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The LuLac Edition #3487, May 3rd, 2017



Gene Talerico (Photo: Talerico Facebook page)
There is a big race going on in The Lac for a full term regarding the office of Lackwanna County DA. For years Andy Jarbola held the seat until he, like a few Lackawanna County DAs, was elevated to a Judgeship. A little bit about the two men competing for the job. Talerico was a long time assistant DA while Shane Scanlon, the man currently serving was appointed by the Courts. Here are their stories.
Gene Talerico has prosecuted crime in Lackawanna County for 25 years and focused his work on child abuse and child homicide cases.
For his tireless work as an advocate for children and his 25 years of dedicated service as a prosecutor, Gene has received the support of the Scranton Federation of Teachers. Thank you, SFT!
#HelpSpreadThis Gene Talerico is a fighter. For 25 years, the courtroom has been his battleground. He's prosecuted murderers, child abusers, predators and those who prey on older citizens. When you make your choice for District Attorney, compare experience. Compare qualifications. When you need a fighter, someone to be your voice for justice, Gene is the most qualified.
Talerico has been campaigning non stop. Talerico was the long time Assistant DA to Andy Jarbola. When Jarbola was elected Judge, Talerico was by passed in favor of Shane Scanlon.
Since then the two have been in a bitter match. Their campaigns are different in the sense that Talerico is doing more of a Social Media/You Tube type effort while Scanlon seems to be taking a more traditional approach.
The big debate last week was about the debate. The League of Women Voters gave Scanlon a few dates and he said through the mail to both Talerico and radio show host Sue Henry that he’d debate after the primary. Scanlon cited his work as DA and busy schedule.
The issue that I had was as Henry was reading the letter, well to me, it seemed very lawyer like. Well, these guys are lawyers but time will tell just who will prevail in this tough race to succeed Andy Jarbola. Keep in mind that the DA’s office has been a stronghold of Republicans for decades going back all the way to Ernie Preate.
Here are a few of Talerico’s videos. 

Current DA Shane Scanlon (Photo: Scanlon website).
Meanwhile, from Shane Scanlon’s website, here are a few tidbits.
Shane Scanlon was unanimously chosen to serve by the distinguished judges of the Court of Common Pleas. Joined the DA’s office in 2003. In 2010 became Chief Prosecutor of felony drug and gun unit. Handled thousands of cases. Prosecuted almost every type of crime. Assisted in thousands of investigations. Responsible for over $500,000 in forfeiture funds from drug arrests.
Great relationships with county police departments. A respected officer of the law. A devoted father. Innovative ideas. Knows the inner workings of the office. Understands the needs of our community. Trustworthy. Is OUR District Attorney.
A fierce prosecutor. Earned BA in Criminal Justice from Marywood University and a Juris Doctorate degree from Widener University School of Law. Adjunct professor of criminal law at Marywood University and Lackawanna College. Designated Deputy Attorney General. Legal Advisor to Lackawanna County SWAT team for 10 years.
In addition to the thousands of arrests that have been made, more than 488 arrests for drug use and sales have been made by the Lackawanna County Drug Task Force in 2016. On call 24/7, he oversees the prosecution of criminal cases involving murder, rape, child and elder abuse, sexual assaults, robbery, vehicular homicide and domestic violence. He manages the victim and witness protection programs. He works with county school districts on drug and alcohol prevention programs, internet safety, personal safety and weapons policies.
A few Scanlon videos.


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