Saturday, September 11, 2010

The LuLac Edition #1295, Sept. 11th, 2010



On this 9th anniversary of 911, I thought I’d get the perspective of someone who was very young when the attacks happened.
Q: How old were you when 911 hit?
A: I was 11.
Q: Where were you?
A: I was with my mom in the car. I was off school that day because I had to go to the dentist. It came on the radio and we thought it was a joke or something.
Q: Then what?
A: We went to the dentists and they had this little TV there and we were watching the footage.
Q: How did it make you feel?
A: I was scared for a while because it felt like we were under attack. And I guess we were.
Q: I like to talk about defining moments in American history, your history, would you agree this is it for you?
A: Oh yes just as the Challenger accident was for a cousin of mine.
Q: What type of commemorations did you have all through your school years?
A: Moment of silence. One year I went to a vigil in Scranton.
Q: As a young American what lesson did 911 bring home to you?
A: Well it gave me great examples of how our countrymen step up to the challenge.
Q: Can you name one?
A: Todd Beamer. Those guys on Flight 93. I didn’t fully realize how brave they were until I read about them and looked at the movie.
Q: True.
A: Also it kind of told me at a very young age that nothing is concrete and in stone. It could be taken away in an instant.
Q: How will you commemorate 911?
A: I have a project for school I have to work on and then get to work. The best thing I can do is live my life. My dad talks about revenge all the time, even uses some pretty nasty words to describe them. I say the best revenge is just doing what you do every day. That’s what all those people were doing when they got killed. None of them were holding candles, going to churches or marching, they were living their lives. We should do the same.


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