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The LuLac Edition #1332, Oct. 14th, 2010



I bet when President Obama took office he never dreamed he’d have been blamed for everything that is wrong with America. The Obama administration has achieved more legislative successes than any administration since Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson. Three of his big efforts have been Health Care Reform, Wall Street Reform as well as a stimulus package that saved jobs. What is lost on people is that the decisions made by President Bush and his administration did irreparable harm to the middle class. Obama is trying to pick up the pieces. To blame him and the Democrats for not curing this country in two years after 8 years of reckless Republican rule is foolish.


Vice President Joe Biden made a point to talk about Chamber of Commerce PACs when he was in town on Monday. Biden railed against those “business” people who were targeting Democratic candidates for defeat. Do you realize that the Chambers were for Health Care Reform but now are targeting Democrats for defeat who supported the bill? At one Pittsburgh TV station, $100,000 was spent alone. The Chamber PACs are doing the Republican party’s dirty work. Just imagine if a fraction of that money was spent on what the Chamber of Commerce is supposed to do, job creation.


The Hillside Farms project opened up a new Education enter at the “Land At Hillside Farms”. An event was held Wednesday night honoring State Representative Phyllis Mundy and dedicating the room to her. It will allow The Lands to provide even more educational opportunities to students and adults throughout our region. The building is called The Phyllis Mundy Education Center. Maybe Blue Cross will name a room after her and Eddie Day Pashinski? Naw! On Monday, Exeter Mayor Cassandra Coleman will be hosting a pizza party for Mundy. Billed as an
Exeter event for Phyllis Mundy here are the vital statistics on the event. Monday, October 18 at 6:00pm. Location: Sabatini's Pizza, Wyoming Avenue, Exeter.


Lou Barletta, candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 11th District, will hold a press conference with former New York Gov. George Pataki on Friday, Oct. 15, at 2:30 p.m. in the conference room of Mea’s Restaurant, 8 W. Broad St., Hazleton, to talk about the devastating effects of the new health care law. They will be joined by local doctors. Pataki made his bones by defeating Democratic powerhouse Mari Cuomo for the New York Governorship in 1994. He served three terms.


The GOP is running a couch potato ad that is pretty hard on Paul Kanjorski. Look in politics everything is pretty much fair game but to compare Congressman Kanjorski to a bum sitting on your couch is pretty bad. Kanjorski’s spokesperson Ed Mitchell issued this state
meant. "The Kanjorski campaign said today that Lou Barletta’s latest TV ad is insulting to Northeastern Pennsylvanians and the message subtly suggests that people in their jobs for a while “should get out of the way” for younger ones in the workforce. “It’s so insulting to seniors Barletta should pull that ad off the air right away,” Ed Mitchell, Kanjorski campaign spokesman said. “The Barletta ad sends an offensive message to the thousands of area seniors: ‘Get out of the way because your time may have passed.’ “It says that if you work for a company for 25 years, you should just go away because you have nothing more to offer. Or if you lose your job at age 50, don’t even look for something new. We have to make way for younger people. “Truth is, many of our older residents work at jobs well beyond retirement, or even age 50. They also live active lives enjoying their children and grandchildren and are not ready to just go away and hide because ambitious, younger people want their place in society,” Mitchell said. The ad shows on screen a guy on a couch, who overstays his welcome, and his host, while the announcer lists a litany of supposed Kanjorski mistakes and concludes the couch potato has been around, “Simply long enough.”
“Is the best way Barletta can depict people around here as a bunch of fat couch potatoes?” Mitchell asked. “We have an active, vibrant population and they take advantage of the work, church, social and entertainment opportunities of the area as opposed to staying home sitting on a couch.” "Nobody is less a couch potato than Paul Kanjorski. He works in Washington all week and drives several hundred miles home and back every weekend to meet with constituents. His tenure is and has been very productive and achievement laden. He’s always on the go and hasn’t slowed down. He has much more to offer, as his recent accomplishments show,“ Mitchell said. He also asked if the talent in the ad were actors and whether they lived in the congressional district. Mitchell said, “Barletta would probably have a hard time finding real, everyday constituents willing to play the roles in the ad. If he used actors, the ad is only more phony.”


