Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The LuLac Edition #2998, July 22nd, 2015

 The late Peter Paul Olszewski Senior. (Photo: Citizen's Voice) 
 Olszewski during the 1967 campaign. (LuLac archives via The Osterhout Free Library). 
Peter Paul Olszewski Senior, one of the most respected legal names in Luzerne County and the state passed away on Saturday. He was 90.
I first met Judge Olszewski during the tumultuous 1967 campaign for Luzerne County Judge. During the primary Mr. Olszewski had tough competition against Wilkes Barre Mayor Frank Slattery for one of the Democratic nominations. Plus in the General Election, this was going to be the very first time that Judges could run on both tickets. 
My uncle Timmy Pribula let me tag along at events and after meeting the candidate in the spring, I encountered him in the fall as he battled in a four way contest with fellow Democrat Ralph Johnston, then District Attorney Tom Mack and Attorney Robert Hourigan. At that time the Democratic party was slowly rising in the County and Olszewski made the obligatory rounds of every little town event throughout the area. On Election Day Olszewski was the top vote getter for Judge with Hourigan finishing second, Johnston third and Mack fourth. The voters of Luzerne County picked a Democrat and a Republican.
When Olszewski was sworn in that January he hit the ground running serving as one of the most productive Judge’s in the County. At each event with my uncle he called me the Youngster Democrat. Many who met him, even before he had piled up those incredible credentials and honors referred to him as The “Judge’s Judge”. That titled spoke volumes in terms of his appearance, integrity and demeanor.
He will long be remembered as what was always right and just on the Judicial benches he served.
Here’s a link to Judge Olszewski’s obituary.

Former State Representative Kevin Haggerty. (Photo: LuLac archives).

Kevin Haggerty who has been involved in Lackawanna County politics for the last half dozen years has announced he is laving the political arena behind. Haggerty, a former State Representative as well as a candidate for the Office Of Judicial Records this spring has entered into anther phase o his career.
Haggery brought a spark of enthusiasm and sometimes reckless passion to his political career. He made it interesting, never backed down from a controversy and made people stop and take notice.
If anything, Kevin Haggerty leaves a legacy of straight talk that others might do well to emulate. He's says he's done with politics but I'm hoping he rejoins the fray one day. Here's his announcement from Face book
As I leave the political arena I decided to not look back and do what I love. I have opened my service learning consulting business which I did for more than five years. During this tenure I also taught college and directed higher education service learning programs with more than a dozen universities and high schools. I have given seminars, lectures and created work shops to teach both students and administration the important steps of separating oneself during the college admission process. I am excited to begin these programs locally and to create strong long lasting relationships between our student population and the greater Northeast , PA workforce. I will only do a maximum of two workshops per academic year.


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