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The LuLac Edition #2559, November 13th, 2013

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1. What do you think of the Time Magazine cover of Governor Chris Christie with an out sized profile of him with the title “The Elephant In the Room”. Was that a fat joke?
I really haven’t thought about it but I can say this. Time did this before with the Obama cover of the then Presidential contender being profiled in white and black if you will. They want people to talk about it and sell magazines.

2. Who will the next Governor of Pennsylvania?

The same guy that you have now, Tom Corbett. Despite the bad press and clumsy first term, he’ll win again. Tough to beat an incumbent.

3. The biggest surprise of this past election?

I’d have to say the Kathy Dobash surge at the end of the campaign. You would think that an old pro like Paul DeFabo might have had more traction but her message resonated. Plus her persistence. What will be interesting and wildly entertaining will be the interactions she will have with Council members who she had adverbial relationships. My advice to her: be gracious in victory.

4. What do you think is the best and worst thing about the County Council race?

The worst thing is that many good candidates didn’t get a chance to be heard. And when they did try to something issue oriented, they got shot down. If you look at the four candidates who talked specifically about the debt issues, I mean the nuts and the bolts, they lost. Giamber, Heffron, Taffera and Kelleher had specifics. I’m not saying they didn’t get a hearing, they did but I think people heard but did not necessarily listen. The best part was the plethora of events. If you were interested, you got a chance to meet these people one on one.

5. Did you ever think the County Home Rule Form of government will work?

In time, yes. I think if we go back to the old way too soon it will not be productive. Wilkes Barre went back to a strong Mayor form of government and that got us a Democratic dynasty.

6. Did you ever do a documentary on the Kennedy assassination when you were in college?

Yes. It was a five part series called “Who Killed This Man?” Ran on WRKC FM and I donated a copy of it to King’s College. They most likely pitched it.
The late Mary Barrett, your blog editor circa 1975 and Reference Head Judith Tierney. (Photo: Times Leader/LuLac archives). 

7. Any interesting nominations for “Women We Love 2013?

Oh yeah, a few surprises.

8. I saw you on WYLN TV on Election Night, you said the Council candidates had great rallies featuring good food. Any opinions on any you attended? The second part to my question is this, on WYLN TV do you feel you were ambushed on Health Care at the end of the show?

I thought the Sausage and Peppers at the Grinaway rally in Plains was very good. The Pizza at the Red Mill was outstanding for a few events I attended there including Blog fest. I heard the food at the GOP Wilkes Barre Township pre-election event was good too but left because I had a very long day that Sunday. But people tell me it was great. The Pasta at the old Pilleggi’s, now Keeley's Ale House was also reminiscent of the old days at that eatery. And the booths are still there.
On the TV show, Don Pachence and I along with Tiffany Cloud have been sparring politically for a long time. I think Don was amazed that I agreed with him most of the night about a lot of things except health care. I don't think a difference of opinion was an ambush. Take a look.

9. Did you see the Kennedy documentary that Bill O’Reily was part of on National Geographic?

Yes. “Killing Kennedy”. I thought Rob Lowe did an outstanding job, the actress playing Jackie not so much. More cheekbones from her would have hit the mark. The story was a contrast between Kennedy and Oswald supporting O’Reilly’s contention that Oswald was a failed loser looking make a name for himself. Not the best but not the worst.

10. Favorite part of the turkey?


11. Do you ever shop on Black Friday?

Never. I don’t even leave the house on that day unless of course it’s for work. I went Black Friday shopping once in 1968. My uncle Timmy Pribula and his family took us up to the Viewmont Mall. I remember my mom buying me a Navy Blue Tweed sport coat. It was crazy and I think that at that young age, I was cured of Black Friday! In high school I worked at Detato’s in Pittston and the day before Thanksgiving was the real grind, not the day after. And we got Turkey day off back in those days.

12. How do you stop the violence in Wilkes Barre?

Hard to say but the answer has to come from within. The Police do an outstanding job. The 911 operators do a great job under a lot of pressure. The Mayor can’t stop crime. Nothing will be gained by a Mayor showing up at a crime scene trying to second guess his police force. We as a community have to stop being suckers. There are a lot of gullible people here who are persuaded by out of town people to go the wrong way. I’m the only one saying this but it is not uncommon for characters from Philadelphia and Brooklyn to come into this community, meet some woman, knock her up and get a landing pad to deal drugs, commit murders and make a bad name for all the struggling people whatever their color or persuasion here in Wilkes Barre. We as a community have to get street smart and I’m sorry, not so accepting of out of towners with a sob story or a grand idea. This is starting to become war and you don’t win a war on half measures. Someone said on the radio the other day that if you put pressure on the criminals, they’ll either get caught or give up. But we have to stop being so trusting and welcoming to people who show up here with a smile and a nice watch.
We have got to stop being such easy marks. These bastards don’t care who they kill. A baby, a guy walking someone to a car, they just don’t care. We have to stop being patsies. That’s what I mean by starting from within. In the homes.

