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The LuLac Edition #3553, July 14th, 2017


Senate Republicans unveiled their newest health care bill Thursday as they continue to search for the majority needed to repeal and replace Obamacare. So far they haven’t got the votes they need.
Wednesday President Trump scolded his own party saying “He would be very, very mad” if the bill doesn’t come to his desk soon.
One of the most significant things that appeared was the inclusion of an amendment by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, which would allow insurers offering Obamacare plans to also offer cheaper, bare-bones policies. The amendment was included in an effort to earn more conservative support, but could also drive away some moderates who fear the amendment could drive up premiums for those with pre-existing conditions.
So let me get this straight, they are now asking people who are on plans with better coverage to get a bare bones plan? When I worked at Blue Cross there was a plan called Special Care. 4 Doctor’s visits a year, no drug plan and only hospitalization. It was $125.00 a month.They stopped offering the plan.
One like it is no deal for people who have been used to getting more.
The revised Senate bill that makes steep cuts to Medicaid funding -- was not addressed in the new version. The original bill calls for slashing $772 billion from Medicaid by 2026, compared to current law, leaving 15 million fewer people insured by the program.
Plus here’s the beauty part of it. The legislation would allow consumers to use their health savings accounts to pay their premiums for the first time, which Cruz called "very significant."
I want to know who has Health Savings Accounts? Who can afford them? The struggling middle class can’t. The Political Class won’t need them because the majority of their health care is paid for by you and me.
The amendment would allow insurers that offer Obamacare plans on the exchanges to also sell policies that are exempt from certain of the law's mandates. That could allow carriers to provide less comprehensive plans with lower premiums, which would likely attract younger and healthier Americans but screw older ones.
Up until now the major Insurance carriers have stayed on the side while the REPUBLICAN and Trump administration has tried to sabotage the Insurance Market. But today, no less an authority than, Scott Serota, CEO of Association of Independent Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans said, “The 'Consumer Freedom Option' is unworkable as it would undermine per-existing condition protections, increase premiums and destabilize the market”.
This new bill would create two sets of rules and make coverage unaffordable to the sick. Which is what REPUBLICANS do. Look after the strongest among us and say the hell to those who need help.

The fervor for Property Tax Reform is heating up in the state and especially in Luzerne County where Democratic Lawmakers are against the HR 76. Recently a Letter To the Editor slammed State Representatives against it. 121st District Representative Eddie Day Pashinski came under fire from taxpayer groups.
Property Owners: 121st district , Ashley. Fairview Twp. Hanover Twp. Laurel Run Boro. Wilkes Barre City, Wilkes Barre Twp.
Do you want Elimination of your School Property Taxes? Pa. Representative Jim Cox R 129th district Berks County on 10-5-16 formally introduced the Property Tax Independence Act in the House of Representatives which should come up for a vote in 2017.
Voters of the 121st district you have Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski who represents you in Harrisburg.
This is to inform you when HB 76 comes up for a vote, Rep. Pashinski will not vote for the passage of HB 76. He is against elimination of school property taxes. His reason for that was and still is the “Independence Fiscal Office and the Dept. of Revenue both stated officially in a full report it doesn’t work.”
Pashinski has said that the property tax is one of the most stable forms of taxation that can be levied, not subject to radical shifts in the economy, and thus should not be abolished”.
A lot of people are not buying that. That “stable” form of taxation is crippling the Middle Class. There are the rich who pay and bitch, there are the poor who don’t pay property taxes and then there are working members of the Middle Class. These are the people who work two jobs in private industry to try to save their homes.
I’m stunned Pashinski is taking the side of the Political Class that can afford to pay those taxes. But my words are nothing compared to what this Letter To the Editor said.
The Pennsylvania Home Owners are paying for everybody. The time has come to change that and the time is now!(LuLac)
Rep. Pashinski is lying. The Independence Fiscal Office NEVER said any such thing. They reported numbers without comment and he is twisting them to protect his special interest buddies.
Rep. Pashinski is one of the biggest liars and one of the worst special suck up in the General Assembly. He was the head of the teachers union in Luzerne County district where he was employed. He is collecting approximately $4,429.00 a month and is working on his second guarantee pension as a state representative, collecting more than $80.000 in salary and Social Security benefits. The PSEA state teachers union is his largest contributor to his campaign, contributed approximately $23,560 . The PSEA is the most active opponent of school property taxes.
The corruption never ends. Rep Pashinski is an untruthful person who will say or do anything to defeat school property elimination HB 76 so he can keep his greedy campaign contributors fat and happy. He doesn’t care and has betrayed his constituents and the people of Pennsylvania. He doesn’t care or give a damn about struggling homeowners and will allow them to drown before he will stand up against his special interest groups.
Homeowners of the 121st district do you know that in Luzerne Country we have sponsors that support HB/SB 76. Senators John Yudichak, Lisa Baker. Representatives Karen Boback, Tara Toohill, Gerald Mullery, Sid Michaels Kavulich, Aron Kaufer. MISSING is Rep Ed Pashinski and Mike Carroll. WHY? Homeowners of the 121st district it’s up you to Hammer your employee who isn’t working for you. Call 570-825-5934 and demand that he support HB 76 elimination of school property taxes. Except no excuses there are NONE! We the people who are the government have given our elected officials a Cadillac lifestyle (Gold Mine) and some of them are giving us the SHAFT. No one should lose their Homes. There are 87 PTCC groups in Pa. fighting for the elimination of school property taxes. To learn more go to
** Please also contact these legislators who are not supporters of HB/SB 76. Senator John Blake #570-207-2881, John Gordner #570-784-3466. Reps. Mike Carroll #570-655-4843 **** Ed Pashinski $570-825-5943.
Charles Urban Pres. Luzerne County Property Owners Members of 87 PTCC Pa. Groups #570-288-2972.

