Monday, July 20, 2015

The LuLac Edition #2996, July 20th, 2015


So the chattering class started to compare Donald Trump’s comments on Senator John McCain’s POW experience with the GOP 2004 swift boating campaign against John Kerry. This comparison is not even valid. Not even in the same ballpark.
First off Trump’s comments were off the cuff. I think if he had really stopped to think, he would not have made them. Trump is no dummy and it is only his pride that is keeping him from admitting that he spoke too soon.
The Swift boating of John Kerry was sanctioned by a Republican party who did nothing to defend the honor of a three time medal winner. The 2004 Bush campaign was all about American values and patriots. But when it came to denouncing an ad campaign by a bunch of disgruntled and envious servicemen who served with Kerry, well the GOP team of Bush and Cheney stayed silent. A stateside veteran Bush and the deferment king (Cheney) sanctioned a scurrilous campaign against an authentic war hero.
So Donald Trump’s comments were the utterances of an egotistical candidate out of control. The attacks on Kerry were calculated and infinitely more damaging and “unpatriotic” than what happened when Trump spoke before he thought. Even Seinfeld taught us that comics usually stuck to their outlines.

Martin O'Malley at the Netroots event. (Photo: CNN).
Good for Hillary Clinton for not showing up at an event in Arizona this weekend at the Netroots Nation gathering. Both Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley were heckled and O’Malley was booted off thew stage when he said “All lives matter”. Clinton had some good advance work here and she avoided the bad optics from a bunch of ignorant no nothings who think they have the right to shout down a candidate. These liberal “activists” did themselves, their cause for black Americans and the Democrats no good at all. Let them speak to a guy like Ted Cruz and see how well they make out.
Activism is a noble cause, it is counterproductive when the members behave like thugs.Yeah there I said it, THUGS!

It is 46 years tonight that man first landed on the moon. It was an event that was memorable for those of us alive at the time to see it. It is worth replaying the scene almost every summer to remind us of how great we can still be.


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