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The LuLac Edition #2555, November 7th, 2013

First off, I loved Place One in Downtown Wilkes Barre. It added a touch of elegance to the joint. I’ve always been a sucker for women’s evening wear. A woman in a ball gown, man ever since I was 11 that would send me over the moon!
And driving to and from work, stopped at the light on South Main, I’d always glance at the new styles Ms. Coffee had in her shop. I’d see the ruby reds and festive greens of the holiday season as well as the pastels of spring. My favorites were the cobalt blues and navies that featured an A line or were strapless. You then juxtapose that with somebody walking up South Main in sweats or capris toiling away for 8 bucks an hour and so beaten down by life and you get the picture of life here in Wilkes Barre. But I digress.
Michaelene Coffee has had Place One in Wilkes Barre for over twenty years. She has been a good downtown citizen, kept her store area spotless, installed a security door to keep out the thugs and crazies, paid her taxes and fees and did everything a responsible business owner was supposed to do. Any dying downtown would kill to have a business like hers on their roster.
And what does Wilkes Barre do? They gave this owner a week to vacate her premises because surrounding buildings are condemned. 
Tonight City Council in Wilkes Barre announced that they were going to find a way to keep Place One and the Frank Clark Jewelers building in place. That is good news for the owner of Place One and for the city. 
EDITOR'S NOTE: Story updated at 11:20pm, this story partially deleted and edited. 


When the new members of the County Council come on board, look for this make up in terms of a reformulation of Council. 
Look for Jim Bobeck, Harry Haas, Linda McCloskey Hauck, and Tim McGinley to do their best to preserve the status quo of the board. In the meantime Edd Brominski may try to form a coalition that he thinks will help move the County forward. Rick Williams the Independent  and Eileen Sorokas the new Democrat will have to get the lay of the new/old terrain to make a decision. While no one can predict what Kathy Dobash will do, don’t be surprised if she sides with the Urban faction on the board. This is pure speculation but you might see two to three voting blocs competing for dominance. In my mind a certainty will almost be that Tim McGinley, if he wants it will be the Chair again when the second Council takes officee in 2014.


We'll be doing a recap of the Ned Evans/Kathy Grinaway Wilkes Barre Area School Board race once I stop spitting nickels. On the way.

Alex Milanes with Governor Tom Corbett. (Photo GOP Alex Milanes Facebook page). 


 You have to hand it to Tom Corbett, the guy has a set. He announced his re election plans the day after this election and been up on the radio and TV with ads touting his education spending. Much maligned for cutting teacher’s jobs, Corbett actually increased education with real money. You know I love my man Ed Rendell BUT he used stimulus money as a one time fix for Education funding. Corbett took some heat but actually increased spending while holding the line on taxes. Corbett’s approval ratings are in the 30s and my counterparts on WYLN the other night said that Corbett might have a tough fight for re-election. Nope. He might be a cold fish politically but he has adopted the Clinton strategy of 1996. Clinton was on the ropes and started advertising a year early in effect reintroducing himself to America. Corbett is doing the same thing. Smart move.

"Your Life" cohosts Mari Yanuzzi and Richie Molinaro. (Photo: Your Life). 


I saw that TV appearance by Michelle Bednar the other night on WBRE TV. I just got home from being on the panel at WYLN and I saw Andy Mehalchik interview newly elected Controller Michelle Bednar. She stumbled and stammered and did not look good. In the last few days she has been taking a lot of heat. Here’s my take on it.
Bednar has traveled non stop up and down the county for the last ten months. She met the press at least 6 times Election Day. We did an interview with her on WYLN and even though I’m good friends with Scott Cannon her brother in law who owns Video Innovations, I felt I asked her pointed questions. And she did well.
I think she was exhausted, tired, relaxed, felt comfortable with allies who were working their asses off for her and had her guard down. And Andy asked pro forma questions. Nothing tough. Questions she had answered many times on the campaign trail. But sometimes the easiest questions are the toughest to answer. Here’s an example.
In 2005 my book “A Radio Story” was released. I was doing a lot of media shows. The people at WYLN at that time had a show called “Your Life” with Mari Yanuzzi and Richie Molinaro.  I had worked a long shift, was fighting a cold and got to the station early on a frigid January night. I had to sit through a first show taping. Then I went on the air for the second show. I sat down in a comfortable chair and was bathed in the soft warm glow of the hot lights. I started to relax. I started to relax too much. When they came back from break, Richie asked me, “So David, what’s your book about?” And a question I answered 100 times stumped me. I stammered, stumbled, even asked them to stop the tape. They didn’t. It was horrible. I was horrible. Mrs. LuLac said I was horrible. My mom saw the tape and said “It wasn’t that bad”. MOM TRANSLATION: YOU SUCKED! But it was a learning experience. I knew why it happened and even though I’ve done a lot of TV in the last 8 years, before I go on the air, I remember that moment. And prevent it. Michele Bednar will do the same. She’ll remember her time with Andy. And it won’t happen again. Give her a break.


Former Senator Bob Mellow is in a half way house back home. Wonder if the Senator will get an opportunity to stop by the big dinner honoring him for his involvement in the Medical College? This is after all LuLac land!



