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The LuLac Edition #2294, December 13th, 2013

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1. Who is on your ringtones? 

When Mrs. LuLac rings me, you’ll hear “Love Me Do” by the Beatles I alternate between “Don’t Say Goodnight” by McCartney, “Hello Goodbye” by the Beatles, “Banana Phone” and “Save Me San Francisco” by Train. Most of the time I keep on “Hello Goodbye” because people think that’s clever but my favorite is “Save Me San Francisco”. 

2. As an alumni of WVIA FM, what do you think of their programming now with the funding cuts? 

I did a live show overnight in the 70s so live radio would be nice. But in this economic time, that overnight won’t happen. I enjoy the Jazz channel that is put on WVIA between 10pm and midnight. Sure beats “Hearts of Space” and “Echoes” I really like “Performance Today” and “Piano Jazz” on Sundays. The most recent shows have been topical even though they were recorded a few years ago. The Dave Brubeck interview was wonderful. I love Morning Edition on the Weekends as well as “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me” and of course anything George Graham does hate “Car Talk” and think Garrison Keeler is vastly overrated. Mrs. LuLac is going to see him Saturday and given this latest medical issue, I would have like to have gone. Special guest will be Itzhak Perlman. But I have to deal with getting use to the meds I’m getting. And yes… we are members! 

3. I don’t understand you sometimes, you went full boar for Obama but yet you are critical of him. What gives? 

Look, just because I was for him doesn’t mean I won’t criticize him. I think he did not do as much as he could with his win in 2008, I think he grew a backbone too late, and has been an ingrate to the people that got him there in the first place. For such a voracious reader, he is no historian when trying to fashion a Presidential personality based on his successors. 

4. Are you watching “Scandal” on ABC? 

Yep. Loving it too. It is a type of poor man’s, funny book version of “The West Wing”. 

5. You seem to have an easy going personality. Were you a defiant kid and are you now? 

As a kid I did what I wanted then tried to charm my way out of the jam if I got into one. The most defiant thing I do now if keep the snow brush out of my car until New Year’s Eve. 

6. How does your Pack look right now? 

Exactly where I want them to be. Poised to make a run at the division (they are in first in the Central now) and winning steadily. Plus if they get some injured players back in time they can be competitive as they were in 2010. 

7. If pot were legalized in Pennsylvania, would you use it? 

I might put it in cookies or pancakes but not smoking. Smoking is way too much work. That’s why I never started. 

8. Walmart or Target? 

This might pain my cubicle neighbor at work Ray, but Target hands down. 

9. As the Christmas season approaches what are we ordering from The Sanitary? 

Coconut macaroons. 

10. Who are you rooting for in the Alabama Notre Dame game? 

Having prided myself on living 58 years and never setting foot in Alabama, I have to go with Notre Dame. Plus when you have the McDonnell’s of West Pittston on the Yonki family tree, it’s a no brainer. Go Irish. As a matter of fact, a Notre Dame lineman can stop a drive by asking an opposing Alabama player, “Hey can you read that sign?”
Tom McDonnell Senior, Father Paul McDonnell, this blog editor, Robert Yonki, and Kevin McDonnell. Photo was taken at my cousin Bob’s son’s wedding, Dr. Chris Yonki.

11. Have you been to Gentlemen’s 10 yet? 

No. The last time I was in a strip club was 1991. I remember the day clearly because Mario Cuomo announced he was not running for President and that paved the way for Bill Clinton to run. About 4 of my friends and I were unemployed at the time and we decided to have an unemployment Christmas party. Our mutual friend “The Mickman” talked us into going to Erv’s in the Poconos because they were having their annual Christmas party. He said Erv put on a big spread of shrimp, clams, steak, first class all the way. So we go there, five guys cramped into my ‘90 LeBaron. On the way we had a flat so here we are, about 1200 pounds of guys riding on three bald tires (I told you I was unemployed) and a donut. So we get there anticipating some great food. (Every guy except “The Mickman” was married). So the show starts and after the initial titillation, the dancing is like watching someone paint a wall. We start asking about the buffet. One of the barmaids (the only woman in clothes) put CNN on for me to see the Cuomo story. But I had to pony up 10 bucks for a WZZO FM CD. (Nothing is free in these places). Anyway, we start asking about the food and the bouncer says they’ll bring the food out at 9. “The Mickman” in the meantime was down to his last one dollar bill and asked me if I had any. I didn’t so he tried his luck with quarters. At about 9:05 a guy in a wife beater came out with a five pound piece of baloney and a couple of loaves of Wonder Bread along with an industrial size jar of Gulden’s mustard. He starts chopping the baloney and places it on a tray with the bread and the jar of mustard. When Big Mike who never met a buffet he couldn’t demolish saw that, he told “The Mickman” that his wife was in labor and had to go home. (Big Mike’s wife had left him in the summer of 91 but “The Mickman forgot that). So we left and to this day we tease “The Mickman” about the grand buffet he told us all about at our impromptu Christmas party. In the New Year, we all intensified our job search and went to real Christmas parties a year later. I have seen the ladies on line at the 10 and think they are nice looking and most likely good people in a challenging business. But, no, never been there. And I get my baloney (Wunderbar) at Shields

12, What is on your desk at work? 

Pictures of me and Mrs LuLac when we first met and now, an Iron Pigs baseball, a picture of the Pope, a few photos of me and Ed Rendell, me and WYLN’s Anne Gownley and Beth Messinger at the Ciavarella trial, (Sue Henry took that photo) a photo of me and Jill Konopka, three bobble heads of Nixon, JFK ND Vince Lombardi, a legal pad and prayer cards that show up every Friday asking me if I want eternal salvation. 

13. What magazines do you subscribe to? 

GQ and SI.


At 9:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonk, only you would remember a visit to a strip club with an association of Mario Cumomo not running for President. How I'd love to get inside that brain.

At 11:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Garrison Keillor has faded much in recent years. The programs and the musical guests just havent been up to the earlier days. George Graham has become boring to me and it seems perhaps hes been at it too long, but that could be me. I am not a fan of Kellys interviews and would prefer something besides classical music all day. Overall I prefer the program mix of the Binghamton station -and usually get good reception at 89.3. I am no longer a member of WVIA.

At 8:21 AM, Anonymous Joe V said...

GREAT book! Would make an awesome gift for anyone!
Joe V


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