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The LuLac Edition #3558, July 20th, 2017

John McCain (Photo: LuLac archives)
The Washington Post reports tonight that Senator John McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer. Turns out that growth behind his eye was an aggressive brain tumor. Prognosis is about 14 to 16 months,.
He will be in our thoughts and prayers.

REPUBLICAN hater Diana Orrock. (Photo: Raw

Nevada’s Republican national committeewoman Diana Orrock on Monday seemed to cheer for the death of Sen. John McCain,  retweeting a post that begged, “please just f*cking die already. Orrock has been a Trump supporter from day one. Ladies and gentlemen, this is your TRUMP REPUBLICAN party today.
She might have her wish granted, I’d love to tell you what’s mine.


NBC Reporter Peter Alexander dropped by a diner the other day in Luzerne County and met with Trump voters who were asked if they would change their vote. Nope,  the majority said.
We used to have an image problem outside the area where people associated us with coal mining long after it was over.
We have a new association nationally. Time will tell if that is positive or negative. Catch the fellow in the red shirt who said he laughs about Russia everyday. He’ll be the first one crying like a little baby when the Russians screw with the power grade.
As for the Democrats who supported Trump, one word…ingrates. You got your wish. Enjoy.


A few weeks ago President Trump talked about the benefits of the Space Program. Despite my major differences with the President, I was glad he did that. The actions by President Obama regarding NASA I thought were an insult to the work done for years by that achievement.
Every technological thing we have today, every business entity that exists came from the exploration in Space. To put this in perspective when Apollo 8 went up in space, the crew Frank Borman, James Lovell, and Bill Anders had a computer that registered under 30 numbers. They were thrilled. My God what that crew could have done with Twitter!
But back to Trump. The President gave a rambling speech and at time during it Buzz Aldrin seemed incredulous in the President’s presentation.
Now Mr. Trump has demonstrated sometimes an ability to wander off. On this anniversary of the Moon Landing, I thought this was something to show you here today. Make your own judgment on what you see. My take is this, Trump was making an effort (which I think was proper) and some say maybe Aldrin’s reaction was a bit over the top.
Here it is:


President Trump said that he doesn’t own Obamacare, the Democrats do. Said that even though the GOP House and Senate had 8 years to repeal and replace, they still didn’t do it. Trump said that the Democrats blocked it and that the party would be begging the Republican party to fix it when it implodes.Help me out here, how are the Democrats in the Minority blocking it????
By the way the reason why this was  imploding is because the GOP has been cutting the legs off of it for years. Sean Hannity had some words for the GOP Senators on Fox Tuesday.

 Congressman Matt Cartwright (Photo: LuLac archives)

U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright announced that the Scranton Lackawanna Head Start received $4,297,661 in federal funds from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). These funds are used for the continuation of high quality, comprehensive, early childhood education.
Head Start is a federal program created in 1965 to address the educational and developmental needs of low-income, pre-school children. Head Start’s comprehensive service system provides social, nutritional, and educational services for thousands of children and their families across the United States. Head Start emphasizes the role of parents as their child's first and most important teacher.
“I am a proud proponent of these programs that work to break the cycle of poverty by ensuring children are better prepared for success in school,” said Rep. Cartwright. “Head Start and Early Head Start programs are an important investment in our community and our economy.”
“We are so excited to receive these funds and to be able to extend our programming to full day services,” said Ann Lynady, Project Director SLHDA Head Start. “It is allowing us to move five classrooms or 100 children this September to full day programming. Studies show that full day programming improves child outcomes both socially and academically to ensure all of our children enter school ready to learn. It will also offer our parents quality care for their children, enabling them to enter the workforce or return to school. The Head Start Community is profoundly grateful to Congressman Cartwright for his support for the wise investment of funds in Early Learning Programs.”
Head Start services are funded and overseen by The Office of Head Start (OHS), within the Administration for Children and Families (ACF), a division of the Department of Health & Human Services. The AFC promotes the economic and social well-being of children, families, individuals, and communities with leadership and resources for compassionate, effective delivery of human services.