Congressman Carney will host a Meet & Greet Art Show at his Clark Summit office. The show features original artwork by members of the Hill Country Artists (HCA), including Carney staffer Wes Dunn. The event is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be provided. Hill Country Artists is an artist’s group established in 1979 whose primary purpose is to promote the arts in Susquehanna County and surrounding areas. Membership has grown over the years to about 30 active members. The HCA members meet regularly to encourage each other in artistic pursuits. Through community support and the generosity of area businesses, the artists display their art throughout the country with rotating, permanent exhibits.
WHAT: Meet & Greet Art Show
WHERE: Congressman Carney’s Office 233 Northern Blvd, Suite 4, Clarks Summit, Pa 18411
WHEN: Friday, October 15th. 5-7pm


If elections could be won on brevity, 22nd Senatorial District candidate Frank Scavo might win in a landslide with this statement:
"I will never sell you out to any lobbyist or special interest. I will fight for your safety and for the taxpayer. We have fought for our freedom, and I will never cut vital programs for veterans or the disabled. God Bless you and these United States!"


Attorney Gerald Mullery has been making the rounds of the 117th District trying to stave off the challenge of Rick Arnold. Mullery who ran for Prothontory in the ’09 election is up and running with an ad:


Delaware Senate candidates Republican Christine O'Donnell and Democrat Chris Coons engaged in an often-contentious debate Wednesday night that included charges of Marxism and extremism as well as a number of tense exchanges between the two rivals. O'Donnell said her controversial past statements, including that she had "dabbled in witchcraft" when she was younger, were not relevant in a campaign that should be focused on the economy. The Tea Party people brought you Christine O’Donnell. Delaware had giants in the Senate. William Roth who lost to Joe Biden. Joe Biden himself as well as Pierre Dupont. And now we have this. Good job Tea Party.



Lyndon B. Johnson signs a bill creating the United States Department of Transportation..... The U.S. Congress passes a bill for the creation of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.......ABC-TV telecasts a highly acclaimed 90-minute television adaptation of the musical Brigadoon starring Robert Goulet, Peter Falk, and Sally Ann Howes. It wins many Emmy Awards and inaugurates a short-lived series of special television adaptations of famous Broadway musicals on ABC. Goulet stars in all but one of these specials....Grace Slick performs live for the first time with Jefferson Airplane.......In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Public TV stations in Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Wilkes Barre Scranton enter their second month of programming. The Pennsylvania Public Television Network is formed (PPTN) to create cooperation between station in the Commonwealth…….and in the city of Scranton, Councilman James Doherty introduces a resolution to form a study commission on streamlining local government. His motion fails to get a second and gets a strong rebuke from the newly formed Walsh administration and 44 years ago this week the number 1 song in LuLac land and America was "Horray For Hazel" by Tommy Roe.


At 10:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Justice in Federal Court
Shenandoah once known as the home of the Dorsey Brothers will forever be the "Hate Crime Town"!
The way some folks there are talking it might be a justified
moniker. I heard quotes like, "He was illegal. If he wasnt here this never would of happenned." I guess its ok to single out somebody you think is illegal and beat them to death! Then of course the Cover Up
involving just about all the Police Dept Brass, and an unrelated rap on a member of the Dept, the former Chief I believe.
Right now I bet its sucks to be in Shenandoah and Tommy and Jimmie Dorsey are all but forgotten.

Waverly Bob

At 11:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the public efforts at Hillside Farms.
But my family and I were very
disappointed when, during the Fall Festival there a couple of weeks ago, visitors were charged $10 to park their car on a rutty hillside
so they could attend an event which featured lots of things for sale!
That's a bit too much for such an event.

At 12:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mullery is running in the 119th. I think you made a minor typo.

At 7:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't expect a cure in 2 years, but they certainly are adding to the mountain of problems in their own special way. At this rate between the GOP and Dems, this country will go broke any time. You're right about the Bush administration, but certainly they didn't create all of the problems either. Also, you can't throw money at a problem, and expect a cure. Even us work a day slobs know that much. Traditionally, the republicans stop all funding, and the Dems spend like there's now bottom to the purse.

At 7:38 AM, Anonymous Pope George Ringo said...

