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The LuLac Edition #661, Dec. 9th, 2008



Charges have been dropped against the vice president of the Old Forge School Board and his sister, both of whom were accused of getting into an altercation over an anonymous letter. Lawrence Enderline, and Joni Trabal. Both were in Central Court after each was charged with simple assault and harassment for their alleged roles in the Oct. 30 altercation. Magisterial District Judge Terrence V. Gallagher dismissed the charges, with the understanding that both Mr. Enderline and Ms. Trabal will stay out of trouble. According to investigators, the arguments began when Mr. Enderline confronted Ms. Trabal about an anonymous letter his daughter received at school, a letter Mr. Enderline believed his nephew wrote. After screaming at her about her son, Mr. Enderline allegedly pushed his sister to the ground, Ms. Trabal told police. During the fight, Mr. Enderline’s finger accidentally slipped inside her mouth, cutting her cheek. She bit his finger, police said. This story appeared in the Scranton Times today and I must call your attention to the last sentence. If a finger can get into one’s mouth by accident, well that’s a WWE wresting move.


Congresman Paul Kanjorski denounced an AP story this week that said the Congressman taking was compromised by a ticket he received to attend the Washington Nationals’ first home baseball game with a company’s (Freddie Mac) chief executive and four lobbyists. Kanjorski pointed out that the ticket was under $50.00 and that in no way an attendance at the opener, good seat or not compromised his decision making process in the Freddie Mac controversy. Here’s the thing, Washingtonians are going to socialize with each other lobbyists, Congressman, power brokers. That is a fact of life and to dwell on something so petty is missing the bigger picture. Let’s take a look at the big sweetheart deals made by this administration with Haliburton before we bitch about a baseball ticket (albeit a great seat) to a Congressman who has been articulate and passionate in his defense of the taxpayers on this issue.


Apparently Judge Anne Lokuta has embarked on a new strategy to save her job. Today a contrite Lokuta apologized for the pain her behavior on the bench caused attorneys and court staff who appeared before her and vowed she would agree to any restrictions the Court of Judicial Discipline imposes upon her it the panel allows her to remain on the bench.
In a five-minute statement before the court, Lokuta said she has been “humbled” by the case brought against her by the state Judicial Conduct Board. While insisting she never meant to harm anyone, she acknowledged her behavior has caused some people pain. We shall see if this strategy works or not. My inclination is these boys already have their minds made up and I would’ve gone out with a blaze of glory. But maybe not. As I said, we shall see. More to follow.


At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait a minute Dave. Kanjo has been articulate now, but he has been in the back pocket of these execs for a long time. He was often in the company of mortgage brokers locally. It is now opportunistic to be against these folks that his sub-committee had oversight responsibility for, a task they failed miserably at. Kanjo's teflon is holding better than John Gotti's for now. We will see what happens as time goes on, remeber this was NOT a local story. It was an AP story. This could finally be the straw that breaks Kanjo's the back and send Kanjo packing to a new house, a big house.

At 10:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think about- Why did Sallie Mae locate in Hanover Twp anyway? Was it because of our great work ethnic? Doubt it...

At 2:58 PM, Blogger McGruff said...


I agree with you that Kanjo has been articulate, or was it loquacious? Here is his latest attempt at verbalizing intelligent deliberations on the bailout:


"REP. PAUL KANJORSKI (D), FINANCIAL SERVICES CMTE.: We have to tell the American people the truth, and that truth is going to hurt. Some of that truth is we're going to spend billions of dollars incorrectly, wrongly and wastefully. They're going to have to know that because we're like mad scientists in an economic laboratory trying to get the correct potion."

Way to go Kanjo. Waste billions strumming on the guitar until you hit the right chord. Or since we are talking finances would that be the right "note."


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