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The LuLac Edition #1318, Oct. 2nd, 2010



News came down this week that the counts against Judge Mark Ciavarella were being reduced. I had an opportunity to talk to a person that observed the Judge in his younger days at Wilkes Barre City Hall.
Q: What was the young Mark Ciavarella like?

A: He was an eager beaver. He worked hard. I thought he was reasonable. Always trying to build a consensus.
Q: In what way building a consensus?
A: He always made an effort to build bridges. You knew what side he was on but he always respected everyone’s leaning and opinions. This was when Wilkes Barre Council still had a Republican Councilman (Frank Trinisewski) and the city was trying out the strong Mayor form of government again.
Q: So he wasn’t partisan?
A: He might have been but never showed it.
Q: Did it surprise you that he became a Judge?
A: Judge yeah because I always pegged him for the District Attorney type. Kind of like an Italian Jack McCoy.
Q: Have you spoken to him since this trouble came?
A: Saw him once. Waved. He at first wasn’t sure who I was but then he recognized me. Kept moving on though.
Q: Many people are speculating that with these reduced counts and his former partner Judge Conahan pleading that he’ll do the same. You think he’ll fight?
A: The guy I watched thirty years ago definitely would.
Q: But it’s not Wilkes Barre City Hall in the late 70s. It’s a different time. He’s a different guy.
A: Point well taken. I don’t know. He’s faced an avalanche of **** (edited) so he might pack it in. But there’s always been a contrary streak there so you never know. And what really bothers him is the fact that he doesn’t want to be known as the guy who sold out kids for money. His entire life has been child centered as a school athlete, student, son, and parent. I think that really bothers him.
Q: If you had stopped and talked to him when he waved that day, what would you have said to him?
A: I’d say, “How are you, how’s your family and what the hell is going on with this thing?”
Q: And then?
A: And then I’d have an answer. Now like everybody else in the Valley, I got questions.


At 1:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya, you'd have an answer. Sure you would. His legacy is that he did his utmost to damage the kids of our area in his own criminal greedy ass scheme and aint nothin gonna change that. Send the bastard to jail now and let him rot there along with his partner.

At 3:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1:43 Might have been loaded at that late hour and he sure was pissed off, but I dont think his sentiments were anything but right on target! Betcha he lives in Luzerne County and he is going to stay pissed until the judges are in jail.

At 5:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a real shame that the media was allowed to create the buzz words, "Kids for Cash". It is pure BS and anyone who read the indictments saw that the Feds never charged him with that type of crime. Speak to some of the professionals from the school districts and you will learn that Marc was the last chance some of these kids had to straighten out thier lives. Greed is a kiler and what he did was bad enough but Kids for Cash was ure bullshit!


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