact, he was a conservative.
Dr. King would be bitterly opposed to affirmative action for instance. Discriminating against one to bring equality to another. I am certain he would vomit at the thought.
Dr. King was a self made man. His goal was to make African Americans self made men. Pick yourself up by your bootstraps and get a job and be responsible. His only goal was to be certain that they had as equal an opportunity to be considered for hiring as a white man. One of the great problems in the black community today is lack of fathers and an abundance of teenage pregnancy. Government cannot legislate morality, as Sen. Goldwater eloquently stated years ago. It is because of massive government intrusion via welfare that we see the state of black America as it stands today. When a family lacks a father figure, all hell breaks loose, and father figures are highly lacking in black America. Dr. King warned of this possibility. End of story.
OH, but you should hear the liberal revisionists on this great man's record. Particularly Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (who, by the way, falsely claimed to have held the dying King in his arms following the shooting).
Class, if we are ever to have true racial equality in our land then we must remember that discrimination of ANY man is an obamanation!!!
As you are all still hung over from your weekend of reflection on Dr. King, I shall be merciful and cease this mornings lecture. And again, I hope your bets paid off---tuition is almost due.
UNtil tomorrow,
Class Dismissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 10:36 AM, Blogger David Yonki said...

When a family lacks a father figure, all hell breaks loose, and father figures are highly lacking in black America.

At 11:31 AM, Anonymous Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

IN reply to Mr. Yonki's statement:
In many past lectures, I have demonstrated the lack of moral values in America--white and non-caucasian. In this particular lecture I had chosen to focus on black America as we were referring on the MLK holiday. I understand your statement but disagree with the context with which it was presented.
Nevertheless, a well informed student deserves the professors respect.
Class Dismissed!

At 2:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So answer the question, Prof! Whats OPA stand for? Did ya just make it up?

At 4:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The arrogance! Who the hell asked you to grade Mr Yonki's commentary.
He is long out of school and most likely has far more impressive academic credentials!
Allow me to grade you, F for failure.

At 5:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Working in the classroom I was amazed at how Dr. King's legacy has been co-opted to support things he would have been against. When Jesse Jackson dies I'm sure Dr. King will be second (after St. Peter) to have a word with him. Jackson used his presence at a murder scene for self promotion.

Newt was on fire last night. Loved his response to Juan Williams and his Andrew Jackson quote.

Now if he can stay on this course we'll have a real exciting ride into Tampa.

At 6:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

David, take this A-hole off your blog, ban his he's a kook! Class Dismissed and Milburn report to the Dean of Students immediately!!!!!!!1

At 10:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonk, please allow me to say, Professor, shut the **** up! Please.

At 10:40 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

4:58PM and all the others, I'm cool with the Professor grading me. And like you, he's always welcome here.
and 5:30PM, Jesse Jackson has a lot of accounting to do with his actions of April 4th, 1968.

At 11:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jackson was shameless in his self promotion, but really did himself in with the unforgettable, Hymie Town remark.
Jessie just remembered
April 4th '68 a little differently
than the facts thats all! I dont think he did much to endear himself to the King family or the late Dr Kings real lieutenants. He was and is a phoney and 5:30, I dont think he will be getting past St Peter!

At 12:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just Googled Milburn Cleaver, OPA. The only results that came up were blog and news comments. No articles, no history, nothing.

I also Facebooked Milburn Cleaver. Nothing.

So, either Milburn Cleaver is the most quiet man on earth who has managed to evade internet documentation of any kind, or, he's full of it... and himself.

Class Frakkin' Dismissed, yo.

Casey Evans


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