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The LuLac Edition #957, Sept. 28th, 2009



The 6th District GOP had their annual tailgate party at Republican headquarters in Wilkes Barre Saturday and the event was enjoyed by all. Atty. Richard Hughes spoke before the crowd and was both eloquent and economical in his remarks. Hughes said he was running “to restore integrity to the bench” and mentioned his work as an Attorney in the private sector as well as in the Prosecutor’s chair. Hughes said he has met many people in the county looking for the type of change that is more transitional. Hughes pointed out that certain people failed the institution of justice, that justice did not fail the people. Controller Candidate Walter Griffith offered remarks saying that the GOP has a great opportunity to change the course of corruption. Griffith said he is and always was there for the taxpayers and will be a full time Controller. He encouraged all to go out and work. Representatives of candidates Carolee Medico Olenginski and Gina Nevenglosky respective candidates for Prothonotary and Register of Wills gave remarks. Commissioner Steve Urban made an appearance. Harry Haas running for Wilkes Barre Area School Board hit a home run (at a tailgate football party that’s an off analogy but he did) referring to the G8 Summit in Pittsburgh. Haas stressed that school board members need to look out for the future education of children and gave sobering information that America is not so competitive anymore in education. He noted that foreign scholars are taking the prime places at choice universities because of lagging educational standards. Haas also said it shouldn’t be out of the question to have a school curriculum offer Mandarin Chinese since China is a huge trading and business partner of the U.S.
While the speeches revved up the crowd, the great food sustained the workers ready for a tough campaign battle. I promised a brief food review so here it is:
Pat Umbra’s pasta sauce: Sweet but not overwhelmingly so, a hardly noticeable kick but smooth tomato consistency.
Bob from Wilkes Barre’s Chili: Very intriguing. At first taste you get a real hot kick but only for a mili second, thenm afterwards you there is no after burn or aftertaste.
Haluski with Bacon bits: a delectable combination of tastes.
A Barbershop Quartet entertained and 6th District official Jim O’Meara, a regular poster to this site did a great job organizing and emceeing the event. Executive Director Renita Fennick as always encouraged the GOP to unite and bring victory in November. (If they could pass out that pasta sauce and chili at the polls they’d win in a landslide!!)


Walter Griffith sent us a communication on the Richard Wren Veteran’s Affair for Luzerne County decision by the County Commissioners. Here’s what he said:
This week I attended the Luzerne County Commissioner meetings which included the County Prison Board Meeting, Work Session and the Commissioner meeting. The Public comment portion of the meetings I was allowed to address some issues at the Prison Board meeting and I asked about the Deputy Warden Sam Hyder issue regarding his taking vacation and not placing the time in the record for the payroll department and what if anything the County Prison Board was planning to do about this constant ability of our County Employees to take advantage of the taxpayers of this County. I was told they cant discuss it because it was a Personnel issue, but the question still remains as to why the Deputy Warden is still allowed to be on the payroll at all because of his constant and never ending ability to defraud the taxpayers of this County. The Commissioner Meeting was then held on Wednesday and there was an issue regarding the termination of Veterans Director Richard Wren and 4 people spoke to his ability to be a fantastic Director and the fact that he has made a mistake and should be given a reprimand but not as severe as termination and this was ignored by two of the Commissioners and Mr Wren was terminated without a question or discussion. My question and confusion here with this situation is a simple one, if the people that have abused the taxpayers by using the debit cards illegally were not terminated, and there was clearly plenty of evidence that they abused their power, then why was Richard Wren terminated without the ability to repay his mistake as well? What was different with this incident that was not the case with Mr Sam Hyder and James Blaum and the others ? What was it that made the crime that Richard Wren did to the taxpayers less offensive than that of the "Magnificent Seven" with the debit card debacle. I think Mr Wren deserves proper reprimand and discipline but is termination of a Director of Veterans Affairs for a $70.00 infraction the proper punishment and what about the thousands of dollars that were taken by the "Magnificent Seven" and they were all allowed to keep their positions, and some were even rewarded with promotions. The County Commissioners need to rethink their personnel policies and start looking at doing the right thing instead of the politically correct things for themselves.
Walter L Griffith Jr.
Luzerne County Controller Candidate


Sept. 28th, '64 Phillies.

The Phillies, now in third place a game and half back travel to St. Louis. Bob Gibson wins his 18th while left Chris Short a 17 game winner takes the loss in a 5 to 1 defeat at Sportsman’s Park. Ken Boyer hits a home run off short and Dick Groat, Bill White and Mike Shannon contribute key hits as the Phil’s slide continues.


At 9:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't understand what Walter does not get about the debit card problem. It was wrong, everyone knows it was wrong but the Feds investigated and to date have not offered an indictment. So I am left to assume that no crime was committed. As for Mr. Wren, by all accounts, the man does a yeoman's job and apparently has no problem going out of his way to do the extra. What Mr Griffith fails to understand is that the Commissioners are not at liberty to discuss certain personnel matters. We as the citizens of Luzerne County have no clue as to the total facts in the case. Using a $70 expenditure as the reason for dismissal is fine but why doesn't Mr. Wren demand a public hearing so all of the facts come out? He does have that right but has thus far chosen not to exercise it. Until Mr. Wren goes public with the entire situation, I feel stifled in offering my opinion publicly and I think Mr Griffith should exercize the same caution. Hold the stones till the facts are known. This shooting from the lip is not the best course of action. The Hyder thing is ongoing and is under investigation. Taking a meeting opportunity for a publicity statement is a bit much. Griffith asked what was going on and it is well known what is going on. It is a well known fact that if Urban and Petrilla can get the goods on Hyder, you can color him gone and it won't take the urging of Walter Griffith for that to happen. I think it is time for candidates to find real issues and stop ridding old headlines.

At 9:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm getting a little tired reading about all of these Republican shindigs, whatever happened to the Democrat parties? I guess the parties went the way of the Party, they simply ain't!

The only member left of the Old Guard is Pat Judge and he's a Republican. But what should that matter, the Demo Chair Mark Buffalino comes from a life time of Republican history. Is it possible that the Republicans are really running both Parties? Is that why Morgan got a free ride in the Primary and has gotten fogged in on Mountain Top and can't find the Valley? Damn it, I think I've hit on something. The Republican's are in charge. I never thought I would see it in my life time. Talk about clever!

At 9:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, I'm wondering if that Chili gave the Republican's anymore gas than usual? Gives a whol new meaning to a "tough room".


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