Congressman Matt Cartwright (Photo: LuLac archives)
The purpose of this Health Center Program grant is to support New Access Points (NAP) for the delivery of comprehensive primary health care services.
Health Center Program grants support a variety of community-based and patient-directed public and private nonprofit organizations that serve an increasing number of the nations’ underserved. Individually, each health center plays an important role in the goal of ensuring access to services. Combined, they have had a critical impact on the health care status of medically underserved and vulnerable populations throughout the United States and its territories.
“This funding will continue to provide families and individuals with the preventive care and treatment they need to live healthy lives,” said Rep. Cartwright. “Community health centers remain a crucial part of our system to provide everyone with access to affordable, quality care.
“We at the Rural Health Corporation of Northeastern Pennsylvania are thankful for the funds provided to us by the HRSA Grant and the continued support from Congressman Matt Cartwright,” said Tiffany L. Tankalavage MHA, CEO of the Rural Health Corporation of Northeastern PA. “Without those like him, we would not have the necessary means to provide medical and dental services to our patients of all populations and most importantly those who are uninsured or underinsured. With these monies, we are able to assist patients in their times of need, provide healthy check-ups, and improve the overall health of those in Luzerne and Wyoming counties. As our offices span 7 different locations, we are very fortunate to have leaders like Congressman Cartwright on our side.”
The New Access Points grant is overseen by HHS’ Health Resources and Services Administration Agency (HRSA). The HRSA makes grants to organizations to improve and expand health care services for underserved people.

Congressman Lou Barletta (Photo: Barletta office)
Congressman Lou Barletta released the following statement regarding a federal jury’s decision to sentence Jessie Con-ui to life in prison for the murder of Eric Williams. Williams, a Nanticoke native and Senior Correctional Officer at the United States Prison at Canaan, was murdered by convicted gang assassin Jessie Con-ui while on duty in 2013. Con-ui, a member of the violent New Mexican Mafia gang, was already serving a life sentence when he suddenly attacked Officer Williams, knocked him down a flight of stairs, and stabbed him more than 200 times with homemade blades known as shanks.
“I am disappointed with this verdict,” Barletta said. “My heart is heavy for the family and friends of Eric Williams. The brutality of this murder has weighed heavy on our community for four years now. Despite this verdict, we should all find hope in the fact that Eric’s life and legacy have continued to impact countless individuals across this country by inspiring efforts to better protect correctional officers. Eric’s parents, Don and Jean, have shown incredible strength and resolve by leading these efforts. We must continue our work to protect correctional officers so that this senseless tragedy does not happen to other families.”
Last Congress, Barletta co-sponsored and helped lead the passage of a bill improving protections for correctional officers. The Eric Williams Correctional Officer Protection Act, signed into law in March 2016, supplies pepper spray to federal prison officers or employees who may respond to emergency situations with inmates.
During the legislative course of the bill, Barletta met with Don and Jean Williams, who now help lead an organization called Voices of JOE. The letters of J-O-E stand for Jose Rivera, Osvaldo Albarati, and Eric Williams, three former corrections employees who were targeted and killed because of their positions in the prison system.




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Anti-drug campaigner Donald Mackay disappears near Griffith, New South Wales (presumed murdered….. The purged Chinese Communist leader Deng Xiaoping is restored to power 9 months after the "Gang of Four" was expelled from power in a coup d'état……..Led Zeppelin presents its last American concert in Oakland, California, at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. A brawl erupts between Led Zeppelin's crew and the staff of the promoter Bill Graham, resulting in criminal assault charges for several members of the Led Zeppelin group including the drummer John Bonham……here they are a few weeks earlier in L.A., the Oakland video was horrible in its production

Flooding in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, caused by massive rainfall, kills over 75 people and causes billions in damage….

in Wilkes Barre National Guard troops are sent to Johnston to help with that town’s great flood and 40 years ago this week the number one song in LuLac land and America was “I Just Want to Be Your Everything” by Andy Gibb


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