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The LuLac Edition #2543, October 23rd, 2013

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 First off, there is something truly wrong about a 32 year old grandmother. That's only the subheading of the sordid story of the little two year old boy killed in Wilkes Barre. This poor kid never, ever had a chance with the monsters he was living with. Like chattel, he had no say. And like his young life, death was not kind.
Fellow blogger Betty Roccograndi has a great piece of this last week in her site Pure Bunkum. All these people cared about was hiring a lawyer, paid for by me and you to save their sorry, violent asses. Here's her take on this tragedy all too common in this progressive society we supposedly live in.
House of Horror
The three adults who live in a house where a 2-month-old baby was murdered have already lined up their public defenders.
Without a doubt, this is one of the most appalling and disturbing crimes brought to our attention.
We don’t know yet who this poor, poor baby belonged to, but he would have been better off aborted. And I say this as, for the most part, a pro-life woman.
Little Antonio Evans apparently suffered terribly at the hands of or gross neglect by one or more monsters. The local papers reported he was discovered unconscious and unresponsive on a table at 351 N. Washington St., in Wilkes-Barre, with ”raccoon eyes” and bruising under the left eye worse than on the right. He also had an injury to his upper lip and a deep bruise that covered his tiny buttocks.
This story was hard to read.
Three people live in that house. One has the same last name as the murdered baby, and that is Lamika Evans. Luzerne County Public Defender William Ruzzo is representing her. The two others are Tamika Johnson, 33, and her new husband, William Johnson, 49.
The Citizens’ Voice identified Tamika Johnson as the murdered infant’s grandmother and the mother of Lamika Evans.
Tamika was charged four years ago with hurting a 3-year-old boy she was babysitting by shoving him into a table when he urinated on a floor, The Times Leader reported. The CV said he was 2 and suffered bleeding to his brain and a broken rib after she pushed him to the ground. Mrs. Johnson apparently had zero tolerance for toddlers who had accidents. She initially lied to the police, saying he fell off a tricycle, according to the TL’s account. She served her time in jail.
As of Wednesday night, neither of the three who occupied the house where this badly bruised two-month-old was found were charged.
But someone placed a call at around 8:15 a.m. on Sunday to report that an infant, turning blue, was not breathing. Who made the call is still unknown.
Who’s responsible for this despicable crime is also still unknown. Hopefully, a newborn cannot experience terror. Hopefully, he died quickly and was unaware of the identity of his tormentor(s).
The Times Leader reported that a search warrant stated that family members were present at the scene, which became chaotic and potentially dangerous. Dangerous to whom aside from the baby? Hopefully, not the paramedics who came to rescue the child.
The CV, which had a lot more information than The Times Leader, reported that on Sunday morning, neighbors said they saw two women hysterically banging on the ambulance where medics were treating the boy.
The paper also spoke to a neighbor who said Children and Youth Services on Monday removed other children who were living in the house.
The Johnsons and Lamika Evans have petitioned the court for separate, court-appointed counsel, saying the Johnsons’ interest may conflict with Evans’, according to the CV.
It’s nice, isn’t it, that these three wasted no time lining up their public defenders to protect their behinds while offering no explanation for this baby’s injuries and subsequent death?
Let’s hope that the authorities lock them in a room and demand to know what they know.
How do you not have an explanation for a newborn found blue and unconscious with raccoon eyes and a bruised upper lip?
Yet these three whatevers had the wherewithal to contact the public defender’s office.
Betty Roccograndi


Wilkes Barre Area School Board candidate Kathy Grinaway. (Photo: LuLac archives).


Kathy Grinaway, candidate for the Wilkes Barre Area School Board will be Sue Henry's guest on WILK Radio Wednesday morning at 10:07AM. Grinaway will talk about her goals if elected this November to the Wilkes Barre Area School Board. Since you do such fine work covering the School Board, thought you might want a heads up on this. Hope you're well.
David Yonki


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As my long since deceased Father used to say, "Jesus, Mary and Joseph." The victims are the children, the absolute innocents.
Its heartbreaking.


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