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The LuLac Edition #1952, February 19th, 2012

County Council member Rick Morelli.


Rick Morelli did something this evening very few politicians do. He put his money where his mouth is. Morelli is one of the members of the Luzerne County Council and said he’d serve without salary. Morelli said he’d donate his salary to charity. That’s always the fail safe for politicians accepting raises. They tell the people they are donating it to charity. Some do, most don’t. I remember a certain County Commissioner (this is going way back) who said he’d donate his raise to a non profit. They’re still waiting for the check! But Morelli was as good as his word and tonight donated $550.00 to the American Cancer Society Telethon broadcast on WYLN TV 35. Morelli donated one month’s salary to the Cancer telethon and plans to distribute the rest of the money throughout the year. There’s a simple reason why Rick Morelli polled such a big vote in each county council race he ran. He’s a stand up guy!


They buried Whitney Houston yesterday and her fans were upset. It seems the police blocked off the streets near the services preventing fans from paying their respects to her and the family. Some of “the fans” were on radio bellyaching about how the family owed it to “the fans” to give them access to the event. The Houston family owes “the fans” NOTHING. Whitney Houston was an entertainer. “The fans” got her as a commodity. Used her as one too. “The fans” were not part of her when she was living her life, why should they be entitled to be there when she died. This mentality of “the fans” being part of everything the celebrity does, even die is really pathetic. Whitney Houston’s family did what they wanted to do. In the immortal words of Houston's destructive, thug but talented ex, Bobby Brown, the Houston’s simply said, “That my prerogative”.


The Times Leader today released the names of 5 County workers being let go in the Probation Services Department. The connections are instructive. Three of the five were the son of a convicted felon who used to run the courts, the nephew of one of the now imprisoned Judges and the wife of the former prison warden. 3 out of 5. When and if these names are released, look at the family trees involved. It’ll make for interesting discussions locally.


It was announced this week that another Joseph Kennedy will be running for Congress again. Kennedy is the great grandson of Kennedy Patriarch Joseph P. Kennedy, the grandson of Robert Kennedy and the son of former Congressman Joe Kennedy. He’ll be running for Barney Frank’s seat in Massachusetts. You know you’re getting old when the grandchildren of your political heroes are running.


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At 9:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know Yonk, there is something that I just don't trust about a politician who refuses pay for his services. He spent a ton of money to get elected an considering the number of signs he had around the county, I would not be surprised that he spent the most and he isn't even looking to get his campaign money back? Being a true American in the year 2012, I just don't trust the motivation. I can't get past the old attitude of "what's in it for me?" Personally I don't trust him because of this becuase he did it made it public. Iff he did it and kept it quiet and let the media findout later, well, that would have really impressed me. The reason I don't like the guy was his unbending attitude toward the budget. He has a pocket full of credentials while I have none but I'm bright enough to understand that government needs money to operate and just like my household, my cost go up each year and government's costs go up each year. He seems willing to hurt the operation of government just so he can stand on his campaign promise of not raising taxes. Not once did he identify any particular job that he would eliminate so I don't hink he had the right to take that stand. Brominski on the other hand shold know better and in fact did agree to the small increase and then chicked out because of the media and pressure of those radicals in attendance. Appaarently Bromo isn't the tough guy he pretends to be.

At 6:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can anyone name any other political person who is giving back there salary to charity? I don't know of any.

Obviously the person who wrote the above is a political opponent of Morelli. When you criticize someone for giving there salary to charity, you look pretty desperate!

Good job Rick and a very commendable thing you are doing!!!!!!!!!!

At 6:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait!!! Am I missing something. The person above is critIcizing Morelli because he did NOT raise taxes and he is giving his county salary to charities like the cancer society.

So you would be happier if he raised our taxes and not given back money to charity.

The person above stated he does not have credentials and it obiviously shows.

At 9:12 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

6:27 AND 6:39pm.
I truly believe there is an element in this county that is hellbent on making everything Rick Morelli does look bad. I think there are many people jealous of Morelli. It is the reason why I usually do everything in my power to promote the guy. Others in the media and blogs feel the same way, the more you hammer the guy, the more we like him. There is nothing sinister about this guy. Get over it. But thanks for reading and posting.

At 10:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave, from Marc Cour's blog:
This here Times Leader story confirms what some of us always suspected: that you had to either know or bl*w somebody to be a county employee in the first place.
And it also lays waste to the half-witted spiel about how the public, while it demands hard time for the corrupt elect and appointed officials, should honor and respect and love all of those, ahem, hard-working underlings.
Five probation officers among first to be laid off by county
Sharkey is the son of former chief court administrator William Sharkey, who was terminated on Feb. 24, 2009 after his guilty plea to stealing $70,000 in seized illegal gambling proceeds.
Guesto is married to former county Chief Clerk/Manager Sam Guesto, though she was hired before they were married.
DeJoseph is the nephew of former county Judge Mike Conahan, who is serving a 17 1/2-year sentence on convictions related to the county’s “kids for cash” corruption scandal. Oh, and so much for the argument that furloughing county employees could negatively affect the services the county provides. Do we really believe that the connected, that the privileged, that the relatives of the former top dogs were working as hard as humanly possible?
Have at it: Five down, five hundred to go.

At 12:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonki, you spawn quite a following. Won't it be great when you can have 500 more unemployed as the poster suggests? Then you can all meet up, have a coffee and carpool to the unemployment office or welfare office or wherever the hopeless go to mourn. Good job yonki.omiersp cosa,

At 7:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Morelli is ok in my book!


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