13. I hear you have a bobble head collection. Any on your desk at work?

I have a few of my favorite players as well as the ones from the Red Baron days. Not worth much but fun. Not a lot either. But at work I do have The Holy Trinity of the 60s in terms of sports and politics, JFK, Vince Lombardi and Richard Nixon.


At 11:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you're right and Tom Corbett gets re-elected, you can have him. He won't be my governor.

At 8:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldnt take Bill O'Rielly's take on anything as factual. Besides, do you really think he has written any of those books? Ghostwriter!
Also I recently plodded thru Stephen Kings 11/22/63. I think he has a staff that cranks these books out! Some of the earlier stuff was excellent, but 11/22/63 is a stinker!


At 3:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonki ... Yonki ... Yonki

At 11:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kellleher got blind sided by the article giving the convicted felon Walter Griffith's opinion of who should be elected and allowing the negative remarks about Kelleher. This county is filled with idiots who still think that Griffith did a good job. He was a failure with access to daily PR. Kelleher was a reasonable and intelligent representative of the people and that low life ingrate Griffith turned on him. Remember that Kelleher was Griffith's campaing manager and helped him in every way including financially and like owning a pet snake Griffith turned and bit him

At 4:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

David, Just looked at your site and watched the video. How can you sit with those T-Party jerks and not lose it? It drives me nuts that they say Obama lied when in fact, I do believe that when he said it he was not aware that so many companies had junk policies that did not meet the minimum coverage. I think if he realized how heavy the abuse and down right theft and deception was, he would not have made that blanket statement. That woman who is so down on Obama, well, I have to wonder where she was during the 8 years of Bush? God bless ya buddy, I couldn't be in a room with those idiots for more than 10 minutes.

At 4:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pope George Ringo has left a new comment on your post "The LuLac Edition #2559, November 13th, 2013":

Killing Kennedy was awful...and i had the opp. to brush through the book at B & N finding it to be nothing more than a repeat of what i have read for years.
Nothing new in it...just as in Oreillys Killing Lincoln.
I dont get it. Why do so many people buy these dumb books???? I guess if Orelly copied Mother Goose word for word it would be a best seller once again.

At 5:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK so because PGR is an expert on Kennedy and Lincoln he belittles a vehicle that others have embraced for NO OTHER REASON than someone he personally doesn't like.
Hope he never runs for the school board.
Me? If my son grabs and reads a book like these I'M ALL FOR IT especially if it pulls him away from Zombies and Hunger Games.
Time for a reset Popesee

At 9:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just remember that if not for Walter Griffith and Steve Flood - God rest his soul - you dummies would know ZERO about corrupt judges, kids for cash, Vonderheid/Skrep, Backroom deals, missing money from CityVest, The Urban Twins, etc etc...Kelleher was foiled by his own game - end of story.

Sorokas should have beat him in 2011 and Kelleher won his seat on council by trying to make Walter look like a monkey.

Dont be sour grapes just because Mean Gene Kelleher EARNED AND EARNED ALONE and by his own hand the trouncing he DESERVED this year!!!

At 9:04 AM, Anonymous flynomore111 said...

I really can't understand how 'regular' people can be opposed to Obamacare. We live in the richest country in history, yet we are the only industrilized country in which our working poor must use the ER as their primary health care. Our biggest employer, Walmart, urges it's "associates ' to go on medicade and food stamps . This is unconscienable for a company whose pimary owners, the children of its founder , are among the 10 richest Americans .We , the taxpayer , must pay for their refusal to pay a living wage.
We are the only industrilized country in which our young start their ,working lives with upwards of 100k in college loans . In all other industrilized countrys, the govt. pays . I know "look at the taxes they pay" .In realite, if one is to add all the taxes we pay, federal ,state, and local income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, fuel taxes, our taxes are darn close to theirs. The important thing to look at is what do they get for their taxes? Free health care , cheap and avalable meds, a living old age pension, free college,unlimited payed sick leave , paid maternity care , unlimited unimployment pay.
Now ask, what we get for our taxes ?


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