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The LuLac Edition #2550, November 2nd, 2013


With a few days before the election, I am giving any candidate running an opportunity to say something on this blogsite. As they come in, I'll post them right up until 11AM on Election Day. Just e mail them to
We'll add in this edition only. There is a response to Edd Brominski's item the other day and that will be included in Edition #2549. This is an opportunity to state your piece.

Luzerne County Council member Jim Bobeck. (Photo: Citizen's Voice).


On Tuesday, November 5, 2013, I make a simply plea: Please, go entire government is based off informed citizens voting to shape their government and electing quality people. Everything is based on voting, and the reflection of your government (whether state, county, federal) is based upon the votes of its people.
The plug: Vote straight conscience! Some people want you to vote straight R or Straight D, or just vote for a clever ticket name. Instead, vote straight conscience. Vote on people as individuals.
On the county Council level, there has been great effort over the past two years to turn the ship around. County government is like an aircraft carrier. It takes great effort and time to turn it, but once it does, it moves swift, straight, and true.
Four Council members, despite struggles at times, want to continue service: Haas, Kelleher, Houck, and Williams. Prior to council, they were never elected to anything, and their motives are but only for the betterment of the County, We may not always agree with the choices of elected officials, but when examining the big picture, they have provided leadership by not cowering to special interests and voting for things that are best in the "long term" for the County. Furthermore, for any ills faced by the Council, they will not sit there and point fingers at others, which is a terribly unfortunate thing for anyone to do. Instead, they dust themselves off and look forward to the next battle and finds ways to bridge the gaps with other members.
Resolution, Compromise, and Optimism are the components of any solid foundation, and Haas, Houck, Keller, and Williams will continue to build that new foundation with these ingredients.
On the fifth council spot, I have gotten to know many excellent candidates for this position, and regardless of the results on Tuesday, the council will have a new make-up. Whoever it is, I look forward to continuing a spirit of cooperation of them. Thank you for your time, and best wishes to the County going forward.
Jim Bobeck, Esq.

KIngston Democratic Mayoral candidate Curt Piazza. (Photo: Tims Leader). 


Curt Piazza is making a run at Mayor Jim Haggerty for the Mayor's seat in Kingston. Piazza said he will be more transparent and media friendly than the incumbent.


A big rally was held tonight in Wilkes Barre Township at the Fire Hall. Here's a few photos:
Moderator Tom Woods, Wilkes Barre School Board candidate Kathy Grinaway, County Council candidate Eileen Sorokas and your blog editor.
GOP County Council candidate Paul DeFabo.
County Council candidate Eileen Sorokas. (Photo: LuLac archives).


The County Council has many issue they are facing prior to this election. In fact, all issue are important, that affect the public. Indeed, the most important issue, beside public safety, I will have to deal with is the budget. Through life experiences I have gain skills to manage budgets and understand the suffering people undertake when they lose their homes to foreclosures due to taxation or loss of jobs from budgets cuts. The hard decisions have to be made to either increase taxes or lay off people. My Goal is to “To Hold the Line on Taxes” with staff reduction through attrition. However, the county released an unbalance budget. Consequently, putting fear into the public and employees with having an 8% tax increase or 160 employees to be lay off. Also, the unions will be asked for $2.7Million dollars concessions or 57 layoffs. Furthermore, the county cannot get a Crediting Rating for potential refinancing of their bond issue, unless they prove they have fiscal stability for at least two years. Also, no credit rating is causing our bonds fees to increase. Appears my Goal may be out of touch with the main stream. Indeed, I will have to work harder to achieve my goal. Consequently, the County Manager and his staff should works to reduce taxes for all the citizens of Luzerne County.
The time for talking is over, we must go back to justifying all department cost. Zero base budgeting. No more using past figures. Also, the taxation problem is state wide, but magnified with Luzerne County’s high debt. Furthermore, our State legislators should be working with our county to fine solutions. Indeed, there are some bills in the house and senate for tax relief using the States Income Tax and Sales Tax. Maybe, a local Drink Tax. However, the bills are not going anywhere. Incidentally, the Gaming Industry was for property tax relief, how much are we getting? We have a Casino in Luzerne County and the county get very little if any benefit. We must look at other ways of taxation besides property taxes. Certainly, new taxation in the future to be equal for all citizens. By council working together and making it a goal, I believe the end result will be positive for all citizens of Luzerne County.

Thank you
Eileen M. Sorokas for County Council

Luzerne County Council candidate Mike Giamber and his late mom. Mike's mom, a great lady was one of the main reasons he came home. He took care of her until her death and that action left an impression. Here are his thoughts.


