Saturday, October 09, 2010

The LuLac Edition #1325, Oct. 9th, 2010



Today would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday. I had the opportunity to talk to a neighborhood friend of mine 5 years older than I who grew up with the Beatles and Lennon.
Q: How do you feel knowing John Lennon would have been 70?

A: Mixed emotions. I’m 62, I think of my own mortality. Makes me humble. Then I’m sad because he’s gone. Then I’m angry because there was so much potential there.
Q: How so?
A: I think musically, and especially from a humanitarian point of view. I think John Lennon might have done more for society as an advocate. Can’t prove it but I just think he was headed that way.
Q: He did take controversial stands.
A: Yes for the time. But in the rear view mirror they made sense. I mean “The Bed In”. What better way to get those tight ass general’s jockeys in a wad then to promote peace through sex. I mean sex is not angry.
Q: You should’ve met some of the women I knew.
A: Yeah, yeah, joke all you want but he was making a point.
Q: Did you see the display at Woodstock?
A: No.
Q: They had a replica hotel room. It was very powerful.
A: I’’ll bet.
Q: Where were you the night he died?
A: In the john in a bar. Remember the Butler House?
Q: You dog. Yes in Willkes Barre. Mayor McGroarty tore it down….
A: And turned it into a house. Yeah, I know. I was there with some friends and during intermission the owner, I can’t think of his name.......
Q: Lee Patterson.
A: Yeah, yeah, Lee Paterson, he put this small TV on to see the score for Monday Night Football And Cosell was talking about it. He had already announced it. Were were you?
Q: In bed, I had the flu but I saw it on a little black and white TV in my room. Was Lennon always your favorite Beatle?
A: I liked them all but Lennon I respected. A lot. Maybe it was because he just riled people. Remember bigger than Jesus?
Q: Sure and he was right then. They were a bigger influence. Sad to say but even in today’s society “:Dancing With the Stars” is bigger than God.
A: You said it. Yeah the nuns hated Lennon.
Q: My nuns got so upset with him that they said everyone with facial air were on drugs, even the 4 Seasons.
A: Funny.
Q: I know of some people who will mark the occasion going to New York. Any plans?
A: No the daughter is a cheerleader so I have to get her to a football game, but I’ll maybe play a few CDs and celebrate in a private way.
Q: But you don’t drink.
A: Who says you have to drink to celibrate?
Q: Got it. What would the nuns say?
A: “Imagine” that!
Q: Strawberry Fields………
A: Forever, man, forever.


At 12:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The death of John Lennon affected all of us because he wasn't a political figure. He was just a singer and until then no entertainer, save Sharon Tate was ever killed in cold blood for no reason at all. It had the effect that anyone could be gotten for no reason at all.

At 8:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was horrible the way he died.
It was sad that his accessibility was taken advantage of by a sicko.
But he was a musician.
His stances were taken to promote album sales. He was a capitalist in the truest sense of the word.
Every thing he did was self-promotion intended to increase his already ample bank accounts.
Amazing how some deify an drug addicted artist


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