Today's American voter is probably the least civic educated in our history. This entire situation can be laid at the hands of cable news/cable TV.
40 years ago the average Joe had 3 television channels of which to choose. When the news was on, that was all that one had to view. When there was a supreme court nomination hearing, it was aired on all 3 television networks (the last one I recall is the Rehnquist (for Chief Justice) and Scalia hearings back in '86). I believe that the Clarence Thomas hearings were not on commercial TV until the sex charges came out and he had to return before the judiciary cmte. following Anita Hill's charges.
To put it in a nutshell, the people had nothing else to watch when something newsworthy (and I'm not speaking of car chases)was on the tube and thereby became educated on an issue.
Today, there are so many options out there, so many channels, that news is not viewed by the majority of Americans. Cable news has been in a frenzy to fill up 24 hours of time, and has morphed into a yellow journalism circus.
Back in '87, Morton Downey, Jr. had a shock tv show which pales by todays standards of what is "acceptable" TV journalism.
We have all become the dumber for it.
Unless one seeks out legitemate news, he will be the victim of the hype and fairy tales of the far left or right.
On the right, articulate and urbane Wm. F. Buckley, Jr. has been replaced by hacks like Rush Limbaugh or Michelle Malakin; on the left, David Broder has been usurped by the Michael Moore's.
There is no respect for the others opinion any longer. It is a sheer reflection of our culture. We see things as we wish to see them, not as they actually are.
Newspapers are fastly becoming extinct. Young who will one day be older briefly scan news on their laptops or i phones and are on their way. The days of sitting in the park and actually reading a paper are going away with my generation (born 1961). A dumb nation is a recipe for dictatorship. The dumb can be fooled and it is happening now {when most Republicans and a great deal of Indys believe the Pres. was born in Kenya, do I need argue this fact????}. God, you may bless America, but God, above all, Please help her!!!

At 7:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I often wonder who is MORE racist. Those that hate because of skin color, or those who use skin color to deflect blame and responsibility.

At 3:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonk, Can you allow for comment after each subject or at least after every two. By the time I read to the very bottom, I forget what I wanted to comment on.

At 5:43 PM, Blogger jobsthatareleft said...

William roth never lost to Joe Biden. Roth lost in 2000 to Tom Carper after falling off of a stage at a rally in Rodney Square in Wilmington, DE.

At 5:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish i knew the issues a bit better so I could debate..but I don't think you could be more wrong.

Legislative success?

Health Care Reform means a more expensive, lower quality of care for everyone. Noone will die from a toothache but thousands more will die from heart disease..cancer caught too late.

Wall Street Reform-how has that helped me? restored some of my 401K that they mismanaged away in the first place? Check the headlines...RECORD Corporate Profits..How is that Reform?

Stimulus Plan? This is my absolute favorite..yes,you are right 10% unemployment is a lot better than 15% unemployment, but its a false economy. Only the marketplace can create and sustain jobs, not a profligate spending govt. Give business some tax breaks so we can level the playing field with global competitors that do not comply with CAP and TRADE (notice you left that one out)

I am not a Republican apologist, but honest to goodness, the DEMS are dead for 20 years if they don't pull their heads out of the punch bowl.

Good day sir

Please give me some hard evidence of your bland assertions....

At 10:26 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Mullery is running in the 119th. I think you made a minor typo.
William roth never lost to Joe Biden.

At 12:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Christine O. I think, even though she is quirky and odd, she is refreshing. She isn't part of the establishment.
Thanks for mentioning her, I just sent her a 2 thousand dollar donation.

At 4:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 5:45, you're right, you don't understand what's going on. First of all, Bush is a if not the biggest contributor of what's going on. He replaced Clinton and inherited a nice surplus and wasted no time in starting a war that cost 12 billion dollars a month and allowed Cheney's former company Haliburton to have a no bid contract for billions of dollars and when they were caught stealing, they continue to enjoy the original contract. As for health care, you miss the point entirely, It is health care REFORM! Reform, get it? It is about time the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies were taken to task for overcharging and cutting benefits. The Congressional Budget Office which is not connected to either party gave a report that the current health reform act will save tons of bucks as time goes on. Why are you against 30 million Americans now having health care? How would you like it if you had a child born with a birth defect and was told it is a preexisting condition? What if were so ill that you used up your "life time" benefit and no longer had health insurance. No doubt that the health care reform act is not perfect but like anything else, the first hurdle is to get started and started it is. If the Republicans take over, they plan to shit-can the entire Act and let us poor slobs continue to fight the monster insurance companies. Tell how it is that the Republicans can continuously bullshit the working class to vote against their own best interests? Please explain that to me.

At 9:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 4:36

Don't claim piety for the DEMs, they can steal as good as the rest. No disagreement on the WAR..not sure what it got us that we would not have had otherwise. This Health Care REFORM was not only a bad package, it had so many riders attached to the bill..(check out Pelosi's global tax initiative), it obliterated any good that will come from adding 30 million to the rolls. I would have been fine with a true PUBLIC option which would have increased competition and brought down cost. I already told you ..I am not a Republican apologist, but my biggest gripe with the DEMS is that they continue to want to give away the public largesse like it's theirs. You know the DEM policy, keep em dumb, fed, and keep em DEMS. Your party (I'm assuming) had no priority or intent to re-establish any surplus.

Are you better off than you were two years ago?....then go right ahead and pull the straight DEM lever like 50% of the people in this area...

enjoyed the debate...


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