The 68th Annual Wyoming Valley Veteran's Day Parade will take place on November 10th, 2013 in Kingston, PA. The parade with step off approximately at 2 p.m. which which will feature all branches of the military, host of floats, schools, and organizations. This is the largest Veteran's parade in NEPA and we invite all to participate in this event.



Tune in to Sue Henry's "Special Edition" this week as Sue recaps the week's news. Special Edition is heard Saturdays and Sunday on these Entercom stations, WILK FM Saturday at 2pm Sunday at 6 am on Froggy 101 Sunday at 7 am on The Sports Hub 102.3 Sunday at 7 am on K R Z 98.5 Sunday at 7 pm on WILK FM 103.1


ECTV Live begins its Holiday Happenings season the week of November 11th as guest Erica Rogler of the Wyoming Cultural Center at the Dietrich Theater outlines Free upcoming events for hosts Judge Tom Munley and David DeCosmo. ECTV Live is a Public Affairs program of Electric City Television and can be seen daily at Noon and Midnight on Comcast Ch19


Want to hear some great parodies on the news? Tune in to WILK Radio at 6:40 and 8:40 AM on Mondays. As Ralph Cramden used to say, “It’s a laugh riot!”


Our buddy Karel Zubris. (Photo: LuLac archives). 


I don’t usually give a shout out to my friends in the media for their birthday but I have to do this for Karel Zubris. Karel is one of the most dedicated and energetic people in this area. Ubiquitous to fault she is like that old Newswatch 16 slogan, “She’s everywhere!” Everywhere volunteering her time for worthy causes, doing something in the media or just organizing something. Karel Zubris has many gifts but the one I’m most impressed with is this: she can put 36 hours into a 24 hour day. Amazing! Happy birthday kid. (And to me, most everyone is kid!)

Our 1976 logo.


The first megamouth shark is discovered off Oahu in Hawaii……..Speculation abounds as to who the new Secretary of State will be under the Carter administration…….Carter says newly elected Vice President will have an office in the West Wing….in Pennsylvania outgoing Auditor General Robert Casey who is being replaced by Al Benedict says he will return to private practice in Scranton and might think of running for Governor of Pennsylvania again….in Lackawanna County, candidates start to line up for the GOP nomination for Mayor of Scranton. The top two contenders are Ed Hughes a member of the Peters administration and Father Vernon Searfoss…..and thirty seven years ago the number one song in LuLac land and America was “If You Leave Me Now” by Chicago.


At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The simple summation of the problem with football player disciplinarian and obvious intellectual midget Richie Ingognito, wrong name for sure
for this guy, is clear and simple. His helmet size far exceeds his IQ!
No worry about post football brain damage here thats for sure. I wonder if he relocates to Luzerne or Lackawanna County how many votes he might get for County Council or Commissioner
with ex footballers or fantasy ex footballers having done so well in management positions leading to jail terms in both?

At 7:15 AM, Anonymous Pope George Ringo said...

Have to agree w/you on Corbett...he has a fairly good shot at re-election. Statistically, the odds favor him as no Governor since the constitution was changed to allow two terms has lost re-election. I always find it amusing when so far out from election day pundits declare a candidate doomed.
Truman was doomed in 1947, Obama in 2011 and Corbett in 2013--among many others in history.
In addition, the pundits seem to be calling the President "dead in the water" for the remainder of his term becuse of the Obamacare snags. Really?? The guy has over three years left in office. I seem to have heard the same talk after the 1994 mid-terms concerning Bill Clinton being irrelevant...we all know how that turned out don't we?
In short, much of the time the policital talking heads don't know what the hell they are talking about.
My instincts tell me that one year from now Obama will be just fine.

At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Urban Sr
Urban Jr



thats how the votes will go on every agenda but in the end, we ultimately lose.

bob lawton has his big pay day at our expense - and all to tell us "guess what Luzerne..YOURE BROKE!"

i guess as the old saying careful what you wish for.

At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonk, your effort to put a good spin on the Bednar spiral is commendable but shallow. What we saw and heard on election night is her. She acted the same way in her previous run for county council and her interviews then showed her as a total incompetent unable to string 10 words together to make a sentence. She won't do the ob simply because she can't do the job. Her experience is a great example of people who have accomplished nothing creating a resume for big job. Not much on paper so she embellished what little experience she has. Sorry pal but for her to say that she will "stand the Council" was beyond dumb, it was absolutely stupid and a strong sign of what not to expect from our new Controller. Too bad Carolee lost, it would have made for great news coverage. As for you not being sure where Dobash will land, well, let me assure you that Steve Urban (Daddy) will now have 3 solid votes whenever he needs them Look for her to make her own way but in the clinch, she will be on Urban's knee. Print this for the record and let's see who's right or wrong.

At 11:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Place One fiasco will cost the taxpayers money. Whats new? You are right, dig deep and find out who wanted the building and for what. Every time I see the beautiful former Scranton Central building I am reminded how close they came to tearing it down. It was declared useless. Since has housed Lacka College and TCMC. Never did learn who wanted that corner. Local government is a sad joke in Lulacland!

At 6:05 AM, Anonymous Bluto said...

Absolutely ANYONE is better than Medico. Never vote for crazy.


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