Mike Giamber who grew up in Pittston penned a nice note to those people asking for their support bringing up memories of his late mom and growing up in Pittston City. Here is what he wrote:
“Time to get up” she whispered in a low caring voice like the sound of a gentle wind blowing through the Locust trees in the back yard. For our family she was the voice that woke us each morning. “Breakfast is on the table,” she said, after her morning prayers. As I opened my eyes I remembered - it’s Friday! Tomorrow I get to go to the Lake to help Grampa Bikowski at his hot dog stand near Hanson’s Park. And so, another carefree day in my life, never imagining some thirty years later, after traveling the world, I’d be back home whispering those same words to mom each morning.
But now she’s gone and so are the glorious days growing up in Pittston when the street were full of people, home were seldom locked and the American Theater marquee lit-up “A Hard Day’s Night.”
We see many black and white photographs hanging on walls in our homes and businesses reminding us of the good old days and providing the motivation to start over again and we are. The new Pittston is going through a renaissance right before our eyes.
We watch in awe the rebirth of a Town Center emerges, blending the past with the present. A shining example of what can be accomplished when intellect, imagination, perseverance and above all, ownership, come together to share a common vision. I and my fellow colleagues share this common vision. We believe County government working hand-in-glove with cities, townships and boroughs can take the best each has to offer, creating opportunities for each of us and our children.
The time to come together, share resources and work smarter is now. Luzerne County is on the verge of its own renaissance. Naysayers be gone, the journey begins 5 November 2013. Vote Giamber , Heffron, Sorokas and Ciaruffoli-Taffera.


Outgoing Council member Elaine Maddon Curry was on Steve Corbett the other day and outlined her ideas on the type of people who should continue the work of this new form of government. Here's her thoughts:
Many of you know I have decided not to run for another term on Luzerne County Council so I can dedicate my time and energy to the Hazleton Integration Project. It has been an honor to serve on the historic first council under the new form of government. It has not been easy. While anyone interested in providing an objective analysis of Luzerne County government now as opposed to the past would have to include we have made great strides in ending corruption, providing new levels of transparency and running the day to day operation in a far more professional manner. Corruption, nepotism, patronage and cronyism no longer reside in Luzerne County government.The public has been more engaged than ever in the new government. But we cannot fix all the problems of the county in two short years. Previous administrations have left the county with more than $400 million in debt. The recent 2014 budget proposal makes it evident how difficult it is to balance a budget that needs to repay its debt to the tune of 27 million a year.
I am writing to let you know that I am endorsing all the incumbents for re-election for Luzerne County. I am strongly supporting Linda Houck( D); Harry Haas(R) Eugene Keller(R) and Rick Williams (I). When I got on the council, I barely knew them. But after working with them, watching and listening to their deliberations, seeing their work ethic,I can assure the voters these are all people who possess true integrity. While we do not agree on all issues, nor do we vote the same on all issues,I am confident they have no hidden agendas, they have no self interests ruling their decisions. They truly want to continue to move this new government forward. I feel we are at a fork in the road, this new government is at a crucial point. We can continue to make progress , at times incremental, but we are moving this county in a direction we can all be proud of.
I humbly ask my supporters, if you trust me, if you care about our county please re-elect all the incumbents. Thank you for your support.
Elaine Maddon Curry
Luzerne County Member


GOP candidate Kathy Dobash appeared on radio this weekend. Dobash is campaigning hard on the premise that she will oppose the 8 percent tax hike. Here's the link to her radio interview:
Luzerne County Citizens:
I attended the first public hearing about the Luzerne County Budget.
The County Solicitor is instructed to time everyone.
• 10-29-2013 - First Luzerne County Public Budget Hearing
First I want to say, public comment should be allowed at the beginning of the meeting. The meeting should take place in a larger room.
A tax hike of 8% was suggested throughout the meeting.
The majority of County Council did not want to hear the public outcry. They are out of touch with those who live on a fixed income and working families.
The next scheduled budget hearings are:
November 12th, 18th and 19th.
My name is Kathy Dobash. I am a candidate for Luzerne County Council.
I oppose tax hikes. They hurt families and businesses.
On Tuesday, November 5th, help me OPPOSE the 8% tax hike.
Elect KATHY DOBASH, Luzerne County Council
paid for by the candidate


At 6:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elaine has done the right thing. Her contributions are on par with the other incumbents who lack the decency to step down and make room for more qualified candidates.

At 12:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

elaine kitty curry learned a valuable preschool lesson in that her playmate little jimmy bobeck didnt want to share his toys with her in the political sandbox

for him to share you have to be a rubber stamp like the three stooges hass kelleher and williams

nyuk nuyk nuyk!!


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