Congressman Lou Barletta (Photo: Barletta office)

During today’s House Education and the Workforce Committee hearing exploring state and local implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Congressman Lou Barletta (PA-11) highlighted how afterschool programs, like the SHINE afterschool program in northeast Pennsylvania, are contributing to student success, and questioned how state ESSA plans can incorporate afterschool opportunities. Barletta successfully restored funding for afterschool programs in ESSA.
ESSA was signed into law in December 2015 to replace the No Child Left Behind Act and restore state and local control of public education. The law fully takes effect for the upcoming 2017-2018 academic year. Today’s hearing focused on how states and local stakeholders are planning to implement the policy changes included in ESSA.
“We know that chronic absenteeism negatively affects student success, and that this has led some states to propose absenteeism as an additional accountability measure in their state ESSA plans,” Barletta said. “We also know there is evidence that quality afterschool and summer learning programs are cost-effective strategies in increasing student attendance at all grade levels. I’ve seen this firsthand through an afterschool organization in my district – the SHINE program.”
Barletta questioned Dr. Gail Pletnick, Superintendent of Dysart Unified School District in Surprise, Arizona, about how state ESSA plans may be encouraging school districts to provide afterschool and summer learning opportunities to their students.
Pletnick said that afterschool programs are having a positive impact on students’ learning and also encouraging parents to get more involved with their child’s education.
“With our underserved populations especially, having those afterschool opportunities serves many purposes, but certainly engages students in their learning,” Pletnick said. “We have opportunities to have coding, to have STEM – those really critical skills that students enjoy being a part of. What we have also seen through those programs is increased parent involvement because they are able to engage with their students in those activities. Those types of programs are having a positive impact academically.”
After the original House version of the bill replacing No Child Left Behind eliminated funding for the 21 Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) program, which provides federal funding for afterschool programs, Barletta successfully worked to restore its funding. The law also includes a Barletta amendment that directs school districts to report to state agencies on the use of federal funds for afterschool activities to further demonstrate the importance of such programs.
Barletta, a member of the Education and Workforce Committee and father of two daughters who are teachers, has long championed SHINE, or “Schools and Homes In Education,” in Carbon, Schuylkill, and Luzerne counties. During the hearing, Barletta highlighted SHINE’s proven track record of improving students’ attendance and learning. According to a recent study, 92 percent of SHINE students had exceptionally good or satisfactory school attendance, 97 percent of students indicated they were excited about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), and the number of students who said they would like to study math or science in college increased by 14 percent.
“The numbers speak for themselves,” Barletta said. “When students are excited about learning, they show up for class and feel personally invested in their education, setting themselves up for success down the road.”
As a result of his leadership in saving federal funding for afterschool programs, Barletta was the only House member to receive the 2016 Congressional Voice for Children Award from the National Parent Teacher Association. Barletta was also named an “Afterschool Hero” by the Afterschool Alliance, and earlier this year, the Pennsylvania Statewide Afterschool/Youth Development Network named him an Afterschool Champion for his commitment, dedication, and outstanding work on learning programs




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The first oil through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System reaches Valdez, Alaska.......Left-wing German terrorists Susanne Albrecht, Brigitte Mohnhaupt and Christian Klar assassinate Jürgen Ponto……in Pennsylvania both Pa. Senators Heinz and Schweiker are mum on where they stand on President Carter’s Panama Canal Treaty. They prpmise a decision before the vote…..but in Luzerne County Congressman Dan Flood makes no bones about where he stands on it. He is against it…and 40 years ago this week the number one song in LuLac land and America was “Best of My Love” by The Emotions. 


48 years ago today man landed on the moon. My father who muttered over and over about how great and important TV was during those 4 dark days was spellbound watch man land on the moon. His wonder stays with me this day. When you think that only less than twenty humans were on the moon. It was a day that when America was truly great. From NBC News.


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The "great dealmaker" whiffs again. Sad!

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and now the pardon talk!
How the hell do Trump supporters defend that?
But hey the diners in that NBC piece are as you so rightly pointed out, Ignorant and Proud.


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