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The LuLac Edition #2384, March 30th, 2013

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If you as a citizen of Luzerne County would like to give your opinion on the performance of the County Manager this far, you can. There is a form on line that you can access to give your assessment of the the job being done so far. Here’s the information. 
It appears the County Council is interested in the publics opinion of the Luzerne County Managers performance and has provided a form to be filled out by concerned citizens and employees. 
Attached is an easy "fill-in-the-blank" version, if you're interested. Please open the attached document, fill in the blanks and send the saved/completed form to Clerk of Council. 
Brittany M. Burgess 
Clerk of County Council 
OR By mail to: 
Luzerne County Courthouse, 
200 N River St 
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711 
Attn: Clerk of Council
Luzerne County Council Candidate Eileen Sorokas. (Photo: LuLac archives). 


Eileen (Pipech) Sorokas of the Miners Mills section of Wilkes-Barre, announced her candidacy for Luzerne County Council. Sorokas gave within a whisker of winning a Council seat the last time with an energetic campaign. This time, she is trying again with a little more name recognition in a less crowded Democratic field. She was born and raised in the Wilkes-Barre Area, graduated from Saint Joseph's Parochial Grade School, Wilkes-Barre Township High School, and Luzerne County Community College. Also, she attended the United Way Union Counseling Program and night classes at Kings College to advance her degree. 
Eileen is retired from the ILGWU and is in the process of rebuilding a farm in Hunlock Creek, where she raises farm animals and plants seasonal crops. She stays active in various charitable organizations being a member of the Huber Breaker Society(Ashley), AM-VETS Ladies Auxiliary Post 189(Greater Pittston Area), and the Rose Tucker Senior Center(Nanticoke). Eileen has been involved in Governmental functions on the local, state and federal levels, serving on the Democratic State Committee, Democratic National Convention and numerous political campaigns. "I am running for Luzerne County Council as a concerned citizen and taxpayer, to be a voice for all the residents of Luzerne County. I want to bring back dignity and respect to Luzerne County Residents. My Vision is to hear residents say, What a great place Luzerne County is to work and live." "Accordingly, I will strive for honest, responsive, and dependable government. One that understands and serves the needs of the public, which includes, holding the line on taxes and watching how our tax dollars are being spent. Furthermore, I will be accountable only to the residents of Luzerne County. "
Pittston Area Magistrate candidate Qiana Murphy Lehman. (Photo: Facebook). 


Qiana Murphy Lehman, candidate for Magisterial District Judge for the 11-1-04 district encompassing Pittston, Hughestown, Dupont, Duryea, Avoca, Pittston Twp., Jenkins Twp. and Yatesville is hosting a Meet and Greet at the Knights of Columbus in downtown Pittston on April 16, 2013 from 6 to 8 pm. There will be free pizza, beer and soda and a chance to meet and speak with the candidate. Qiana is an experienced trial lawyer who has prosecuted criminals with the Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office and has significant trial experience on the civil law side working for local law firm, Brady & Grabowski. P.C. Qiana is a resident of Dupont and is the daughter of Ann Marie Zaffuto and the late, Dick Murphy. To learn more about the candidate, visit her web site: 


The Wilkes Barre Area School Board is going to have an interesting group of candidates this time around. One guy making the rounds again is Len Cornish. Many have asked just who is Len Cornish? Here’s a brief bio provided to us by the candidate. Many observers on the campaign trail have told LuLac they are impressed with his credentials. 
My name is Leonard Cornish, and I am a candidate seeking election to serve as a Wilkes-Barre Area School Director. I currently reside in the Rolling Mill Hill section of the city of Wilkes-Barre. I am a 1968 graduate of James M. Coughlin High school and have earned both a B.S. and M.S. degree from Penn State University. I am a Vietnam era veteran of the United States Coast Guard. In 2004, I retired from the PA Department of Environmental Protection. Currently, I am the president and principle soil scientist of Pocono Soil and Environmental Consulting, Inc. 
Throughout my life, I have demonstrated a willingness to serve. As a U.S. Coast Guard Hospital Corpsman, I participated in numerous air-sea rescues. As a state soil scientist, I have worked to protect our environment. As a high school wrestling coach, wrestling official and youth basketball coach, I have worked to better the lives of our area youth. 
As a community activist, I have worked to better the lives of all people. I now wish to serve all residents of the Wilkes-Barre Area School District as one of their elected School Directors. For years now, I have attended Wilkes-Barre Area School Board meetings and followed with astonishment the numerous reported incidents that have inflicted a severe wound to dignity, honor and trust in the system. I have been a strong advocate for the development of a robust hiring policy that prohibits the caustic influence of nepotism and cronyism. 
As an elected School Director I will diligently work to restore a system of responsible, efficient school governance. I will strive to find solutions to address our schools continued failure to achieve mandated proficiency standards. And, I will endeavor to determine the effect our changing demographics has on our school system and insure that our administration, teachers and staff are equipped to facilitate any issues this change may bring. 
I feel that through my different life experiences, that I bring a perspective that differs from those currently serving as our school directors, and that I will be an asset to our educational system. I truly believe “WE CAN DO BETTER”. 


 Today is National Doctor's Day. We salute those men and women of medicine who do the hard study time to become the best health technicians in the world. Thanks for all you do. 


At 10:26 PM, Blogger David DeCosmo said...

Some comments and thoughts on Doctor's Day in my Blog today David!

At 7:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoy Doctor's day now; in a few years there will be fewer and fewer of us, and PAs and NPs will be trying to fill our roll

At 7:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahh the survey... Keep the masses in line by making them think their opinion matters. Suckers and fools who voted for home rule are getting just what they deserve.
I got out of there shortly after it was voted for, and I am so grateful I did.
Greetings from S. Carolina

At 6:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Len Cornish, You being a CG vet caught my eye. I serve as the New Member Chair of the NE PA CG Veteran's Assoc. If you're interested in joining our group, we meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Dallas American Legion which is located right across from the former Picketts Charge Restaurant. ALL YOU NEED DO IS COME TO OUR NEXT MEETING. If you would like some information as to our activities, you can contact me via email at Good luck in your election. Wil Toole

At 10:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having the public vote on the effectiveness of the county manger and I never heard of anything so silly. How can the general ublic rate his performance when they have no clue as to what it is he actually does......... hell, even the Council have no clue as to what he does. No one could do a betteer job than Lawton has, especially given the mess he walked into. We need to keep Lawton and get rid of ost of the Council. I would keep; Kelleher, McGinley and one or two others but the remainder should simply resign. The very sad thing is that in the Controller's race, we will eliminate one incom;petent with another considering Ur ban was the high vote getter for Council. Don't recall her name but the female Republican is the only candidate running who is qualified and I will be voting for her which makes her one of the few Republican's I have ever voted for.

At 9:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's only one Doctor that saves the universe though... and he's the greatest of them all. He at least merited a mention.


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