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The LuLac Edition #3596, September 13th, 2017


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1. What's the difference between bullying and shaming, aside from the boatload of programs
addressing bullying?

Both are one in the same in my estimation except for one slight difference. Bullying comes from a basic power trip of someone who wants to dominate. Usually the bully has personal issues that he or she is hiding. They project power over those who they perceive as weaker than they are. The best way to confront a bully is to….well confront them. That’s easier said than done. But in my experience, when you confront, even if you lose, two things happen.
The bully is exposed as someone who took advantage of someone weaker and whatever victory is achieved is a Pyrrhic one. Or if the bully is bested, there is abject humiliation. Usually the person who bests the bully feels bad about it, the bully justifies why he or she lost.
Body shaming is a form of bullying but involves more judgmental aspects of the personality. “Why are you so thin?” “How did you get so fat?” It usually is, in my estimation more personal but yet mean too. It involves a power trip, taking someone off of their game.
Men who want to control women are great at this. Again, my observations only. I’ve seen beautiful women put down by their partner and unfortunately some believe it.
Both are power trips, their derivatives are insecurity and mean spirited behavior. There are more similarities than differences. The differences are so slight though that there isn’t even a line to be blurred.
As for programs, they help and are unfortunately needed. Mainly because parents do not correct their children when they truly get dangerous and out of hand. It all comes down to imparting values at a young age.
Worse today though is the fact that the American people have elected a bully in chief. His behavior has allowed kids, even adults to say, “If he’s doing it, why are ‘ya yelling at me?” The only programs that I’d support would be informational in nature. The rest is up to society but  I’m sure we will continue to fall short.

2. Do you expect much from the Congress and the Pennsylvania State House?

I was pleasantly surprised when President Trump worked with the Democrats in the Senate. I think he realized his party, adopted party is pretty much divided along such ideological lines that it was impossible to deal with then.
The State House REPUBLICANS are a joke, The current Speaker Mike Turzai is a liar and obstructionist. Plus he’s incompetent and secretive. You have a majority, not a tenuous majority but a working majority. I think the second most overpaid Legislature in America is in need of a restructuring. Word I hear is that even Turzai’s Republicans are trying to get him out of Harrisburg.

3. Who do you think is the star on the Trump Administration Foreign Policy team?

Nikki Haley. Kind of reminds me of Reagan’s Jeanne Kirkpatrick. Tough, doesn’t mince words and understands how far she can go with the rhetoric.

4. Do you find it strange that not many of the contestants on The Apprentice have made any comments about the President’s leadership abilities?

You hear from a few of them but most either have disclosure agreements or just don’t want to brag about that aspect of their career.

5. Do you think Congressman Barletta will get through the Senate primary next years?

I used to think he would but now I’m not certain. The President left Lou out on a limb with DACA. After it was announced, he sent a news release supporting the President’s beliefs 1000%. Then Trump talks to Pelosi and says to The Dreamers, “Hey, not to worry”. If I were his opponent in a primary, I’d beat him over the head with it. I think he might have a major foe in Jeff Bartos who was up on the air with an attack ad minutes after Lou announced. If I said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, “Luzerne County is not reflective of the rest of this state”.

6. Wasn’t Tom Marino already named the Drug Czar by the Trump administration?

I thought so but Tom Marino, his career and whatever record he has falls under my Rhett Butler file. “Frankly I don’t give a damn”.
Actually I do. If Marino resigns there will be a Special Election to fill out his term. That could be called at anytime but first there has to be a vacancy. This administration is so understaffed that the vetting process, which usually takes four months is way behind. 
Don't even try to go to the State website and click on Special Elections because you get nothing. At least that was the case yesterday morning. Knowing the work ethic of state employees, I'm sure it'll stay that way for a while.

7. With fall approaching are you going to miss the good old summertime?

God yes! Ever since my cancer fight in 2008, my feet get so cold that I hate the prospect of summer ending.No more sock less summer days.

8. How about Donald Trump dealing with Nancy Polosi and Chuck Schumer?

He recognizes how pitiful the REPUBLICAN party is. They can win elections but not govern. Now Trump has added to their taint so he’s not blameless. But there was a reason why former Speaker John Boehner was singing “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" when he announced his resignation.
Pelosi and Schumer have been the whipping girl and boy of the Conservative right. But the fact is they know the ins and out of Legislation and know how to keep their people in line. They are not to be trifled with.

