Saturday, September 25, 2010

The LuLac Edition #1310, Sept. 25th, 2010



Former Luzerne County Commissioner Greg Skrepenak went to prison a few weeks back. I had the opportunity to talk to a few political guys about the big guy’s fate. (EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a composite interview with more than one person.)
Q: I though Skrepenak was a good County Commissioner on the merits of seeing him discuss the county government in meetings. Was I wrong?
A: No, Skrep when he wanted to could command the facts and persuade people. The guy you saw in those meetings was prepared and engaged.
Q: Then what happened?
A: I think it had to do with the athletics if you will. I think he got bored easily. He played on a big stage and I think the county government just wasn’t that big for him. Remember when there were rumors abounding when he went to live in Plains. The talk was he wanted Kanjorski’s seat.
Q: Yeah, I remember. Was he crooked?
A: No, I think he was misguided. Not to excuse his behavior. I just think he got a lot of bad advice, bad judgement and horrible guidance.
Q: But those people who gave him that advice were people he put in place, correct?
A: Oh yes. That’s why I say there was bad judgement and bad guidance. He was at fault, no doubt. He did it to himself.
Q: Did he intend to get himself hung up?
A: No one ever intends it but I truly don’t think he ever saw the connection until…
Q: Until it was pointed out to him.
A: Right.
Q: Did you ever work for him?
A: No, but did vote for him.
Q: When he comes out of jail, what will happen, what will the public reaction be?
A: People scorn him now but there was a lot of built in envy here.
Q: We are an envious people.
A: You think?
Q: Oh yeah, my dad used to say, “People would rather see a hearse parked in your driveway rather than a Cadillac”.
A: (Laughs). I think he’ll come out stronger spiritually and personally than ever. He’s young, has time on his side. He’ll get another chance, not politically but personally. He was a good guy, smart guy who got bad advice.


At 1:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems folks consistently say he was badly advised. Bullshit! He advised himself to break the law,
period! (Plus the guy wasnt that big an NFL Star. Probably the word star doesnt apply at all!) I still dont think he gets it and in this case that takes a selfish, dumb ass fool! He violated the trust and respect placed in him by the voters. He is a criminal who got busted on a small time score! The only good thing left to say about the guy is that he wasnt nearly as big league as the judges who should have long since preceeded him to jail.


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