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The LuLac Edition #3269, August 6th, 2016

Attorney General Kathleen Kane. (Photo:
What a difference four years makes in the life of Kathleen Kane. In 2012 Kane was fresh off of her primary win over Patrick Murphy in the race for Pennsylvania Attorney General. The Clintons made it a point to stump for her in the state, She was even being spoken of as a potential star in Pennsylvania and even national politics.
But this Monday she will go on trial. Her job, her career and even her freedom will be at stake. Like I wrote earlier, what a fall.
Kane tried to in vain to make this go away but Friday the Pa. Supreme Court ruled that the trial could go ahead. Kane's defense team had filed a king's bench petition Monday, arguing that the appointment of a special prosecutor to supervise the grand jury investigation against her was unconstitutional. She  faces perjury and other charges related to the alleged leak of secret grand jury materials to embarrass her political and professional rivals. (
So when that was denied, the way was paved for a trial. If she is convicted, there will most likely be a direct appeal. This will be a big story all next week here in the Commonwealth. Kathleen Kane made history by becoming the first Democrat and the first woman to be elected Attorney General.
This trial was not the history the Scranton born resident had foreseen when she raised her hand on the Bible to uphold the law.
Or at the very least, not screw up.


There are annoying people on TV (who knows maybe I’m one of them) and then there are really, really annoying people on TV. One of Donald Trump’s Press people Katrina Pierson has been blindly defending Trump since she got the gig. Now I know that’s her job and she has been very good at it. But she made a big mistake when she placed the blame of the death of Humayun Khan on President Obama and by association Hillary Clinton. The young man died in 2004 and the President then was George W. Bush.
She has since said she made a mistake. But two things here,
1. The GOP is so eager to blame any military death on the Democrats since Benghazi that they have become blind to the facts and history. But then again their boss is Donald Trump.
2. The late Jim McNulty was always a staunch Democrat but he always encouraged young people to get involved no matter what their stripe. But he also said successful campaigns need a person with a little gray in their hair to stop young minions from making mistakes.
However, there are so many misrepresentations from the Trump campaign that this will be just another footnote from a staff who utterly disregards facts when they go on TV.
After all, all they seemed to have only memorized were the names of the Benghazi four.
The others………………………not so much.


The Olympics started last evening and let’s hope the games are a success. But just a few thoughts.
When you hear a certain candidate and some of his followers say this country is a disaster and just not great, consider Rio. This country bid for the games yet the infrastructure as well as the country is unprepared.
Raw sewage flowed from Rio neighborhoods directly into the water. Swimmers will have to deal with that. Plus there was a large amount of trash in the streets. Rio's waters were also found to contain viruses up to 1.7 million times more hazardous than a beach in the U.S.
All of these basic services, water, garbage, health are the responsibility of a government. When you say government is the problem, then you take for granted what government does to make you safe.
There is an element on FB that will tell you we are becoming a Third World Country. Obviously these people have never been in a Third World Country and never been out of Lower Askam.
If you think the government and this country need to be great again, then maybe you just book a trip to Rio. You’d last a week before you’d come crying home to Mother Liberty.
Plus you know water protection, clean air initiatives, safe working conditions, they were all opposed by business. When you bitch about government regulations, remember the words of one of our former Congressman who said, “Government regulations are in place for the 10% who won’t do the right thing”.


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