9. It’s a year away but what are your thoughts on how your boy Governor Wolf will do?

Tom Wolf has been in my mind, both a good Governor from a policy standpoint but a bad one politically. Wolf has dealt with a Legislature that blocked everything he tried to do. It’s an off year so there is still no budget because of politics. The key here is the GOP can’t even pass their own damn budget. They can override his veto too. So he can run on that but has to shelve his 2016 line on how he said he could reason with people. He has to address the fact he wanted to change Harrisburg but was blocked but say it in a way as to not render his argument contradictory. He can tout his major accomplishments most notably medical marijuana and more transparency in government than we've ever seen with some credibility. He has done great things in terms of transportation and infrastructure but these are things that should have been reformed years ago. Things like open records, plow truck tracking, construction project tracking, DMV improvement and public safety. This is extremely important and I’m thankful he got them done. But these are things voters expect.Or don't look as accomplishments because they take them for granted. Until they fall apart.
On other issues like CHIP, Medicare expansion, protecting Maternity Care, 3D Mammograms, Senior Care for Housing, Health Care and even choices as to where to live, on all of these Wolf is playing defense. He has to say, “Look without me, these might not exist anymore”. This will be a major challenge explaining that this was ALL HIM policy wise. He can do it but should start hammering that home now.
On the political side, you will not see the passion for him this time around in LuLac land. For better or worse (and seasoned politicos tell me it’s worse) Wolf has only hired 5 people from the two counties for jobs. This is a political fact of life and there are people who gave him a lot of money who feel they are unappreciated. The undercurrent is that Wolf has tried too hard to woo Republicans who will never be for him. I mean we have a State Senator and State Rep whose husbands have great paying State jobs and both routinely block him at every turn. Meanwhile there are people who were committed getting pretty much nothing. A few people I’ve spoken to have said they will go for Bob Casey all out and vote for the Governor but not necessarily help as much as they did in 2014. That can be a problem if what has happened here politically is happening in every other county.
Then Wolf has to contend with Mike Stack, a Lt. Governor he has already rebuked. Does he run with someone else in the primary? Encourage another to take Stack’s place? That kind of issue divides a party not really thrilled with him at this point.
His salvation politically might be a Scott Wagner candidacy but again he (Wagner) is no lock to win the primary. But let's say Barletta wins the Senate nomination and Wagner wins the GOP nod for Governor. All of the people who came out for Trump will come out in this county for Lou and cast their lot with Wagner. I can see this county going big for the both of them because of the disorganized and disheartened Democrats who might just bullet vote for Casey. 
Your question has a lot of moving parts to it. It’s early but we’ll see what happens.

10. What do you say to those people who still think climate change is a hoax?

I’ve stopped trying to convince them. My energy and time are worth more than their nonsensical beliefs. A FB friend of mine shared CNN’s coverage of the storms in Florida and posted, “How can we believe them?” So I don’t even argue. I just think it’s hysterical though that the REPUBLICAN party so worried about their grandchildren paying for the deficits don’t care if they live in a climate and environment that will be built on policies that undermine their future.

11. Do you think anyone has the gonads to take a run at any of the incumbent state representatives now in office?

Oh yes. There are preliminary talks going on right now to try and take out one or two incumbents. More on that very soon. Already setting us his campaign is Kyle Mullen from Senator Blake’s office who is going after Kevin Haggerty. In Luzerne County the GOP seats are safe from primaries but there is talk about opposing strongly Democrats who refuse to back Property Tax Reform. Keep your eye on that.

12. Thoughts on Charlie Dent of the Lehigh Valley quitting?

It’s a shame. He has been a reasonable man but I think he got tired of the foolishness of the right wing. I hope he enjoys his life because he certainly did his party to keep his party respectable.More members of the GOP are jumping ship. These are young members, not guys who have been there forever. If the Democratic Congressional committee is smart, they'll keep their mouth shut about past near miss winning margins and go after districts like the one Dent was in. Remember, Don Sherwood in 2006 was a lock but the Dems took that seat for a few years. 

13. Have you watched any football yet?

Not yet. I didn’t even realize the season kicked off last Thursday until 1130pm when I heard it on the radio The Chiefs were up by one with 12 minutes left. Thursday is “Project Runway” night but football wasn’t even on my radar. Maybe this week. But frankly I don’t get into the NFL until after the World Series. 
To give you an example this is Wednesday and I had to look up on line to see how the Packers did. They won 17-9. Following the Indians and Rail Riders though.  


At 9:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy shit!!!!!

Talk about burying the lead. Look at number 9!!!
Yonk calls out the Dems!

At 6:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep question 1 just happened to come out of the blue after you posted your comments on Trump picking on poor little Hilly

At 9:44 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Yep question 1 just happened to come out of the blue after you posted your comments on Trump picking on poor little Hilly.


Actually this question came in August. 13 Questions come to my personal and FB e mails. The questions are real and taken in order of entry. This was my 3rd question because the other two were laced with obscenities.
Here is a copy and paste version since I can't upload it on a JPEG here. I eliminated the sender's e mail address.

From: "" <>
Date: August 23, 2017 at 3:16:51 PM EDT
Subject: 13 Questions

What's the difference between bullying and shaming, aside from the boatload of programs addressing bullying?

Feel free to e mail me your question and we'll both play the coincidence lotto.

At 2:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Given the latest "shaming" episodes it's seems apparent that there is no difference. The goal's end result is to intimidate and control the object of the "shaming" in order to change behavior or acquire something.

The state or federal mandated school bully programs address all demographics. These programs are published by and purchased from vendors. A nice industry revenue stream created by the mandate-du-jour.

You should turn your writing skills to producing these kind of programs. With the people you know in the political arena, I'm sure you could turn a nice income. Think about it.


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